Share your National Library Week story!

Let us know how you're promoting National Library Week, and you'll be entered into a drawing to win one of three $25 gift certificates to ALA Graphics.

There are three ways to share:

 Image Add your photos to the National Library Week group on Flickr
 Image Add a video to the National Library Week group on You Tube
 Image Share your story in the National Library Week database









  • Photos, videos and stories must be submitted by April 21 in order to be eligible for the drawing. 

  • Examples can include footage and photos from events, photos of signage, National Library Week posters in the library, customized public service announcements (PSAs), clips from local media or scans of publicity materials.

  • Materials and stories that incorporate the National Library Week theme "Join the circle of knowledge @ your library" are of particular interest.

  • All examples submitted may be shared with national media as part of ALA’s National Library Week outreach.
























































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