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@ your library® Toolkit for School Library Media Programs


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How does the school library community speak in one voice to let the public know who school library media specialists are and the crucial role they all play in impacting the bottom line-student achievement?

The answer is in your hands. Here are some tools to get you started.

In 2002-2003, school libraries are featured as part of ALA’s @ your library® campaign, The Campaign for America's Libraries. In partnership with the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), the campaign is designed to help foster a greater collaboration with other types of libraries; to enhance the professional development of school library media specialists; and to provide customizable tools and resources that support the advocacy efforts of school library media specialists.

The goals of the campaign are to:

  • Increase public awareness of the significant contributions made by school library media specialists through school library media programs to further the academic achievement and lifelong learning of our students;
  • Strengthen a belief in the value of school library media programs and school library media specialists;
  • Position school librarianship as a desirable career opportunity.

On this Website you will find a variety of resources to help you get involved in the School Library Campaign. They include:

  • A new toolkit with key messages, outreach strategies, media relations materials and tips for marketing and promotion;
  • Materials to help you develop a strategic marketing plan for your library;
  • Downloadable graphics specifically designed for school libraries;
  • Customizable publicity materials;
  • Examples of successful marketing efforts in school libraries;
  • @ your library® slogans and guidelines for using the brand;
  • Research and more.

As you become involved in the campaign, we encourage you share your story with your colleagues through the @ your library online database. Libraries of all types nationwide will be able to read how you’re involved.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback. Please take the time to fill out the feedback form and send it back to ALA so that we can know what works and what doesn’t.

Lastly, to keep up with the latest ideas in school library marketing, subscribe to AASLPR, a new discussion list that provides an opportunity to share ideas and ask questions about promotion and marketing. To subscribe, To subscribe, send a message to subscribe-aaslpr@ala.org with your first and last name as the subject. Leave the body of the message blank.

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AASL Advocacy Toolkit
A collection of ready-to-use tools to conduct an advocacy campaign-large or small-for school library media programs, including quotable facts about school library media centers, "What Parents Should Know" and a wealth of other resources.

AASL Introduction to Advocacy and Advocacy Training
This PowerPoint presentation provides a basic framework for launching an advocacy effort on behalf of your school library media program.

ALA Resolution: School Libraries and Librarians are Critical to Educational Success
At its June 2003 meeting the Council of the American Library Association unanimously passed this resolution in support of school libraries and librarians.

A free, irregular publication of the ALA Washington Office provides updates and alerts on federal legislation, including funding for school library media centers. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to listproc@ala1.ala.org. Leave the subject line blank. In the body of the message, type: subscribe ala-wo [your first and last name].

Information Power Basic Implementation Kit
This PowerPoint presentation is designed for use by building-level school library media specialists to introduce the standards and principles of Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning to an audience of parents, teachers and/or building administrators.

Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning Brochure
A great tool to use with your educational partners when advocating for Information Power in your school or district. The brochure lists the Nine Information Literacy Standards and suggests ways that Information Power can benefit students, teachers, library media specialists and administrators. Available in packs of 25 for $8/pack (plus shipping and handling). To order call 866-SHOP ALA (866-746-7252).

Library Advocacy Now!
Resources for library advocates from the American Library Association, including the Library Advocate’s Handbook and other downloadable support materials.

Principal’s Manual Brochure
This brochure is designed to guide the principal in assessing and planning for the school library media program. Offered as an aid to principals as they prepare with school library media staff, district administrators, teachers, students and parents for the next school year. Available in packs of 25 for $8/pack (plus shipping and handling). To order call 866-SHOP ALA (866-746-7252). Request a free single copy by sending a self-addressed stamped envelop (no smaller than a no. 10 size) to AASL Principal’s Manual Brochure, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611-2795.

"Public Relations" bibliography
Part of the AASL Resource Guides f
or School Library Media Program Development

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@ your library logos
The @ your library logo is available for downloading in color and black and white in a variety of publishing programs for MAC and PC formats. Please be sure to review the @ your library trademark policy and guidelines before downloading.

@ your library print-ready artwork for school libraries
New graphics are available using the @ your library brand to help you promote your library and the national School Library Campaign.  Pre-prepared templates and other artwork are available for use on ads, bookmarks, brochures, flyers and more.

Print Public Service Ads for School Libraries
Ads to send to local print media on budget cuts in libraries, recruitment to the profession, and the role of librarians in the Information Age

ALA Online Store
ALA Graphics is the official sponsor of @ your library products promoting libraries and literacy. Posters, bookmarks, coffee mugs, t-shirts, pins and more are available. Also see the ALA Graphics Catalog. To order, call 800-545-2433, press 7.

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Examples of school library programming 2001-2004
Find strategies for collaboration and outreach by looking at what others have done!  This document summarizes four years' worth of Scholastic Library/Grolier National Library Week grant applications submitted by school librarians.  The annual grant is awarded to a single library for the best public awareness campaign during National Library Week. 

PowerPoint presentation about the @ your library® Campaign for School Library Media Programs (updated Jan. 2004)
Use this PowerPoint presentation to learn about the national and school @ your library campaigns or to teach others about the campaign.  Use in conjunction with the PowerPoint of examples of how school libraries across the country are involved in the campaign.

AASLPR electronic discussion list
An opportunity to share ideas and ask questions about promotion and marketing.  To subscribe, send a message to
subscribe-aaslpr@ala.org with your first and last name as the subject. Leave the body of the message blank.

How to develop a marketing plan
3M Library Systems and AASL have put together marketing manuals and slides to help academic and research libraries prepare multi-year marketing plans using the @ your library brand. Materials are modular and can be used to train others to lead discussions or can be used in your own library.

@ your library slogans for school libraries
School librarians from across the country have come up with creative and fun slogans that can help you promote your programs and services. Feel free to use any of the slogans listed or make up your own!

Who's on board @ your library
Visit the @ your library online database to find the school libraries across the country who are participating in the @ your library campaign.  Once you get started in the campaign, post your own story for your colleagues to read.  Search by Organization Type "School Library."

Lyrics to "When the Scores Go Risin' Up @ your library®
Written to the tune of "When the Saints Go Marching In," this was the song that the @ your library special committee sang during the kick off of the @ your library® Campaign for School Library Media Programs at the Taste of Kansas City event at the October 2003 AASL Conference.

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ALA Online Media Relations Toolkit
The ALA Public Information Office has compiled a list of resources to help you prepare and discuss key library messages and hot topics such as Information Literacy, CIPA and Better Salaries. Also links to media relations strategies, crisis communications plans, library advocacy materials and more.

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Campaign for America’s Libraries
The Campaign for America’s Libraries is a multi-year public education effort sponsored by the American Library Association to speak loudly and clearly about the value of libraries and librarians in the 21st century. You’ll find programming ideas, sample press materials, downloadable logos and photos, print-ready artwork, video links, advocacy resources, suggestions for National Library Week and more.

ALA Promotional Events
Links to National Library Week, School Library Media Month, Banned Books Week and other national initiatives from the American Library Association that provide great opportunities for marketing and promotion.

Scholastic Library/Grolier National Library Week Grant
An annual $5000 award given to any U.S. library that prepares the best proposal for a National Library Week promotion tied to the @ your library brand. Application typically posted in early August. Deadline: mid-October. Winning library notified in early January and announced at ALA Midwinter Meeting. Sponsored by Scholastic Library Publishing and administered by the ALA Public Awareness Committee.

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ALA Public Information Office
The ALA Public Information Office develops and implements strategic communications plans tied to association goals and priorities in the areas of media relations, advocacy, public education and crisis communications. The department also provides public relations counsel and media training and support to ALA executive staff, officers and members; coordinates national media relations efforts; organizes an advocacy network; develops public relations support materials for libraries; and is responsible for the implementation of @ your library, The Campaign for America's Libraries.

American Association of School Librarians
The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) is a professional membership organization, serving the needs of 10,000 school library media specialists in the United States, Canada and around the world. Its mission is to advocate excellence, facilitate change, and develop leaders in the school library media field. AASL promotes the improvement and extension of library media services in elementary and secondary schools as a means of strengthening the total education program.

ALA Washington Office
This office includes the Office of Government Relations, which acts as a link between ALA members and the federal government on issues relating to the quality of library and information services available to the American public, and the Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP), which promotes the development and use of electronic access to information as a means to ensure the public's right to a free and open information society. The Washington Office hosts a federal Legislative Day each May.

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Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning, AASL/AECT

Includes the Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning that will help students become skillful producers and consumers of information along with the guidelines and principles that will help you create a dynamic, student-centered program. Available from the ALA Online Store at or call 866-SHOP ALA (866-746-7252).

Ideas for Promoting Your School Library Media Program, Ann Wasman, ed.

An expansion of AASL's original On Target, this publication takes program promotion beyond School Library Media Month with advice and suggestions for year-round promotion. It answers questions on how to get started and presents ideas for various school library media activities and programs, from cooperative efforts to electronically-inspired activities. Information about other sources and materials helpful in promotional efforts is included. To order call 866-SHOP ALA (866-746-7252).

The Information-Powered School, Sandra Hughes-Hassell and Anne Wheelock, eds.

Contains more than 40 templates and model forms, all tested in actual Library Power sites. Outlines a specific plan for how school library media specialists and teachers can work in collaboration. Includes tips from experienced practitioners on gathering the support of teachers and principals. See chapter 10, "Community Engagement for Information Power." Available from the ALA Online Store or call 866-SHOP ALA (866-746-7252).

Library Advocate’s Handbook
Tips for developing a library advocacy plan and network @ your library. Includes communication planning strategies, how to generate key messages and prepare spokespeople. Includes a checklist of advocacy activities. Print copies $5 from the ALA Public Information Office. Free when distributed as part of ALA’s Library Advocacy Now! Training. Call 800-545-2433, ext 5044 to order. Email: advocacy@ala.org

MLS Marketing Library Services
Bi-monthly newsletter from Information Today, Inc., that provides information professionals in all types of libraries with specific ideas for marketing their services, including suggestions for planning programs, making money, increasing business and proving your value to your administrators.

New Steps to Service: Common-Sense Advice for the School Library Media Specialist, Ann M. Wasman
Recent library media school graduates, non-librarians and others unfamiliar with the process may find setting up and running a school library media center a daunting task. New Steps to Service is a user-friendly, practical guide for creating and maintaining a school library media center that works for students and you. Available from the ALA Online Store or call 866-SHOP ALA (866-746-7252).

Power Tools: 100+ Essential Forms and Presentations for Your School Library Media Program, Joyce Kasman Valenza
A toolkit-booklet, CD-ROM, sheets and forms that may be copied, and four slide shows. Topics include public relations, day-to-day stuff, information skills, graphic organizers and the Internet. Appendices include recommended resources and library related quotes. Although out of print, a revised edition-Power Tools Recharged-will be published by ALA Editions in June 2004.

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School Librarianship as a Career
Developed by the AASL Recruitment for the Profession Committee, this Web site is a collection of resources and information about becoming a school library media specialist.

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Washington, DC-based KRC Research conducted a series of interviews and focus groups within the school library community, as well as with students, teachers, parents and principals in Baltimore, Indianapolis and Phoenix to determine the best way to communicate about the value of school libraries and librarians in the 21st century. Key messages and talking points were developed by KRC, based on that research and further discussion with AASL members.

Internal Discussion Groups
Summary of Key Findings

External Discussion Groups
Summary of Key Findings / Full Report

Student Learning for Ohio School Libraries: The Ohio Research Study
Ohio Educational Library Media Association research study by Ross Todd and Carol Kuhlthau of Rutgers University's Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries. Based on evaluations of school library media centers by over 13,000 students, it is the first statewide research study to examine the multi-dimensional dynamics of learning through effective school libraries from the student’s perspective.

Capitalizing on the School Library’s Potential to Positively Affect Student Achievement: A Sampling of Resources for Administrators 
Dr. Gary Hartzell's White House conference presentation that includes a bibliography of 50 years' worth of studies showing school library impact, materials on the role of the principal in quality library media programs and persuasion materials (links to PowerPoint presentations and other items).

How School Librarians Help Kids Achieve Standards
Executive summary of the second "Colorado Study" conducted by Keith Curry Lance, Marcia J. Rodney and Christine Hamilton-Pennell.

"Student Achievement" bibliography
Part of the AASL Resource Guides for School Library Media Program Development.

Library Impact Studies
Results of studies conducted by the Library Research Service, based in Denver, on the impact of school library media centers in eight states: Alaska, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Knowledge Quest
Online companion to the AASL print journal, including exclusive Web-only content accessible only by current AASL members and Knowledge Quest subscribers.

School Library Media Research
AASL's online research journal.

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Building Skills for Tomorrow: Minnesota School Library Media Programs Make a Difference
Promotional video created by the Minnesota Educational Media Organization (MEMO), an affiliated organization of the American Association of School Librarians. The video can be downloaded in QuickTime format. Links to the script and handouts for principals and parents for the video are included.

The Very Best Place to Start
The State Library of North Carolina’s awareness campaign includes public service announcements and campaign tools and templates.

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The School Library Campaign was the second "tailored" @ your library campaign to launch.