Student Membership Overview

Student Membership


Students engaged in a course of study for library or information sciences are encouraged to join the American Library Association (ALA) at special Student Member rates.   Eligibility extends for 5 years from the first time you become a Student Member.   Basic ALA Student dues are $30.00 per year (2007-2008 membership year).  Several Divisions and Round Tables have special dues rates for Students as well. 


ALA works for students by advocating for continual growth of library funding and development in the profession.   Through our accreditation program, ALA ensures that the training you receive will prepare you for the career you have chosen.   We will help you with resources to find your first job and to remain competitive.  Next Generation ALA members have access to the best network of career and professional development resources for library workers.


To apply for Student Membership using a credit card online, click here.  To download a print ready application and to pay by check, please click here. 


An overview of Divisions and Round Table Student Membership Rates is available by clicking here. 



Joint Memberships


Several ALA Chapters have Joint Student Memberships in ALA.    This special Membership entitles you to dual membership in both ALA and your State Association for $32.00 per year (2007-2008).  Please contact our Chapter Relations Office for more information or to apply for a joint student membership.



Divisions and Round Tables


Joining ALA Divisions and Round Tables is an excellent way to build experience in your specialty, meeting and working with long-time professionals on common goals and projects.  Joining the New Members Round Table (NMRT) will ensure that you get the most from your ALA Membership.  Student members can take advantage of ALA resources like resume review services, job placement events, and health, dental, and life insurance.  Working on ALA committees and task forces can also help build your resume and make you a stronger candidate to future employers. 


Student Members can enjoy all the benefits of Membership that other personal members do.   For a list of these benefits, please click here.   Of particular importance may be the individual and family insurance coverage offered by Marsh Affinity Group Insurance.  Health, dental, life and casualty insurance is offered in many states for US Resident Student Members.  Please consult the Marsh Insurance page for more information and contact Marsh directly for eligibility requirements. 


To have your Membership questions answered by Member and Customer Service Center staff, please click here.



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