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@ your library®, The Campaign for America’s Libraries, is a multi-year public education campaign sponsored by the American Library Association to speak loudly and clearly about the value of libraries and librarians in the 21st century.  During 2003, academic and research libraries and librarians are featured as part of a new Academic and Research Library Campaign developed in collaboration with the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). 

The goals of this new initiative are to:

  • Promote awareness of the unique role of academic and research libraries and their contributions to society;
  • Increase visibility and support for academic and research libraries and librarians;
  • Help librarians better market their services on-site and online;
  • Position academic and research librarianship as a desirable career opportunity.

Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, researchers, administrators, and staff are primary audiences for this campaign. Secondary audiences include alumni, donors and institutional funders, trustees, policymakers, parents, the general community, and media.

The campaign is designed to support academic and research libraries in reaching out to these key audiences by helping to unify and maximize the communications efforts of ALA, ACRL, and academic and research libraries nationwide; providing messages, tools, and resources to promote their value; and sharing “best practices” in library marketing and public relations.

On this Website you will find a variety of resources to help you get involved in the Academic and Research Library Campaign. They include:

  • A new toolkit with key messages, outreach strategies, media relations materials and tips for marketing and promotion;
  • Materials to help you develop a strategic marketing plan for your library;
  • Downloadable graphics;
  • Customizable publicity materials;
  • Case studies of successful marketing efforts in academic and research libraries;
  • @ your library® slogans and guidelines for using the brand;
  • Librarian profiles;
  • Research and more.

The materials provided on this Web site are just a beginning. Our plan is to expand the tools and resources, good ideas and best practices you see here as this campaign moves forward. We encourage you to utilize these materials and share your library's marketing and promotion successes with ALA and ACRL. We also welcome your suggestions for additional materials you would find helpful, as well as suggestions for new librarian profiles, case studies, programming and promotion ideas. For your convenience, we have included a Feedback Form on this Web site, which you are invited to fill out and submit back to us.

We also have also created a new electronic discussion list called ACADEMICPR. Specifically designed for academic and research librarians, the purpose of the list is to share ideas about marketing, advocacy, development, outreach strategies, recruitment and other related topics. To subscribe, send a message to: listproc@ala.org. Leave subject blank. In the body of the message, type: subscribe ACADEMICPR your first and last name.

Thank you for your interest in the Academic and Research Library Campaign. We can’t wait to see what’s new @ your library!



Library Advocacy Now!
Resources for library advocates from the American Library Association,including downloadable support materials, links to ALA's key action areas of interest, information on how to conduct an advocacy presentation, how to engage library patrons to support their libraries and more.

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Campaign for America's Libraries
The Campaign for America’s Libraries is a multi-year public education effort sponsored by the American Library Association to speak loudly and clearly about the value of libraries and librarians in the 21st century.

ALA Promotions Page
Links to National Library Week, Banned Books, LIVE @ your library and other national initiatives from the American Library Association that provide great opportunities for marketing and promotion.

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@ your library trademark policy
The Campaign for America's Libraries can only be a success if libraries across the country—and across the world—use the trademark consistently in accordance with these following rules.

@ your library logos
The @ your library logo is available for downloading in color and black and white in a variety of publishing programs for MAC and PC formats. Please be sure to review the @ your library trademark policy and guidelines before downloading.

@ your library print-ready artwork for academic and research libraries
New graphics are available using the @ your library brand to help you promote your library and the national Academic and Research Library Campaign.   Pre-prepared templates and other artwork are available for use on ads, bookmarks, brochures, flyers and more.

ACRL's Chronicle of Higher Education ads
ACRL has placed a series of 9 ads in the Chronicle of Higher Education to showcase how academic and research libraries are promoting collaboration among students, faculty and administrators and to highlight the unique work that academic and research libraries are doing. Artwork based on these ads is available to adapt. An example from Florida Atlantic University is also posted to show how the ads can be customized.  

ALA Online Store
ALA Graphics is the official sponsor of @ your library products promoting libraries and literacy. Posters, bookmarks, coffee mugs, t-shirts, pins and more are available. Also see the ALA Graphics Catalog. To order, call 800-545-2433, press 7.

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ACADEMICPR electronic discussion list
To subscribe, send a message to: listproc@ala.org. Leave subject blank. In the body of the message, type: subscribe ACADEMICPR your first and last name.

@ your library slogans for academic and research libraries
Academic and research librarians from across the country have come up with creative and fun slogans that can help you promote your programs, services, technologies and staff. Feel free to use any of the slogans listed or make up your own!

How to develop a marketing plan
3M Library Systems and ACRL have put together marketing manuals and slides to help academic and research libraries prepare multi-year marketing plans using the @ your library brand. Materials are modular and can be used to train others to lead discussions or can be used in your own library.

Getting started: Case Histories of Successful Marketing and Public Relations Efforts in Academic and Research Libraries
American University,   Carlson Library, Clarion University; Milner Library, Illinois State University; University of Las Vegas Libraries; Russell Library, Georgia College and State University; OhioLINK

More Ideas Too Good Not to Share
A sampling of outreach strategies used by academic and research libraries to reach out to students and faculty.

Who's on Board @ your library: How academic and research libraries are using the @ your library brand
Academic and research libraries nationwide in colleges, community colleges and universities are participating in The Campaign for America’s Libraries and using the @ your library brand to promote their programs, services, technology and staff. See how your colleagues are getting involved.

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ALA Online Media Relations Toolkit
The ALA Public Information Office has compiled a list of resources to help you prepare and discuss key library messages and hot topics such as Information Literacy, CIPA and Better Salaries. Also links to media relations strategies, crisis communications plans, library advocacy materials and more.

Media Map: Charting a Media Relations Strategy from the Association of Research Libraries and SPARC
ARL and SPARC have prepared a guide to help your library “navigate its new role as policy influencer, communicate effectively with the media, deliver an effective message, sell a particular story and act as a valued media source.” Also includes information about crisis communications.

Sample Publicity Materials
Press Release, Public Service Announcements and an Op-Ed Article (all in Word format) can be customized to fit the needs and interests of your library and institution.

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ALA Public Information Office
The ALA Public Information Office develops and implements strategic communications plans tied to association goals and priorities in the areas of media relations, advocacy, public education, and crisis communications. The department also provides public relations counsel and media training and support to ALA executive staff, officers and members; coordinates national media relations efforts; organizes an advocacy network; develops public relations support materials for libraries; and is responsible for the implementation of @ your library, The Campaign for America's Libraries.

ALA Public Programs
The American Library Association's Public Programs Office helps libraries excel as community cultural centers by providing librarians with leadership, resources, training, and networking opportunities. The office offers traveling exhibits, reading discussion series and sponsors Live! @ your library programming.

Association of College & Research Libraries
ACRL is a division of the American Library Association (ALA), representing more than 13,000 academic and research librarians and interested individuals. ACRL is the only individual membership organization in North America that develops programs, products and services to meet the unique needs of academic and research librarians. Its initiatives enable the higher education community to understand the role that academic libraries play in the teaching, learning and research environments.

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100 Ways to Reach Your Faculty

Multicultural Outreach in Academic Libraries

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Who we are
What do academic librarians do?    And why would anyone want to be an academic librarian?   Meet some of the dynamic people who make up this great profession.

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Academic and Research Library Campaign Research
KRC Research conducted a series of interviews and focus groups within the academic library community and with students, faculty and administrators to determine the best way to communicate about the value of academic and research libraries and librarians in the 21st century. Key messages and talking points were developed by KRC, based on that research and further discussion with ACRL members.

The Big Picture: Statistics and Studies
The ALA Office for Research and Statistics (ORS) has compiled three documents that may be helpful in providing background information:

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Library Advocate's Handbook
Tips for developing a library advocacy plan and network @ your library. Print copies $5 from the ALA Public Information Office (price increase as of April 2003).

MLS Marketing Library Services
Bi-monthly newsletter from Information Today, Inc., that provides information professionals in all types of libraries with specific ideas for marketing their services, including suggestions for planning programs, increasing business, and proving your value to your administrators.

Shy Librarian: Promtoing Libraries, Librarians and Books
The Shy Librarian is a quarterly, ad-free, print magazine, which focuses on "promoting libraries, librarians, and books," with many articles on library marketing, public relations, and programming. 

A Student's Guide to Evaluating Libraries at Colleges and Universities
A brochure from ACRL that provides high school students with suggestions on how to evaluate libraries at colleges and universities they are considering, including services, facilities and resources.  Up to five copies free. Additional copies $1 each or $35 for a package of 50.

A Great Career @ your library
ACRL's recruitment brochure with information on why and how to become an academic librarian. A great recruitment tool! For copies of the brochure, please contact the acrl office at acrl@ala.org.


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