Dues are current from September 1st, 2007 - August 31st, 2008.

Divisional dues are in addition to ALA membership dues. Dues are listed for Regular, Corporate and Organizational Member Types and any additional special rates, where applicable. 

(AASL) American Association of School Librarians
$50 Regular            $20 Student                   $25 Retired
$75 Organizational                  $75 Corporate
Publications:Knowledge Quest (5 issues) and AASL Hotlinks (monthly)
(Subscription Included in Dues: $20.00)
SECTIONS ($5 each):
     Educators of Library Media Specialists (ELMSS)
     Independent Schools (ISS)
     Supervisors (SPVS)

(ALTA) Association for Library Trustees and Advocates

$50 All Types            $25 ALA/ALTA Advocates
Publication: the Voice (quarterly)

(ALCTS) Association for Library Collections and Technical Services

$65 Regular                        $15 Student                  $25 Library Support Staff  

$75 Organizational                  $75 Corporate

Publications: Library Resources & Technical Services (quarterly) and ALCTS Newsletter Online (6 issues)
(Subscription Included in Dues: $26.00)

SECTIONS (No Charge):

Acquisitions (AS)

Cataloging and Classification (CCS)

Collection Management and Development (CMDS)

Continuing Resources (CR) - formerly Serials

Preservation and Reformatting (PARS)


(ALSC) Association for Library Service to Children

$45 Regular, Organizational and Corporate           $18 Student                 
Publications: Children and Libraries: The Journal of the ALSC (3 issues) and ALSConnect (quarterly)
(Subscription Included in Dues: $20.00)

(ACRL) Association of College and Research Libraries

$55 Regular                $35 Student                    $35 Retired              

$110 Organizational                  $110 Corporate

Publications: College & Research Libraries (bimonthly) and C&RL News (11 issues)
(Subscription Included in Dues: $12.50)

SECTIONS (Two at no charge.   Additional sections are $5 each):

African American Studies Librarian (AFAS)

Anthropology and Sociology (ANSS)

Arts (ARTS)

Asian, African, and Middle Eastern (AAMES)

College Libraries (CLS)

Community and Junior College Libraries (CJCLS)

Distance Learning (DLS)

Education and Behavioral Sciences (EBSS)

Instruction (IS)

Law and Political Science (LPSS)

Literature in English (LES)

Rare Books and Manuscripts (RBMS)

Science and Technology (STS)

Slavic and East European (SEES)

University Libraries (ULS)

Western European Studies (WESS)

Women’s Studies (WSS)


(ASCLA) Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies

$40 Regular           $15 Student           $15 Retired

$500 State Libraries                  $50 Organizational                  $50 Corporate

Publication: Interface (quarterly)  (Subscription Included in Dues: $10.00)

SECTIONS (no charge):

Independent Librarians Exchange (ILEX)

Interlibrary Cooperation and Networking (ICAN)

State Library Agency (SLAS)

Libraries Serving Special Populations (LSSPS)

           LSSPS FORUMS:

           Library Service to People with Visual or Physical Disabilities

           Library Service to People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

           Library Service to the Impaired Elderly
Library Service to Prisoners

(LAMA) Library Administration and Management Association

$35 1st year Regular   $50 2nd and later years Regular           $15 Student       

$65 Organizational                  $65 Corporate

Publication: Library Administration & Management (quarterly)

(Subscription Included in Dues: $27.50)

SECTIONS (No Charge):

Buildings and Equipment (BES)

Fundraising and Financial Development (FRFDS)

Library Organization and Management (LOMS)

Human Resources (HRS)

Measurement Assessment and Evaluation (MAES)

Public Relations and Marketing (PRMS)
Systems and Services (SASS)

(LITA) Library and Information Technology Association
$60 Regular           $25 Student
$90 Organizational                  $90 Corporate
Publication: Information Technology & Libraries (quarterly)
(Subscription Included in Dues: $26.00)

(PLA) Public Library Association

$50 Regular, Organizational and Corporate           $10 Student       

$40 Retired                  $40 Inactive or Non-Salaried

Publication: Public Libraries (bimonthly)
(Subscription Included in Dues: $25.00)

All PLA Members at any level automatically become members of the following CLUSTERS:

Issues and Concerns (ICC)

Library Development (LDC)
Library Services (LSC)

(RUSA) Reference and User Services Association

$60 Regular       $25 Student     $30 Library Support Staff        $30 Retired, Inactive or Non-Salaried

$80 Organizational                  $80 Corporate

Publications: Reference & User Services Quarterly and RUSA Update (4 issues, online)
(Subscription Included in Dues: $25.00)

SECTIONS (No Charge):

Business Reference and Service (BRASS)

Collection Development and Evaluation (CODES)

History (HS)

Machine-Assisted Reference Services (MARS)

Reference Services Section (RSS)
Sharing and Transforming Access to Resource Section (STARS)

(YALSA) Young Adult Library Services Association

$50 Regular          $20 Student           $20 Retired

$50 Organizational         $60 Corporate

Publications: Young Adult Library Services (quarterly) and YAttitudes (quarterly)
(Subscription Included in Dues: $20.00)



Round Tables


Round Tables: Round Table dues are in addition to ALA membership dues. Dues are listed for Regular, Corporate and Organizational Member Types and any additional special rates, where applicable. 

(CLENERT) Continuing Library Education Network & Exchange Round Table
$20 Regular       $50 Organizational and Corporate

(EMIERT) Ethnic Materials Information Exchange Round Table
$20 Regular     $10 Students    $25 Organizational and Corporate

(ERT) Exhibits Round Table
$15 Regular     $30 Organizational            Corporate - included in membership, $30 value

(FAFLRT) Federal Librarians Round Table
$15 Regular     $8 Student      $30 Organizational and Corporate

(GLBTRT) Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered Round Table 
$15 Regular     $5 Student      $20 Organizational and Corporate

(GODORT) Government Documents Round Table
$20 Regular     $10 Student    $35 Organizational and Corporate   

(IFRT) Intellectual Freedom Round Table
$15 Regular     $5 Student      $20 Organizational and Corporate

(IRRT) International Relations Round Table
$15 Regular, Organizational and Corporate           $5 Student
ALA International Members residing outside of the 50 states may join IRRT at no charge.

(LHRT) Library History Round Table
$15 Regular    $5 Student       $12 Organizational and Corporate

(LIRT) Library Instruction Round Table
$15 Regular    $25 Organizational and Corporate

(LRRT) Library Research Round Table
$15 Regular    $15 Student*      $25 Organizational and Corporate 
*ALA Student Members enrolled in doctoral programs may join LRRT at no charge

(LSSIRT) Library Support Staff Interest Roundtable
$10 Regular, Organizational and Corporate

(MAGERT) Map and Geography Round Table
$20 Regular   $10 Student         $60 Organizational and Corporate

(NMRT) New Members Round Table (First 10 years of ALA Membership)
$10 Regular, Organizational and Corporate
NMRT Alumni (+10 years of ALA Membership) $10 Regular, Organizational and Corporate

(SORT) Staff Organization Round Table
$3 Regular  $6 Organizational and Corporate

(SRRT) Social Responsibilities Round Table
$12 Regular  $5 Retired      $5 Non-Salaried      Students (free)
$25 Organizational and Corporate 

(VRT) Video Round Table
$20 Regular  $35 Organizational and Corporate

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