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ALA Past Presidents

This page contains links to archived information about ALA's Past Presidents.

Past president Leslie Burger Leslie Burger 2006-2007
Past president Michael Gorman Michael Gorman 2005–2006

Past president Carol A. Brey-Casiano

Carol A. Brey-Casiano (ALA)

Past president Carla D. Hayden

Carla D. Hayden


Past president Maurice J. (Mitch) Freedman

Maurice J. (Mitch) Freedman  2002–2003
Past president  John W. Berry John W. Berry 2001–2002
Past president Nancy Kranich Nancy Kranich 2000–2001
Sarah Ann Long 1999–2000
Ann K. Symons 1998–1999
Barbara J. Ford 1997–1998
Mary R. Somerville 1996–1997
Betty J. Turock 1995-1996
Arthur Curley 1994-1995
Hardy R. Franklin 1993-1994
Marilyn L. Miller 1992-1993
Patricia G. Shuman 1991-1992
Richard M. Dougherty 1990-1991
Patricia Wilson Berger 1989-1990
F. William Summers 1988-1989
Margaret E. Chisholm 1987-1988
Regina Minudri 1986-1987
Beverly P. Lynch 1985-1986
E. J. Josey 1984-1985
Brooke E. Sheldon 1983-1984
Carol A. Nemever 1982-1983
Elizabeth W. (Betty) Stone 1981-1982
Peggy A. Sullivan 1980-1981
Thomas J. Galvin 1979-1980
Russell Shank 1978-1979
Eric Moon 1977-1978
Clara Stanton Jones July 1976-1977
Clara Stanton Jones (Acting President) April 11-July 22, 1976
Allie Beth Martin 1975-April 1976
Edward G. Holley 1974-1975
Jean E. Lowrie 1973-1974
Katherine Laich 1972-1973
Keith Doms 1971-1972
Lillian M. Bradshaw 1970-1971
William S. Dix 1969-1970
Roger McDonough 1968-1969
Foster E. Mohrhardt 1967-1968
Mary V. Gaver 1966-1967
Robert Vosper 1965-1966
Edwin Castagna 1964-1965
Frederick H. Wagman 1963-1964
James E. Bryan 1962-1963
Florrinell F. Morton 1961-1962
Frances Lander Spain 1960-1961
Benjamin E. Powell 1959-1960
Emerson Greenaway 1958-1959
Lucile M. Morsch 1957-1958
Ralph R. Shaw 1956-1957
John S. Richards 1955-1956
L. Quincy Mumford 1954-1955
Flora Belle Ludington 1953-1954
Robert Bingham Downs 1952-1953
Loleta Dawson Fyan 1951-1952
Clarence R. Graham 1950-1951
Milton E. Lord 1949-1950
Errett Weir McDiarmid 1948-1949
Paul North Rice 1947-1948
Mary U. Rothrock 1946-1947
Ralph A. Ulveling 1945-1946
Carl Vitz 1944-1945
Althea H. Warren 1943-1944
Keyes D. Metcalf 1942-1943
Charles Harvey Brown 1941-1942
Essae Martha Culver 1940-1941
Ralph Munn 1939-1940
Milton James Ferguson 1938-1939
Harrison Warwick Craver 1937-1938
Malcom Glenn Wyer 1936-1937
Louis Round Wilson 1935-1936
Charles H. Compton 1934-1935
Gratia A. Countryman 1933-1934
Harry Miller Lydenberg 1932-1933
Josephine Adams Rathbone 1931-1932
Adam Strohm 1930-1931
Andrew Keogh 1929-1930
Linda A. Eastman 1928-1929
Carl B. Roden 1927-1928
George H. Locke 1926-1927
Charles F. D. Belden 1925-1926
Herman H. B. Meyer 1924-1925
Judson Toll Jennings 1923-1924
George Burwell Utley 1922-1923
Azariah Smith Root 1921-1922
Alice S. Tyler 1920-1921
Chalmers Hadley 1919-1920
William Warner Bishop 1918-1919
Thomas Lynch Montgomery 1917-1918
Walter Lewis Brown 1916-1917
Mary Wright Plummer 1915-1916
Hiller Crowell Wellman 1914-1915
Edwin Hatfield Anderson 1913-1914
Henry Eduard Legler 1912-1913
Theresa West Elmendorf 1911-1912
James Ingersoll Wyer 1910-1911
Nathaniel Dana Carlile 1909-1910
Charles Henry Gould 1908-1909
Arthur Elmore Bostwick 1907-1908
Clement Walker Andrews 1906-1907
Frank Pierce Hill 1905-1906
Ernest Cushing Richardson 1904-1905
Herbert Putnam 1903-1904
James Kendall Hosmer 1902-1903
John Shaw Billings 1901-1902
Henry James Carr 1900-1901
Reuben Gold Thwaites 1899-1900
William Coolidge Lane 1898-1899
Herbert Putnam Jan.-Aug.1898
Justin Winsor July-Oct.1897
William Howard Brett 1896-1897
John Cotton Dana 1895-1896
Henry Munson Utley 1894-1895
Josephus Nelson Larned 1893-1894
Melvil Dewey 1892-1893
William Isaac Fletcher 1891-1892
Samuel Swett Green July-Nov. 1891
Melvil Dewey 1890-July 1891
Frederick Morgan Crunden 1889-1890
Charles Ammi Cutter 1887-1889
William Frederick Poole 1885-1887
Justin Winsor 1876-1885



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Links to archived information about ALA's Past Presidents.