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The following are biographical statements submitted by ALA nominees relating to their professional activities. Specific information was requested and staff does not take responsibility for editing information requested and/or submitted. Listings include only organizations or units in which offices are presently or have been held. Candidates for the office of President-Elect were asked to submit statements of concern of approximately 300 words; Council candidates, 150, in accordance with Council policy.



1 to be elected

William Crowe, Spencer Librarian, University of Kansas, 1450 Poplar Lane, Lawrence, KS 66045-7616: 1999.

Education: Boston (MA) State College, B.A. (History), 1968; Rutgers-the State University of New Jersey, M.L.S., 1969; Indiana University, Ph.D., 1986.
ALA Activities: ALA Council, Councilor-at-Large, 2003-2005; ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Awards Nomination Committee, 1999-2001; ACRL ULS, Chairperson, 1995-1996; ACRL ULS, Executive Committee Member, 1991-1994; LAMA PAS, Staff Development Committee, Chairperson, 1979-1980; ALCTS Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries DG, Chairperson, 1988-1989.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: ASIS Central Ohio Chapter, Treasurer, 1988-1990; Indiana Library Association, Technical Services Roundtable Executive Board, Member, 1975-1976; Ohio Library Association, Academic and Special Libraries Division, Coordinator, 1983-1984; Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians, Chairperson, 1989-1990.
Honors And Awards: Senior Fellow, UCLA Graduate School of Library and Information Science, 1991; Gretchen and Gene A. Budig Distinguished Librarian at the University of Kansas, 2002; Distinguished Alumnus Award, Indiana University School of Library and Information Science Alumni Association, 2004.
Accomplishments: Active in many multitype library organizations, including leadership responsibilities: Examples: Member of the Bibliographical Center for Research Board, 1991-1995; Delegate to OCLC Users Council, 1993-1996 (served as President, 1996); Member, OCLC Online Computer Library Center Board of Trustees, 1996-; chairperson, 1999-2003. Research interest is focused on the work of leaders in librarianship to effect change (Doctoral dissertation: VERNER W. CLAPP AS OPINION LEADER AND CHANGE AGENT IN THE PRESERVATION OF LIBRARY MATERIALS, Indiana University, 1986). Also active in civic life, most recently (1999-2005) as Secretary and later as Treasurer of the Lawrence (KS) Sesquicentennial Commission.
ALA Member Since: 1971.

Statement of Professional Concerns: If I am given this opportunity to help shape the future of ALA, I will work to meet our obligations to this and to the next generation. The office of ALA president is the great chance to “pay forward,” investing all I possibly can on behalf of those we serve and those who will come after us working in and for America’s libraries. I understand much about the diverse strengths and problems of our libraries, will listen to people from all sectors in the field to learn more, and will communicate effectively with opinion leaders in the other organizations with which we must make common cause. This is a time of heightened anxiety for our society and so for our libraries—about matters economic, cultural, political, and technological. Any president of ALA especially must be able to articulate in fresh and accessible ways —in person, in print, online, and in broadcast— the core value and values of libraries. I pledge to make myself available to audiences within and beyond the library community across the country and, as needed, abroad, especially to strengthen ALA’s connections with other information and cultural heritage organizations, with leaders in public life, and the community at large. Within ALA’s well-articulated strategic plan, I will encourage the development of programming and educational offerings that promote inclusion in every sense. We especially must ensure that younger people and people from underrepresented groups are at the table and that they are encouraged and supported to contribute fully. My personal commitment in all I do professionally and in private life is to work to expand the next generation’s opportunity for education—to move toward equality of access to what has too often been intellectual privilege.

  Loriene Roy, Professor, School of Information, The University of Texas at Austin, 1 University Station D7000, Austin, TX 78712-0390: 1987.
Education: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Ph.D., 1987; University of Arizona, MLS, 1980; Oregon Institute of Technology, BT, 1977; Oregon Institute of Technology, AS, 1977.
ALA Activities: ALA Council: Mbr.-at-Large, 1997-2000, 2004-2006; Committee on Committees, mbr., 2004-2005; Committee on Education, ch., 2004-2006; Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship, mbr., 1997-1999; Education Assembly, ch., 2004-2006; International Relations Committee, East Asia and the Pacific Subcommittee, mbr., 2000-2004; International Relations Committee, East Asia and the Pacific Subcommittee, ch., 2001-2004; Mentoring Committee, mbr., 1999-2000; Nominating Committee, mbr., 1999; Planning and Budget Assembly, mbr., 2004-2006. ALSC: Oral Record Task Force, mbr., 1992-1993; Oral Record Project Advisory Committee, mbr., 1993-1994; Research and Development Committee, mbr., 1989-1993. PLA: Conference Program Coordinating Committee 2004, mbr., 2002-2004; Publications Committee, mbr., 1994-1996; Publications Committee, Monographs Subcommittee, mbr., 1995-1996; Research Committee, mbr., 1994-96. RUSA: Publications Committee, mbr., 2004-; Management and Operation of Public Services Section (MOPSS), Research and Statistics Committee, ch., 1996-1997; Management and Operation of Public Services Section (MOPSS), Research and Statistics Committee, mbr., 1993-1997; Management and Operation of User Services Section (MOUSS), Exec. Committee, 2002-2004; Management and Operation of User Services Section (MOUSS), Secretary, 2002-2004. OTHER: Carol Brey-Casiano’s Presidential Advisory Committee, Diversity Subcommittee, Planning Committee for “Many Voices, One Nation: An Evening of Sharing and Celebration of Our Lives and Stories,” mbr., 2004-2005; Carla Hayden’s Presidential Advisory Committee, mbr., 2003-2004; John W. Berry’s Presidential Task Force on Equity of Access: Towards Full Digital Inclusion, mbr., 2000-2002; Sarah A. Long’s ALA President’s Literacy Initiative, ch., 1998-2000. 2006 Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (“Gathering at the Waters: Embracing Our Spirits; Telling Our Stories”), Steering Committee, mbr., 2002-; Evaluation Committee, ch., 2002-. Spectrum Initiative Steering Committee, mbr., 1997-2000; Spectrum Initiative Jury, mbr., 2001-2002; Spectrum Initiative Leadership Institute Committee, Liaison, 1999-2000; Spectrum Initiative Leadership Institute Committee, mbr., 2000, 2001. Search Committee, Director, Office for Literacy and Outreach Services, mbr., 1996-1997; International librarian mentor; Volunteer, International Lounge, 1998 ALA Annual Conference; Verizon Website Advisory Committee, mbr., 2000-2001.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: INTERNATIONAL: International Indigenous Librarians’ Council, mbr., 2001-. Second International Indigenous Librarians’ Forum 2001, Contributed Papers Committee, mbr., 2000-2001. NATIONAL: American Indian Library Association: ad hoc Committee on the 1999 Indigenous Librarians Forum in New Zealand, ch., 1998-1999; Delegate, 2nd Congress on Professional Education (COPE), 2000; Elections Committee, ch., 1999; Elections Committee, mbr., 1996; Executive Board, mbr., 1996-1999; President, 1997-1998; Program Committee, co-ch., 1996-1997; Vice President/President Elect, 1996-1997. Association of Library and Information Science Education: Governmental Relations Committee, mbr., 1988-1990; Library History Special Interest Group, Convener, 1988; Mentoring Program, Mentor, 2002-. National Association of Native American Studies: Area Coordinator, 2000-2001. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Access to Learning Award, Selection Committee, mbr., 2003, 2004. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Information & Library Science, IMLS Study on the Future of the Library Workforce, Panel on Rural Public Libraries, mbr., 2005-2006., Awards Jury, mbr., 2003-2004. ADVISORY BOARDS: El dia de los ninos/El dia de los libros, Advisory Committee, mbr., 2004-2006; “Heart of the Community: The Libraries We Love,” Berkshire Publishing Group, Advisory Committee, mbr., 2005-; International Children’s Digital Library. Advisory Board, mbr., 2002-;, OCLC, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Public Access Computing Portal, Advisory Committee, mbr., 2002-; Sequoyah Research Center. Advisory Board, mbr., 2001-; School of Information Resources & Library Science, University of Arizona. Knowledge River Grant, Steering Committee, mbr., 2001-2005; “Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums: Preserving our Language, Memory, and Lifeways: National Conference,” National Envisioning Committee, mbr., 2001-2005. STATE AND REGIONAL: El Corazon de Tejas-Central Texas Chapter of REFORMA, Fundraising Committee, mbr., 2001. Texas Library Association: ad hoc Committee on Cultural Diversity, mbr., 1999-2000; ad hoc Research Committee, Public Library Division, mbr., 1988; Archives and Oral History Committee, ch., 1988-1991; Archives and Oral History Committee, mbr., 1987-1991; Cultural Diversity Committee, mbr., 2006-2009; Library Services to the Spanish Speaking Interest Group: Reforma, Secretary, 1992-1994; Nominating Committee, mbr., 2001; Public Relations Committee, mbr., 2002-; Reference Round Table, ad hoc Publicity/Membership Committee, mbr., 1996-1997; Resolutions Committee, The Texas Conference on Libraries and Information Services, mbr., 1990-1991; Scholarship and Research Committee, mbr., 1999-2002. Texas Oral History Association: Texas History Day Award, Judge, 1998. Texas State Historical Association: Texas History Day, Judge, 2003 Texas State Library and Archives: TexShare Advisory Board, mbr., 2006-2009. DEPARTMENT SERVICE: School of Information (formerly, Graduate School of Library and Information Science), The University of Texas at Austin: ad hoc Committee on Accreditation Self-Study, mbr., 1999-2000; ad hoc Committee on Distance Education, mbr., 2002; ad hoc Committee on Doctoral Program Recommendations, mbr., 1991-1992; ad hoc Committee on Museum Studies Coursework, mbr., 2001; ad hoc Committee on Research, mbr., 1992; ALA/TLA Student Chapter, Faculty Co-Advisor, 1994-; Austin Free-Net, Faculty Liaison, 1997-1998; Awards Committee, mbr., 1990-1993, 1999-2004; Awards Committee, ch., 1992-1993; Curriculum Committee, mbr., 1987-; Curriculum Steering Committee, ch., 2005-; Borderless Educational Initiatives, mbr., 1999; Blue Ribbon Task Force on the Future of Distance Learning, mbr., 2000; Curriculum Oversight Committee, mbr., 2004-2005; Doctoral Program Committee, mbr., 1991-1993; Executive Committee, mbr., 2001-2003, 2004-2005; Faculty Recruitment and Orientation Committee, Subcommittee on Spousal Hire, ch., 2000; Faculty Recruitment and Orientation Committee, Subcommittee on Recruiting an Assistant Professor in Archival Enterprise, Electronic Record and Digital Asset Management, mbr., 2000; 50th Anniversary Sub Committee, mbr., 1997-1998; Government Relations Committee, ch., 1999-2000; Graduate and Professional School Day 2001, Graduate School of Library and Information Science booth, staff mbr., 2001; Graduate Library and Information Science Students Association (GLISSA), Faculty Representative, 1987-1989; Graduate Assembly, GSLIS Representative, 1997-1999; Graduate Studies Committee, mbr., 1987-; Graduate Studies Committee, Recorder, 1996-1997; Minority Liaison Officer, 1989-1992, 1993-1995; New Faculty Orientation, Faculty Sage, 2000-2001; Physical Space Committee, mbr., 2001; Recruitment and Retention Committee, ch., 1989-1992; Recruitment and Retention Committee, mbr., 1993-1995; Recruitment/Retention and Diversity Committee, mbr., 1997-2000; Research and Publications Committee, mbr., 1997-2003; Research and Publications (Colloquia) Committee, ch., Spring 2000, Fall 2001-Spring 2003; Search Committee, mbr., 2004-2005; Student Recruitment and Diversity, mbr., 2003-2004. University of Arizona, School of Information Resources & Library Science, University of Arizona Knowledge River Grant, Curriculum Committee, mbr., 2001-2002. UCLA, Department of Information Studies, PRAXIS Pre-Doctoral and Recruitment Program for Tomorrow’s Culturally Diverse Information Studies Faculty and Leaders, Mentor, 2002-2004. UNIVERSITY: ad hoc Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC), mbr., 2002-2005; Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS), 35th Anniversary Committee, School of Information Coordinator for CMAS 35th Anniversary, 2005-2006; Center for Teaching Effectiveness and the UT Quality Center, Quality Teaching Project, mbr., 1996-1997. Center for Women’s and Gender Studies: Executive Committee, mbr., 2002-03, 2003-04; Steering Committee, mbr., 2004-2005; Governance Committee, mbr., 2004-2005; Search Committee for the Associate Director, mbr., 2005; Subcommittee Planning a Women’s Studies Master’s of Arts Degree, mbr., 2000; College of Communication Graduate Program Review Committee, mbr., 1997-1999; Faculty Grievance Hearing Pool, 2003-2005; Faculty/Staff Mentor, 2001-2004; Graduate Assembly, GSLIS Representative, 1997-1999; Assembly, Academic Committee, mbr., 1997-1999; Hamilton Book Award Committee, mbr., 1997-1998; Joe and Bettie Branson Ward Excellence Award Committee, mbr., 2003-2004; Selection Committee, Graduate Opportunity Continuing Fellowship Committee, mbr., 1992, 1994, 1995; Selection Committee, Moody Minority Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowships, mbr., 1995; University Council Committee on Multicultural Education, mbr., November 1990-1991. COMMUNITY SERVICE: Austin Free Net, Volunteer Trainer, 1997-1998; Austin History Center, Advisory Committee on Oral History, mbr., 1990; Austin Songwriters Group, Librarian, 1995-1996; Fulmore Middle School Library, Volunteer, 2003.
Honors And Awards: Library Journal, Mover & Shaker, 2005; 2005 Texas Exes Teaching Award, The University of Texas at Austin, 2005; “Honoring Generations: Developing the Next Generation of Tribal Librarians,” Recruiting and Training Librarians for the 21st Century Grant ($341,294), U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services, October 28, 2003; Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Volunteer Services to Humanities/Government Magnet for International Studies, Fulmore Middle School of Austin Independent School District, May 13, 2003; Outstanding Alumna 2002, School of Information Resources and Library Science, University of Arizona, Fall 2002; Finalist, 21st Century Librarian Award, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University, Fall 2002; The Embassy of the United States of America, Wellington, New Zealand, Public Affairs Section. Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act Grant, July 2002; Tocker Foundation Outreach Grant ($100,000), 2002-2003; Certificate of Appreciation for Making a Significant Contribution to Advancing the Awareness of Women’s History, Austin Public Library, March 22, 2002; Joe and Bettie Branson Ward Excellence Award for Research, Teaching, or Demonstration Activities that Contribute to Changes of Positive Value to Society, The University of Texas at Austin, 2001; School for International Training, Program in Intercultural Management (PIM) Group Fund Grant, 2001; Nominated, Leadership for a Changing World, Advocacy Institute/Ford Foundation, 2001; Tocker Foundation Outreach Grant ($29,000), 2000; Nominated, Writer of the Year, Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers & Storytellers, Fall 1998; Special Recognition of Outstanding Contribution, Four Directions Innovation Technology Grant, Pueblo of Laguna/Laguna Department of Education, 1997; Phi Kappa Phi, Certificate for Dedicated Service in the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education, The University of Texas at Austin Chapter of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, October 1997; HEA Title IIB Library Career Training Program Grant: Training Specialists to Serve Native American Populations, 1993; James W. Vick Texas Excellence Award for Academic Advisors, GSLIS, The University of Texas at Austin, 1992; Texas Excellence Teaching Award for Advisors, GSLIS, The University of Texas at Austin, 1991; Certificate of Appreciation, Austin Music Industry Council, 1990; Honorary Texas Citizen, Governor’s Office, for work associated with the Governor’s Energy Management Center’s Energy Resource Mini-Grants for Small Libraries, 1990; Texas Excellence in Teaching Award, GSLIS, The University of Texas at Austin, 1988; HEA Title IIB Fellowship, University of Illinois, 1983; HEA Title IIB Fellowship, University of Arizona, 1980; Fellowship, Los Angeles County Medical Association, 1980.
Accomplishments: I find professional fulfillment through daily contact with accomplished and energetic students, faculty, and information professionals. Together, we support, develop, and extend information services to indigenous populations and rural librarians. I teach graduate classes on public libraries, humanities and social science reference, and library instruction/information literacy. Following a service-based learning format, my students have created a virtual library for tribal colleges, an interface to for tribal community/public libraries, virtual exhibits for the National Museum of the American Indian, a library instruction site for rural/small Texas libraries, produced thousands of pathfinders for clients, and organized an international celebration of indigenous children’s reading and culture (Gathering of Readers). In 1998 I founded a national reading club, “If I Can Read, I Can Do Anything,” for native children. We work with 21 tribal schools and 2 tribal community/public libraries in 9 states, assisting them in collection development and reading promotion. My vita lists more than 100 publications and over 250 presentations. Of these, the most personally meaningful include an edited festschrift in honor of public librarian Marvin Scilken, articles on indigenous librarianship, and presentations at gatherings of indigenous librarians in various locations around the world. Currently I am the Principal Investigator for an IMLS funded scholarship program, Honoring Generations, that provides support for Native students to complete their MSIS degrees. This program provides us with the opportunity to extend our efforts to help develop the next generation of Native librarians who can carry these initiatives into the future.
ALA Member Since: 1981.

Statement of Professional Concerns: As President of ALA, I will stand with you to support: • free access to libraries for all library patrons; • free expression of thought and protection of privacy; • equitable salaries and benefits for library workers; • recruitment and retention of new talent into schools of library and information science; • training and retooling of library workers to meet changing patron needs; • promoting the work of librarians to the citizenry at large. This is an exciting time for ALA. We have a new strategic plan, ALA Ahead to 2010, that will guide us in advocacy, education, policy, and recruitment. I pledge to you that I will help bring ALA’s vision to reality, using my skills as an educator, public librarian, advocate, researcher, teamworker, and leader. As an indigenous person (Anishinabe, member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe), I commit my strength to honor ALA’s past, to work with you to meet today’s challenges, and to help us realize the possibilities of tomorrow. I am particularly committed to directing ALA’s energies toward: Including all in the circle of literacy. Eleven million adults—one in twenty—are not literate in English. Literacy is the first mission of the American library. We need to direct our energies to reversing this statistic. Workplace wellness. The National Center for Health Statistics has recently announced that disease prevention is critical for individuals in their late 50s and early 60s. As many of our workers start to approach retirement, we need to promote a healthy ALA to take care of ourselves and each other. Supporting LIS education through practice. LIS education is all of our responsibility. Each of us can use our skills, knowledge, and attitudes to recruit and nurture the next generation of professionals.


33 to be elected for 2006-2009

  Rosie Albritton, Director of University Library Services and Professor of Educational Media & Technology, Prairie View A&M University, John B. Coleman Library - Suite 207, Prairie View, TX 77446: 2005.
Education: University of Illinois, Library & Information Science, Ph.D. Degree, 1993; University of Michigan, Library Science, M.L.S. Degree/CLR-Management Certificate, 1985; University of Chicago, Educational Psychology, M.A. degree, 1976, and A.B.D. Graduate Study, Educational Psychology, 1976-79; Governors State University, Human Learning & Development, M.A. Degree, 1974; Tennessee State University, Biology/Psychology, B.S. Degree, 1964.
ALA Activities: ALA Councilor-at-Large, 2003-2006; Chair, LAMA Assistant to the Director Discussion Group, 1987-89; Member ALA Black Caucus (BCALA) 1985-present; Member, ACRL Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Committee, 1995-97; ACRL 7th National Conference Panel Chair/Moderator/Guest Speaker, 1995; Member, ACRL-ULS Conference Planning Committee (New Orleans) 1990-91; ACRL Pre-Conference Faculty, Atlanta, 1991; Member, LAMA Risk Management Committee, 1987-89; Member, LAMA Assistant to the Director Discussion Group, 1985-87; Intern, ACRL Instruction Committee, 1985-86; Member, ALA Library Research Round Table (LRRT) 1990-98; Member ALA Ethnic Materials Round Table (EMIERT), 1992-94.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Chair, ALISE Multicultural, Ethnic and Humanistic Concerns SIG, 1996-1998; Grant Proposal Reviewer, National Science Foundation (NSF)-Division of Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, 1994-1998; Chair, Technology and the African-American Experience National Committee on Virtual Conferences (AfriTECH), 1994-96; Group Facilitator and Senior Officer, Eighth Biennial International Conference of Student Pugwash USA, 1994-95; Chair, Wayne State University Library Science Program Self-Study Accreditation Committee on Faculty, 1994-96; Convenor/Facilitator, ALISE Research Roundtable on Leadership in Academic Libraries, 1991.
Honors And Awards: Oxford Round Table, Oxford University (2004), Invited to attend Summer Round Table on Libraries, the Internet and Restrictions on Information; Frye Leadership Institute/IMLS Scholarship, Emory University, Class of 2003; Community Service Council, Miami, FL Black Achievers Award, 2003; SEFLIN Vista Award for Library Leadership, 2001-2005; ALISE/ISI Doctoral Dissertation Competition Award, 1994; Honorable Mention, National Awards for Educational Internet Projects (AfriTECH), 1994; ACRL/ISI Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Fellowship Award, 1992; University of Illinois Graduate College Dissertation Grant, 1991; University of Illinois Doctoral Study Fellowship, 1989-90; Comaroni Scholarship Cataloging Award, University of Michigan, 1985; CLR/PETREL Fellowship & Internship in Academic Research Library Management, University of Michigan, 1983-85; Pi Lambda Theta National Honor & Professional Association, University of Chicago, 1978; Ford Foundation Doctoral Fellowship for Minorities, Educational Psychology, University of Chicago, 1976-79.
Accomplishments: Publications: Developing Leadership Skills: A Sourcebook for Librarians, (Albritton & Shaughnessy, 1990); The Founding & Prevalence of African-American Social Libraries & Historical Societies, 1998; The New Paradigm of Leader Effectiveness in Academic Libraries, 1998; and Transformational Leadership in Academic Libraries, 1995. Library School Faculty: Assistant Professor, Wayne State University, 1993-1999. Grant Projects: Principal Investigator and Director, CLR Recent Graduates Intern-Scholar Program, University of Missouri, 1986-89; CLR Faculty/Librarian Grant-Computer Anxiety in Academic Libraries, 1985-86. Library Administration/Management: Director/Dean of the University Library, Florida Memorial University (Miami), Jan. 2000-Sept. 2005, and Assistant to the Director of Libraries, University of Missouri (Columbia), 1985-91. Internet Project: Founder and Chair, The AfriTECH Project, including the Listserv Website, Newsletter, and the AfriTECH-95 Online Virtual Conference.
ALA Member Since: 1985.

Statement of Professional Concerns: As Director of a Historically Black University Library, my professional concerns are related to critical issues and leadership challenges facing all libraries in the 21st century. These issues include: recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce; defining strategic goals for the changing roles of libraries; supporting distance and non-traditional learners; improving the status of librarians; and managing the impact of technology on the delivery of quality library services. The new literacy for this century is the ability to utilize electronic systems. The need for digital accessibility has changed the flow of information, raised the visibility of libraries, and highlighted the role of librarians as invaluable information professionals. These technological transformations have created new rules and new players that require our profession to promote information fluency, create learning communities, eliminate digital divides, and
preserve the balance between traditional and digital resources.

  Michelle Baildon, History, Philosophy, and History of Science & Technology Librarian, MIT Humanities Library, 77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139: 2006.
Education: * Harvard University, B.A., History of Science, 1997 * Yale University, M.A., American Studies, 2001 * Simmons College, M.L.I.S., 2003.
ALA Activities: ALA Committee Involvement: * Spectrum Scholars Interest Group (under Committee on Diversity), member: 1/04-6/05 * Diversity Council, APALA representative, 1/06-1/08 ALA Division Committee Involvement: * ACRL Research Committee, intern: 6/03-6/04 * ACRL Ethics Committee: 6/05-6/06 * RUSA Access to Information Committee, member: 6/05-6/07 * RUSA History Bibliography & Indexes Committee, member: 6/05-6/07 Round Table Committee Involvement: * NMRT Midwinter Activities Committee, member: 1/04-1/05 * NMRT Liaison Committee, chair: 6/05-6/06 Other Group Involvement: * APALA, Secretary: 6/05-6/06 * APALA, Membership Committee chair, 1/06-.
Honors And Awards: * Javits Fellowship (from US Department of Education, used at Yale University), 2000 * Spectrum Scholar, 2002 * ARL Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce stipend recipient, 2002 * LITA/OCLC Minority Scholarship in Library and Information Technology, 2002 * Harold T. Pinkett Minority Student Award, Society for American Archivists, 2003 * Archie Motley Memorial Scholarship for Minority Students, Midwest Archives Conference, 2003.
Accomplishments: * Attended Spectrum Scholars Leadership Institute, 6/04 * Panelist, “Lasting Legacy or Broken Promise? The First Decade of the Harold T. Pinkett Award,” Society of American Archivists Annual Conference, 8/04 * Attended Minnesota Institute for Early Career Librarians, 10/04 * Poster presentation, “Open Access Journal Production at the Boston College Libraries,” ACRL/NY Symposium, “Scholarly Communication: Evolution Or Revolution?,” 12/04 Previous professional Experience: * Scholarly Communication Reference Librarian, Boston College, O’Neill Library, 9/03-12/04 * Collection Development Librarian, History and Political Science, O’Neill Library, 1/05-1/06.
ALA Member Since: 2003.

Statement of Professional Concerns:
Although library workers should be proud of our role as leaders for social justice, equality, and democracy, we must admit that the profession has lagged in some ways regarding issues of diversity. I know first-hand the wonderful work of the Office for Diversity and its supporters in recruiting those from groups underrepresented in the profession, and to turn the organization’s attention towards relevant interests and concerns. I believe Council should do all it can to recognize, strengthen, and promote OFD—especially the highly successful Spectrum Initiative—as well as to interact fruitfully with ethnic caucuses, GLBTRT, and other stakeholders. In addition, ALA must continue to cultivate libraries’ role, so vital to democracy, of enabling unfettered access to information by defending intellectual freedom and privacy and encouraging open access to knowledge. As a relative newcomer to librarianship, I hope my fresh outlook will provide welcome new perspectives to Council.

  Cassandra Barnett, School Library Media Specialist, Fayetteville High School Library, 1001 W. Stone St., Fayetteville, AR 72701: 2000.
Education: University of Arkansas, BS, Ed./Library Science, 1977 University of Arkansas, MS, Ed./Instructional Resources, 1986.
ALA Activities: AASL Regional Director Elect, 1997-1999; AASL Board of Directors, 1999-2001; AASL Board of Directors, 2004-2006; AASL Non-Conference Year Programming Task Force, chair, 2000-2001;AASL Publications Committee, member, 2000-2004; AASL National Conference 2003, co-chair, 2001-2003; AASL National Conference 2005 Programming Sub-committee, member, 2003-2005; National School Library Media Program of the Year Award Committee, member, 2004-2005; AASL ALA Annual Conference Planning Committee, member 2005-2006; YALSA, member, 2003-present.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Arkansas Library Association, Awards Committee, member, 1998-2000; Arkansas Library Association Education Committee, member, 2000-2002; Arkansas Association for School Librarians, Division Chair, 1987-1988; National Education Association, member, 1977-present; Arkansas Education Association, member, 1977-present; Fayetteville Education Association, member, 1978-present; Fayetteville Education Association, president, 1983-1984; Delta Kappa Gamma International Society, member, 1988-present, Gamma Iota Chapter, president, 1996-1998 & 2004-2006.
Honors And Awards: Phi Delta Kappa, University of Arkansas Chapter’s 1988-1989 Outstanding School Library Media Specialist of the Year Award; Arkansas Library Association’s 2000 Rhetta Patrick Award for Outstanding Library Media Specialist.
Accomplishments: Achieved National Board Certification in Early Childhood/Young Adult Library Media in 2003; Mentor school librarians working on national Board certification; Have been a presenter at regional, state and AASL National Conferences; Have been a member of a team designing professional development for my school district; Have been a member of the team designing an information literacy curriculum for my district; Have been a member of the team designing a technology curriculum for my district; Developing a collaboration model for school librarians, classroom teachers and resident artists; Storyteller.
ALA Member Since: 1983.

Statement of Professional Concerns: As a member in a number of organizations, I have been fortunate to serve in a variety of leadership roles.  Being a Councilor-at-Large will give me the opportunity to apply the knowledge and leadership skills that I have gained.  The vision of ALA as the leading advocate for libraries, and access to information for all is a worthy one.  In order to accomplish this, however, ALA must face a major challenge. That challenge is to accommodate a widely diverse membership, and to help all members feel that they are heard and their input is valued.I will work hard to build collaborative partnerships among all the stakeholders so that the vision of ALA can be realized.

  David Barton, Dean, Library & Information Services, Metropolitan State University, 700 East Seventh St., Saint Paul, MN 55106: 2001.
Education: Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, MLS 1975. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, BA 1970.
ALA Activities: Member, Urban Libraries Discussion Group 2003-present Member, Partnership Libraries Discussion Group 2004-present.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Past President, Minnesota Library Association, 1993 President, Minnesota Library Association, 1992 Vice-president/President-Elect, Minnesota Library Association 1991 Editor, Minnesota Library Association Newsletter 1986-1987 Intellectual Freedom Chair, Minnesota Library Association 1985 Chair, Public Library Division, South Dakota Library Association 1976.
Accomplishments: After working in a variety of capacities for state professional organizations, I am now at the point in my career that I can devote substantial time to professional concerns at the national level. What I can bring to the Council is a broad range of accomplishment extending over 30 years as I have held positions as a multi-county public library system director, a director of a private college library consortium, a director of a statewide multi-type library automation consortium, and an academic library dean. In my current position I manage an academic library facility that opened in 2004 and was designed from the start to include a public library branch. It is the first, and so far only, shared library facility in Minnesota.
ALA Member Since: 1981.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Years ago Librarian of Congress, Archibald MacLeish, stated: “Every American librarian worthy of the name is today the champion of a cause.” . . . “the cause of the inquiring mind.” Today those words continue to ring true as we struggle to maintain funding and free access to information. ALA cannot right the world’s wrongs, nor are stances on social issues our primary concern, but we must continue to speak truth to power. On the ALA council, I will work to improve information access for all and promote funding on the national, state, local and private levels. Within the profession, we must revitalize library education to ensure that our MLS graduates are trained for tomorrow’s world and can reasonably anticipate that the jobs they want will be there. Within the Council itself, I will draw upon my years of consortial experience to facilitate people collaborating in an efficient, productive manner.

Cheryl Bernero, Regional Branch Manager, El Paso Public Library, 551 Redd Road, El Paso, TX 79912

Education: University of Illinois, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, M.S., in 1985.
ALA Activities: Chair, ALA Presidential Advisory Committee, 2004-2005. Member, ALA/PIO Advocacy Institutes Task Force, 2005-2006.
Honors And Awards: 3-M Professional Development Award to attend first annual conference in New York City, 1986.
Accomplishments: My twenty years of experience as a librarian have been varied and rewarding. Prior to receiving my library degree, I had worked in libraries for ten years starting as an undergraduate student in the fall of 1974 followed by several support staff positions. I have been a librarian in two major academic libraries—the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan, three law firm libraries, and now public libraries. I worked in nontraditional librarian roles for a book jobber, EBSCO Subscription Services, and an automated vendor. In addition, I have worked as a staff member for the American Library Association in both the LAMA Division under ALA Past President, John W. Berry and the ACRL Division. For the past five years I have been employed within the El Paso Public Library. For a year, I proudly served as the Assistant to the then ALA President Elect, Carol Brey-Casiano who is also Director of Libraries. Currently I am in upper middle management overseeing my Regional Branch and three other facilities.
ALA Member Since: 1987.

Statement of Professional Concerns: My broad library background at all staffing levels and within three types of libraries gives me a clear perspective and understanding of issues facing all ALA members. Having served on the staff of three vendor companies I can empathize with vendor relation issues and the valuable contributions they make to the Association cannot be minimized. In both ACRL and LAMA, I experienced the inner workings of ALA in order to move issues forward expediently. My past three years of service with the ALA Immediate Past President have afforded me the opportunity to be aware of current issues facing ALA Council. I continue to contribute to the Association as a member of the ALA/PIO Advocacy Institutes Task Force. The Advocacy Institutes have trained hundreds of library Friends, Trustees and staff members to promote libraries and our critical issues and needs. I will proudly serve on Council if you allow me.

Herbert Biblo, Director, Long Island Library Resources Council, Melville Library Bldg., Suite E5310, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3399: 1982.
Education: Bernard M. Baruch College of the City University of New York. B.B.A., 1949. Chicago State University. M.S. Library Science, 1962. University of Chicago Graduate Library School. Certificate of Advanced Study, 1970. Additional work at Roosevelt University, Northwestern University, Indiana University.
ALA Activities: Councilor-at-Large, 1992-1996, 1985-1988, 1977-1984. Committee on Minority Concerns, 1991-1995. International Relations Committee, 2003-. Treasurer and member of Executive Board, 1980-1984. Committee on Planning, Evaluation and Support (COPES), 1980-1984. Association of American Publishers (AAP-ALA) Joint Committee, 1980-1984. Executive Board Committee on Resource Development, 1980-1982. Planning and Budget Assembly, 1979-1980. Committee on Organization (COO), 1984-1985.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: International Federation of Libraries Association (IFLA): Standing Committee member of University Libraries and other General Research Libraries, 1989-1993. Special Libraries Association (SLA) representative to Biological and Medical Libraries Section of IFLA, 1981-1982. Special Libraries Association (SLA), 1970-: SLA Long Island Chapter, LILRC liaison to Executive Board. SLA representative on IFLA Standing Committee for University Libraries. New York State Governor’s Conference on Library & Information Services, Delegate 1990. New York State Criteria Task Force, 1987-1989. SUNY OCLC Advisory Committee, 1987-1989. New York 3R’s Organization, Convener, 1984. New York State Library: System Directors’ Advisory Council, 1990. Advisory Committee on NYSILL Redesign. Advisory Committee on Government Documents. New York Library Association: President, 1994. Nominating Committee, 1995. Legislative Committee Chair, 1988-1989. Illinois Association of College and Research Libraries (IACRL): Executive Board, 1977-1979. Editor, IACRL Newsletter, 1974-1978. IACRL-Illinois Board of High Education Liaison Committee, 1981. Illinois Regional Library Council: Committee on Resources, 1975-1977. Planning Committee, 1977. Illinois OCLC Users Group, Treasurer, 1977. Library Technology Advisory Council, Daley College; Chairperson, 1972. Private Academic Libraries of Illinois, Chairperson, 1975-1977. Chicago Academic Library Council (CALC), Treasurer, 1979-1981.
Honors And Awards: Council on Library Resources: Fellowship, 1974-1975. University of Chicago Graduate Library School: Scholarship, 1969. Illinois State Library Scholarship, 1968.
Accomplishments: “Into a Second Decade of Service to Conscience: Special Report on SRRT.” The ALA Yearbook 1981, pp.277-278. “The Recommended National Program: Illinois SRRT Position Paper for the White House Conference on Library and Information Science.” ALA Social Responsibilities Round Table, 1979. “Librarians and Trade Unionism: A Prologue.” Library Trends, v.25, pp. 423-443; October 1976. Unpublished paper on library unions prepared for the Council on Library Resources.
ALA Member Since: 1968.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Serving, in the past, as ALA Treasurer and an ALA Councilor has been an opportunity to serve the profession and the membership, as well as the community of library users. It is through Council that expressions of membership
concerns are most often heard. Though many have worked diligently over the years, there are still many unresolved problems to face. The issues of intellectual freedom, censorship and social issues are still with us. We must work harder to meet the needs of our constituencies. We must reinforce our commitment to serve the unserved and underserved. We must respond to the concerns of minorities within our profession as well as our concern for financial remuneration consistent with the importance of our role in society. Finally, I fully support the efforts of the Association to meet the needs of library workers for better salaries through the vehicle of the Allied Professional Association.

Arlene Bielefield, Chairperson, Dept. of Information & Lib. Science, Southern Connecticut State University, 501 Crescent Street, New Haven, CT 06515: 2003.
Education: Juris Doctor, University of Connecticut School of Law, 1981.
Master of Science in Library Science, Southern Connecticut State University, (SCSU) 1976. Bachelor of Arts, SCSU, 1971.
ALA Activities: ALA Committee on Legislation (COL), Intern 2003. ALA COL member, 2004-2006. ALA COL Chairperson, subcommittee on Intellectual Property—2004-2005. ALA COL Member subcommittee on Intellectual Property—2005-2006.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Teaching Experience: 1985-1995 Adjunct Professor, SCSU, Department of Information and Library Science (ILS). 1995-present, Faculty member, SCSU ILS. 2003-2006-Chairperson, ILS. Library Work Experience: 1986-1995  Director of the East Hampton Public Library. 1978-1986  Division Head, Connecticut State Library. 1971-1978 Bookmobile Librarian, Assistant Director, and Director, Russell Library.
Honors and Awards: SCSU Solsit Award as Distinguished Alumna 1985. President, Connecticut Library Association (CLA) 1990-91. CLA Librarian of the Year 1992. Chair, SCSU Campus Advisory Search Committee for university president, fall 2003-spring 2004. Faculty Senate—Department representative (1998–2005). Connecticut State University American—Association of University Professors (CSU—AAUP) Vice-President, 2003-present.
Accomplishments: Library Organization Activities: Connecticut Library Association (CLA), Chair, Public Library Awards Committee, 1999-2004. Co-Chair CLA Ethics Task Force 1999-present. Publications: Arlene Bielefield and Lawrence Cheeseman, Neal-Schuman Publishers, Understanding & Negotiating Licensing Agreements: A Guidebook for the Library, Research & Teaching Professions, 2000; Technology and Copyright Law: A Guidebook for the Library, Research, & Teaching Professions, 1997, updated 1999, 2d edition April 2006; Library Patrons and the Law, 1995; Maintaining the Privacy of Library Records, 1994; Library Employment within the Law, 1993; Libraries & Copyright Law, 1993.
ALA Member Since: 1987.

Statement of Professional Concerns: My wish to serve on the ALA Council stems from an interest in addressing a number of major library issues. I am most concerned about access to information for all, protecting intellectual freedom, maintaining privacy, strengthening the role of school libraries, and attracting a diverse student body to library school. We must: Continue to provide library access to all in spite of budget cuts, especially for those who cannot afford to acquire technology; Strongly resist censorship attempts; Protect privacy from attacks like the Patriot Act; Educate school administrators about studies showing strong school libraries are necessary for educational excellence; Attract a diverse student body for training as future librarians. Continued Council deliberation and support are needed for these and other issues facing libraries today. I hope to be a part of Council to share ideas for shaping a positive future for all types of libraries.

Elizabeth (Beth) E. Bingham, Retired/Head of Adult and Circulation Service, East Baton Rouge Parish Library, Baton Rouge, LA.
Education: LSU, MS 1971; LSU, BS 1970; HEA Title II B Fellow, LSU, 1975.
ALA Activities: ALA Council, 1994-2002, ALA Scholarship Bash 1999-present, ALA Scholarship Committee, 2006, ALA Scholarship Task Force, 2004-2005, Chair, Council Orientation Committee, 1998-1999, 2002-2003,COO, 1995-1997, Library Advocacy Now Subcommittee, 1997-1999, Public Awareness Committee, 1996-1998, Presidential Advisory Committee, 1998-1999, Library Administration and Management Association Fundraising and Financial Development Secretary, 1994-1996, Intellectual Freedom Round Table Treasurer, 1995-1997 President, Junior Member’s Round Table, 1978-1980, American Library Association - ALA Council, 1994-2002; ALA Scholarship BASH Co-Chair, 1999-present; Library Administration and Management Association Fundraising and Financial Development Secretary, 1994-1996; Intellectual Freedom Round Table, Treasurer 1995-1997; President, Junior Member’s Round Table, 1978-1980; Exhibit’s Round Table’s Executive Board, 1976; International Relations Roundtable Sister Libraries Committee, 2000-2002; Public Library Association’s Committee on Committees, 1982; Public Library Association’s Membership Committee; Chair, PLA IRS Tax Committee, 1998-2000; ALA Volunteer Coordinator, 1987-1988, 1992-1993; ALA Awards Committee, 1999-2002; ALA Membership Promotion Task Force; LAMA FRFDS, Membership Committee; Right to Know Spokesperson, 1991-1995; Committee on Organizations, (COO), 1992-1995; Public Awareness Committee, 1996-1998; Library Advocacy Now  Subcommittee, 1997-1999; Chair, Council Orientation Committee, 1998-1999, 2000-2001; Presidential Advisory Committee, 1998-1999; Presidential Scholarship Bash Committee co-chair, 1999-2002.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Southeastern Library Association: Secretary, Public Library Section, 1990-1992; Outstanding Southeastern Author Award Committee, 1992-1994. Southwestern Library Association: CELS Advisory Board; Continuing Education Interest Group; Public Library Interest Group. Louisiana Library Association: President, 1990-1991; Vice President, 1989-1990; Treasurer, 1978-1980; Chair, Federal Relations, 1992-2000; Chair, Exhibits, 1992-1995; Exhibits Coordinator, 1988-1997; Advisory Committee on Publications, 1998-2000. East Baton Rouge Parish School Board. Louisiana First Lady Alice Foster “You are Sunshine Literacy Project” Advisory Board, 1998-1999. National Alliance for Urban Literacy Councils Program Committee. White House Conference on Library Information Services. White House Conference on Libraries: Official observer for Louisiana Library Association; Planning Committee for state focus groups; Publicity Subcommittee; Regional Chair, Resolutions Committee. Baton Rouge Area Library Club. Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities: Vice President, 1996-1998; Secretary, 1995-1996; Board of Directors, 1995-1998; State Legislative Chair, 1995-1998; Federal Relations Chair, 1995-1998; Consultant, 1990-1991, 1994-1996, 1996-1998. RELATED ACTIVITIES: Junior League of Baton Rouge, Inc. Foundation for Historical Louisiana. Make Today Count, Newsletter Editor, Cancer Society. Louisiana State Literacy Council. President, Capital Area Literacy Coalition (CALCO). Secretary, CALCO. Public Relations Chair, CALCO. Secretary/Treasurer, Bulldog Club of Louisiana. Board Member, YWCA Family Literacy Center Board Member, Louisiana Coalition for Literacy. Vice President, Louisiana Coalition for Literacy. Consultant, Governor’s Office of Lifelong Learning. Consultant, Governor’s Office of Literacy. Board Member, First Books Project.
Honors And Awards: Louisiana Library Association’s Essae M. Culver Distinguished Service Award, 1995. Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities’ Special Humanities Award 1991. Louisiana Library Association’s 1983 Mid-Career Award. Biography of the Year, 1986, 2000. Directory of Distinguished Americans, 1985, 1999. International Cyclopedia of Women, 1980-1981. Phi Lambda Pi National Scholastic Honorary for Married Women. Who’s Who, 1984-88 and 1994-96, 2002-2003. Who’s Who in American Women, 1990-91, 1995-96, and 1996-97. Who’s Who in the South and Southwest, 1984-85, 1985-86, 1994-95, and 1996-97, 2004. World’s Who’s Who of Women, 1981-1982. YWCA’s Woman of Achievement Nominee, 1996, 1996, and 1997.
Accomplishments: Elizabeth E. Bingham (Beth) now works as a fulltime library consultant, working with governmental agencies, all types of libraries, corporations and non-profit organizations in the United States and abroad. Most recently, she assisted with the development and operation of the Internet and Homework Library during Hurricane Katrina relief in Baton Rouge. Beth served as an education and literacy advisor for three Louisiana governors. Beth has over 34 years experience working in and for libraries and their patrons and is presently working with Senior Service America, Inc, a non-profit organization in Washington, D.C.  She served the U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science as consultant to Sister Libraries: A White House Millennium Council Project. Working with design and implementation of the national award winning Prime Time Family Reading Time family literacy program, she worked with public and school librarians and education specialists. She has experience in planning award-winning adult programs, grant writing, planning, training, scheduling, marketing, establishing system-wide circulation procedures, coordinating literacy activities.
ALA Member Since: 1971.

Statement of Professional Concerns: I am interested in the potential of libraries and their impact on the current and potential users within communities. I believe that my background which includes extensive experience in libraries, humanities, information science and literacy, previous Council service, management, program development, personnel supervision, budgeting and strategic planning will make me a good representative for the Association. All of these activities have required managing budgets, securing outside funding, working with legislative bodies, creating teams and communicating in various ways. Not only have I worked as a project director for grants, I have designed and served on grant panels to make awards for funds. I have been a presenter at numerous local, state, regional and national library, humanities and literacy conferences and programs. I understand the critical importance of motivating staff and volunteers and working with governmental officials, members of community boards and civic leaders for quality service delivery.

Carolyn Brodie, Professor, Kent State University-School of Library and Information Science, 314 Library, Kent, OH 44242-0001: 1989.
Education: University of Central Arkansas, BSE, English/Library Science, 1979; University of Central Arkansas, MSE, Educational Media, 1981; George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, MLS, Library Science, 1982; Texas Woman’s University, PhD, Library Science, 1988; Texas Woman’s University, MEd, Education Administration, 1989.
ALA Activities: American Library Association, member, 1988-present; American Library Association Council, as Chapter Councilor elected by the Ohio Library Council, 1996-2000; reelected 2000-2004; Mevil Dewey Award Jury, 1998-1999 (appointed by ALA President); Standing Committee on Library Education (SCOLE) (YALSA representative), 1991-93; AASL, member Resources for Early Childhood Task Force, 1989-1991; Membership Committee, 1991-1993; ALSC, member Board of Directors, (elected by membership for three-year term), 2001-2004; Communications Task Force, 2001-2002; Boy Scouts Advisory Council, 1990-1992; Selection of Children’s Books and Materials from Various Cultures Committee, Chair, 1993-1995; Newbery Award Committee 1995 (appointed by ALSC President), 1994-1995; Newbery Award Committee 2000, Chair (elected by membership), 1999-2000; Notable Children’s Book Committee, 1997-1999; ALSC President-elect candidate, spring 2004; YALSA, member Education Committee, Chair, 1990-92; Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award Task Force, 1992-93; Membership Committee, 1995-96.

Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Ohio Educational Library/Media Association, 1989-present; Appointed member to the Ohio Expert Panel for Student Learning through Ohio School Libraries project, 2003; OELMA Board of Directors, 1993-1995; Legislative Committee, 1991-1993; Standards Committee, 1992-1993; Award of Merit Committee, 1992-1993; Northeast Director, 1993-1995; Conference Committee, Pre-conference Workshops Chair, 1997-1998; Ohio Library Council, 1990-present; OLC Chapter Councilor to the American Library Association, interim, 1995-1996; elected by OLC membership, 1996-2000; re-elected 2000-2004; OLC’s Ohio Public Library Information Network, Blue Ribbon Planning Committee, Administration and Governance Task Force, 1993-1994; Task Force on Recruitment of Children’s Librarians, 1990-1993; Northeast Chapter, Secretary, 1991-1992; Children’s Services Division, Coordinator, 1993-1995; Children’s Services Division, ex officio member as KSU-Liaison, 1995-present; Technology Task Force, 1995-96; Chair, 1996-1998; 1999-2000.
Honors And Awards: 2005 Kent State University Distinguished Teaching Award 2003 Library Journal Movers and Shakers Special Supplement. Named with Greg Byerly as 2 of 55 of the most innovative librarians working today in libraries across the United States and Canada. 2003 Excellence in Grant Writing, Kent State University President’s Office. 2003 Graduate’s Applause. University Teaching Council, Kent State University. 2002 Graduate’s Applause. University Teaching Council, Kent State University. 2001 Graduate’s Applause. University Teaching Council, Kent State University. 2000 Graduate’s Applause. University Teaching Council, Kent State University. 1998 Excellence in Grant Writing, Kent State University President’s Office. 1998 Progressive School Library Media Award, Ohio Educational Library Media Association/Winnebago. Received from the membership of the state organization for implementing innovative ideas to create lifelong learners. Kent State University Office of Cultural Diversity, Creative Contribution Award for the Virginia Hamilton Conference, 1994. Received the award with Dr. Anthony Manna as co-directors of the conference.
Accomplishments: Carolyn S. Brodie teaches courses for school library media specialists, children’s librarians and young adult librarians. She has worked as a school library media specialist and classroom teacher in Arkansas and Texas at all levels from k-12. Dr. Brodie is co-author of The Children’s Literature Dictionary (Neal Schuman, 2003). She has authored/co-authored five other books, published eight book chapters and written over 200 articles and columns in professional journals. She co-directs the Virginia Hamilton Conference on Multicultural Literature for Youth, now in the twenty-second year Dr. Brodie co-directs the Institute for Library and Information Literacy Education (ILILE). ILILE was created by two federal appropriation grants with one from IMLS for $1,987,000 and one from USDE for $748,000. She additionally co-directs two IMLS scholarships grants funding 34 future youth services librarians. In April 2002, she and Dr. Greg Byerly received a grant from the Reinberger Foundation for a $240,000 building project for the creation of the Reinberger Children’s Library Center.
ALA Member Since: 1988.

Statement of Professional Concerns: The American Library Association is a comprehensive, multi-faceted organization that serves the professional needs of our diverse library profession. My experience has been in school, public and academic libraries and has been rewarding and broadly based. Consequently, my career led to one in library education. I have served as professor in library education for the past seventeen years teaching courses in youth librarianship and school librarianship. Issues and topics where I have concerns and that I particularly focus on include diversity issues related to individuals, the workplace and library materials; pre-service and continuing education; equity of access to library materials and services; intellectual freedom; impact of technology on library services at all levels; promoting libraries and librarianship and information literacy. With my varied background and my areas of expertise I feel confident to represent the voice of ALA members as a councilor-at-large.

Frank Bruno, Director of Libraries, Uintah County Public Library, 155 E. Main Street, Vernal, UT 84078: 2005.
Education: Brigham Young Univer., BA, Hist. 1983; Univ. of HI—Manoa, MLIS, Honolulu, HI 1989; Univ. of HI—Manoa, Honolulu, HI, Major Paper: “Conserv. and Perserv. of L. Materials,” 1990; Ball State Univ., ED.D., Muncie, IN, Cognate: Adult Ed. and Library Sci., 1195, Dissertation: The Needs Maze: How Adult Educators Assess Needs.
ALA Activities: 2000-2006 EMIERT, Award Sel. Com. for Gale Award/David Cohen Award. 2001-2003 Exec. Bd, Council on Diversity. 2000-2003 Mbr Comm. on Inf. Tech., Nat. Assoc. of ST. Univ. and Land Grant Coll. 2000-2002 Exec. Bd, Ethnic, Multicultural and Inf. Exch. RT. 1998-2000 Exec. Bd, Ethnic, Multicultural and Info. Exch. RT 1998-2001 Comm. Fund Raising and Financial Devel. Sect., LAMA. 1997-1998 Chair, Coll. Dev. Section, EMIERT. 1997 Diver. Comm. Mbr, Special Planning Comm. for Annual June 1998.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: 2004 Participant, Special Meeting with Maureen Sullivan on Future of Texas Libraries, TLA. 1989-1990 Chr., Reference and Special Librarians Section, Hawaii Library Association.
Honors And Awards: 1998-2005 Bridges on the I-Way (technology editor) Multicultural Review. 2004 Partic., Harvard Ed. Ldrship Sem. ARL Dirs. 2003-2004 Proquest (UMI) Adv. Brd, Ann Arbor, MI. 1999-2000 San Diego ST. Univ. Faculty Senate, California Fac. Assoc. Union Representative. 2003 & 2005 Spring ISD, Bond Advisory Comm. $650,000,000 for new schools. 1996 Comm. Theatre Pubns. Com., El Centro, CA. 1992 Speech Judge, Fayette (MO) H.S., 1990 March of Dimes Chair. Laie, HI. 1982-1983 Utah H. S. History Fair Judge.
Accomplishments: For 15 years as an ALA member I have served in professional positions in both the profession and the community, focusing on diversity, technology, and library funding. As a Board Member on Council on Diversity and EMIERT, I promoted awareness of socially responsible equity and inclusion issues. On the Commission on Information Technology, I advocated librarians’ involvement with national and state legislation to address the digital divide. I address issues surrounding technology, the international community and social action in my technology column in Multicultural Review. As a founding member of the HBCU Library Alliance and an ALA Spectrum Trainer in California I have advocated for greater minority participation in the profession. As a public and university library administrator I worked throughout my career to provide patrons, regardless of social and economic background, equal access to materials and services. I advocated on the UMI advisory board to keep pricing models reasonable for all types of libraries.
ALA Member Since:1990.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Librarianship is faced with two key dilemmas: lack of diversity and the graying of the profession. As a member of EMIERT and ALA’s Council on Diversity, I have worked diligently to ensure that our profession reflects the increasingly diverse U.S. population that we serve, both in academia and in our school and public libraries. I intend to focus on developing new pathways into the profession for African American, Hispanic, and other persons of color both at the entrance level in the work force but also as career progress. We need to work closer with individuals and organizations to keep minority librarians on a career path that will lead to management level and teaching positions throughout the country. In addition, we all have read about the upcoming potential mass retirement and consequent shortage of professional librarians in the next decade. We must focus on making librarianship an attractive field.

LuAnn Cogliser, Library Media Specialist, Watertown High School, 324 French Street, Watertown, CT 06795: 1983.
Education: Dickinson State University, North Dakota, BS, 1969 Southern Connecticut State University, MLS, MIT, 1985.
ALA Activities: AASL: Board of Directors, Region I Director-elect, 1998-2000; Director, 2000-2003. Member: AASL Research Committee, 2000-2002; Member: AASL Awards Committee, 2002-2003; Chair: School Librarians Workshop Scholarship Committee, 2003.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Connecticut Educational Media Association (CEMA) Regional Representative to Board of Directors, 1992-93; CEMA Executive Board Member-at-Large, 1993; CEMA Conference Registrar, 1992, 1996; CEMA Membership Chair, 1994-2004. Delta Kappa Gamma, regional chapter newsletter editor, 2005-.
Honors And Awards: CEMA President’s Award, 2003.
ALA Member Since: 1983.

Statement of Professional Concerns: After years of involvement in various ALA division committees, I have come to realize that the school library community has had only a small voice in the governance of our national organization.  I hope to add my voice and vote to those of other school librarians on the ALA council to make sure policies and decisions are made with school libraries, and ultimately everyone’s, best interest in mind.

Tiffani Conner, University Librarian I, Liaison to Sociology, Human Rights, Rainbow Center, and Roper Center for Public Opinion, University of Connecticut, 369 Fairfield Rd, Unit 2005, Storrs-Mansfield, CT 06269: 2004.
Education: University of Tennessee, MSIS, 2004 University of Tennessee, MS Educational Psychology, 2001 Pellissippi State Technical Community College, HAZWOPER Certification, 1995 University of Tennessee, BA, Sociology, 1994.
ALA Activities: American Library Association (ALA) Member, 2002-present Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Member, 2002-present ACRL, College Library Section (CLS) Member, 2002-2005 ACRL, CLS Committee Virtual Member, 2004-2005 ACRL, University Library Section (ULS) Member, 2002-present Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA) Member, 2002-2005 LAMA, Fund Raising and Financial Development Section (FRFDS) Member, 2002-2005 LAMA, FRFDS Fund Fare Committee, 2004-2005 LAMA, FRFDS Publications Committee, 2003-2004 (Committee absorbed by LAMA Publications) LAMA, Human Resources Section (HRS) Member, 2002-2005 LAMA, Library Organization and Management Section (LOMS) Member, 2002-2005 LAMA, Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation Section (MSES) Member, 2002-2005 New Members Round Table (NMRT) Member, 2002-present NMRT Diversity Committee, 2003-2004 NMRT Leadership Development Committee, 2003-2004 NMRT Resume Review Service, 2005-2006 NMRT Shirley Olofson Award Committee, 2003-2004 NMRT Student and Student Chapter Outreach Committee (SASCO), 2004-2005 NMRT Liaison to the ALA Committee on Legislation, 2004-2005 NMRT Liaison to the Social Responsibilities Round Table, 2005-2006 Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT) Member, 2002-2005 Library Research Round Table (LRRT) Member, 2002-2005 Reference and User Services (RUSA) Member, 2003-2004, 2005-present Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT) Member, 2002-present.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: American Society for Information Sciences and Technology (ASIS&T), Member, 2005-present, UT Student Chapter Member, 2002-2004 International Association of Social Science Information Service & Technology (IASSIST) Member, 2004-present IASSIST Publications Committee, 2005-present Special Libraries Association (SLA), Student Chapter Secretary/Treasurer, 2003-2004 Special Libraries Association (SLA), Member 2003-2005 Tennessee Library Association (TLA), Student Chapter President, 2003-2004 TLA Member, 2003-present.
Honors And Awards: 3M/NMRT Professional Development Grant, 2004 UT Team Excellence Award, University of Tennessee Libraries’ Diversity Committee, 2003 Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, 2001 Miles 500 Award for Innovation in Customer Service, 2000.
Accomplishments: My major accomplishments have included significant work on the
Great Smoky Mountains Regional Project ( and the University of Tennessee Libraries Diversity Committee (, serving to make both activities notable, accessible, and useful to the libraries and the community. In my current position I have worked hard to connect the libraries with the campus. I have established a liaison relationship with the Rainbow Center, have served as a UCONN Connects facilitator for academic probation students, have taught First Year Experience courses to incoming students and am currently creating two courses investigating information ethics and information as a human right. Additionally I proposed, and am creating, a numeric data service within the library; a service that will create partnerships between the library and the Roper Center for Public Opinion, as well as other research centers on campus and in the state of CT.
ALA Member Since: 2002.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Professionally I am most concerned with issues of access and outreach. I believe the library, whether a public or academic library, should connect to the community and encourage the development of a public space for the free exchange of ideas. The library must remain relevant to the community and be a provider of neutral ground where debates, discussions, and disagreements can occur. Libraries should strive to work with their community to make certain that needs are met and equal access is provided. The increased use of the Internet has provided interesting challenges and opportunities for libraries and it is up to us to define how we will adapt and continue to provide unfettered access and assistance to our patrons.

Kate Corby, Reference Librarian, Michigan State University Libraries, 100 Library, East Lansing, MI 48824: 1990.
Education: Michigan State University, BA 1969 (English). Western Michigan University MSLS 1974
ALA Activities: ALA Council 2003-. ACRL Council of Liaisons 2005-. ACRL/EBSS: Reference Sources & Services Committee 1998-2001; Publications Committee 1998-2006 ex-officio as Web Manager for EBSS; Chair 2002-2003; Ad hoc Committee on Access to Government Sponsored Education Research.  Chair 2003-2005; Nominating Committee Co-chair 2003-2004, Chair 2004-2005.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: American Educational Research Association: Communication of Research Special Interest Group, Membership chair 2005-2006. Information Technology and Library Resources Special Interest Group, Treasurer, 1993-1995. Program chair, 1994 and 1995.  Chair, 1996-1998.
Honors And Awards: ACRL/EBSS Distinguished Education and Behavioral Sciences Librarian 2005. Michigan State University Libraries Career Achievement Award 2005. Beta Phi Mu National Honor Society, 1974.
Accomplishments: For the past three years my top professional priority has been monitoring Federal government plans for the ERIC database. I have written articles, posted on the Web and listservs, and presented on the topic.  The combined efforts of the library community have had a positive impact on ERIC product development. This effort is a continuing priority. I support open access, serving as an editor of the freely available Education Review, a Journal of Book Reviews. I am also involved with AERA’s annual award for the  “Best Education Research Article in an Open Access Journal.” I have extensive experience in reference and user services in a variety of settings—law, newspaper, small and large academic libraries.  As a front line librarian, I understand the implications of a transition to electronic resources on a daily, individualized level. I work with chat and email reference, build web pages, and provide online training opportunities through class software. My publications explore the effective use of educational resources and discuss how the move to electronic media has changed services to patrons.
ALA Member Since: 1997.

Statement of Professional Concerns: ALA’s strength lies in educating librarians and facilitating group action on issues. Currently, freedom of access to information is appropriately a top priority. Current government policies favor corporate interests and security needs over individual rights. I believe ALA must continue to engage these issues, putting our combined resources toward advocating policies to protect all. The electronic revolution is challenging the library’s role in society. To remain vital and have a strong voice in looming information access battles, librarians need to maintain a largely positive public image while increasing their visibility. We need librarians who are also public intellectuals. As a complement to group action, I will work to convince ALA to strengthen the visibility of individual members. We could start by promoting library scholars on ALA web pages and in conference programs, where the names of authorities speaking on current topics are often hard to uncover.

Trevor A. Dawes, Circulation Services Director, Princeton University Library, One Washington Road, Princeton, NJ 08544: 2004.
Education: Columbia University, BA (Sociology), 1991 Teachers College, Columbia University, MA (Educational Admin), 1994 Rutgers University, MLS, 2001 Teachers College, Columbia University, Ed.M. (Educational Leadership), 2002.
ALA Activities: American Library Association, 1993-present. American Society for Information Science and Technology, 1999-2002. Association for Library Collections and Technical Services, 1993-1998, 2003-2005. Association of College and Research Libraries, 1993-present. 2005-2006 Intern, Professional Development Committee. 2003-2005 Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Excellence in Academic Libraries Award Nominating Committee. Association of College and Research Libraries, NY Chapter, 2003-present. 2003-present Member, Cultural Diversity Discussion Group. Black Caucus of the American Library Association, 2004-present. Member, 2006 National Conference planning committee. Library Administration and Management Association, 1993-present. 2005-present Webmaster, LAMA Measurement, Assessment & Evaluation Section (MAES). 2005-2007 Member, LAMA Membership Committee. 2005-2007 Member, LAMA-SASS Technical Services Committee. 2004-present Member, “ALA Patron Confidentiality Policy”, a LAMA-SASS Circulation/Access sub-committee. 2003-2005 Member-at-Large and Executive Committee member, Measurement, Assessment & Evaluation Section (MAES). 2001-2003 Vice Chair/Chair-elect, SASS Circulation/Access Services Discussion Group.
Honors and Awards: Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) “Librarian Scholarship” recipient. Presented to attend the ACRL 12th National Conference, Minneapolis, MN, April 2005.
ALA Member Since: 1993.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Libraries have long been the place to which people go for information. Librarians, in their professional roles, have guided and taught users, and disseminated information to our community members. However, we are more than information keepers; we are leaders – leaders, not only in the information front, but also in the social, educational, and political arenas. As ALA Councilor-at-Large, I will work with my colleagues to ensure greater visibility of our leadership roles through our policies; our practices; and through our advocacy.

Bob Diaz, Associate Librarian, The University of Arizona Libraries, 1510 E. University Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85712: 1992.
Education: B.A. in Psychology University of Arizona 1982 Masters of Library Science, University of Arizona, 1986.
ALA Activities: ALA Committee on Diversity, 2005-2007. ALA OLOS Advisory Committee, 2005-2007 ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee intern, 2002-2003 ALA Spectrum Scholarship Review Committee, 2001-2003. ALA Council Committee on Minority Concerns and Cultural Diversity, 1997-1999 ACRL Nominations Committee, 2001-2002 LAMA Diversity Officers Discussion Group chair, 1997-1999 LAMA Cultural Diversity Committee, 1997-1998.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: REFORMA Organizational Development Committee Chair, 2002-2004 REFORMA 2nd National Conference Local Arrangements co-chair, 1999-2000 REFORMA Tucson Chapter President, 1999-2000.
Honors And Awards: Named Mover and Shaker by Library Journal, March, 2002.
Accomplishments: Author of various publications in the area of diversity, collection development, and instruction. Founder of the LAMA Diversity Officers Discussion group and listserv. Various presentations given nationally, regionally and locally on collection building and readers advisory service in the area of Latin music.
ALA Member Since: 1985.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Over the past several years, the American Library Association has made significant strides in recruiting people of color to the profession and in promoting diversity, literacy, and lifelong learning. However, our work is still cut out for us. The Association needs to strengthen these efforts. We need to continue to recruit and train people of color, especially into managerial positions, and we need to continue promoting the provision of free access to information for everyone, regardless of their race, color or class. The digital divide has not gone away, nor have poverty or illiteracy, but if we work together with our colleagues in other professions, especially teachers, we will prevail, and our nation will be the better for it. If elected to Council, I pledge to do all I can to support the great work the American Library Association is known for. Indeed, it would be an honor.

Aaron W. Dobbs, Network Services Librarian, Austin Peay State University, P.O. Box 4595, Clarksville, TN 37044: 2001.
Education: Wagner College, Psychology, BA 1990; School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Library Science, MSLS 1994; Austin Peay State University, Management, MSM 2005.
ALA Activities: ALA: Membership Committee, Virtual Member 2004-2006; ALA: Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) Advisory Committee, Intern 2004-2006; OITP: L. Ray Patterson Award Nominations Committee, OITP Advisory Committee Representative 2004-2006; LITA: Web Coordinating Committee, Member 2004-; NMRT: Leadership Development Committee, Chair 2003-2004, Co-Chair 2002-2003, Member 2002; NMRT: Web Steering Committee, Member 2002-2003.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Tennessee Library Association (TLA): Conference Planning Committee, Technology Subcommittee Chair 2004-2005, Technology Coordinator 2001-2002, Electronic Access Specialist 2000-2001; TLA: Interim Webmaster Oct 2002-Feb 2003; TLA: College and University Libraries Section, Conference Technology Coordinator August-October 2002 and July-October 2000. TENN-SHARE: Board, Academic Libraries Representative 2003-2005; TENN-SHARE: Interim Webmaster April-June 2005; TENN-SHARE: Legislation Committee, Member 2003-2005; TENN-SHARE: Collection Development Committee, Member 2003-2005. Tennessee Digital Freedom Network (TNDF): Co-founder, 2002; TNDF: Discussion Forum Administrator, 2002-2004; TNDF: Legislative Activist, 2002-2004.
Accomplishments: 1. Co-founder of Tennessee Digital Freedom Network, an ad-hoc alliance of Tennessee based computer and information technology professionals, to block implementation of S-DMCA style legislation in Tennessee. We successfully blocked the Tennessee S-DMCA in 2002, the year it was initially introduced. We drafted more acceptable language and saw some of our suggestions enacted into state law in the 2003 legislative session. 2. Successfully negotiated significantly reduced technology costs for TLA annual conferences in 2000 and 2001. 3. Led an ad hoc discussion at ALA Annual Conference in Toronto on the postponed program “Highsmith Inc. & NMRT Leadership Development Workshop: FISH! - Catch the Energy. Release the Potential” with workshop attendees who hadn’t heard about the cancellation. 4. Coordinated the successful program “Highsmith Inc. & NMRT Leadership Development Workshop: FISH! - Catch the Energy. Release the Potential.” at the ALA Annual Conference in Orlando. 5. Wrote web-enabled database quiz and report modules for local adaptations of two information literacy tutorials, “LILT” and “Plagiarism: the Crime of Intellectual Kidnapping” with an Open Publication License.
ALA Member Since: 2000.

Statement of Professional Concerns: For me, the big quote for the end of the last millennium was “It’s the technology, stupid;” the big quote for the beginning of this millennium is “It’s the policy, stupid.” Libraries, and ALA, are squarely in the center of some humongous local as well as national and international policy debates. Among the policies under debate are: freedom of speech, copyright/fair use, personal data (privacy, protection, aggregation, and use thereof), preservation (physical, electronic, locked, obsolete technologies), wiretapping, and of course the USA-PATRIOT Act. Our association’s internal debate needs to be informed by people who know how today’s technologies are being used or could be (or not be) used depending on the resolution of the policy debates raging around us. I will strive to be an effective conduit for the diverse knowledge of ALA members to inform Council debate on these and other issues.

Heidi Dolamore, MLIS student, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3: 2004.
Education: Bryn Mawr College, BA 1999 Washington University in St. Louis, Graduate Fellow, 2002-2003 University of British Columbia, MLIS Candidate 2006.
ALA Activities: memberships held: Public Library Association, Library Administration and Management Association, Young Adult Library Services Association, New Members Round Table, Social Responsibilities Round Table, and the Canadian Library Association.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Representative to the Library and Archival Studies Student Association, University of British Columbia, 2004-2005.
Honors And Awards: BA received cum laude, Bryn Mawr College, 1999 Suhrkamp and Heller fellowships for graduate study in German, 2002.
Accomplishments: My experience in libraries includes positions at Multnomah County Library (Portland, OR), North Vancouver District Public Library (BC), and the University of British Columbia Library, in addition to collaboration with librarians at the Missouri Botanical Garden on a museum exhibition and catalog. In 2004, I received a grant from Arts in Transit (St. Louis, MO) for a community outreach project promoting public transit and urban renewal. Currently, I am an MLIS Candidate and contribute reviews of young adult and children’s books to the publication Canadian Materials. I publish a blog, quiddle, at
ALA Member Since: 2005.

Statement of Professional Concerns: As one of the nearly 10,000 student members of ALA, I’d like to see strong student involvement throughout all levels of the association. I am a soon-to-be MLIS graduate and can provide a recent perspective on LIS education. As a resident of the west coast, I will contribute to the geographic diversity of Council. I began my career as a circulation clerk and I’ve worked in variety of library settings—public, academic, special, and school. I can approach the issues facing libraries from a variety of perspectives. I’m passionate about libraries, fascinated by discussions of policy, planning, and governance, and look forward to channeling my enthusiasm into service to the profession.

24. David Easterbrook, Curator, Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies, Northwestern University, Evanston, Il 60208: 1991.
Education: Kalamazoo College, BA, 1969; SUNY Albany, MLS, 1972; Syracuse University, PhD program (African history), 1973-79.
ALA Activities: ALA: Council, 2003-06, Resolutions Committee, 2005-07; IRC, 2001-03, 1996-98; Africa Subcommittee, 1998-02, chair 2000-02; ACRL: Asian, African & Middle Eastern Section, Chair 1996-97, 1986-87, By-Laws Review Committee, Chair 1998-00; International Relations Task Force 1987-89; International Relations Committee 1991-94, chair 1993-94; IRRT: Area Chair for Africa, 1980-85; member-at-large, 1985-89; International Visitor Reception, 1995 & 1985.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: African Studies Association: Africana Librarians Council, chair 1997-98, 1978-79; Association of Research Libraries: Foreign Acquisitions Program, Chair for Africa, 1992-94, Global Resources Network Union List of African Newspapers Project, Chair 1999-; Center for Research Libraries, Cooperative Africana Microform Project, Chair 2000-02, 1981-83.
Honors And Awards: Fellow, 2001-02, Alice Berline Kaplan Center for the Humanities, Northwestern University; Fulbright Librarian Award, United Kingdom, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 1989-90.
Accomplishments: “Building Africana Collections,” in Building Area Studies Collections (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2006), “African Theses and Dissertations at Academic Libraries in The United States: Background and Current Practices,” presented at the Association of African Universities workshop on intellectual property, governance and dissemination strategies related to the Database of African Theses and Dissertations Project, Accra, Ghana, 2003, “American Libraries, American Markets, African Books,” in INDABA 2000: Millennium Marketplace; Harare, Zimbabwe, 31 July-6 August 2000(Harare: Zimbabwe International Book Fair Trust, 2001), “Northwestern’s Africana Library and Melville J. Herskovits: The Early Development of the Collection,” in Africana Librarianship in the 21st Century: Treasuring the Past and Building the Future (Bloomington: Indiana University African Studies Program, 1999).
ALA Member Since: 1975

Statement of Professional Concerns: I was honored when I was elected to Council (at large) in 2003. As I have learned about and began to participate in service on Council, I realized that it would take me time to determine how I could effectively participate in Council. I have best contributed to Council during my third year. I seek a second term to build on what I have learned during my first term and provide a more substantial contribution to Council’s work during a second term. ALA is an inclusive organization that allows us as members to work together toward our shared goals within those areas of interest and expertise that are individually ours. My professional focus has been with collections and services related to Africa and area studies. Building collections and then making them accessible to all that seek Africa-related information, without regard to the type or size of library where the information need originates and without regard to its location has been central to my work. The many opportunities to pursue this and related issues I have had within ALA and other professional organizations have strengthened my commitment in particular to issues of diversity, access and international library connections. Developments within our profession and current national and world events show us clearly the need for expanded international contacts and understanding.

Eva Efron, Supervisor, Nassau BOCES School Library System, 200 Second Avenue, Massapequa Park, NY 11762: 2003.
Education: St John’s University MLS June 1994, Hofstra University CAS June 1991, Adelphi University MA August 1974, SUNY at Stony Brook BA June 1968.
ALA Activities: AASL Affiliate Chairperson 2000-2001, Affiliate Assembly Secretary 1998-1999; AASL Intellectual Freedom Committee member 2002-2004.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: President of the School Library Media Section of NYLA 1996-1998 and SLMS Delegate to the New York State Council of Educational Associations 1996 to present, serving as Middle Level Chairperson 2002-2005, Long Island Library Resources Council Conference Committee member 1992 to present, SLMS Conference Co-Chair May 2005, Long Island Library Resources Council Board Member 2005 to present.
Accomplishments: As the Supervisor of the Nassau BOCES School Library System I am working with over 400 school librarians in 56 school districts plus over 50 independent schools. The program provides a variety of professional development opportunities and group purchasing of online databases. In the past two years 10 more elementary schools have been automated; 6 more for this school year, with three more already planned for the next year. February 2003 I was one of the primary planners for a regional library advocacy event. Speakers included the Commissioner of Education Richard Mills, the State Librarian Janet Welch and other local Long Island dignitaries. Over 180 people attended this all day event.
ALA Member Since: 1992.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Technology has changed our lives. One of the unintended results has been the notion that libraries are a luxury, not a primary resource for an information literate world. As a nationally known professional organization ALA is in the position to influence change of this perception. All types of libraries are impacted. As a member of ALA Council I want to be involved in the plans to promote library services and librarianship.

Norman J. Eriksen, Assistant Division Manager Language & Literature, Brooklyn Public Library, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238: 2005.
Education: Bachelor of Arts Secondary Education Social Studies State University of New York Fredonia 1981 Masters of Library Science Special Libraries Palmer School of Library and Information Science Long Island University 1990.
ALA Activities: Social Responsibilities Roundtable Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Task Force 1995-1999 Programming Committee member 1995-1999, Ad Hoc Committee for Roundtable Status 1999-2000 Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Roundtable Male Co-chair 2005-2007, Treasurer two terms 1999-2003, Fund Raising Committee 1999-2003, 30th Anniversary Planning Committee 2000, Stonewall Book Award Committee 2003-2005 Public Library Association Job Career Information Services Committee 1995-2001 Urban Library Council Reference Managers Discussion Group 2000-2005 GLBTRT Liaison to Budget and Planning Assembly of the American Library Association 1999-2003.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Director, Leather Archives and Museum, Chicago, IL 2003-2005. Treasurer, Co H 119th New York State Volunteer Historical Association, 1989-2001.
Accomplishments: I am currently involved in the “Building a Catalogue We Can Trust” project which is a buildingwide inventory of the Central Library holdings and updating of the OPAC records. I have completed 10 LSTA grants which piloted new reference and public services for the Central Library. In the past 16 years I have been involved in the creation of many policies and procedures notably the Access Brooklyn Card smart card project which improved the public computer services systemwide. I have been a presenter at both ALA and NYLA conferences and have been involved in various public programs at BPL and currently am the coordinator of the Central Library computer classes. I have been responsible for creating webliographies for the BPL website and creating bibliographies for various lobby exhibitions. I was a two time contributor to the “The Guide to Internet Job Searching” and published “Serving the Patron Through Referral Lists: The Brooklyn Experience” in the Journal of Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery. Created the original version of the certification resources on the Riley Guide website.
ALA Member Since: 1995.

Ann Ewbank, Teacher, Former School Librarian, Cholla Middle School, 3120 W. Cholla St., Phoenix, AZ 85029: 2000.
Education: Arizona State University, Ph.D., Education with Language and Literacy focus, December 2005 University of Arizona, M.A., Information Resources and Library Science, December 2001 Northern Arizona University, B.S.Ed., Social Science and Secondary Education, December 1996.
ALA Activities: American Association of School Librarians 2006-2007 Chair, Instructional Classification Task Force American Association of School Librarians 2004-2006 Arizona Representative to the Affiliate Assembly ALA National Library Legislative Day May 2005 Arizona Delegate Presentation on “No School Left Behind @your library® Virtual Tour”, with Judi Moreillon, for Ideas to Implement @your library Campaign, ALA Orlando. June 2004.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Arizona Library Association, 2005-2006 President-elect Teacher as Researcher SIG, American Educational Research Association, 2004-present Secretary/Treasurer AUA Honor Society, International Reading Association 2004-2005 Secretary Language Arts Department, Cholla Middle School 2004-2005 Co-Chair Teacher-Librarian Division, Arizona Library Association 2004-2005 Chair Librarian’s Cadre, Washington Elementary School District 2000-2003 Co-Chair Drug Resistance Project, Catalina Ventura School 1999-2000 Coordinator North Central Accreditation Steering Committee, Yuma High School 1998-1999 Co-Chair.
Honors And Awards: AASL/SIRS ProQuest Intellectual Freedom Award, American Association of School Librarians, June 2005 ASU/Spencer Scholar, Spencer Discipline-Based Studies in Education, Arizona State University, December 2003 Follett School Librarian of the Year, Arizona Library Association, December 2003 Daisy M. Jones Endowed Scholarship, Arizona State University, July 2003 Washington Elementary School District Lamp of Learning Award, May 2002 City of Phoenix Employee Excellence Award Nominee, January 2002 Washington Elementary School District Employee of the Month, November 2001 Yuma Union High School District Recognition Pin Recipient, April 1999 Academic Scholarship, Northern Arizona University, 1992-1996 Mr. Bob Johnson Future Teacher Scholarship, 1992.
Accomplishments: Ann is active in educational and teacher-librarian advocacy efforts. She is the President-elect of the Arizona Library Association and has served as an Arizona delegate to National Library Legislative Day. She is also the Past-chair of the Teacher-Librarian Division of the Arizona Library Association. Additionally, she serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Teacher as Researcher SIG of the American Educational Research Association. Ann has received numerous awards, including the Washington District’s Lamp of Learning Award, the Arizona Library Association’s Follett School Librarian of the Year, and the American Association of School Librarians’ Intellectual Freedom Award. She was designated an ASU/Spencer Scholar in 2003 and was the recipient of the Daisy M. Jones Endowed Scholarship in Education at Arizona State University.
ALA Member Since: 2000.

Statement of Professional Concerns: I’ve been involved in ALA through AASL since 2004 and have been a member since 2000. I’ve witnessed how our professional association can have incredible impact from the grass roots to the national level. Ours is a diverse nation with diverse libraries. As councilor-at-large, my priority will be to identify the commonalities throughout our profession. Leadership is also an important part of my work; I look for opportunities where I can best serve the organization. Collaboration, communication and consensus-building are vital parts of my leadership style. If we can work together effectively, our profession, and consequently, our nation’s libraries will be strengthened. Every library has an important role to play in its community, and our association should support every library through education, advocacy and professional development.

Amy Gonzalez Ferguson, Librarian III, Richland College, 12800 Abrams Road, Dallas, TX 75243: 2004.
Education: Texas Woman’s University, MLS, 2003; University of Texas at Austin, BA, 1999.
ALA Activities: New Members Round Table, Membership Relations Committee, Chair, 2005-2006; New Members Round Table, Membership Promotion and Relations Committee, Co-chair, 2003-2005; New Members Round Table, Diversity Committee, Chair, 2002-2003; New Members Round Table, Diversity Committee, Member, 2002; New Members Round Table, Orientation Committee, Member, 2002-2003.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Texas Library Association, Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee, Member, 2005-2008; Texas Library Association, Library Support Staff Round Table, Councilor, 2003-2006.
Honors And Awards: Leadership DCCCD participant, Dallas County Community Colleges, 2005-2006; Spectrum Scholar, American Library Association, 2001.
Accomplishments: “Infromation Literacy Librarian” (blog) at; Texas Library Association, Library Support Staff Round Table, Webmaster, 2002-present http: //; Reviewer for ACRL’s Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, 2005-present; “Leadership from Any Position”, co-presented with Chandler Jackson & Dr. Mark McCallon, Texas Library Association Annual Conference, March 19, 2004; “Developing Leadership Skills and Gaining Experience”, Info Career Trends, Nov. 2003 http: //
ALA Member Since: 2002.

Statement of Professional Concerns: As a new librarian, my greatest concern is the future of librarianship. Even as we face technology that rapidly alters our daily work functions, the majority of experienced librarians are looking at retirement in the near future. In order to continue providing an ever-evolving menu of services, new librarians need leadership experience. ALA provides many opportunities for leadership experience, such as council and committee membership. However, these positions frequently go to experienced members, making it difficult for new librarians to gain the experience they need. ALA must be much more proactive in the development of tomorrow’s leaders by making leadership experiences more accessible to new librarians and promoting leadership opportunities, such as the New Member’s Round Table. As a 2001 Spectrum Scholar, I have received financial assistance and career guidance from ALA and its members. I would like the opportunity to return ALA’s investment in me.

Charles Forrest, Director, Library Planning and Assessment, Emory University, Robert W. Woodruff Library, 540 Asbury Circle, Atlanta, GA 30322-2870: 2005.
Education: Michigan State University; BA, Telecommunications and Psychology, 1976. University of Wisconsin—Madison; MA, Library Science, 1979.
ALA Activities: ALA 2007 (Washington, DC) Conference Program Coordinating Team, 2005-2007. LAMA Program Committee, 2002-2006. AIA/ALA Library Building Awards; Library Juror, 2005. LAMA Committee on Organization (COO), 2003-2005. LAMA Fund Raising and Financial Development Section Board Member at Large, 2004-2006 (elected). Trends, Marketing & Project Development Committee, 2002-2004. LAMA Buildings and Equipment Section. Immediate Past-Chair, 2001-2002. Chair, 2000-01. Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect (elected), 1999-2000. LAMA-BES Committees Chair, Library Interiors Discussion Group, 2001-2003. Chair, Library Facilities Planning Discussion Group, 1996-1999. Secretary, Executive Committee (elected), 1995-1997. Interiors, Furnishings and Equipment Committee, 1993-1997. Library Building Awards Committee, 1991-1993. Chair, 1991-1992. LAMA/YBP, Inc. (Inaugural) Student Writing and Development Award, Selection Committee (appointed), 1998. LAMA President’s Program Committee, 1997-1998. LAMA-LOMS Financial Management Committee, 1994-1997. Chair, 1995-1997. ACRL Strategic Planning Committee member (appointed), 1994-1995. ACRL Instruction Section (IS), Conference Program Planning Committee, Atlanta 1991; 1989-1991. ALCTS Audiovisual Committee, AV Producer/Distributor Library Relations Subcommittee, 1989-1991. LITA Distributed Systems and Networks Interest Group, 1987-1992. Chair, 1990-1992. Vice-Chair, 1989-1990. ACRL Audiovisual Committee, 1985-1989. LAMA-SASS Publications and Bibliography Committee1984-1988. ALA-NMRT Conference Mentor Program (volunteer), 1994-1996. ACRL/AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology) Joint Committee, 1988-1990.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: GLA (Georgia Library Association), Editorial Board, Georgia Library Quarterly, 1994-1998. Associate Editor, 1996-1998. GAIT (Georgia Association for Instructional Technology), Board member/higher education (elected), 1991-1992. ILA (Illinois Library Association) Annual Program Planning Committee, Poster Session Subcommittee, 1986-1988. MLA (Medical Library Association) Medical Schools Libraries Section, Nominating Committee, 1983.
Honors And Awards: 2004. Best Paper Award. For the paper “Segmenting the library market: Reaching out to the user community by reaching across the organization”. Sponsored by the Academic Library Division of the Georgia Library Association and EBSCO Subscription Services; awarded at the fall conference of the Georgia Council of Media Organizations, Athens, GA, October 14. 2004. 2002. Best Paper Award. For the paper “From Inputs to Outcomes: Measuring Library Service Effectiveness through User Surveys,” co-authored with Amy Williamson. Sponsored by the Academic Library Division of the Georgia Library Association and Blackwell’s; awarded at the fall conference of the Georgia Council of Media Organizations, Athens, GA, October 10, 2002. 1985. Microforms International “PaperLess Chase” essay prize, November, 1985. 1983. Murray Gottlieb History of Medicine Prize. Awarded annually by the Medical Library Association to the health sciences librarian who submits the best unpublished essay on the history of medicine or allied sciences. For the paper: “The Phenomenology of Phrenology: A Note on the Hegelian Critique of Gall’s Special Organology.” 1979 Member: Beta Phi Mu (National Library Academic Honor Society).
Accomplishments: During more than sixteen years at Emory I have served in a variety of positions. As Director, Planning and Budget, I developed, managed and balanced the annual operating budget as it grew from $10M to $17M. As Director, Library Facilities Planning and Construction, I have served as planner, coordinator and project manager for library construction and renovation projects encompassing nearly a quarter of a million square feet, and total expenditures in excess of $30M. My record of professional involvement includes presentations, panel participation, poster sessions, contributed papers, and award-winning publications. I have held appointed and elected positions at the state and national level in professional organizations including the Illinois Library Association (ILA), the Georgia Library Association (GLA), the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), and the Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA).
ALA Member Since: 1984.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Thanks for reading my statement. This is a challenging, perilous and exciting time for libraries. ALA is the professional association of choice for those who care about our legacy, worry about our present, and are committed to our future. ALA has just released an ambitious new strategic plan that renews the association’s commitment to: * Promote the profession; * Develop and improve library and information services; and * Advocate for the value of libraries in a free and open information society. Council is the governing body of ALA. As one of 100 elected councilors at large, I’ll try to: * Understand how Council can work for positive change in the profession; * Influence Council’s agenda and activities; and * Report back to you what Council does and how its work affects you. With your support, I’ll give it a try. Thank you.

Nancy Fredericks, Youth Services Librarian and Teen Advisory Board Advisor, Pasco County Library System, 8012 Library Road, Hudson, FL 34667: 2004.
Education: St. Leo University BA Business Administration 1994 University of South Florida MA Library and Information Science 2001 Florida State University and University of South Florida post graduate classes 12 credit hours since graduation from USF.
ALA Activities: Member of ALA since 2000 Member of YALSA since 2004 Member of PLA since 2000.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Florida Library Association member since 2000 served on Public Relations Committee 2000 Tampa Bay Library Consortium Readers’ Advisory Special Interest Group chairperson 2001-2005.
Honors And Awards: Johnie Key Thomson Scholarship USF.
Accomplishments: Published twice in YALSA quarterly journal 2005 Published once in Public Libraries 2005 Current job duties include advisor of the Teen Advisory Board at Hudson Regional Library 2004 to present Florida Library Association member since 2000 served on Public Relations Committee 2000 Tampa Bay Library Consortium Readers’ Advisory Special Interest Group chairperson 2001-present.
ALA Member Since: 2001.

Statement of Professional Concerns: I would like to see ALA continue to support YALSA and ALSC. Teen services are of particular concern to me. I see public libraries as a place for teens to explore their world and themselves. Library staff that serve teens need a strong network and support from the American Library Association.

Arthur L. Friedman, Professor/Coordinator, Distance Learning, Nassau Community College, One Education Drive, Garden City, NY 11530-6793:1978.
Education: Dowling College, Ed.D., 2003 Queens College (CUNY), MLS, 1978 Indiana University, MS Ed, 1970 The Defiance College, AB, 1969.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: President, NY Library Association, 2004 (includes VP 2003/ Past-President 2005), Councilor-at-Large, NY Library Association, 1992-1995, President, LI Library Resources Council, 1990, 2004. President, Nassau County Library Assn, 1984.
Honors And Awards: Beta Phi Mu, 1978; LDA Award for Excellence, 1995; SUNY Chancellor’s Award, 1996; Distinguished Alumni Awards: Queens College, 1998, Dowling College 2003.
Accomplishments: In addition to my record of achievement at Nassau Community College in my work as a media librarian/unit head, Chair of the Library Dept from 1985-1991, and coordinator of distance learning since 1992, I have been a leader in library association work on Long Island and in New York State. My record of achievement includes my work as Membership Chair of the Nassau County Library Assn where I increased its membership from 700 to over 1000 individuals and organizations. I have also been the editor-in-chief of its Directory of LI Libraries & Media Centers since 1993. My strong advocacy activities on behalf of the NY Library Assn membership resulted in my election as a petition candidate for Councilor-at-Large and subsequent election as President of the Association. Throughout my career in librarianship I have been a forceful advocate for libraries and library staff.
ALA Member Since: 1981.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Among the most important tasks of a member of ALA Council is to provide the organization with a “grassroots” perspective on issues facing the library community, librarianship, and the Association. I am pleased to offer my candidacy as an individual who has had a broad range of experience in librarianship in New York State and who is well-versed in national issues. My recent activities have included serving as President of the 3000+ member New York Library Association, a 25+ year commitment to our local library association where my responsibilities included growing the organization by more than 50% to 1035+ members, serving multiple terms on the board of our region’s multi-type library system, and almost 20 years as a library science educator in media librarianship and library management. I promise ALA members that I will work to keep ALA a strong advocate for libraries and library personnel on the national, state and local level. I offer a strong voice in support of intellectual freedom issues. Most of all, I believe that we can be a stronger force by recognizing the interconnectedness of our libraries - whether we work in school, public, academic, special libraries or the systems that connect us - our common needs are greater than our individual differences and this should be ALA’s focus.

Carolyn Lowe Garnes, Retired/ Literacy and Reading Consultant, Fairburn, GA 30212
Education: BS Alcorn State University, English Ed., 1970; MSLS, University of Illinois, 1972.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: 1980-2006 American Library Association Continuous Member, 2002-2005 Council; Social Responsibilities Round Table, Member-at-Large 1996-2000 & 1986-1989; Chair, Coretta Scott King Book Award, Task Force 1993-1997; Office of Literacy and Outreach Services, Advisory Committee 1993-1995; Young Adult Services Division, Conference Planning, 1984; Black Caucus of ALA, Executive Board, 1989-1990 & 1999-2001; Black Caucus of ALA, 4th National Conference, Program Chair 1999. Fulton County Employees Association, Vice President, 1985-86.
Honors And Awards: Certificate of Appreciation, City of East Point (GA) 2000. Elected to Fulton County Employees’ Pension Board, 1992-1995. Black Caucus of American Library Association. Advocacy Award, 1994 Recognition for Outstanding Service—Fulton County, Board of Commissioners, 1992. “You Made a Difference Award”, from Library Director, Ronald Dubberly, 1990. Featured in Atlanta Magazine, December 1990 as a “Hero” (Establishing library service to public housing residents). Certificate of Honorable Service from Library Director, Marilyn Gell Mason, 1985. • Staff Association of Atlanta Public Library “Employee of the Year”, 1981. • Community Service Award—Atlanta Street Academy, 1979.
Accomplishments: More than thirty years of public library experience; moving from an entry level librarian to Deputy Director.  Administered the planning of several new libraries including conducting community needs assessment, consultation with architects and building construction managers; developed building programs and time-lines. Facilitated the development of innovative service delivery models including; Senior Stop and Story Caravan; programs that provided books and programs for senior citizens and “at-risk” preschoolers. Designed, implemented and directed the Library System’s outreach program; targeted to reach special populations not served through traditional libraries namely public housing residents and the geographically isolated.  Managed daily operations of several branch libraries; greatly enhanced operations resulting in better staff morale, improved customer service and increased usage. Currently, Literacy/Reading Consultant, promoting multicultural books with local schools.
ALA Member Since: 1981.

Statement of Professional Concerns: The representation of librarians of color in ALA is sparse at best. The closing of the Clark-Atlanta University Library School will add to this shortage. If diversity is truly a fundamental value of this profession, the ALA Council must have a myriad of diverse voices addressing the key issues facing the library professional. As the American Library Association moves ahead to 2010, I would like to add my voice and bring another perspective to carrying out our key action areas; Diversity, Education and Continuous Learning, Equity of Access, intellectual Freedom and 21 Century Literacy. These Action goals help us reaffirm our commitment to the promotion of libraries and trumpet the right of all people to equitable information access.

Carolyn Giambra, Trustee, Williamsville Central School District, 102 Hickory Hill Road, Williamsville, NY 14221: 2004.
Education: State University of New York at Buffalo, MLS, 1970; Canisius College, Educational Administration Certificate, 1989.
ALA Activities: ALA Council, 2004-06; ALA 2004 Conference Coordinating Committee, 2002-04; AASL 2003 Conference Coordinating Committee Chair, 2002-04; AASL Nominations Coordinating Committee, 2001-03; AASL Chapter Relations Liaison, 2000-02; AASL Affiliate Assembly Delegate, 1997-2000; AASL Task Force on Implementation of New Standards and Guidelines (Information Power II) Chair, 1998-2000.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: New York Library Association, President, 02; New York Library Association Treasurer, 1999-2000; New York Library Association, School Library Media Section, President, 1996; New York Library Association, Conference Chair, 1993, 1994; New Yorkers for Better Libraries Political Action Committee, Steering Committee member, 2004-06.
Honors And Awards: Beta Phi Mu member, 1970-2006; Western New York Women in Administration Leadership Award, 2000.
Accomplishments: As Treasurer and President of NYLA, I restored a fund balance and conducted a Capital Campaign that allowed NYLA to purchase and renovate its headquarters, by Raising $235,000 from 230 contributors. As a district coordinator I increased staff, support, and funding to 13 district libraries. I successfully defended a book that parents wanted removed from a school library, and countless others that never made it to the Board of Education level. I served on NOVEL (New York On-line Virtual Electronic Library) planning team. I am an active state and national advocate for libraries. Currently, as a school district trustee, I am a local advocate for library service to 10,000 students.
ALA Member Since: 1991.

Statement of Professional Concerns: As an ALA Council member, I have attended every meeting to date, and voted in the majority on issues of vital concern to ALA members, such as the resolutions on School Libraries and the No Child Left Behind Act, the Instructional Classification of School Libraries, the Withdraw of Troops from Iraq, the U.S. Patriot Act, the Connection Between the Iraq War and Libraries, Against the Use of Torture, and the Opposition to the Confirmation of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. I have been concerned since my undergraduate days in the Viet Nam war era with the intrusion of the federal government in the lives of American citizens, based on the ultra conservative, ill conceived ideas of what is “good” for us. Current administration officials continue down this path gleefully misinterpreting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights on everything from CIPA, No Child Left Behind, wiretapping and the Patriot Act to whatever other scary thought the future holds. From the business community supporting this administration comes the other dastardly notion that the Internet will replace information professionals, devaluing our worth at a time when we are needed the most to determine which information will actually lead to knowledge and understanding in a free, democratic society, all the while practicing greed and corruption themselves, and thus squandering the financial resources available to equitably pay for personnel and information resources that children, young adults, and adults need to remain vigilant. Federal and state decisionmakers are shamefully hiding behind the tragedy of 9/11 as justification for business as usual. Those of us with accurate information know better!

Michael Golrick, City Librarian, Bridgeport Public Library, 925 Broad Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604: 2000.
Education: Brown University, AB, 1975; University of Illinois, MS in LS, 1976, University of Arizona, MBA, 1980.
ALA Activities: ALA Executive Board, 2003-2006; ALA Councilor (Connecticut Chapter), 1996-2000, 2000-2003; Membership Committee, 1999-2003, Chair, 1999/2000; Special Presidential Task Force on Core Values, 2001-2004; OITP Erate Task Force, 2002-2006; Special Presidential Task Force on Membership Meetings, 2000-2002, Chair 2001/2; Council Orientation Committee, 1997-1999. ALA DIVISIONS: ASCLA: 1997 Preconference, Co-chair; ICAN Executive Committee, 7/00-7/03. RASD (now RUSA): Finance Committee, 1991-1995; RASD Gale Reference Award, 1992-1995, chair, 1994/95; RASD Representative to the Americans with Disabilities Act Assembly, 1992-1996.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Connecticut Library Association, ALA Chapter Councilor, 1996-2000, 2000-2003; President, 1999/2000; 1998 Conference Co-Chair; Professional Educational Grants, Chair 5/95-6/96; Region 4 Representative, 1993/94-94/95; MEMBERSHIP IN OTHER PROFESSIONAL AND RELATED ORGANIZATIONS: Bibliomation, Inc. (automation consortium) Board of Directors, 1986/7-1991/92, 1996/97-1997/98; Treasurer, 1986/7-1987/88, 1996/97-1997/98; President, 1989/90-1991/92. Partnership of Connecticut Libraries, Inc., Board of Directors, 1998-1999; Treasurer, 4/98-9/98. Fairfield Library Administrators Group, Vice President, 1992/93-1993/94; President, 1994/95. Southwestern Connecticut Library Council, Board of Directors, 1985/86-1990/91; President, 1988/89.
Honors And Awards: Connecticut Library Association Support Staff Section (CLASS) Supporter of Support Staff 2002; Wilton Business Achievement Award, awarded by Wilton Chamber of Commerce, January 1995.
Accomplishments: PUBLICATIONS:
 Strategic Success: Myth or Reality, A Special Publication of Interface, 2000.
ALA Member Since: 1976.

Statement of Professional Concerns: The ALA Council is the forum where broad ALA policies are made. My experience in several parts of the organization help me to have a broader view of the work of ALA. I enjoy the process of Council which can seem tedious to some. I like to believe that I have worked well with my fellow Councilors over the years. It is also important for ALA to be inclusive. As new generations of librarians get active in the Association, we need to re-examine how we accomplish our work. We need to welcome these ideas and those who bring them. We need to adopt new technological tools to let us be more effective.

Michael Gutierrez, Senior Assistant Librarian, University of Delaware Library, 181 South College Avenue, Newark, DE 19717-5267: 2004.
Education: B.A. (Political Science and History), School of Arts and Sciences, University of New Mexico, May 1992 M.A. (Library and Information Science), School of Information Resources and Library Science, University of Arizona, August 2000. Ed.D. (Education Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction), School of Education, University of Delaware, September 2003-.
ALA Activities: **American Library Association, 1999- ALA Awards Committee, Spectrum Jury, 2002-2003 Office of Diversity-Spectrum Initiative Curriculum and Planning Task Force, 2001-2004 Spectrum Leadership Institute, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 (Chair, 2003-2004) Office of Diversity-Diversity Leadership Institute Planning Task Force, 2002-2003 Pay Equity Committee, 2001-2003 International Relations Round Table, 2000-2002 **Association of College and Research Libraries, 2002- Effective Practices Committee, Intern, 2005-2006 Distance Learning Section, 2002- University Libraries Section, 2002- **Library and Information Technology Association, 1999 **Reference and User Services Association, 2000-2005 Organization Committee, 2001-2005 (Chair, 2004-2005 RUSA Intern, 1999-2001.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Delaware Library Association, 2003- Treasurer, 2003- New Jersey Library Association, 2002-2004 Personnel Committee, 2003-2004 New Mexico Library Association, 1998-2000.
Honors And Awards: Spectrum Initiative Scholarship, 1999.
Accomplishments: I consider being the chair of the Spectrum Leadership Institute (SLI) from 2003-2004 as one of my major accomplishments. Leadership was a major theme ingrained into all Spectrum Scholars. Being a 1999 Spectrum Scholar, I volunteered my time and took on several different roles to give back to the Spectrum Institute, including serving on the SLI Planning Task Force, facilitating some of the discussions at the Institute, and performing master of ceremony duties. I also consider being the first Spectrum Scholar to chair the Spectrum Leadership Institute a major accomplishment. Currently, I serve as treasurer of the Delaware Library Association (DLA). As treasurer, I have worked to streamline the expenditure and revenue procedures of the association. Recently, I participated in an external audit of the organization and I took an active role in implementing the recommendations that came from the auditors, ensuring that DLA remains in a financial position to continue its programs and services for the state of Delaware.
ALA Member Since: 1999.


Shelby Harken, Head, Acquisitions/ Bibliographic Control, University of North Dakota, Chester Fritz Library, Grand Forks, ND 58202-9000: 2006.
Education: University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND 58202; B.S. in Education. Majors: Library Science, French; Minor: History; 1969 University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND 58202; M.S. in Library Science; minor, Media in libraries and Schools; 1971.
ALA Activities: ACRL ULS Communications Committee (member) (1991/93) ALTCS MARBI (Intern, 1991/92) MARBI (member) (1992-1994, 1994-1996, recorder at 1994 Annual) CCS SAC Subcommittee on Metadata and Subject Analysis (member) (1998-2001) CCS Subject Analysis (member) (2001-2005) CCS Subject Analysis Subcommittee on Semantic Interoperability (Chair) (2002-2005-ext to Jan. 2006)) LC Action Plan 2.3 (member) (2002-2005) LITA TESLA (member) (1996/7-1997/8) LITA Representative (Liaison) to ALCTS CCS:DA (2001-2006).
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: North Dakota Library Association (member) Technical Services Roundtable (member) (Chair, 1991/92, Secretary 1994/95) Academic Section (member) Government Documents Roundtable (member) (Chair, 1997/98) Mountain-Plains Library Association (member) Technical Services Section (Chair, 1997/98) ODIN (Online Dakota Information Network, a statewide library system) Database Advisory Group (Chair, 1989-2005) ODIN (Online Dakota Information Network) Working Group member: cataloging, serials, systems (2005- Peer Advisory Committee on PALS Authorities (1990/91) MULS (Minnesota Union List of Serials)Futures Task Force (1991) PALS User’s Group Executive Board (Member-at-Large, 1993/94-1994/95) ODIN Serials Users Group member ODIN Acquisitions Users Group (Chair, 1991-1994) ODIN Rebase Committee (convert software version - technical, OPAC and cataloging specifications) (Nov. 1993-April 1994) OCLC Collections and Technical Services Advisory Committee (1995/96-1997/98) OCLC Internet Cataloging Project participant (1995-1996) Music OCLC Users Group (1994- ODIN Vendor Study Task Force/ ODIN ILS Steering Committee (1997-2002) ODIN2ProjectTeam (2003-2005) OCLC - Participant in the OCLC Discussion on Union Listing and Electronic Resources (moderated by Myrtle Myers) OCLC CORC Project participant, May (1999-2000) Western Region Digitization Initiative, organizational meeting, Aurora, CO (Feb. 11, 2000)
Non-library affiliations: Dakota Gold Gymnastics, Executive Board Secretary 1988-1992 Red River Valley Gymnastics Club, Executive Board Secretary 1994-1997 Newman Parish Music leader 1982-2000 American Association of University Women, 1965-.
Honors And Awards: North Dakota Library Association Librarian of the Year for 1998. Awarded Sept. 25, 1998 at NDLA Convention in Grand Forks, ND Co-recipient of LSTA Grant to digitize, catalog, create authority records, and test OCLC CORC for UND’s Archival materials relating to women and women’s organizations, 1999-2000 Co-writer and recipient of grant to organize, catalog, manage, circulate, and loan the North Dakota Dept. of Public Instruction’s Special Learners Collection, May 30, 2000. Included in Who’s who of American Women, 2002/03-.
Accomplishments: Harken, Shelby E. (2005). “Enriching subject access: a report on the Joint Program of the ALCTS Metadata Enrichment Task Force and the ALCTS Subject Analysis Committee’s Subcommittee on Semantic Interoperability. American Library Association Annual Conference, Orlando, June 2004.” Technical Services Quarterly, 22(3) 2005, p.75-87 Harken, Shelby and Gard, Betty (2005). “Serving the library profession.” Lux et Lex, 11(1) 2005, p.2, 4. Harken, Shelby E. (2003). “How to handle the IRS”, The Good Stuff. 33 (2), p. 16-19 Outsourcing: Ready, Set, Go? (1996). “A Cataloger’s Perspective”, Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, v. 23 (2). ODIN Information Notes. Editor. Grand Forks, N.D.: Online Dakota Information Network. Caldwell, Mary Ellen. North Dakota Division of the American Association of University Women, 1964-1984 by Mary Ellen Caldwell, Patricia Berntsen and Shelby Harken. Grand Forks, N.D.: University of North Dakota, 1984. Chester Fritz Library Technical Services Homepage http: // Lund, Elaine Strand (2001). Chautauqua summer. Shelby E. Harken editor. Strand, Shelby. So this is how you run a media center! Organizing, administering, and developing an instructional media center - an annotated bibliography. 1971. (included in ERIC).
ALA Member Since: 1989.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Funding and education are key areas of interest. I have served as a mentor to library students and librarians. My work in a statewide multi-type library system has given me exposure to the needs of all types of librarians. I have served ALA in ACRL, ALCTS, and LITA and understand how they can support librarians. In the Google world, we need show why libraries are important in very concrete ways. Without understanding the need, financial support is hard to get. I would support work to strengthen librarianship and libraries in these areas: Continuing education for professionals, Expand internship opportunities, Increase public awareness of the importance of library services, Increase salaries, Increase funding for libraries.

Rochelle Hartman, Librarian, Bloomington Public Library, 205 E. Olive, Bloomington, IL 61701: 1995.
Education: MSLIS University of Illinois 1998 BS Illinois State University 1987.
ALA Activities: ALA/ALA-APA Council 2004-2006 Council Orientation Committee 2005-2006 Public and Culture Programs Advisory Board 2005-2007 Reporter/Editor Cognotes 2002-2004 Special Projects Working Group of the Better Salaries & Pay Equity Task Force 2003-2004.
Honors And Awards: Illinois State Training Grant 1996.
Accomplishments: Member, Greenwood Electronic Advisory Board 2005-present Contributor, Library Journal Tech Blog 2005-present Contributor,, 2002-present Library Community Relief Links: Information resource for Hurricane Katrina (10.10.05) Contributor to PLA blog for ALA conferences/meetings 2005-2006 ( Grant reader for ALA’s Read All About It: Jewish Literature: Identity and Imagination, 2004 Grant reader for ALA’s “We the People” bookshelf grants, 2004 Presenter, Illinois Library Association Preconference, “Standing Room Only: Author Star Power at Your Library,” September 28, 2004 “Banned in the USA,” BN Indy, September 17, 2003, v.3 #4, 169 (10.10.2005) Contributing Editor, Public Libraries, 2003. Compiled and edited occasional column, “Opportunities, Awards and Honors,” featuring grant and award news Editor and Reporter, Cognotes, newspaper for ALA annual and midwinter conferences, 2002-2004 “Offending Books,” BN Indy, September 18, 2002, v.2, #5, (10.10.05) “In Praise of Staying Put,” essay for Public Libraries. March 2001. “I’m Afraid of Librarians,” an interview with Andrei Codrescu, Public Libraries, Spring 2001. “Have Library, Get Poet: Tales from a Library Programmer,” ILA Reporter, April 2000, v. XVIII, issue 2.
ALA Member Since: 1999.

Statement of Professional Concerns: It’s difficult to write a statement that stands apart. Despite our differences, as library workers we are all possessed of core values: the promotion of literacy in formats that make learning accessible regardless of age, socioeconomic status or learning differences; the commitment to ensuring that information is available to all, without encumbrance; an embrace of diversity, reflected not only in our collections and services, but in a profession that resembles the communities it serves; a passion for preserving the human record; and a sure-footed stance against attempts to censor. Being in touch with library students and those newer to the profession, I hear questions about the usefulness and validity of the Association. To my more-fresh colleagues, I want provide an ongoing demonstration of why ALA is still a vital component of professional life, even if it means being a pebble in the shoe of the Association from time-to-time.

Avril N. Haughton, Head of Youth Services, Broward County Library (North Regional/BCC), 1100 Coconut Creek Boulevard, Coconut Creek, FL 33066: 2005.
Education: Masters in Educational Technology Florida Atlantic University, December 2004. Masters in Library and Information Science (MLS) University of South Florida, December 2000. Graduate Certificate in Africana Studies University of South Florida, December 2000. Certificate in Management and Community Studies Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, ON, June 1998.  Bachelor of Arts University of the West Indies, Jamaica, W.I., June 1991.
ALA Activities: Member of ALA Publishing Committee (2002 – 2004).
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: President, University of South Florida Student Chapter—Special Library Association (Summer 2000).
Honors And Awards: Member of Beta Phi Mu Honor Society (2002). Member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (2000). E. J. Josey Award Winner (2000). ALA Spectrum Scholar (1999).
Accomplishments: I work with Broward County Library as the Head of Youth Services at the North Regional/BCC Branch. I am also an Adjunct Instructor at the University of South Florida (USF). It is my belief that information is the precursor to education and career success and that it can be used a tool to transcend barriers. I am motivated by this belief to be an advocate for equitable library services for disadvantaged groups, particularly teens and women. I recently applied for and was awarded a $4300 grant by the Broward County Library Foundation to provide library programs—in Portuguese—to the Brazilian population in selected areas of Broward County. I co-presented a poster session at Florida Library Association Annual Conference in April 2000 on Library Services to Minorities. I was also the co-researcher for two publications: Multiethnic Resource Directory and Cultural Guide (2001) published by Broward County Library and the Multicultural Directory (2001) published by South Florida Sun-Sentinel Newspaper I am an ALA Spectrum Scholar (1999), as well as the ALA Black Caucus E.J. Josey Scholar for 2000.
ALA Member Since: 1999.


Beth Hill, Assistant Professor/ Reference Librarian, University of Idaho Library, Rayburn Street Room 416I, Moscow, ID 83844-2350: 2004.
Education: Ph.D. Student, College of Education, Adult and Organizational Learning, University of Idaho, Moscow Master of Science, Information Resources and Library Science, University of Arizona, Tucson, August 2001. Bachelor of Arts, Social Work, minor in Applied Psychology, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, May 1996, summa cum laude Associate of Arts and Associate of Science, psychology emphasis, North Idaho College, May 1994.
ALA Activities: Member, ALA 1999-present Member, NMRT 2005-present.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Task Force on Vital Pathways for Hospital Librarians, Medical Library Association (MLA), member, 2005- Idaho 2020 Library Futures “Think Tank” Conference, Invited participant and member, Boise, Idaho, August 15-17, 2005. Athena Scholarship Committee, University of Idaho, member and secretary, 2005- University-level Commencement Committee, University of Idaho, 2004-2008 Chair, Hospital Libraries Section, Medical Library Association (MLA) Professional Development Committee, 2004-2006 Reviewer, “2004 Access to Electronic Health Information” Grant Proposals, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region Hospital Libraries Section, MLA Professional Development Grant, jury member 2004-2005 Hospital Libraries Section, MLA, Professional Development Committee, member, 2003-2004. Lois Ann Colaianni Award for Excellence and Achievement In Hospital Librarianship, jury member 2003.
Honors And Awards: Recipient, EBSCO/Medical Library Association Annual Meeting Grant, awarded for attendance at the annual conference in San Diego, May 2003. Recipient, Graduate Tuition Scholarship, University of Arizona Graduate College, Spring semester 2001 Recipient, Department of Libraries, Archives, and Public Records Scholarship, University of Arizona, Fall semester 2000 and Spring semester 2001 Recipient, Department of Libraries, Archives, and Public Records Scholarship, University of Arizona, Spring and Fall semesters 1999 Recipient, EWU Single Parent/Returning Student Scholarship, Eastern Washington University, 1995-1996. Member, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Eastern Washington University, June 1996 Member, Phi Theta Kappa, International Scholastic Honor Society, North Idaho College, April 1993.
Accomplishments: McMahon, Elizabeth, PhD. Overcoming the Emotional Challenges of Lymphedema. Lymph Notes. 2005. [book review]. Library Journal 2005; 130(17): 75. Assessing Health Literacy: Providing Useable Health Information for Seniors at Discharge in Northern Idaho. Journal of Hospital Librarianship. 2005; 5(4): 11-24. Wilson, Kathleen W. Dispatches From the Frontlines of Medicine: Your Husband’s Health: Simplify Your Worry List. Whiskey Hollow Press, 2003. [book review]. Consumer Connections. 2005: 21(1). http: // “Aetna Intelihealth” [electronic resource review], Journal of the Medical Library Association, April 2004; 92(2): 283-284. “Increasing Access to Useable Health Information for Seniors in Northern Idaho” Invited poster presentation. American Library Association Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois, June 27, 2005. “Immersion of Information Literacy and Technology into Freshmen Core Courses” Invited presentation, EDUCAUSE Western Regional Conference, San Francisco, California, April 26, 2005. “Health Literacy: What it is, the risks and costs of inadequate health literacy, and ways to improve health communication” Invited presentation, Cultural Competency Conference for Health Care Providers, Boise, Idaho, April 5-6, 2005.
ALA Member Since: 1999.

Statement of Professional Concerns: I am a relatively new librarian, having graduated with my MLS in 2001. While I haven’t had the benefit of experiencing the profession over time, I have had numerous and varied opportunities for involvement in the field. What I see as the biggest concerns for librarians are the preservation and integrity of information resources over time, increasing the range and scope of open access materials and scholarly publications, and continued work toward the understanding of the value of libraries and librarians. Libraries must continue to establish new partnerships with communities and agencies, finding new roles and opportunities for service. Teaching and promoting all types of literacies is a role we are well suited for. An increase in these literacies (information, computer, health) means a decrease in disparities, across disciplines and venues, and should be among our highest priorities.

Samantha Schmehl Hines, Outreach Coordinator/Social Science Librarian, University of Montana, Mansfield Library, 32 Campus Dr., Missoula, MT 59812: 2004.
Education: Linfield College, BA, Political Science, 1999 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, MS, Library and Information Science, 2003.
ALA Activities: ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee, Intern, 2005-2007 ACRL Distance Learning Section Instruction Committee, Member, 2005-2007 ALA New Members Roundtable Mentoring Committee, Co-Chair, 2004-2006 ALA New Members Roundtable Nominating Committee, Member, 2004-2005 ALA New Members Roundtable Social Committee, Member, 2003-2004 ALA-EBSCO Conference Sponsorship Jury, Member, 2005-2006 ALA Equality Award Jury, Member, 2004-2005.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Montana Library Association, Academic and School Libraries Division, Conference Committee, Chair, 2005-2006 Iowa OCLC Users’ Group, Cataloging Section, Vice Chair, 2003-2004.
Honors And Awards: ACRL Preconference Scholarship, 2005 Beta Phi Mu, 2004 ALA-EBSCO Conference Sponsorship, 2004 Linfield College Competitive Scholarship in Political Science, 1995.
Accomplishments: I’ve been a member of ALA since 1999 and worked in libraries since 1993. I secured my first full-time professional position just last year, which recent grads will recognize as an accomplishment. My first big publication, “Web Search Basics” in Empowering Distance Learners with Hands-On Information Literacy Activities, is forthcoming from Library Instruction Publications. I will be giving my first big conference presentation, entitled “What do distance education faculty want from the library?” in April 2006 at the Off-Campus Library Services Conference. In NMRT these past two years I helped launch the new Career Mentoring program and hope to get the chance to contribute to NMRT and ALA for years to come.
ALA Member Since: 1999.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Now that I have my MLIS and a steady job, I seek to give back to the profession and ALA by becoming more involved. Though I’m relatively new to librarianship, I have much to offer. I have recent and varied experience as a paraprofessional and professional, which allows me to relate well to issues faced by all library staff. I have worked in public, special, and academic libraries of all sizes, and can conceptualize the differences and similarities in working in these environments. I can understand and focus on issues involving libraries and those who work in them, and help bring ALA’s attention to these issues. As a recent library school graduate, I bring perspective on what is currently occurring in library education. As a native and current resident of the Pacific Northwest, I offer more representation in ALA for libraries and library workers in the West.

Dora T. Ho, Young Adult Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library, 630 W. 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071: 1995.
Education: BS in Applied Mathematics, minor in computing, UCLA 1987. MLS with specialization in Special Libraries, UCLA 1992.
ALA Activities: ALA Councilor-at-Large, 2003-2006. ALA Awards Committee, Highsmith Library Literary Award Jury, chair, 2001-2002. ALA Awards Committee, SIRSI’s Leader in Technology Grant Award Jury, chair, 2002-2003.  ALA Awards Committee, Marshall Cavendish Excellence in Library Program Award, member, 2003-2004. ALA Awards Committee, Hoy Scholarship Jury, member, 2004-2005. ALA Awards Committee, Grolier Award Jury, member, 2005-2006. ALA Electronic Meeting Participation Task Force, member, 1992-2000. ALA Conference Program Coordinating Team 2003, member. ALA ALSC, Notable Website Committee, member, 1999-2001. ALA YALSA, Membership Committee, member, 1999-2004. ALA YALSA, Technology for Young Adult Committee, member, 1995-1999. ALA YALSA, President Program Committee, member, 2001-2002. ALA YALSA, Professional Development Committee, member, 2004-2005, co-Chair, 2005-2006. New Members Round Table, President, 2001-2002. New Members Round Table, Vice President, 2000-2001. New Members Round Table, Leadership Development Director, 1999-2000. New Members Round Table, held various committee chair and member positions between 1994 and 1999.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: California Library Association, Young Adult Reviewers Round Table, Publisher Representative, 1997-Present. California Library Association, John and Patricia Beatty Award Committee, member, 2000-2001. Chinese American Librarians Association, Membership Committee, chair, 1999-2001. Chinese American Librarians Association, Board Member, 1998-2001. Chinese American Librarians Association, Treasurer, 2001-2006. Chinese American Librarians Association, Vice President/President-Elect, 2006-2007. National Conference on Asian/Pacific American Librarians, Webmaster. Asian Pacific American Librarians Association, Asian/Pacific American Award for Literature Committee, Chair, 2002-2006.
Honors And Awards: 3M/NMRT Professional Grant Recipient, 1997.
Accomplishments: I have participated in various levels of in ALA: divisions, round tables and committees; serving as an officer, chairperson and a member. This experience allows me to work with a variety of people with diverse interests. As president of NMRT, I encouraged new librarians to join ALA committees and provided a multitude of opportunities for participation and leadership development. I continue to make significant contributions to NMRT by mentoring new librarians. In 2004, I developed a year-round mentoring program for YALSA for new youth services librarians. As a Young Adult Librarian I am an ongoing advocate for teenagers. I focus on promoting teen literacy at the local and national levels and encourage youth to participate in library activities. As treasurer of the Chinese American Librarians Association, I continue to provide accurate reports and sound advice assisting the board in its financial matters. Recently, I published my first chapter in the Librarian’s Career Guidebook.
ALA Member Since: 1992.

Statement of Professional Concerns: For the last 2-1/2 years serving on the ALA Council, my awareness of the goals and mission of ALA increased tremendously. It also strengthened my understanding of the duties of councilor. Now, I feel even more committed in serving another term. As Councilor-at-Large, I will continue to focus on listening to the needs of members, improving communication, promoting diversity and technology, continuing education, mentoring, as well as encouraging member participation. I shall also hold firm on intellectual freedom and be steadfast in serving young adults and children. I believe my past experience serving in various capacities from committee member to treasurer and round table president have truly prepared me in serving you. Therefore, I ask for your support in re-electing me to the ALA Council. Thank you for your consideration!

Patricia Hogan, Administrative Librarian, Poplar Creek Public Library District, 1405 South Park Avenue, Streamwood, IL 60107: 1989.
Education: Rosary College, B.A., 1966; U. of Chicago, M.A., 1967, Dominican University (formerly Rosary), M.A.L.S., 1072.
ALA Activities: ALA Council, Councilor at large, 1995-; Chapter Councilor, 1988-92; American Libraries Advisory, 2001-2003, chair, 2001-2002; Constitution and By-laws, 1998-2002, chair, 2001-2002; Council Orientation, 2003-2004; Publishing Committee, 1994-1997; Pay Equity Coom:199-1993;Planning and Budget Assembly, 1989-1992; 2004-2006; RBB guest reviewer, 1977-88; 1998-; CLENERT, Board, 1999-2001; Treasurer, 2003-2007;CLENERT rep. to Literacy Assembly, 2003-2007; Resolutions Committee, 2004-2006; Committee on Committees 2003-2004; LAMA SASS president, 1980-81; LAMA Executive Board, 1980-81; PLA MLA, president, 1987; PLA Executive Board1987-88; PLA IRS Adv. Com. on Tax Forms, 1987-88; RASD Monroe Awd. Comm., 1992-95; ASCLA Awards, 1981-83; University Press Books for Public Libraries, 1987-89; JMRT (now known as NMRT) 1975-78; member, LAMA, PLA, CLENERT, GODORT, IFRT and LSSIRT.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: ALA Chapter Councilor for Illinois, 1988-1992; co creator of LTA forum in ILA; project coordinator 1977-78, ILA Illinois Council grant, “How Free Are Our Freedoms;” co creator of “A Very Special Trust” for trustee orientation, 1976; charter member, and member of the Board, Kiwanis Club of Streamwood, 1999-; member, Task Force on Public Library Funding, 1985-88; member, Hanover Park Illinois Sister Cities Project (Sister City is Cape Coast, Ghana.)
Honors And Awards: Selected to participate in the first “Teach Model Coach program, 2003-2004, funded by a grant from IMLS; Illinois State Library Fellowship, 1972-72; elected to Beta Phi Mu, 1972-; chosen to participate in Personnel Performance Evaluation Institutes 1 & II, sponsored by the Illinois State Library, 1976-78 Selected to participate in the first Teach, Model, Coach Program, a mentoring project funded by a National Leadership Grant from the IMLS; The Government Depository at Poplar Creek Public Library was given an Excellent rating in 1990. Member of the Community Relations Commission, Village of Streamwood, IL. Reviews and articles (on reference, intellectual freedom, to name two) have appeared in state and national library publications, such as Booklist. Has acted as a consultant on buildings, personnel and continuing education; taught in the LTA program at the College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois; partner in LPA (Library Planning Associates), 1985-2000.
Accomplishments: I am proud of my efforts both in libraries and in institutions and agencies in my community. Through participation in the Sister Cities program and the Community Relations Commission my library has been host to programs that celebrate different ethnic and racial backgrounds. And the award from the DuPage Library System of a Lighting the Fire grant Poplar Creek was able to initiate annual programs honoring different ethnic groups.
ALA Member Since: 1972.

Statement of Professional Concerns: In the 21st century libraries need to cooperate and collaborate, to share their resources and to combine their efforts. My work has emphasized my concerns for free access and improved funding for public, school and academic libraries. Libraries need to reaffirm A) their support of salaries and benefits for staff; B) their protection of patron confidentiality, intellectual freedom, and free access to information, and C) their vigilance so legislation protects free speech. Council should focus on ways to increase and diversify funding for libraries; promote efficient delivery of services;
encourage continuing education; and continue advocacy programs. I bring experience in the divisions and roundtables and a willingness to work for changes that help libraries. ALA needs to speak out in a clear way. I ask for your vote so I can be your strong voice on this governing body.

Robert Hubsher, Director, Ramapo Catskill Library System, 619 Route 17M, Middletown, NY 10940: 2000.
Education: Loyola College, BA 1972 University of Western Ontario, MLIS 1984.
ALA Activities: IFC Privacy Subcommittee, 2003-.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: New York Library Association (NYLA) IFC, member 2003-. NYLA IFC, Chair, 2004 -.

Accomplishments: Organized the first First Nations Library meeting in Northern Ontario, Sudbury region in 1988. Co-chair of the Strategic Planning Group (SPG) which developed a strategic for Ontario public libraries. Established the Cornwall Public Library (Ontario) as a essential community organization, automated the library (from a paper based system), oversaw the renovation of an abandoned Post Office building to a state of the art library that won an architectural award in 1997. Chaired the Cornwall Smart City initiative, a project designed to leverage technology to help with economic development. Following the passage of the USA Patriot Act participated in numerous panel discussions throughout our region to help people better understand the issues and concerns of librarians.
ALA Member Since: 2000.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Intellectual Freedom is at the heart of librarianship. The role which libraries play in protecting people’s right to free and open access to information is one of the reasons I became a librarian. The application of technology has dissolved distance and international boundaries; it has made instantaneous communication possible and enabled us to store and access information in ways that until recently seemed like science fiction. The promise of the untold benefits offered by technology often seems to drive rather than serve our mission. Being mindful that technology is a means to an end and not the end itself is critical to the evolution of libraries. In applying technology to serve our needs, we need to safeguard the principles of open and free access to information while protecting our users’ privacy. To meet the challenges libraries face in this information era we need a healthy, financially stable American Library Association.

Carol Ritzen Kem, Bibliographer/Associate University Librarian, University of Florida, P.O. Box 117001, Gainesville, FL 32611-7001: 2004.
Education: University of Florida, Ph.D., Education (Educational leadership/Administration; Higher Education Concentration), 1994 University of North Carolina, M.S.L.S. University of Illinois, M.A., History Drury University, B.A., History major, English and Education minors.
ALA Activities: ALA committees: Education Committee, Member, 2004-2006 Budget Analysis and Review Committee, Member, 2000-04 Constitution Committee, Member, 1999-01 ALA division: ACRL 2005 National Conference Program Committee, 2003-2005 ACRL Task Force on the Association of the Future, 2002-04 ACRL Bylaws Committee, 1996-00; Chair, 1999-00 ACRL African-American Studies Section: New Orleans ALA 2006 Program Committee, member; Chicago ALA 2005 Program Committee, chair, 2004-2005; Moderator of section Listserv, 1992-present; Member, Nominating Committee 1998-99; Secretary, 1997-98 ACRL Anthropology/Sociology Section: Member, Electronic Resources for Sociologists Ad Hoc Committee, 1993-95. ACRL Women’s Studies Section: Member, Collection Management and Bibliography Committee, 1993-95. ALA Round Tables: Exhibits Round Table: Vice-chair/Librarians, 2000-01; Director, Executive Board, 1998-01; Member, Bylaws Committee, 1998-01; Member, Chris Hoy Scholarship Event Committee, 1996-97; Member, Silent Auction (endowment fund) Planning Committee, 1995-96. New Members Round Table: Chair, Pre-Conference Committee, ALA Annual, 2000; Chair, 25th Anniversary 3M Professional Development Award Event, 1999; Treasurer, 1999-98; Chair, Exhibitor Contact and Relations Committee, 1994-96; Chair, 3M Social and Endowment Fundraiser, 1993 and 1994; Chair, Students to ALA Committee, 1992-93; Member, Governance Committee, 1992-93. Representative to other groups: BARC liaison to AASL, YALSA, IRRT, LHR and MAGERT. BARC liaison to Round Table Coordinating Assembly. NMRT liaison to ERT Executive Board, 1994-96. ERT liaison to NMRT Executive Board, 1998-01.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Southeastern Library Association: Long-range Planning Committee, member, 2005-2007; Southern Book Awards Committee, member, 2000-02; 2002-2004 Long-range Planning Committee, member, 1989-91 Florida Library Association: Collective Bargaining Caucus, Chair, 1989-92 Research Caucus, Chair, 1988-89 Publications Committee, member, 1986-90.
Honors And Awards: Academic Honor Societies: Phi Kappa Phi, 1994; Beta Phi Mu, 1971; Phi Alpha Theta, 1963; Pi Gamma Mu, 1963; Mortar Board, 1962 Other Honors: University of Florida Association for Academic Women “2004 Woman of Distinction”. 3M/New Member’s Round Table Professional Development Award, 1997. State of Florida Zeta Tau Alpha “Zeta Lady” for outstanding service to sorority, community and profession, 1989. Nominated for Library of Congress Internship, 1971. B.A. degree Magna Cum Laude with Departmental Distinction in History and Education. 
Accomplishments: Publications: Carol Ritzen Kem, 2004. “Mentoring: A Primer.” The Librarian’s Career Handbook. P. Shontz, ed. Scarecrow Press, pp. 463-72. Carol Ritzen Kem, 2000. “The Relationship Between Work Behavior Type and Elements of Job Satisfaction of a Selected Group of Academic Librarians.” Advances in Library Administration and Organization, vol. 17, JAI Press, pp. 23-66. Presentations: ALA 2005 conference, ALCTS Program, “Managing across Generations”, panel member. ACRL 2005 National conference, panel member, “Computer Attitudes of a University Community. Louisiana Library Association, 2003, conference, workshop on personality type and work behavior type. American Library in Paris, 2000, workshop on MBTI and Work Behavior Type. ALA annual 2000, New Members Round Table pre-conference, “Learning to Lead”. Other, University of Florida: Faculty Senate Nominating Committee, chair, 2003-06; Faculty Senate Committee on Committees, member, 2003-06; President, Association for Academic Women, 2002-03; Property Survey Board, member, 1998-2005; Minority Mentor Program Council, member, 1997-present; Provost’s Committee to Review Tenure and Promotion Rules, Member, 1997-98.
ALA Member Since: 1992.

Statement of Professional Concerns: My initial involvement in ALA governance was through New Member’s Round Table (NMRT) and Exhibits Round Table (ERT). Following a two year term as NMRT treasurer, I was appointed to BARC in 2000. I also served on the ERT executive board as a librarian member.  Although I serve on association and division level committees and am a conference speaker for division or office programs, my early experience in the focused atmosphere of round tables has remained an important factor in my continuing development as a contributing member of the association. I believe my
thorough knowledge of ALA finances, my long record of experience in governance at my university as well as in professional association work, and my commitment to diversity in ALA’s leadership corps will allow me to be an effective member of our governing council. Thank you for considering my candidacy for ALA councilor-at-large.

M. Michele Brown Kriske, Head Librarian, Bishop Alemany High School, 11111 N. Alemany Drive, Mission Hills, CA 91345: 2001.
Education: Loyola Marymount University studying for M.Ed. expected 05/2006 University of California at Los Angeles, M.L.I.S. 06/1999 California State University at Northridge, B.A. Anthropology 06/1996 Glendale Community College, A.A. Geological Science 06/1993.
ALA Activities: ALA Member 8 years AASL Member EMIERT Member IFRT Member IRRT Member SORT Member American Association of Petroleum Geologists Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development California Library Association International Reading Association National Catholic Educators Association.
ALA Member Since: 1997.

Statement of Professional Concerns: My overall concern is the need for literacy among grade school students. I feel that our schools do not currently do enough to help students learn to read. As Educators and Librarians we must work together to help our children learn to love reading.

Dennis LeLoup, Library Media Specialist, Sycamore Elementary School, 7878 E. Co. Road 100 N., Avon, IN 46123: 1995.
Education: Indiana State University, BA (English & School Library Media Services), 1975; Indiana State University, MLS, August 1978; Indiana State University, MS in Educational Media (with computer endorsement), 1988.
ALA Activities: ALA Councilor-at-Large, 2002-2005; ALA PIO National Library Week subcommittee, 1998-2000, 1996-1997, 1993-1995. AASL Treasurer, 2005-Present; AASL Legislative Committee (Co-Chair, 2001-Present; Member, 2000-Present); Knowledge Quest Editorial Board, 2000-2003; AASL Nominating Committee, 2001-2002; AASL Region 3 Director, 1999-2001; AASL Region 3 Director-Elect, 1997-1999; AASL Affiliate Assembly, 1994-1996; AASL Recruitment Committee, 1991-1993. ALSC Research and Development Committee, 1997-2001; ASCLA Americans With Disabilities Act Assembly, 1998-2002.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Immediate Past-President, Association for Indiana Media Educators (AIME), 1996-1997; President, AIME, 1995-1996; President-Elect, AIME, 1994-1995; Vice-President for District Programs, AIME, 1989-1991; AIME Membership Committee, 1984-1986; AIME District Director, 1986-1988.
Honors And Awards: Blue Key National Honor Society, 1971; ISU Academic Scholarship, 1971-1975; several Graduate Assistantships during graduate work, 1976-1977 (one each semester &/or summer term; approximately 6); Phi Delta Kappa, 1988-2005.
Accomplishments: I have been a school library media professional in elementary schools for 23 years. In addition, I was a consultant for the Office of Learning Resources, Indiana Department of Education, for 51¼2 years. The Office of Learning Resources worked with school library media specialists throughout Indiana and directly with a variety of library media and reading programs. I have also written and/or reviewed for numerous publications, including Library Talk, Book Report, Media & Methods, and the Indiana Media Journal. With current budget restraints, I am very concerned about the future of school library media programs, including the continual hot topics of staffing, literacy, and legislation. I frequently participate in ALA’s Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C. each spring and encourage all librarians to become involved. We can become an even stronger force on Capital Hill, ultimately benefiting all library programs.
ALA Member Since: 1988.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Advocacy and communication are important tools for all librarians. School library media specialists have been hit hard by the budget axe in recent years, but no librarians are immune to cuts. We must effectively communicate the plight of all library professionals if we are to be effective forces for change. Part of this may involve active partnerships with other professional organizations to impart our message; however, we must always seek other avenues to publicize and promote our profession. Staffing and budget have been continual hot topics for years. They demand our attention and active legislative involvement now more than ever. We must continually communicate the importance of all library professionals in student achievement and adult literacy, while lobbying for increased budgets on local, state, and national levels. We can be a forceful presence in our state and national conferences as we advocate the legislative agendas of the Washington office.

Gregory McClay, Librarian,, 115 Nesmith St. #4, Lowell, MA 01852: 2004.
Education: B.S. Library Science - Southern Connecticut State University [5/94] M.L.S. - Southern Connecticut State University [5/95].
ALA Activities: LAMA - Library Administration and Management Association [1/05 -] IFRT - Intellectual Freedom [1/05 -] IRRT - International Relations [1/05 -] LIRT - Library Instruction [1/05 -] SRRT - Social Responsibilities Round Table [1/05 -].
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Public Relations Committee - Massachusetts Library Association [8/04 -].

Accomplishments: For detailed information about me and my views please visit
ALA Member Since: 2005.

Statement of Professional Concerns: The American Library Association has made it a sad time to be a librarian. But you can either ignore the problem or try and fix it. I’m game if you are. The resolutions on torture, the war in Iraq, and using President Bush as a punching bag are all excuses to not deal with real library issues. On the few occasions ALA does address real issues it is from such extreme political positions as to be offensive to the majority of Americans we serve. I’m not asking you, as a voter, to be conservative or as conservative as I am. I am asking you to support a change in ALA. An attempt to bring some balance, some clear thinking, back to the organization and to put a stop to the political party atmosphere that has turned ALA into a sideshow.

Virginia (Ginny) B. Moore, Librarian, Greenbelt Library, Prince Georges County Mem. Lib. System, 11 Crescent Road, Greenbelt, MD 20770: 1997.
Education: Winston Salem (NC) Tchrs. College, B.S., 1954; University of Maryland, M.L.S., 1971.
ALA Activities: Member: ALA (LIFE) AASL, YALSA, PLA, RUSA, SRRT, Black Caucus. ALA Councilor-at-Large, 1983-91, 1996-; Member: Committee on Committees. 2005-2006; ALA Leroy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund, 2003-2006; Mem., Resolutions Com., 2002-2004; Council Orientation Com., 1992, 1999; Nominating Com., 1990; Intellectual Freedom Com., 1984-88; ALA Awards Com. and Juries, 1991-94; Director, Intellectual Freedom Round Table, 1989-91; Chair, SRRT Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Task Force, 1999-; Co-Chair, Nat’; Library Involvement Committee, Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday Commission, 1990-97; Member, AASL “Emergency Librarian Periodical Award Committee 1994 Award; AASL Bylaws and Org. Com., 1990-92; Recruitment Com., 1992-94; Service to the School Community Com., 1988-90; National School Library Media Month Com., 1984.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Member: D.C. Library Association, Maryland Library Association, NEAA (Life), Chair Legislation Com., 1990-95; D.C. Assoc. of School Librarians; Chair, Intellectual Freedom Com., D.C. Assoc. of School Librarians, 1980-95; President, D.C. Assoc. of Sch. Librarians, 1971-73; Chair and Presenter of conferences and workshops, 196-97; Chair, D.C. Assoc. of Sch. Lib./World Book Co. City-wide Book Cover Design Contest and SIRS (Social Issues Resources Series Essay Contest 1986-94. Delta Kappa Gamma Society Intl. (Key Women Educators) President, D.C. (State) Org., 1997-99; President, Alpha Chapter and Newsletter Editor, 1993-95; Membership Chair, D.C. (State) 2002- and Rep., U.S. Forum 2002-; President, League of Women Voters (LWV), Prince George’s County (MD), 2000-05; Chair, Nat’l Capitol Area, Nominating Com., 2005-; Mem., LWV United States Lobby Corps., 2004-; Presenter, speaker, Chamber of Synagogue Library Council, Nat’l Capitol Area, 1995-00, ’83, ’99.
Honors And Awards: Cited, American Libraries, March 205; (October 1998, October 1994; “Outstanding Church Librarian Award,” Church/Synagogue Library Assoc., 1001; American Library Association Freedom to Read Roll of Honor, January 1999, ALA ALTA Nat’l Advocacy Honor Roll, 2000; “Outstanding Library/Media Specialist Award” D.C. Assoc. of Sch. Librarians/D.C. Public Schools, 1988; U.S. Congressional Record, Hon. Major R. Owens (D-NY) May 24, 1984; “On the Cutting Edge—Library Media” by Rosalind Miller, Today’s Education Annual Edition 1984-1985; “AASL Celebrates First National School Library Media Month,” School Library Media Quarterly, Spring 1985.
Accomplishments: Honoree, 200 Years of Public Education in the Nation’s Capitol, 2004. Delta Chapter Delta Kappa Gamma Society International (Key Women Educators) 2005; “The Photographic Record,” The School Librarian’s Workshop, February 1996; Researcher, Books by African American Authors and Illustrators for Children and Young Adults by Helene E. Williams, 1991. “Black Literature/Materials” VOYA, February, 1987; “Writer’s Voices Series: A Plus for Adult Literacy.” VOYA, February, 1991; Delegate, ALA/SLA Legislative Day w/Friends of the D.C. Public Library 1993-94; Member, First People to People Library and Information Science Delegation to the People’s Republic of China, 1985.
ALA Member Since: 1973.

Statement of Professional Concerns: As a retired school librarian presently a front line/grassroots public librarian, I continue to hold our Association in highest esteem. Accordingly, with commitment and dedication I continue my effort to provide maximum service to all library customers through cooperation with members of the educational, business, and civic organizations, local and national elected officials, along with colleagues in school, public, academic, and special libraries. If elected I would endeavor to support our officers and the Executive Board in a continuing heritage of visionary leadership toward the accomplishment of the goals and strategic objectives for 2010 with a strong advocacy for children and youth, education and continuous learning, diversity, equity of access, intellectual freedom, 21st century literacy, public awareness and improved compensation for librarians and library staff.

Dorothy Morgan, Administrative Assistant, Liverpool Public Library 310 Tulip Street, Liverpool, NY 13088.
Education: Library Technical Assistant Course: 1989 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Managing Information Agencies 2001-2002.
ALA Activities: ALA/LSSIRT - Library Support Staff Interest Roundtable Past President 2000-2001 LAMA member and Leaders of the Pack Protege - current AMA Budget & Finance Committee Member - current ALA/LSSIRT - Member-at-Large current ALA/LSSIRT - Chair Strategic Planning Committee - current ALA/LSSIRT - Chair Certification Task Force - current PLA - current member.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: New York State Library Assistants’ Association (NYSLAA) Ambassador - current position Northeast Regional Director for the Council on Library Media Technicians (COLT) 1995-1997 Co-chair of COLT’s Certification Committee 1996-1997 Librarians Unlimited - Secretary 1989.
Honors And Awards: Dynix/ALA/APA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Salaries and Status for Library Workers - 2005 Library Journal’s Paraprofessional of the Year Award - 2001 NYSLAA’s Craig Koste Award for Outstanding Library Service - 1997 COLT & Library Mosaic’s National Library Association Outstanding Library Service - 1997 NYSLAA’s Certificate of Achievement in Administration/Management Level III & IV - 1995 & 1999.
Accomplishments: Interviewed for an article in the Journal of the Library Administration and Management, Fall, 2004, by Robert F. Moran Jr. editor entitled “An Interview with Dorothy Morgan”. Interviewed for an article in American Libraries, March 2005, by Jennifer Kutzik entitled “Are You the Librarian?”. Instrumental in implementing the Certificate of Achievement Program in New York State for library assistants. Advocated for its endorsement by the New York Library Association (NYLA) in 1999. Advocated for NYSLAA to become an affiliate of NYLA. Selected in October 2003, as a protege in LAMA’s “Leaders of the Pack Protege Project”. While President of ALA/LSSIRT, presented a proposal to ALA’s Executive Board to fund a third Congress for support staff that was approved and later officially recognized as COPE 3. Presenter at New York State Library Conferences as well as many out-of-state conferences focusing on Certification and professional recognition for all library workers.
ALA Member Since: 1995.

Statement of Professional Concerns: As a paraprofessional myself, I am most passionate about achieving recognition for all library workers for their contributions to libraries and the library profession. All those who work in libraries need to be acknowledged for their achievements, accomplishments, and the job quality they perform every day. Pay equity, career advancement, continuing education, and certification are common themes and goals among all of us who work in libraries. These are the areas that need constant attention and focus, but first there needs to be a strong relationship among all library workers, from the clerical support staff, to librarians, and to administrators. We need a more holistic definition of a library professional, and we need to rededicate ourselves to library workers’ wellbeing. Another issue I’m especially concerned with is the closure of libraries around the country. We need to strive together to address funding and budget issues important to libraries’ survival.

Andrea M. Morrison, Cataloger, Government Documents, Technical Services Department, Indiana University Libraries, 1320 E. 10th St., Herman B Wells Library, Room E350, Bloomington, IN  47405-3907: 2001.
ALA Activities: ALA, Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship, Subcommittee on Advancing Women in Library Leadership 1996-1999, member. ALCTS, member 2002-present. ACRL, member, 1998-present. Round Table/Committee Offices: American Library Association, 1994-present; Member, Government Documents Round Table, (GODORT), 1994-present; Member, Association of College and Research Libraries, 1995-present; Member, Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, 2003-present; Member, ACRL, Law and Political Science Division, 1995-present; Member, Reference and Adult Services Division, 1994-present; Member, New Members Round Table, 1994-96. Committees/Service: GODORT Assistant Chair/Chair Elect 2002-2003, Chair 2003-04, Past Chair and Chair of the Scheduling Committee 2004-2005. GODORT is the major national organization in ALA for those concerned about access to government information.  It has approximately 950 members, its own ALA Councilor, three Task Forces, and nine Committees. The Chair presides over the Steering Committee to which all GODORT reports. GODORT, International Documents Task Force, member 1995-97; 1999-2000; Coordinator-Elect 1997-98, Coordinator 1998-99, GODORT, Cataloging Committee, member 1997-98, chair, 2005-2006. GODORT, Government Information and Technology Committee, member 1994-95. GODORT, Membership Committee, 2004-05. GODORT, Nominating Committee, 2005-07. GODORT, Notable International Documents Judges Panel 1997-99. GODORT, Publications Committee, member 1999-2000, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, 2000-01, Chair 2001-02. GODORT, Steering Committee, member 1998-99 and 2001-06.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Indiana Library Federation, Executive Board (At-Large) member, 2001-04. Indiana Library Federation District 5, Membership Captain 1996-97, Vice-chair/Chair elect 1997-98, Chair 1998-99. Indiana Library Federation, Women’s Division, Chair 2001-03, Past Chair 2003-04, member of the executive committee 2004-06. Indiana Library Federation Technical Services Committee, member 1998-2000. Indiana Networking for Documents and Information of Government Organizations (INDIGO), Vice Chair/Chair Elect 1998-99, Chair 1999-2000, Past-Chair and member of the Executive Committee. 2000-01. (This is the government documents special interest group for the state of Indiana.). INDIGO, Federal Representatives Committee, 1997-98. INDIGO, Nominations Committee, Chair 2000-01. INDIGO, Program Committee, 2004-05. Indiana State Library Advisory Council, member 1999-2004, served on several committees including Resource Sharing and Nominations.
Honors And Awards: Recipient, 2000 Readex/GODORT/ALA Catharine J. Reynolds Award. This award provides funding for research in the field of documents librarianship.
Accomplishments: International Government Information and Foreign Country Information: A Subject Guide, by Andrea M. Morrison and Barb J. Mann.  (How to Find It/How to Use It)  Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2004. This reference book on international and foreign government information teaches students and researchers at the high school level and above.  Research strategies are included. Using Internet resources of international governmental agencies for research in college, public, and school libraries” in Indiana Libraries, Vol. 24, No. 1, 2005, pp. 18-25. “Africa, Asia, and Europe” in Journal of Government Information, Volume 30, Issues 2-3, 2004, Pages 269-279.  Regularly submitted article on notable government documents for five years. Regular presenter at Indiana Library Federation annual and district conferences on international government information and women’s issues from 2000.  Here is a selection: Virtual Reference Shelf for International Government Information Sources, Indiana Library Federation Annual Conference 2005. “Women in History” Indiana Library Federation Annual Conference 2004 (co-presenter on Women and War). Adjunct professor in the School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University, Bloomington, teaching courses on Bibliographic Access and Control and Government Information since 2001. Team leader for the chapter on Bibliographic Control, Federal Depository Library Manual, new edition in progress 2005-.  This is a practical handbook and guide for U.S. federal depository librarians and staff and will be published on the Internet by the U.S. Government Printing Office. Main grant writer for the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program, Institute of Museum and Library Services grant submission for the Lead-IN leadership institute for librarians, Dec. 15, 2005:  “Building an Effective Leadership Institute for the Continuing Education of Librarians and Library Workers in Indiana – Lead-IN.” Served as consultant to the Indiana State Library on cataloging issues, to the Bloomington, Indiana, Evans-Porter Library, Banneker Center, Bloomington, serving disadvantaged and minority populations, and to a small local government agency serving disabled infants and their families to start up a new library.
ALA Member Since: 1994.

Statement of Professional Concerns: I believe that ALA needs to face today’s important issues by working more effectively and cooperatively together to reach our goals. I promise to work for community within diversity, and to listen to the concerns of all the important and wonderfully diverse groups within ALA. My role on ALA Council will be to assist ALA groups to find agreement and move forward. I promise to listen attentively to all groups’ concerns and to value all members’ concerns. I have worked regularly with librarians and staff from academic libraries, public libraries, school and special libraries and I have spoken before all these groups and have been involved for years in continuing education service for all of them. I have been a leader in ALA in the Government Documents Round Table and I have been a leader in my state library association, Indiana Library Federation, working regularly on issues concerning all libraries. My professional concerns are the training and mentorship of librarians at all stages of the profession, permanent public access to government information, freedom of information, and just policies to support the development and effectiveness of all types of libraries.

Ria Newhouse, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Metropolitan State University, 700 East Seventh Street, St. Paul, MN 55106: 2004.
Education: BA, English and Women’s Studies, St. Olaf College, May 2000. MS, Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, May 2002.
ALA Activities: American Library Association, Conference Committee 2005-2007.
Honors And Awards: Library Journal “Mover and Shaker,” 2004 Phi Beta Kappa (Inducted Spring 2000).
Accomplishments: In August, 2004, I co-authored the article “Fixing the First Job,” in Library Journal. The article grew out of a number of presentations that were done at PLA in Seattle, ALA in Orlando, and for the Executive Board of the American Library Association in June, 2004. The presentations involved an analysis of first year and new librarians and discussed the growing chasm between baby boomers and nextgen librarians. I have been a member of the American Library Association for 5 consecutive years and am looking to grow within the field by learning, listening, and leading.
ALA Member Since: 2000.

Statement of Professional Concerns: In the three years since I received my MLS, I have been happy to work in positions at both a public and an academic library. These experiences have given me insights into library needs from the differing perspectives of a Teen Services Librarian and an academic Reference and Instruction Librarian. As someone who identifies as a “nextgen” librarian, I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to express the
concerns of younger librarians, but I am still concerned about how the “nextgen” fits into the overall professional structure of ALA. I believe ALA needs to make a more concerted effort to encourage younger librarians to participate in the organization. As a member of ALA Council, I will work towards that end. And with thirty or more years left to work, I believe I can bring a unique long range perspective to ALA Council.

M. A. (Peg) Oettinger, Librarian (Retired), Middle Country Schools, Centerbach, NY: 1970.
Education: The Catholic University of America B Music Ed 1964 St. John’s University MLS 1971.
ALA Activities: ALA Council 2002-2005; ALA IFC 2002-2006; ALA Resolutions Committee 1998-2002; Margaret A. Edwards Trust Intellectual Freedom Leadership Development Institute Committee, 1998; IRC/IFC Joint Task Force on Cuba, 2003-2004; YALSA Intellectual Freedom Committee, 1998-2002; ALSC Library Services to Children With Special Need Committee, 1994-1998 (Chair – 1997-‘98); LIRT PR/Membership Committee, 1990-1994.
Honors And Awards: People to People International Delegation of Librarians to the People’s Republic of China, 1993; Who’s Who in the East, 26th Edition; Who’s Who in the World, 16th Edition.
Accomplishments: Supervised the in-house retrospective conversion of two high school libraries into a computerized library management system after having rebuilt a badly neglected elementary school library into a vital resource for students and faculty and did extensive library education at both levels. I believe that Councilors-at-Large should be open to communication from all members and as such, I make myself available at conferences and via e-mail and lists at any time.
ALA Member Since: 1986.

Statement of Professional Concerns: As a person who has worked in the area of children’s and youth services, I feel that this area of the library world needs strong representatives on Council and I am prepared to be one such representative. The children and young people of today are the future for ALL libraries and their needs and concerns must be addressed by ALA. I believe that Councilors-at-Large should be responsive to communication from members, be willing to discuss member concerns and bring such concerns to the Council for discussion. To accomplish this, I plan to meet with people at ALA membership meetings, meetings with Divisions and Roundtables or informally at ALA conferences or regional meetings and, of course, by e-mail at any time. Ongoing concerns for all types of libraries continue to be intellectual freedom, free access to information and the right to privacy of library records.

Sandra Olson, Acquisitions Supervisor, University of Central Arkansas, 201 Donaghey, Conway, AR 72035: 1989.
Education: University of Central Arkansas/Business, 60 hrs.
ALA Activities: ALCTS Education Committee Member 2004-2006. LSSIRT Member at Large 2005-2008. LSSIRT Support Staff Certification Task Force Member 2003-2005. COPE III Representative 2003.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: ARLA - Secretary 2002-2004. ARLA Awards Committee Chair 2005-2007. ARLA Paraprofessional Division (ALPS) - Co-Founder/President 1990, President 2002. ARLA Intellectual Freedom Committee Member 2000. ARLA Publications Committee Member 2001. Univ. of Central Arkansas Staff Senate Senator 2005/2006. Univ. of Central Arkansas Staff Senate President 2001-2002. FBLA State Competition Judge 2000-present.
Honors And Awards: ARLA, Lorrie Shuff Paraprofessional of the Year, 2002. ALPS, Pioneer Award 2002. Nominated for Vice President/President Elect LSSIRT 2006.
Accomplishments: Co-founder of the ALPS Roundtable that became a Division in 2001. First Paraprofessional to hold elected office on the ARLA Board. Arkansas Libraries Journal Article “What is a Paraprofessional?” 2003. Spearheaded a committee to have classified staff positions in our library upgraded. Managed to get 2 new higher level positions and have approximately 8 other positions upgraded. Presented session “COPE III Report”: ARLA Conference 2003. Presented session “LSSIRT and Professional Involvement for Paraprofessionals”: ALPS Conference 2005.
ALA Member Since: 2001.

Statement of Professional Concerns: I am distressed that more paraprofessional/support staff are not encouraged to become involved in national and state library organizations. ALA’s role as the “authority” in library issues should be expanded to cover not only issues of interest to librarians but also those issues pertinent to support staff. In these tough economic times financial obligations leave many unable to attend conferences and continuing education opportunities. ALA has made great strides towards making membership more affordable for all library workers. I would like to see this trend broadened to encompass future offerings of continuing education workshops.

Nancy C. Pack, Director, Tuscaloosa Public Library, 1801 Jack Warner Parkway, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401: 1999.
Education: University of Arkansas, BSE (Elementary Education; Early Education) 1978; Med. (Instructional Resources Education) 1984; University of Tennessee, MLS 1981; Florida State University, Ph. D. LIS; Certificate of Studies in Gerontology 1988; Certificate of Studies in Aging and Vision Loss, 1990.
ALA Activities: ALA Committees: Orientation, Training and Leadership Development, member 2004-2005. Minority Concerns and Cultural Diversity, member 1994-97; Bessie Boehm Moore Award, member 1995, chair 1996-97; Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship, member 1990-92; Office of Library Personnel Resource Advisory Committee, member, 1987-89. Divisions: RUSA “RQ” Editorial Advisory Board, member 1991-93; RASD/SUPS Library Service to an Aging Population, member, 1990-95; ALTA/PLA Committee on Common Concerns, member 1988-91; Public Library Division, Accreditation of Public Libraries Task Force, member 1982; Public Library Heritage Task Force, 1983-85; Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies: Library Services to Special Populations Blind and Physically Handicapped Forum, member 1990-93 Program chair, 1990-92. 
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Arkansas Library Association, Public Relations Committee, Chair 1984; Public Library Division, Secretary 1983, Vice President/President Elect 1985-86, President 1986. Chattanooga Area Library Association, President 1993; Georgia
Library Association, Special Library Division, President 1997.
Honors And Awards: Alternate (Professional) Delegate, Florida Governor’s Conference on Libraries and Information Services, December 1990. Commissioned Paper: Library Service to Handicapped, Institutionalized and Disabled—a background paper for the May 1995 White House Conference on Aging, Office of Educational Research and Improvement U. S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C. 1994. Review Panelist “Library Literacy Programs” LSCA Title VI Grant Applications, U.S. Department of Education 1987-88.
Accomplishments: A life member of ALA since 1987, I am a librarian with 20+ years of broad experience—An Public Library Director, Adjunct Professor, LSCA Consultant, Air Force Librarian, Library Legislative Advocate and author. These varied experiences have given me the skills to provide positive library services to a diverse population. I have had the opportunity to influence library policy, I have developed two background papers: Library Services for Older Adults White House Conference on Aging for Nation Pre-White Conference on Library and Information Science for Older Adults Philadelphia, PA 1996 and Library Services to the Homebound, Institutionalized and Disabled, May 1995 White House Conference on Aging, November 1994. As a Co-compiler and editor of How Libraries Must Comply With the Americans with Disabilities Act, and consultant in this area, I have contributed by providing a simple to understand version of the law that could easily be implemented. As a Legislative Advocate, I contributed to the bill (wording and research materials) for “Aid to County and City Libraries”, State of Arkansas, signed March 1983.
ALA Member Since: 1981.

Statement of Professional Concerns: I support the Core Values of Librarianship that define, inform and guide our professional practices. Since the beginning of US library development, these values have been the foundation upon which libraries and communities are bench marked. Regardless of technology, format, or delivery modality, all information resources provided by the library should be readily and equitably accessible to all actual and potential library users. Along with access to resources, intellectual freedom is essential. Legislation such as the Patriot Act and the use of technology such as RFID used to identify library users reading/information habits must be stopped. Librarians must be vocal when library user’s privacy is challenged. Life long learning and the encouragement of development of coalitions local, state, and nationally to enhance a learning society, are essential roles of all types of libraries. By promoting life long learning, libraries contribute to keeping our society dynamic and vibrant. As the evolution of technology progresses there is the threat of the loss of information unless preservation includes information an all formats. As keepers of information about our own professional heritage, we have overlooked our responsibility: as an Association we need to establish a Library Heritage Museum to emphasize the impact that libraries have on cultural and societal changes and, conversely, to document how these societal changes influence library development. Excellence in service is essential if libraries are to thrive. Maintaining and enhancing our own knowledge and skills, developing and offering professional development for all staff, and providing mentors to a new generation will ensure excellence in service. My professional concerns are to ensure that core values in our profession are maintained and expanded as global changes in the profession and in
society develop.

William Paullin, Director, Atlantic County Library System, 40 Farragut Ave, Mays Landing, NJ 08330: 2003.
Education: Drexel University, MLS, 1979 St. Joseph’s College, Philadelphia, PA, BS English, 1971.
ALA Activities: Chapter Councilor, New Jersey, 2002 – 2004 Resolutions Committee, 2004-2006 LAMA, Statistics Section, Executive Board 1997-2000, Member PLA - Member since 1981 LITA - Member since 1983 LAMA - Member since 1983.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: New Jersey Library Association - Member since 1979 NJLA - Executive Board - ALA Chapter Councilor - 2001-2004 NJLA - Second Vice-President - 1998 NJLA - Executive Board - Member-at-Large - 1994-1997 NJLA Committee Activity Conference Committee - Co Chair - 2001 & 2002 Public Policy Committee - member - 1997-2005 Personnel Administration Committee - 1982-1994 & 1997 Served as Chair 1990-1994 Government Relations Committee 1982-1994 By-Laws Committee - 1983 South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative SJRLC Executive Board Member-at-Large - 1988-1994 Vice-President - 1990-1991 SJRLC Committee Activity Advocacy Committee Collection Development Planning Technology Reference/Interlibrary Loan Waterford Township Free Public Library - New Jersey Board of Trustees 1978 - 1985 Literacy Volunteers, Cape-Atlantic, Inc. Board Member – 2003-Present.
Accomplishments: Vice President of the Waterford Township (New Jersey) Free Public Library when the first Professional Librarian was hired as Director. The library also doubled the public space during my tenure on the board. During my tenure as Chair, the NJLA Personnel Committee developed guidelines for minimum salaries for entry level professional librarians and library assistants. Implemented “Project Connect” which provided Internet access for
all public and private schools in Atlantic County, New Jersey through the Atlantic County Library System.
ALA Member Since: 1979.

Statement of Professional Concerns: I have been involved with libraries almost all of my adult life. I have experienced libraries as a trustee, a paraprofessional, a beginning professional and now an administrator. During this time the prevalent theme has been the value of libraries and library workers. How are they valued by the people who use them and the bodies who fund them? The question of the value of library workers interweaves the question of compensation and benefits. This has been of primary concern to me for several years. I have addressed the issue by being on the committee that developed New Jersey’s first recommendation for an entry level salary for Librarians. This was followed several years later, while I was chair of the Personnel Administration Committee, with an expansion to a recommended entry level salary for paraprofessionals. I believe that ALA with the establishment of the ALA/APA is addressing the issue of the value of library workers. My concern for salaries is the reason why I support the ALA/APA and the efforts to improve the quality of life for library workers.

Barbara Pickell, Library Director, Fairfield County District Library, 219 N. Broad St., Lancaster, OH 43130: 2003.
Education: University of Washington, BA-English, 1970 Emporia State University, MLS, 1977.
ALA Activities: Committee on Diversity, 2005 ALA/APA Salary Equity Committee, 2003.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Ohio Library Council, Intellectual Freedom Committee, Chair,
2005, member 2004; Legislative Advocacy group, member, 2004, 2005. New Jersey Library Association, Intellectual Freedom Subcommittee, Chair, 1996, member 1997-2002; Personnel Advisory Committee, member 1997-1998; Mentoring Subcommittee, 1997; Public/School Library Joint Facility Task Force, member, 2002; Economic Planning Task Force, member, 2002. California Library Association, Intellectual Freedom Committee, member, 1990-1995. Washington Library Association, Intellectual Freedom Committee, member, 1987-1989.
Honors And Awards: City of Lompoc (CA) Affirmative Action Award, 1991-1992.
Accomplishments: I have worked in public, academic and special libraries in seven states, and have done everything from children’s work to cataloging. As a Director in three libraries, I have managed downsizing during two recessions while increasing usage, overseen building and growth, taken libraries through three levy campaigns, integrated technology into overall library service in three locations, and continually worked to upgrade the skills and pay of staff. I am a strong advocate of Intellectual Freedom and have been able to deflect community concerns while maintaining open access to the internet and providing the opportunity for parental choice. I regularly speak on IF issues to groups within the state. I am a strong advocate for adequate pay for library staff at all levels and for continuing education for library personnel.
ALA Member Since: 1988.


Jo Ann Pinder, Executive Director, Gwinnett County Public Library, 1001 Lawrenceville Highway, Lawrenceville, GA 30045: 1991.
Education: Pennsylvania State University, B.S. 1970 University of Pittsburgh, MLS, 1977 Harvard University, JFK School of Government, Program for Senior Executive in State and Local Government 1990.
ALA Activities: ALA Council 1996-2001, 2003-06; Core Values Task Force I 2000; Task Force on Membership Meeting 2000-2001; Resolutions Committee 2005-2007; Committee on Professional Ethics 2004-2006; LAMA ALA-AIA Building Jury 1997,1999; LAMA Publications Committee 1993-96; LAMA Special Conferences and Programs 1889-93; PLA Board 1996-2003; PLA Nominating Committee 1988-90,1994-96,1997-99, 2004-05 Chair; PLA Policy Manual Advisory Committee 1988-1993 (CH); PLA Publications Committee-Statistical Report Advisory sub-committee 1995-96 (CH); PLA Leadership Development 1999-2001 (CH);PLA National Conference 2002 Program Committee 2000-02 (CO-CH); Various committees as member and chair in PLA Divisions; PLA President 2002-03.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Maryland Library Association, president 1982; League of Women Voters Gwinnett County (GA), president 1994-96; Rotary Club of Lawrenceville, president 1997-98.
Honors And Awards: Gale Group/Library Journal Library of the Year 2000, director; ALA Freedom to Read Foundation Roll of Honor 1999; Gwinnett Exceptional Women Leaders (GEWL) Honoree 1998; Maryland Library Association Special Recognition Award 1988; United Way of Gwinnett Women’s Legacy Honoree 2005.
Accomplishments: My major accomplishment is the improvement of library service to the people in the communities where I work. Library Journal and the Gale Group recognized this by naming Gwinnett County Public Library, Library of the Year in 2000.
ALA Member Since: 1976.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Libraries are an essential component of American democracy. In order for libraries to be strong enough to carry out this responsibility, the staff who work in those libraries and the trustees who govern them must have the skills necessary to accomplish our mission. ALA should provide opportunities for those people to grow and learn. ALA should be the advocate for all types of libraries and focus on the library’s role in the national political agenda. ALA Council should focus on libraries in all its actions. Council should be productive, focused and representative of all ALA members. My experience in the profession and experience on Council will enable me to help Council accomplish this.

Dale Poulter, Systems Librarian, Vanderbilt University, 110 21st Ave South, Suite 700, Nashville, TN 37203: 1999.
Education: Texas Tech University, B.S. ChE 1992 University of North Texas, MSLS 1998.
ALA Activities: LITA 2006 National Forum Planning Committee (chair) ALA Web Advisory Committee -Intern (2004-2006) LITA Membership Development Committee - Member (2003-2005) LITA Bylaws and Organization Committee - Member (2002-2006) LITA Hi-tech award committee (2001 -Member, 2002 -Chair).
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: UUGI Program co-chair 2003 UUGI Nominating (2004).
Honors And Awards: UUGI Program co-chair 2003 Honors and Awards: Innovation Creativity Award (2001) TTU President’s Quality Service Award (1997).

Accomplishments: Assist in implementing Vanderbilt’s institutional repository. I regularly present sessions on modifying the library OPAC to meet user needs at UUGI. I am active in LITA and ALA and have served on committees in both organizations.
ALA Member Since: 1997.

Statement of Professional Concerns: ALA is the voice of libraries and librarians. It is important that the organization quickly respond to concerns of its membership. This includes lobbying against censorship and for patron rights, equality of access, and increased funding for libraries. Libraries can be the great equalizer in society but only if they are properly funded and if people can freely access age appropriate information in any format. As a member of ALA’s Council I will listen to the concerns of the membership and make these concerns known to other councilors in order to have the concerns addressed in a timely manner. I will also strive to keep the focus on topics that are directly related to libraries and librarians and not dilute the Council’s focus on peripheral issues.

Brenda Pruitt-Annisette, Coordinator- Media Services, Fulton County Schools, 786 Cleveland Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30315: 1997.
Education: BA - North Carolina Central University (French/Education) 1975 MLS -North Carolina Central University School of Library Science - 1986 Ed.S - Georgia State University - 1998 Ed. D Clark Atlanta University (Administration/Supervision) 2002-Present.
ALA Activities: (1) ALA Committees - Research and Statistics 1999-2001; ALA NCATE Reviewer 2000-Present (2) ALA Divisions - AASL; YALSA; (3) ALSC - Technology Committee Member (June 2005 Appointment).
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Georgia Library Media Association - Member 1993-Present. New York City Library Association - Member 1988-1991. NEA - Member 1978-1985.
Honors And Awards: Scholarship Recipient - Friends of the Rowan County Library System 1980 Participant - People to People’s Conference to Barcelona, Spain 1996 Teacher of the Year 1995 - Atlanta City Schools, Atlanta, Georgia National Library Power Program Recipient 1993-1998 (Atlanta Public Schools).
Accomplishments: The field of Library and Information Science owes a wealth of gratitude to those, like me, who practice the profession in the areas of school and children’s librarianship. As a children’s librarian in both the school and public library setting, I have had the pleasure of developing programs that excite youth and adults to the endless possibilities and the discoveries that exist within the pages of books: electronic and print. In this rapidly changing era of technology usage, this task has been somewhat challenging. It is not enough to know the importance of accessing and delivering information to young patrons, the problem arises for information specialists when the mode of delivery becomes more important than providing access. As a information specialists who is for adept to using, managing, and envisiontechnology, these new challenges offer greater learning opportunities for professional growth and a continuous evaluation of the quality of service being offered to 21st century patrons. What a truly enjoyable profession!
ALA Member Since: 1994.

Statement of Professional Concerns: As a school media specialist, Coordinator of K -12 Media Services, and a doctoral student, technology has been an essential part of my daily activities for many years. I recognize how technology supports the information needs of educators, students, and community members. It is important that ALA continues to provide the leadership necessary to improve information access and delivery to all segments of our ‘flattening’ world. We must be willing to envision the integration of existing information delivery systems with newer technologies, and vice versa. If selected to serve as an ALA Councilor- at- Large, I would use my influence to challenge our collective thinking about technology and how it is used to improve learning for all members of our global society.

Ann Campion Riley, Director, Technical and Access Services, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Lovejoy Library, Edwardsville, IL 62024: 2004.
Education: University of Missouri—St Louis, M.A. (English) 1984 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, M.S. (Library Science) 1977 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, A.B. (English) 1976.
ALA Activities: ALA Divisions: ACRL: DLS Membership Committee, 2000-present, Chair 2005; CJCLS: Secretary, 2005, Resources Review Committee, Chair, 2001-2004; LITA: member 1980-95; ALCTS: member 1977-89. Honors, Awards, Prizes, Citations: Innovator of the Year nominee, St. Louis Community College, 1998; Leadership Chesterfield, 2001; National Institute for Leadership Development Leaders Class of 1999; Beta Phi Mu. Publications: “Using Staff Focus Groups for Help in Services Assessment” in A Collection of Papers on Self-Study and Institutional Improvement. Chicago: Higher Learning Commission, 2002; “The Assize of Bread and Ale in Pierpont Morgan MS. 875” Manuscripta 38 (1994).
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: State and Regional Library Association Activities: Missouri Library Association, President 2004-05; Membership Committee, 2001-2003; Missouri Association of College and Research Libraries, Chair, 2003-2004; Missouri Library Network Corporation OCLC Users’ Group Chair, 1990-91; St. Louis Regional Library Network, Board member 1999-00.
Honors And Awards: Honors, Awards, Prizes, Citations: Innovator of the Year nominee, St. Louis Community College, 1998; Leadership Chesterfield, 2001; National Institute for Leadership Development Leaders Class of 1999; Beta Phi Mu. Publications: “Using Staff Focus Groups for Help in Services Assessment” in A Collection of Papers on Self-Study and Institutional Improvement. Chicago: Higher Learning Commission, 2002; “The Assize of Bread and Ale in Pierpont Morgan MS. 875” Manuscripta 38 (1994).
ALA Member Since: 1977.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Faced with increasing technological change and the present cycle of reduced state funding, libraries and learning resource centers need stronger leadership than ever before. Building administrative understanding of and support for what we do is crucial if we are to meet the needs of students for increased information literacy instruction and access to library resources. ALA must help its members meet these continuing challenges with collegial support, educational programs and work on supportive standards for use with accrediting groups and other academic leaders. ALA Council needs to be responsive to member concerns and increase the relevancy of Council activities.

Ellen Riordan, Coordinator of Children’s Services, Enoch Pratt Free Library, 400 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD 21201: 1997.
Education: Douglass College, Rutgers University BA English 1982 University of Michigan IMLS 1983.
ALA Activities: ALSC 1994 Newbery 1995 Award Committee member ALSC 2000-2003 Managing Children’s Services Committee
member ALSC 2005 Caldecott 2006 Award Committee member.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: 2001-present Advisory Council. ROAR Baltimore City member 2003-present Baltimore City Success By Six Board member 2003-present Baltimore Leadership in Action member.
Honors And Awards: Enoch Pratt Free Library Piercy Award 1993 Enoch Pratt Free Library Volunteer Services Outstanding Office Award 2004.
Accomplishments: Ellen Riordan is the Coordinator of Children’s Services for the Enoch Pratt Free Library. Since 1997, Ellen has directed the library’s successful programs for children birth to 12. Under her management the library has instituted Kids’ Corner, a computer resource for children aged two to ten, an annual Fairy Tale Festival that is attended by over two thousand people and First Card, a fine free card for children from birth to six years old. She is also an active member of ALSC having served on the Managing Children’s Services Committee where she helped form the successful Pardon Me for Being a Manager series. She has served on the Newbery Awards committee and is currently on the 2006 Caldecott committee. Ms. Riordan has also co authored an article published in Spring 2004 CHILDREN AND LIBRARIES on using brain research to develop library programs for children called “Make Way for Dendrites: How Brain Research Can Impact Children’s Programming.”
ALA Member Since: 1982.

Statement of Professional Concerns: I feel strongly that librarians who work with young people need to have an active role in ALA outside the realm of ALSC, and ASSL and YALSA.  We are the professionals who see the future of libraries everyday in our work. Our commitment to library users of the future is the driving force behind how we shape our libraries policies, services and place in the community. The growing knowledge of emergent literacy and its importance to all communities has focused attention on our role in the education of our youngest citizens. I feel these programs and services build on the best that public libraries can offer. Greater visibility and support for this work is critical to the public library’s place in tomorrow’s world.

Donald Roalkvam, President, Board of Library Trustees, Indian Trails Public Library District, 355 S. Schoenbeck Rd., Wheeling, IL 60090: 2005.
Education: Luther College, B.A. Political Science, 1970.
ALA Activities: ALTA Division Councilor, 2003-05. ALA: Chair, 2006 ALA Conference Program Coordinating Team, 2005-06; Member, 2005 ALA Conference Program Coordinating Team, 2004-05. ALA: Member, ALA Nominating Committee, 2005-06. ALTA: 2nd Vice President, Board of Directors, 2005-Present; ALTA: Member, Board of Directors, 2001-Present.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Illinois Library Association: Member, 2006 ILA Conference Program Committee, 2005 to present. North Suburban Library System: President, Board of Directors, 2001-03; Member, Board of Directors, 1999-2005. Indian Trails Public Library District: President, Board of Library Trustees, 2005-Present; Member, Board of Library Trustees, 1995-Present; Indian Trails Public Library District: President, Board of Library Trustees, 2001-03.
Honors and Awards: Publications: Co-author, “”Here Come the Boomers”,” Public Libraries, May/June 2004.
ALA Member Since: 1995.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Library trustees must be better advocates for their library and libraries nationwide. Advocacy is a two way street. It is more than telling our legislators what the library needs. It is also listening to our library’s customers, listen to their needs, and provide resources and service to meet those needs. To remain relevant the library must provide the services and programs the public wants and needs. Fiduciary responsibility is a role of a trustee but it is not enough to only cut spending. We must constantly remind federal, state, and local government officials, the business community, and the public at large that libraries are the central source to provide information to all economic levels ensuring equal access and opportunities for education for all.

Larry Romans, Govt Info Services Librarian, Vanderbilt Univ. Central Library, 419 - 21st Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37240: 1983.
Education: Stetson University, B.A. (Economics and Political Science), 1967;  Tulane University, M.A. (Political Science), 1978; Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, M.L.S., 1983.
ALA Activities: ALA Council:  Councilor-at-Large, 2000-2006; Chapter Councilor for Tennessee, 1992-2000; Co-convener, Chapter Councilor Caucus, 1993-2000. ALA Committees: Committee on Legislation, 2002-2006 (Chair 2005-2006); Membership Meeting Committee, 2001-2003 (Chair 2002-2003);  Resolutions Committee, 1998-2000; Planning and Budget Assembly, 1998-2000; Spectrum Initiative Minority Scholarship Jury, 1998-1999;  Structure Revision Task Force, 1995-97; Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), 1983-present; Chapters Council, 2002-2006 (LegNet representative); Public Library Association Internal Revenue Service Committee, 1997-99; Government Documents Round Table (GODORT), Chair, 1999-2000;  Steering Committee, 1988-91, 1994-95, 1997-2000; Federal Documents Task Force (FDTF) (Coordinator, 1997-98; Steering Committee, 1996-98); Coordinator of Handout Exchange, 1988-present; Education Committee, 1988-91, 1995-96, 2003-2005 (Chair, 1988-91);  Government Information Technology Committee (GITCO), 1991-95 (Chair, 1994-95).
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Tennessee Library Association, 1987-present; Executive Board, 1989-90, 1992-present; ALA Representative, 1992-present; TLA Government Documents Round Table (TLA GODORT), 1988-present (Chair, 1989-90).
Honors And Awards: 1995 American Library Association/Government Documents Round Table (ALA/GODORT)/Congressional Information Service (CIS) Documents to the People Award.
Accomplishments: I am especially proud of my work that provides practical help for libraries and the profession: participating on the Spectrum Initiative Minority Scholarship Jury and the Public Library Association (PLA) Internal Revenue Service Committee, coordinating the GODORT Handout Exchange, and maintaining the GODORT FDTF Government Information portal. My Council work has focused on membership and on Congress. I chaired the group that proposed reducing the Membership Meeting Quorum and introduced the proposal that increases Council membership for round tables. As chair of the Committee on Legislation (COL), I advocated changes in the way government informs its people and whether it protects their rights. I work with ACRL and COL to strengthen networks to contact Congress about current legislation. I have promoted diversity and social responsibility. I received the 1995 ALA/GODORT/CIS Documents to the People Award for “outstanding leadership as an advocate of effective public access to government information.” As GODORT Chair I worked to make GODORT more inclusive by appointing a broader range of members to committees and by initiating bylaws changes to enlarge committees to add newer members.
ALA Member Since: 1984.

Statement of Professional Concerns: The library profession shows remarkable consensus about many issues: diversity, intellectual freedom and civil liberties, library funding, equity of information access, the e-rate, pay equity, and technological challenges. Identifying the issues, passing resolutions, and setting five-year goals is the easy part; the difficult part is addressing these issues in positive, practical ways. ALA should provide help to front-line librarians throughout the country who face real challenges. We need public awareness campaigns to offset the negative image that extremists have given us and we need more publications like “Libraries & the Internet Toolkit,” that provide workable answers to wide-spread problems. We should expand our continuing education efforts. We must empower citizens and librarians through programs like Lobbying 101 and “Library Advocacy Now” to promote and defend libraries to legislators and the media, and we must demonstrate to policy-makers and the public that libraries are the best access points for information in the new millennium.

Frances Roscello, Associate in School Library Media Services, New York State Education Department, 375 EBA, Albany, NY 12234: 1985.
Education: State University of New York, New York State Administration & Supervision Certificate, 1979; C.W. Post College of Long Island University, MLS, 1976; Indiana University, Advanced Study in Library Science, summer 1965; Indiana University, BS in Mathematics & Chemistry Education, minor Library Science, 1965.
ALA Activities: President, American Association of School Librarians (AASL), 2003-2004; ALA Public Awareness Advocacy Institute Task Force 2005-2006; ALA Information Literacy Partnerships, Steering Committee, ALA Presidential Taskforce, 1999-2001; ALA/AASL Co-Chair National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education Committee (NCATE) Competency Writing Team, 2001-2002; NCATE Committee 1989-96; Folio reader, NCATE 1989-99; Chair, Folio Committee, NCATE, 1989-99; Joint Youth Division Executive Committee, AASL, YALSA, ALSC 1999-2005. President, American Association of School Librarians (AASL), 2003-2004; President-Elect, AASL 2002-2003; Past-President, AASL 2004-2005; Executive Committee of the AASL Board of Directors, 1999-2005; Member-at-Large, AASL Board of Directors, 2000-2002; Region II Director/Director Elect, AASL Board of Directors, 1997-2000; Chair, AASL New Members Mentoring Committee 2005-2006; Chair, AASL Nominating Procedures Taskforce 2004-2005; AASL Taskforce on the Competencies for Library Media Specialist in the 21st Century, 1997-2000; AASL Research & Statistics Committee, 1995-2001; Chair, AASL ICONnect Taskforce sub-committee, 1995-97; AASL Information Access Continuing Education Grant Committee, 1996; AASL Technology Committee, 1988-1996; Regional Coordinator, AASL Affiliate Assembly, 1989-1991; Delegate, AASL Affiliate Assembly, 1988-91; Chair, AASL Technology for Resource Sharing Committee, 1989-1991; AASL Accessing Instructional Materials and Information Committee, 1988-90.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: President, American Association of School Librarians (AASL), 2003-2004 President, National Association of State Educational Media Professionals (NASTEMP), 1999-2002; President, New York Library Association (NYLA) Centennial Year, 1989-1990; Vice-President/President-Elect, NYLA 1988-89; Immediate Past-President, NYLA, 1990-1991; Second Vice-President, NYLA, 1985-86; Executive Board, School Library Media Section (SLMS/NYLA), 1983-current; Vitality Fund/Capital Campaign, NYLA, 1999-2003; State Coordinator, Implementation of Information Power, SLMS/NYLA, 1998-2002; Finance Committee, SLMS/NYLA, 1997-current; Legislative Committee, NYLA, 1995-current; Board, Center for International Study in School Libraries (CISSL), 2004-current; Advisory Committee, Pratt Institute, 2000-current; Advisory Committee, Syracuse University School Of Information Studies, 1988-current; Advisory Committee, Queens College, 2001-current; Tall Trees/Readers Digest Committee, Westchester County, 1995-1998; Delegate-at-Large, NASTEMP, 1992-95; Delegate, NYS Council of Education Associations (NYSCEA), 1991-95; Chair, White House Conference Implementation Committee, NYLA, 1991-1994; Delegate, SLMS/NYLA Delegate to AASL Affiliate Assembly, 1988-91; Newsletter Editor, SLMS/NYLA, 1983-87; Chair, NYLA Conference, 1986; Second Vice-President, SLMS, 1983-84.
Honors And Awards: Distinguished Alumni Award, C.W. Post College of Long Island University, 1988; Longstanding Service Award SLMS/NYLA, 1987, 1997; Certificate of Appreciation, Readers Digest, 1995; Certificate of Recognition for Service to School Library System Program, NYSED, 1995; Commissioner, NY State Governor’s Commission on Libraries, 1990-91; Delegate, NY State Governor’s Commission on Libraries, 1990.
Accomplishments: Elected by my peers as AASL President, 2003-2004, and NYLA President, 1989-90, highlights my library career. Provided leadership within the professional organizations, developed and implemented library standards and partnerships, and ensured the voice of librarians and constituents are heard. Developed and administered library media programs at building, district and state education levels. As state-level school library media program consultant for New York, provide an opportunity to give back to the library community through leadership, workshops, consensus building, information generation, and response to the issues and challenges facing today’s school library media programs. Workshops and writing include: developing NYS Middle School Indicators of Achievement, LMP Evaluation Rubric, LM Information Skills Curriculum; coordinated a NYS Plan to implement IPII Standards; designed a LMP Improvement Initiative for low-performing schools; designed plan for AASL Presidential/Affiliate interaction; implemented working partnerships between Youth Division presidents for advocacy. Numerous workshops on school libraries: standards, partnerships, information literacy K-20, facility planning, collaboration, evaluation, the role of the LMS in school reform and raising student achievement.
ALA Member Since: 1984.

Statement of Professional Concerns: ALA in 2006 stands poised to move forward to 2010 for school, public, academic and special libraries, librarians, and library workers. As AASL President and Board member, I was involved in the development of ALAhead to 2010 and I am confident that ALA can provide the leadership needed to develop, promote, and improve library and information services in the coming years. My career as a librarian and representing librarians at building, district and state education department levels and in professional organizations has shown me the importance of all types of libraries working together to achieve common and individual goals. To reach these goals, ALA must continue to develop partnerships across divisions for seamless library service and to harness the energy of its 66,000 members. My years of professional organization experience as president of AASL, NYLA, and NASTEMP gives me the expertise needed to implement ALA’s strategic plan.

Mark Rosenzweig, Director/ Librarian and Archivist, Reference Center for Marxist Studies, 235 W. 23rd St., New York, NY, 10011: 1999.
Education: Columbia Univ., Sch. of L. Serv., MS (L. Sci.), 1989; Univ. of UT, Dept. of Econ., MS (Econ.), 1982.
ALA Activities: ACRL Intellectual Freedom Com., 1994-98. SRRT: Action Council, 1990-present-; Intl. Human Rights TF (renamed: Intl. Responsibilities TF), 1993-; SRRT Newsletter, ed. Bd., 1992-present.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: L. Assn. of the City Univ. of NY (LACUNY), Delegate to Exec. Council, 1991-; LACUNY Inst., ch., 1993; Urban Acad. Ln. (LACUNY-sponsored jrnl.), ed.; Progressive Ln(s). Guild (PLG), co-founder, organizing com. mbr., 1990-; Progressive Ln., co-ed., 1990-. Member: Board of Directors: Alternative Press Center; Member: Board of Directors: Provisions Library, Wash. DC; Member: Board of Directors READNepal.
Accomplishments: I co-founded the Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG) in 1990. The PLG has grown to be an important national organization of activist librarians and a forum for independent critical debate on library issues. I also helped launch PLG’s journal, Progressive Librarian, which has served as a sounding board for points of view rarely heard in the mainstream library journals, viewpoints, which often radically challenge the ideological consensus of the profession across the whole range of issues with which librarians are concerned. PLG has developed an international network of similar organizations in Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Africa, Germany, Austria, U.K., with members in many other countries. Within ALA I have pursued the following priorities: for ALA to insure quality services and protect the interests of its librarian/library worker members ALA has to 1) address the question of librarians’ salaries. 2) insist on professional qualifications for professional positions and fight against de-skilling and de-professionalization. 3) insist on affirmatively opening professional opportunities for library workers to gain certification, subsidized by the institutions or ALA, if possible. 4) fight for affirmative action for racial/ethnic minorities. 5) support the efforts of unions to advance the economic interests of librarians and library workers. 6) recruit idealistic, service-oriented and intellectually curious people to librarianship, people who understand the social importance of the library in the community, whatever community it is, as the guarantor of access to information, whether they themselves be school media specialists, public librarians, academic librarians, research librarians. 7) work with teachers, professors, curators and museum people, archivists, record managers, computer professionals, information scientists, etc. at a membership level as well as an organizational level, in an cross-discipline way, making common cause with their organizations as much as possible and organizing opportunities for these “knowledge workers’ to exchange ideas. 8) join and help build the common front against corporate globalization, which is so intimately tied to the issue of continuing privatization of the public sector, and fight the downsizing and outsourcing of its members’ jobs. I include among my accomplishments the following publications and conference papers (this is a partial list). Journals: Articles for “Information for Social Change,” Library Voice (U.S.), and Bibloteccas and Sociedad (Spain), 2000. “The Failure of U.S. Librarianship Before and After 911,” in BIS (Sweden 2003). “Intellectual Freedom, Self-Censorship & Academic Librarianship” (with John Buschman), Journal of Info. Ethics, v.8, no.2, Fall 1999. “What’s the matter with [ALA] Membership?” (interview), AL, Dec. 1997. “ALA and Social Issues,” (with E. Harger and J. Buschman), AL, July 1994. “Libraries at the End of History?” in Alternative Library Literature, 1990-91, ed. by S. Berman and J. Danky, McFarland, 1992. “Politics and Antipolitics in Librarianship,” Progressive Librarian, #3, Sum. 1991. “The South Africa ‘Book Boycott: ’ Censorship or Solidarity,” Progressive Librarian, Sum., 1990. Conf. papers (partial list): “Fighting Pro-Business Bias: Towards a Re-thinking of Library Labor Services,” presented on RASD panel at ALA 1992 Annual Conf. “Self-Censorship in Librarianship,” presented at ACRL Natl. Conf., 1992. “Political Correctness: the Construction of a Controversy,” presented at ACRUNY symposium Intellectual Diversity and Political Correctness: Continuing Controversies, Nov. 1992, NYC.
ALA Member Since: 1989.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

* Promotion of libraries of all types as key institutions of cultural democracy, vital to human development. * A librarianship of public advocacy and community service as well as research and scholarship. * An end to economic and social barriers to access. Fight the growing “information gap’ and social exclusion. * A balanced approach to information technologies, recognizing the necessity of continued allocation for print materials and collections. For an “appropriate technology” for libraries in transition. *Continued vigilance against censorship in defense of intellectual freedom and the right to secular education. * Better pay and conditions of work for librarians and other library workers. * A socially responsible library culture linking local, national, global aspects of libraries in their social/cultural/economic context. *Democratic, not corporate, globalization. For a broad definition of library issues uniting us with cultural professionals in related spheres (education, communications, etc.). *An Association committed to pluralism, diversity, democracy, activism, and participation.

Gail Schlachter, President, Reference Service Press, 5000 Windplay Drive, Suite 4, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762: 1985.
Education: University of Minnesota, Ph.D., Library Science, 1971 University of Southern California, M.P.A., Public Administration, 1976 University of Wisconsin, M.A., Library Science, 1967 University of Wisconsin, Joint M.A., History and Education, 1966 University of California, Berkeley, B.A., 1964.
ALA Activities: ALA Council: RUSA Division Councilor; Councilor-at-Large, Resolutions Committee member ALA Committees: American Libraries Advisory Committee, Chair; ALA Membership Committee, member; ALA Publishing Committee, member Reference And User Services Association (RUSA): President of RUSA (previously RASD); “Reference Sources” Editor, Reference and User Services Quarterly (RUSQ; previously RQ); Editor-in-Chief, RUSQ; RUSA Council representative; RUSQ Editorial Board, Chair Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA): Publishing Committee, Chair EMIERT: Current Treasurer candidate Independent Librarians Exchange Round Table (ILEX): Executive Board.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: CALIFORNIA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION: Assembly Representative-at-Large; Awards and Scholarships Committee, Chair; Librarians, Publishers, and Vendors Committee, Chair; Professional Standards Committee, Chair CARL (California Chapter of Academic and Research Librarians), President INFORMATION INSTITUTE: Board of Directors XREFER: Advisory Board.
Honors And Awards: Isadore Gilbert Mudge Award for Distinguished Service to Reference Librarianship Louis Shores/Oryx Press Award for Excellence in Reviewing Knowledge Industry Publications’ “Library Literature Award” “Editor’s Choice,” selection, Reference Books Bulletin “Best Reference Book” selection, Library Journal “Best Professional Book” selection, RQ (now RUSQ) “Outstanding Academic Title” selection, Choice “Outstanding Professor,” University of Southern California, Library School.
Accomplishments: During the past three decades, I have had the opportunity to look at librarianship from practically every angle: as a reference librarian, a library educator, a library administrator, an author of reference materials, and most recently as a publisher of library-oriented reference books (first for ABC-CLIO and currently for Reference Service Press). In the process, I have been reminded, repeatedly, of the important role ALA plays in the field. As a result, I have made ALA—and most particularly the Reference and User Services Association—my number one professional commitment, serving as President of the Reference and Adult Services Division (now Reference and User Services Association), as Editor of the Reference and User Services Quarterly, as Reference Book Review Editor of RQ (now Reference and User Services Quarterly), as RUSA representative to Council, and as a member/chair of numerous committees. In an attempt to at least partially “pay back” a field that has both challenged and stimulated me, I have established and funded two annual professional awards: the $3,000 Reference Service Press Fellowship (to prepare library school students for reference positions) and the $2,500 Reference Service Press Award (to recognize the most outstanding article published each year in Reference and User Services Quarterly).
ALA Member Since: 1974.

Statement of Professional Concerns: To borrow an over-used but never-truer literary phrase, it is the best and worst of times for libraries. On the one hand, more Americans have a library card and are using their libraries than ever before, the vast majority are satisfied with their libraries and believe they will play an important role in their futures, well over 90 percent of public libraries provide Internet access, reference librarians are fielding more than 7 million questions each week, and, my personal favorite from ALA’s 2002 “Quotable Facts about America’s Libraries, “Americans go to school, public and academic libraries more than twice as often as they go to the movies.” At the same time, the budgetary crisis has resulted in cutbacks and closures at libraries throughout the country. In California, my own state, Monterey almost became the first city in the United States to completely close down its library system. The current economy will directly affect ALA’s ability to focus on its key action areas of diversity, education and continuous learning, equity of access, intellectual freedom, and 21st century literacy. The decisions ALA Council makes during these times can have lasting effects for the field. I believe I have the time, energy, drive, and experience to help make the right decisions for the association.

Jane Sessa, Law Library Director, U.S. Department of Commerce, 14th & Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20230: 1998.
Education: University of Miami, A.B. 1973; Catholic University of America, M.L.S., 1976; American University, Washington, D.C., M.B.A. 1986.
ALA Activities: Committee of Legislation 2005/7; Chair Legislation Assembly, 2004/5 & 2002; President Federal Librarians Round Table, 1996/7; Director FAFLRT 2001-3; Editor, Federal Librarian 2000-; Government Information Subcommittee of COL 1999-.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Director, District of Columbia Library Association, 2002-4.
Honors and Awards: Distinguished Service Award, Office of the General Counsel, 2003, Director’s award, Congressional Budget Office, 1986.
ALA Member Since: 1974.  

Barbara Silverman, Children’s Librarian-retired.  
Education: Washington University, B.S. 1960 Texas Woman’s University, M.L.S., 1982 Corpus Christi State University (now Texas A&M University Corpus Christi) M.S., Supervision & Curriculum, 1989.
ALA Activities: ALSC Research and Development Committee, 2004-2006.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Chair, Children’s Roundtable of the Texas Library Association, 1993 Chair, Nominating Committee, Texas Association of School Librarians, 1991. Chair, Swap Shop Committee of Texas Association of School Librarians, 1989 Co-Chair, Local Arrangements Committee of the Children’s Round Table, 1988 Chair, Bylaws Committee of the Texas Association of School Librarians, 1986. Member of the first Texas Bluebonnet Award Committee of the Texas Library Association, 1978-1980.
Honors And Awards: Awarded “Outstanding Teacher of the Year 1984” by District; IV, Alpha Delta Kappa, International Teachers Society. Member Beta Phi Mu International Library Science Honor Society since 1982.
Accomplishments: Awarded a Texas State Reading Association Mini Grant in 1992 for an innovative reading program entitled: “Lost in Reading”. Paper published in “School Library Media Activities Monthly”, Nov. 1989, entitled: “School Library Media Center Reading Contest” Presented a slide/tape seminar at the Texas State Council of the International Reading Association’s 15th annual conference in El Paso, Texas, 1987 entitled: “Alterations in American Multicultural Perceptions as Manifested by Illustrations in Selected Children’s Caldecott books from 1938-1982”. Presented a workshop entitled: “Creative Reading and Storytelling Techniques”, at the 1984 Texas Library Conference.
ALA Member Since: 1981.

Statement of Professional Concerns: One of my concerns with the profession is with the way we interact with our patrons. We need to obtain input about what these patrons want from their libraries and then provide these services. We have to be concerned about the illiteracy rate in the country and use innovative methods of reaching out to the community to promote programs for literacy. We should use public relations to show all the benefits that a library and librarians achieve for a community. The ALA should be an advocate for librarians and libraries. We should offer programs and courses for continuing education and strongly encourage all librarians to take these courses to keep up with the new technology. I look forward to being able to help in these endeavors and any others that you want and/or need, if you elect me to be one of your Councilors-at-Large.

Clara L. Sitter, Associate Clinical Professor, University of Denver, College of Education, Library & Information Science, Wesley Hall, 2135 E. Wesley Ave., Denver, CO 80208: 1998.
Education: University of Oklahoma, American Studies BA 1962. University of Texas at Austin, Library Science MLS 1966. University of Denver, Library & Information Management Certificate of Advanced Studies 1981. University of Colorado Boulder, Instructional Design Ph.D. 1982.
ALA Activities: ALA Council 1997-1999. ALA Standards Committee member 1998-2002.  AASL Publications Committee member 2002-present; Chair 2005-2006. AASL Knowledge Quest Editorial Board 2003-present. Member of many divisions and roundtables.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Alaska Library Association President 1992-1993, Conference chair/co-chair 1990, 1997; numerous chair positions 1987-1999.  Colorado Library Association (CLA), life member since 1971. Changed to Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL) 2002, life member, various committees. Colorado Educational Media Association (CEMA), member 1971-2002; changed to Colorado Association of School Librarians (CASL) 2002, life member, various committees, board (CEMA & CASL) 1999-present.
Honors And Awards: Honorary life membership, Alaska Library Association, awarded 1999. ALA “Notable Document” 1996; “Best Handbook in the United States in 1996” award from the National Federation of Press Women for Handbook for Alaska K-12 School Libraries.
Accomplishments: I was a practicing librarian for more than 30 years with 17 years in school libraries (Colorado), 18 years in academic libraries (Texas, Colorado, Alaska), and brief assignments in public libraries (Virginia, Alaska, Colorado). I have worked primarily in acquisitions, cataloging, reference, instruction, administration, special collections, and rare books.  Working in the University of Denver Library and Information Science program for the past eight years, I have developed and taught courses as well as served on the team that planned and built the program. Achieving ALA Accreditation in 2004 for the program was a shared major accomplishment. Personal accomplishments include successfully leading the Alaska Library Association as president, chairing several state conventions, and authoring several major publications. Selected publications include The Vertical File and Its Alternatives (1992), Handbook for Alaska K-12 School Libraries (1995), Plugging into the Electronic Library (1995), “Applications of the Internet in Library Management” in The Internet Encyclopedia (2003). Most recently I co-edited the May-June (2006) issue of Knowledge Quest on social responsibility with publication due before the 2006 annual conference.
ALA Member Since: 1963.

Statement of Professional Concerns: I am passionate about the profession of librarianship and I want to pass that torch to the new generation of information providers. As a practitioner now teaching library science I am most interested in discussions of I am passionate about the profession of librarianship and I want to pass that torch to the new generation of information providers. As a practitioner now teaching library science I am most interested in discussions of library education. Diversity and community engagement are professional priorities. I will continue to encourage a diverse community of professionals. I strongly support links between research and practice, partnerships between librarians/libraries and community groups, and connections between librarians of all types. Thirty plus years of professional experience in all types of libraries with almost every aspect of librarianship has provided an excellent background for teaching library and information science. I believe it has also prepared me well for a unique voice on the ALA Council. I welcome an opportunity to serve on the ALA Council.

Felicia Smith, Librarian-In-Residence, University of Notre Dame, 418 Court of the Royal Arms, South Bend, IN 46637: 2005.
Education: University of Illinois at Chicago, Bachelor of Arts, 1994 and Dominican University, Master of Library and Information Science, 2004.
ALA Activities: Member, ACRL Racial and Ethnic Diversity Committee, 2005-Present Member, LITA Top Technology Trends Committee, 2005-Present Member, Special Library Association Diversity Committee, 2001-2003 Member, Illinois Library Association Cultural & Racial Diversity, 2000-2003.
Honors And Awards: Sr. Reparata Murray Scholarship 2002 NML Scholar 2001 American Library Association’s Spectrum Scholarship 2001 Dominican University (Spectrum-Matching) Scholarship 2001 Medical Library Association Scholarship 2001 INSPEC Travel Stipend 2001 Southern Illinois University Full Tuition Scholarship 1990.
Accomplishments: PUBLICATIONS “Reflections of a Resident,” Versed, Sept.-Oct. 2005. ”Seldom Explored Minorities’ Stories: Eyes Wide Shut,” Versed, Nov.-Dec. 2005. “From Private Investigator to Librarian.”, [Forthcoming; April 2006]. “Spiritual Literacy” Christian Librarian, [Forthcoming; April 2006]. “Red Pill or Blue Pill? Do We Have a Choice?” Sci-Tech News, v.55, no. 3 Aug. 2001, pp.6-7. “The Function of Consumer Health Information Centers in Hospitals,” MLA NEWS, no. 327(2000): 23. LECTURES “Literacy in the 21st Century,”(Invited Panelist). [Forthcoming; ILF Annual Conference, 13 April 2006] “Health Information on the Web,” Regional Coffee & Caucus. Chicago Department on Aging, July-October 2000. (Invited Speaker). “Show Me the Money: How to Get Scholarships to Fund Your Graduate Education.” Dominican University, February 19, 2002. (Invited Speaker).
ALA Member Since: 2000.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Librarians propagate comprehensive information through collection, scholarly publication, exhibits and speeches. I’m speaking at Indiana’s Annual Conference and I’ve published articles and bibliographic essays. Critical components include forging diversity in library’s racial and religious compositions. Library collections must raise awareness of conditions concerning underrepresented populations, globally. I utilize my training to unearth and disseminate information about obscure issues. As a representative of “Diversity,” it is incumbent upon me to include unrepresented beliefs, lifestyles and values. People confuse my being an African-American, as the sum total of my diversity contribution. Fortunately, I also have nonconformist ideals, and I’m not afraid to vocalize them. I am an “Activist Librarian.” I don’t believe librarianship is a passive profession. I am passionate about social issues. Librarians must lead the way, since we are uniquely positioned to stem society’s arrested development by collection management from divergent sources.

Sally Decker Smith, Head of Adult Services, Indian Trails Public Library District, 355 S. Schoenbeck Road, Wheeling, IL 60090: 1997.
Education: University of Illinois at Chicago, BS, Education, 1970 Northern Illinois University, MA LIS, 1987.
ALA Activities: ALA American Libraries Advisory Committee, 1999-2001 PLA Public Libraries Advisory, 1995-1999, 2004-2006 PLA Demco Creative Merchandising Grant Jury 2001-2002 PLA New Leaders Travel Grant Jury 2002-2003.
Accomplishments: Professional accomplishments of which I am most proud: 1) presenting 2 successful programs at PLA 2) having 2 pieces accepted for publication in American Libraries, and 2 in Public Libraries 3) successfully explaining our reasoning for not filtering Internet terminals to a hostile audience. 4) since 1995, author of Sally in Libraryland column in the Illinois Library Association “Reporter”.
ALA Member Since: 1990.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Libraries, like the rest of the world, are facing change at a rate we could not have imagined 10 years ago. We need to be sure we continue to be relevant, accessible in ALL the ways that word means, well-staffed by people who are educated well and paid fairly, and a place people can count on to defend their rights to pursue their interests without anyone looking over their shoulders. Serving as a member of Council will enable me to act upon these convictions, developed over a lifetime as a library user and a librarian.

Tammy Sugarman, Head, Collection Development, Georgia State University, 100 Decatur St., SE, Atlanta, GA 30303: 2005.
Education: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MSI, 1998 The Citadel/University of Charleston, MA, 1996 Boston University, BA, 1986.
Honors And Awards: Prize for “Best Paper” sponsored by EBSCO Subscription Services and the Georgia Library Association Academic Library Section, 2001. Graduate Research Fellow, University of Michigan, 1996-1998.
Accomplishments: Publications include: Burtle, Laura G. and Tammy S. Sugarman. “Learning Communities for Excellence: Development and Implementation of a Librarian-Led Freshmen Learning Community.” College & Research Libraries News 63 no. 4 (2002): 276-279. Sugarman, Tammy S. and Anne Page Mosby. “Making a Weak Link Stronger: Incorporating Information Literacy into a Semester-long Freshman Seminar.” Georgia Library Quarterly 39 no. 2 (Summer 2002): 12-16. Sugarman, Tammy S. and Constance Demetracopoulos. “Creating a Web Research Guide: Collaboration Between Liaisons, Faculty and Students.” Reference Services Review 29 no. 2 (2001): 150-157. Served as a member of CODES, RUSA and Instruction Section, Teaching Methods Committee, ACRL. Taught university course “The Citizen in the Information Age” at Georgia State University, 2000-2004.
ALA Member Since: 1998.

Statement of Professional Concerns: If elected to ALA Council, I will work to find ways to increase member involvement, including opportunities for leadership positions in ALA. I feel it is important to increase the number of opportunities that are available for members, especially those new to the profession, to be actively involved in our professional organization. We need to leverage our knowledge of technology to allow members to participate electronically or virtually, rather than requiring member participation in the Association to be via in-person attendance at two meetings per calendar year. I will work to insure that ALA is in touch with the needs of its members and is an organization that is responsive and effective in meeting those needs.

Margie Thomas, Assistant Professor/School of Library & Info. Sci., Louisiana State University, 276 Coates Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803: 2001.
Education: Florida State University, BA/1964; Columbia University, MS in LS/1966; Florida State University, Ph.D/Library and Information Studies, 2000.
ALA Activities: ALA Membership Committee, 1998-2000; AASL Affiliate Assembly Delegate, 1990-1991; AASL Nominating Committee, 1993; AASL Research and Statistics Committee, 1995-2002 (Chair, 1999); AASL School Library Media Month Committee, 1995; AASL Access Through Technology Task Force, 1996-1998; AASL/Highsmith Research Award Committee, 2001-2002 (Chair, 2002-2003); AASL IConnect Families, 2003; ALSC, member 2001; YALSA member, 2001; AECT, Member, 1991; ALISE, member, 1995.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Alaska Library Association, 1966 - President, 1982-83, Honorary Lifetime Membership, 1991; Alaska Association of School Librarians, 1981 - Charter Member; President (AkASL) 1990-1991. Louisiana Library Association Continuing Education Committee, 2003; LLA Nominating committee, 2005.
Honors And Awards: Lifetime Honorary Membership, Alaska Library Association, 1991.
Accomplishments: Author: “A Higher Standard” (SLMS Certification Requirements) School Library Journal, 2003; “Resource-Based Learning” Knowledge Quest, 1999; “Invisible Media Specialist” School Library Journal, 1996; “Get Connected to the Future Through Libraries” Florida Media Quarterly, 1996. Presenter: “What the Research Says: School Library Media Centers and Student Academic Achievement - What Works and Why” at Louisiana Association of School Librarians Midwinter Conference, 2005; “Improving Literacy Through School Libraries Grant Funding” Louisiana Library Association, 2003; “Teaching Information Literacy by Becoming Information Literate: The Instructional Role of the Information Specialist, Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education, 2001; “The E-Book - Solution or Just Another Problem?”, 2001; Librarian Leadership Initiative Taskforce, Louisiana Department of Education, 2002; Teacher Education Council, LSU, 2001- ; School Library Media Center Survey Review Committee, NCLIS, 2002; Library Guidelines Review Committee, Louisiana Department of Education, 2002.
ALA Member Since: 1976.

Statement of Professional Concerns: As a high school librarian for over a decade and a half in Alaska, as a faculty member in an academic library, as director of a military post library, as public library branch manager, and now as coordinator of the children/youth services and school library media education program at an ALA accredited school of library and information science, I have been (and continue to be) a member of professional library organizations in three states, and an ALA member for over 30 years. I believe in the strength of our national and state associations, and in our ability to advocate for and promote the resources and services, and the value, of our libraries and information agencies. As ALA Councilor, I will be a strong voice for information services for children and young people, a champion of school library programs, and will continue to support libraries serving the poor, the underserved and those in distressed areas.

Patricia Wand, Dean of Libraries, Zayed University, P.O. Box 19282, Dubai, UAE: 2006.
Education: Seattle University B.A. cum laude, History 1963 Antioch Graduate School M.A.T. Social Sciences 1967 University of Michigan A.M.L.S. 1972 Graduate Center, City University of New York Cultural Anthropology 1975-77.
ALA Activities: American Library Association (ALA) 1973- Council. Representing ACRL. 2001-2004 International Relations Committee. Member. 2004-2006 Committee on Membership Meetings. Member. 2004-2006 Delegate to Cuban Library Association (ASCUBI) and Annual Conference of Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL). May 23-30, 2001 International Relations Committee, Subcommittee on Latin America and Caribbean. Chair, 1999-2001 Committee on Legislation (COL). Chair, 1997-98, Member, 1995-1999 COL Intellectual Property Subcommittee. Member, 1995-1997 White House Conference Committee. Member, 1989-1995 Legislative Assembly, 1993-94 Joint Pre-Conference Committee. Chair, Sponsors: Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), ACRL, Library Administration & Management Association (LAMA), 1992-93 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) ALA Councilor representing ACRL, 2001-2004 Executive Committee, 2001-2004 Board of Directors, 2001-2004, 1986-1988 International Relations Committee, 1995-1998. Chair, 1996-1998 Legislative/Advocacy Training Pre-Conference, June 24-25, 1998. Chair, 1997-98 Pittsburgh National Conference Executive Committee. 1993-1995 Theme Speaker Subcommittee. Chair Government Relations Committee. Chair, 1993-94, Member, 1991-1994 Task Force on White House Conference. Chair, 1989-1992 Executive Director Search Committee, Member, October 1990-June 1991 Budget and Finance Committee. Chair, 1986-1988, Member, 1984-1986 Anthropology and Sociology Section. Chair, 1983-84 Tour, American Museum of Natural History, Coordinator, 1979-80 Activities Section Council. Chair, 1983-84 Activities Section Council/Board Relationship Task Force. Chair, 1983-84 Nominating Committee. 1983-84 Oregon Chapter President, 1984-85, Vice President, 1983-84 Advisory Board, 1983-1987 Community and Junior College Library Section Instruction and Use Committee, 1975-1977.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: District of Columbia Library Association (DCLA), 1989- President, 1996-97, Vice-President, 1995-96 Director (elected), Board of Directors. 1993-1998 Nominating Committee. Chair, 2000 Strategic Planning Committee. Chair, 1994-95 Oregon Library Association (OLA), 1982-1989 Nominating Committee, 1988-89 Library Legislation and Development Committee, 1983-1987 Conference Program Subcommittee, 1982-83 Library Association of City University of New York (LACUNY), 1973-1977 Committee on Library Instruction, 1973-1977.
Honors And Awards: Distinguished Service Award, District of Columbia Library Association, June 4, 2003. Always an Eagle Award, Student Confederation, American University, April 2003. Listed in Who’s Who in the World, each edition since 12th Edition, 1995. New Providence, N.J.: Marquis Who’s Who. Listed in Who’s Who of American Women, each edition since 19th Edition, 1995. New Providence, N.J.: Marquis Who’s Who. Listed in Who’s Who in America, each edition since 48th Edition, 1994. New Providence, N.J.: Marquis Who’s Who. Distinguished Alumnus Award, School of Information and Library Studies, University of Michigan. March 26-27, 1992. Member, Omicron Delta Kappa Society. American University Circle. April 3, 1991. Fulbright Senior Lecture Award. Ecuador. April-August, 1989. Beyond War Award to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. December 6, 1987. Beta Phi Mu Honorary Library Society. August, 1972. Peace Corps Scholarship, Antioch Graduate School. 1965-66. Honors Program and Scholarship, Seattle University. 1960-62.
Accomplishments: Outside witness to Congress Testify before U.S. House, Subcommittee on Legislative Appropriations. Supporting FY2001 budgets for Library of Congress. On behalf of ALA, Special Libraries Association, American Association of Law Libraries, and Association of Research Libraries. U.S. Congress, February 2, 2000. Testify before U.S. House, Subcommittee on Legislative Appropriations. Supporting FY2000 budgets for Library of Congress. On behalf of ALA, Special Libraries Association, American Association of Law Libraries, Medical Library Association, and Association of Research Libraries. U.S. Congress, February 10, 1999. Testify before U.S. House, Subcommittee on Legislative Appropriations. Supporting FY1999 budgets for Library of Congress and superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office. On behalf of ALA, Special Libraries Association, American Association of Law Libraries, Medical Library Association, and Association of Research Libraries. U.S. Congress, February 12, 1998. Chair, Board of Directors, CAPCON network for OCLC users, 2002-2003; Member, 1997-2003 Member, Board, ERIC Clearinghouse for Higher Education Administration, 1996-2003 Member, Directors, Washington Research Library Network, 1989-2005 Published over 30 articles, chapters and editorials; delivered 44 papers at professional conferences; serves on several editorial boards.
ALA Member Since: 1973.

Statement of Professional Concerns: We operate in a critical time for the future of information access and ALA provides a powerful venue in which to address those issues. Two issues that are of great importance to me are intellectual freedom and intellectual property. Intellectual freedom is threatened more than ever before in the current environment and fair use of copyrighted material is becoming more narrowly defined. These two issues alone have ramifications that go far beyond the library profession. Additionally, international issues affect U.S. libraries and it is important that we think globally. Serving on ALA Council allows me to help address these issues and many others through the governance of the association. As members of ALA we can use the strength of our numbers to demonstrate a commitment to the fundamental ideals of democracy.

Shixing Wen, Head of Exchange and Gifts, University of Michigan Library, 920 N. University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1205: 2000.
Education: Indiana University-Bloomington, MLS 1993; Hangzhou University, China, MA 1984; Hangzhou University, China, BA 1982.
ALA Activities: ALA Council Committee on Professional Ethics (member, 2003-2007); ALA Advisory Committee on “Good Health Information @ Your Library” (member, 2006); LITA/OCLC Minority Scholarship Committee (member, 1997-1998); LITA/LSSI Minority Scholarship Committee (member, 1997-1998); LITA/Library Hi Tech Award Committee (member, 1996-1997).
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) president (2004-2005); CALA Board of Directors (1998-2006); CALA Midwest Chapter president (2003-2004); CALA Florida Chapter president (1998-1999); CALA webmaster (1995-present); CALA Newsletter editor (2005-2007); CALA E-Journal editor-in-chief (1995-1997); CALA Listserv administrator (2003-present); CALA Conference Program Committee (chair, 2003-2004); CALA Taskforce on Web Resources (chair, 1999-2000); Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal (CLIEJ) editor-in-chief (1996-present).
Accomplishments: Founded the Internet Chinese Librarians Club ( in 1995, with members in 24 countries; launched in 1996 the “Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal” (, a peer-reviewed e-journal; entered a contract with Ebsco Information Service in 2004 to include articles published in CLIEJ in Ebsco’s forthcoming Library and Information Science Database; founded Chinese American Librarian Association (CALA) Florida Chapter in 1998; launched CALA’s first national Mentorship Program in 2004; administered and implemented CALA’s first online general election in 2004; delivered a paper entitled “Implementing Knowledge Management in Academic Libraries: A Pragmatic Approach” at the 3rd China-US Library Conference on “Knowledge Management and Service in a Digital Age” (Shanghai Library, 2005); addressed the 6th Spectrum Leadership Institute (2005) “Networking and Development through Professional Associations”.
ALA Member Since: 1993.

Statement of Professional Concerns: I see a trend that the advancement of information technology will obliterate many traditional library jobs sooner or later. Instead of waiting for the inevitable, ALA should lead the profession in adapting to the changing environment, and moreover, in brazing new paths to assert the role and status of our profession in society. I see a trend that Affirmative Action is phasing out. In addition to joining forces with other professions in its defense, ALA should proactively develop a library staff recruitment guideline in order to achieve proportional diversity in library staff and serve library users better. If elected, I will work with ALA leadership and other Council members to address membership concerns and (re)shape policies that would affect our profession in the areas of new technologies, staff training, privacy, diversity, recruitment and retention, mentorship, professional ethics, etc.

Lainey Westbrooks, Technology Operations Manager, East Cleveland Public Library, 14101 Euclid Avenue, East Cleveland, OH 44112: 1999.
Education: Myers University - BS Accounting -6/97 University of Phoenix - MCIS 5/2000.
ALA Activities: LITA Leadership Development Committee Member - 1998-Present BCALA Executive Board Member- 2003-05, 2005-07, Affiliate Committee Chair-2002-Present. PLA Member - 1998-Present Civil Service Commission President - City of East Cleveland 1989-Present (2 terms).
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: CAALA (Cleveland Area African American Library Association). Chair- 2000-05.
ALA Member Since: 2000.

Nancy P. Zimmerman, Associate Professor, School of Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina, 217 Davis College, Columbia, SC 29208: 2000.
Education: Texas Woman’s University, Ph.D., Library and Information Studies, 1992. University of North Texas, M.S., Computer Education & Cognitive Systems, 1992. University of Pittsburgh, M.L.S. Specialization: School Library Media, 1974. Carlow College, B.A., English, Education, 1973, with honor.
ALA Activities: ALA Councilor-at-Large, 2000-03; 2003-06. Planning and Budget Assembly—AASL Division Representative, 1996-99. Chapter Relations—AASL Representative, 1999-2000. H. W. Wilson Staff Development Grant Award Committee—member, 1999. G.K. Hall Literature Award Committee—member, 1996. Selected ALA Division/Round Table Activities: AASL President, 2002-03, and Member of Executive Board and Committee—2001-04. AASL Fiscal Officer  / Treasurer and Member of Executive Board and Committee—1996-99. LRRT Chair, 1995-96, Executive Board member, 1993-97. AASL Research Committee, 1993-97; Chair, 1995-96. AASL Membership Committee, 1986-89; Chair, 1987-89. AASL School Library Media Program of the Year Committee, 1991, 1999. LAMA BES-School Libraries Facility Committee, 1987-90. YALSA Computer Applications Committee, 1991-94; Chair, 1993-94.
Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: New York Library Association President, 1998-99; Executive Council, 1992-2000. Texas Library Association YART Alternate Councilor, 1992. Beta Phi Mu, Library Science Honor Society, President-elect, 2005-07, Executive Board, 1991-97, 2005-11. International Association of School Librarians, School Libraries Worldwide Advisory Board, 1994-2003.
Honors And Awards: SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1998. Appointed to National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, School Library Media Committee, 1997-99. ALISE Research Grant Award, 1994; OCLC/ALISE Research Grant Award, 2004. Elected Beta Phi Mu Library Honor Society, 1974; Elected to Executive Council, 1991-1997. Who’s Who in America, 1995-2002.
Accomplishments: Elected President of AASL. Received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching based on letters of testimony from current and former students. Publications in JELIS, LIBRES, JOYS, School Libraries Worldwide, Teacher Librarian and International Information and Library Review. Invited speaker, NMRT ALA Annual Conference program, 1998 and 1999.
ALA Member Since: 1973.

Statement of Professional Concerns: ALA must now, more than ever before, be a dynamic advocate for libraries and library users. In an organization as diverse in membership as ALA, we can unite under such common banners as intellectual freedom, equal access, privacy, literacy, and technology use. As an association, we must continue to define our goals and priorities and then focus our efforts and resources toward them. A 30+ year history of active ALA membership, considerable involvement at the divisional and state levels, and my 30 years of experience in school libraries, public libraries, and now as a library educator, provides me with a solid understanding of the profession and the Association upon which to draw as a Council member. As your Councilor, I will work to:
• strengthen ALA as a united organization,
• focused on its priorities;
• maintain and develop prudent fiscal planning
 supportive of our identified goals and priorities;
• heighten our strong legislative presence;
• enhance our diversity initiatives; and
• cultivate new leaders for the profession.

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