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Individuals will be able to pay your dues in two installments if your total membership dues are $125.00 or greater.


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     Membership in the American Library Association (ALA) is available to individuals in the United States and abroad involved in librarianship and library work; retired library workers; individuals who are not in library work but wish to support the Association; libraries or other nonprofit organizations; and businesses serving libraries or library workers. Members of ALA are encouraged to join any of our specialty Divisions and Round Tables, focusing on specific areas of library work or types of libraries.  To join, renew, rejoin, or to learn more about the types of membership available to you, please choose from the options, below:


  • For individuals interested in Personal Membership in ALA, Divisions and Round Tables.
  • For libraries, international libraries, and other nonprofits interested in Organizational Membership in ALA, Divisions and Round Tables.
  • For businesses interested in Corporate Membership in ALA, Divisions and Round Tables.
  • For businesses interested in supporting ALA’s advocacy work by becoming an ALA Library Champion.


     A summary of all dues rates for ALA Divisions and Round Tables for the period September 1, 2007 - August 31st, 2008, is available on the Dues Overview Page.  Downloadable, print ready .PDF versions of all current Membership Applications are available.  You can review all the benefits of membership and download an overview to share with others, as well.

Library Support Staff Membership


Joint Memberships are available for Support Staff, Paraprofessionals and Paralibrarians in Alabama, Kansas, Massachusetts, and New York.


         Support Staff and Paraprofessionals are invited to join ALA in as Library Support Staff (LSS) Members.  Full membership in ALA, with rights and privileges of voting in ALA elections, as well as regular benefits of membership such as journals, discounts and opportunities to participate in the work of ALA, are available to Library Support Staff. An overview of LSS Membership and ALA’s special dues rates, as well as online and downloadable applications are available.  


A new Joint Membership for Alabama, Kansas, Massachusetts, and New York residents for ALA, LSSIRT and your state association is now available.  Join both for a special low price of $58.00/year (2007-2008).


Student Membership


       Students enrolled in programs of study or certificate in librarianship or information sciences are invited to become Student Members.  ALA is the place for you to continue your professional growth and to become a part of the active work of the library community.  Several state chapters have ongoing Joint Student Membership programs with ALA.  Join both great associations for only $32.00/year (2007-2008).



Ahead to 2010 Personal Member Dues Increase Phase-In


In the spring of 2006, ALA personal members endorsed a dues increase to be phased in over the next three years, starting in September 2006.  Members agreed that a dues increase was necessary to support the goals of the Ahead to 2010 Plan.  With this increase, and your continued participation as a member, ALA will be able to enhance our efforts on behalf of libraries and the profession.   ALA always offers special reduced dues to students, support staff, retirees, international librarians, trustees, the unemployed, and those making less than $25,000 per year at their jobs.


The phased-in Schedule is as follows:


ALA Ahead to 2010 Personal Member Dues Increase Phase-in Schedule
 Fiscal Year-- 2006   2007   2008   2009
First-year Regular $50   $55   $60   $65
Second-year Regular $75   $83   $90   $98
Third-year Regular $100   $110   $120   $130
Student $25   $28   $30   $33
Trustee $45   $50   $54   $59
Associate $45   $50   $54   $59
Library Support Staff $35   $39   $42   $46
Earning less than $25,000 $35   $39   $42   $46
Retired $35   $39   $42   $46
International $60   $66   $72   $78
Published 1 Sept 2006




Contacting Member and Customer Service


       You can contact ALA’s Member and Customer Service Center by clicking here.  Current Members, please be sure to include your 7-digit ALA membership ID with any questions or correspondence.  Reach Member and Customer Service by phone at 800-545-2433 ext 5 or fax to 1-312-944-2641.  International calls can be made to 1-312-944-6780. 



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