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As you know, today's libraries — while places of learning, innovation and opportunity — also face challenges.

While libraries are popular, they are often taken for granted.

While libraries are ubiquitous, they are not often visible.

And, while libraries are unique, they are facing new challenges.

Out of these challenges was born @ your library®, The Campaign for America's libraries, ALA’s multi-year public awareness and advocacy campaign designed to showcase the value of public, school, academic and special libraries and librarians in the 21st century. 

Based on research and crafted to target key audiences, The Campaign for America's Libraries is designed to remind the public that libraries are dynamic, modern community centers for learning, information and entertainment.

While the campaign is national in scope, the "riches" that will bring the Campaign to life and make it even more relevant to target audiences — the "real life" stories and programs illustrating how libraries and librarians positively impact each and every individuals' personal lives — come from the grassroots.   Libraries and library organizations across the country have already embraced the Campaign, which launched in April 2001 with the help of First Lady Laura Bush. In fact, over 20,000 libraries of all types in all 50 states are being reached, in addition to those being reached by the 31 countries that have signed on for The Campaign for the World's Libraries.

The campaign is for all library types: academic, public, school and special.  The national campaign provides the foundation from which each of a series of "targeted" campaigns are being built. These campaigns provide the flexibility and the personal tailoring necessary to ensure the Campaign is engaging all members of the library community and is proactively reaching their users. In 2002, an Academic and Research Library Campaign launched. A  School Library Campaign  launched in 2003, followed by a Public Library Campaign ("The Smartest Card" Campaign) in September 2004 and the first phase of a campaign for children's librarians (the Kids! @ your library Campaign) in 2006.  Also in 2006, a new toolkit for rural libraries debuted, and in the fall of 2007, a campaign for young adult librarians launches.

On this Web site, you will find programming ideas, sample press materials, downloadable artwork, tips and suggestions for National Library Week and other promotions, press releases, photos, video, campaign updates and more. The materials are free and designed to be customized by your library to help you conduct your own marketing and public relations efforts. If you have any questions about the Campaign or any of the resources available, please feel free to contact us at: atyourlibrary@ala.org

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