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The following are biographical statements submitted by ALA nominees relating to their professional activities. Specific information was requested and staff does not take responsibility for editing information requested and/or submitted. Listings include only organizations or units in which offices are presently or have been held. Candidates for the office of President-Elect were asked to submit statements of concern of approximately 300 words; Council candidates, 150, in accordance with Council policy. Numbers preceding names correspond to the names on the ballot.


1.   LESLIE BURGER, Director, Princeton Public Library, 65 Witherspoon St., Princeton, NJ 08542: 1999.

      Education: Southern CT State Coll., BS, Cum Laude, 1973; Univ. of MD, College Park, MLS, 1974; Univ. of Hartford, MS in Org. Behavior, 1988.

      ALA Activities: Council: ALA Councilor at Large, 2002-; ALA CT Chap. Councilor, 1984-87. ALA Com(s).: Ch., ALA Awards Com., 2002-03, 2003-04; Mbr., ALA-APA Standing Com. on Salaries and Status of L. Workers, 2004–06; Ch., Marshall Cavendish Excellence in L. Programming Award Jury, 2004) mbr., Better Salaries and Pay Equity Com., 2002-2004; Mbr., ALA Pub. Awareness Com., 2000-04; Mbr., APA Transition Team, 2002; Ch., ALA-APA Memb. TF, 2002-03; Ch., Melvil Dewey Award Jury, 2000; Mbr., Steering Com., Inf. Literacy Cmnty. Partnerships, 1999-2001; Mbr., Council Orientation Com., 1985-86; Mbr., ALA Com. on the Status of Women in Lnship., 1991-93; Div(s).: Pres., ASCLA, 1994-95; Mbr., ASCLA Bd. of Dir(s)., 1999–2001; Mbr., ASCLA LSTA Reauthorization Com., 2000-02; Ch., ASLCA ILEX Exec. Com., 1999-2001; Ch., ASCLA Serials Adv. Com., 1993-95; Ch., ASCLA Conf. Coordination Com., 1991-1992; Ch., ASCLA Pres.’s Prog. Com., 1989-91; Ch., ASCLA State L. Agencies Sect., 1981-82; RT(s).: Mbr., SRRT Action Council ILERT.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: NJ L. Assn., Pres., 2001-2002; CT L. Assn., Pres. 1982-83; CT L. Assn., NELA Rep., 1979-80; CT L. Assn., ALA Chap. Councilor, 1984-87.

      Honors And Awards: NY Times Ln. Award, 2004; YWCA of Princeton Tribute to Women Award, 2003; Beta Phi Mu Honorary Soc.

      Accomplishments: As NJLA president, initiated comparable worth study, salary tool kit and other salary improvement programs, established the NJLA Diversity Scholarship, increased membership and revenues, created a new logo, newsletter, and web page, and launched the first statewide summer reading program. As director of the Princeton Pub. Lib., built new 58,000-square-foot library (opened to great fanfare Apr. 2004), raised more than $21 million, increased the library’s budget 58%, and positioned the library in the center of community life. In CT, created multi-type library cooperatives, implemented collaborative planning for statewide programs, and obtained state funding to support networking, technology, and resource-sharing. At the New Jersey State Lib., designed the first statewide leadership training program, developed New Jersey Nightline—an after-hours statewide reference service, and facilitated a statewide continuing education plan. Founded consulting firm to assist all types of libraries and cooperative systems nationwide with strategic planning, needs assessments, building programs, and change management. Over 100 clients, including the Reader’s Digest, Mellon, Mott foundations; numerous public, research, school, state libraries and multi-type library cooperatives in 10 states.

ALA Member Since: 1976.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

As ALA President, I will galvanize public support for all types of libraries, communicate why libraries and library workers are more essential than ever, ensure that all library workers are well compensated, reduce access barriers and protect intellectual freedom, recruit and retain a diverse work force, and expand avenues for ALA participation for the next generation of library workers. Working together, we can mobilize public opinion so no individual or community is left behind in the information age. In this time of slashed budgets and closed libraries we must act decisively to stop the loss of access while fighting to bring our constituents tomorrow’s libraries today. We must ensure that ALA remains the leading voice in formulating policies that affect libraries by: • promoting a legislative agenda that protects the public interest and advances our vision for all libraries; • monitoring attempts to abridge our intellectual freedom and civil liberties and make sure that all members have the tools to defend such attacks; • recruiting the best, brightest and most diverse workforce to our profession and prepare every librarian and library worker to lead; and, • speaking out for improved salaries for all library workers, implement the ALA-APA Certification programs, and provide access to high quality continuing education. As a former Division and Chapter president, ALA Councilor, and chair of many ALA committees, I know how our association works and how to achieve a common vision. I understand and care deeply about all types of libraries and our issues. I am a passionate believer in the power of libraries to change people’s lives. I will provide the dynamic leadership our Association needs over the challenging years ahead. I ask for your vote so that we can work together to create a lasting legacy for our nation’s libraries and library users.


2.   CHRISTINE LIND HAGE, Director, Clinton-Macomb Pub. Library, 40900 Romeo Plank Rd., Clinton Township, MI 48038: 1999.

      Education: Oakland Univ., BA English, 1970; Univ. of MI, Sch. of Inf., AMLS, 1971.

      ALA Activities: 1999-2005, ALA Councilor; 2004-05, Joseph W. Lippincott Award Jury, mbr.; 2002-05, OITP Adv. Com., mbr.; 2001-04, Core Values TF II, mbr.; 2001-, OITP, Developing an Agenda for L(s). and Inf. Policy Issues Team, mbr.; 2001, ALA Bash Com., mbr.; 2000-01, Plng. and Budget Asbly., Council Rep.; 1999-2000, ALA Conf. Com., ch. Div. activities: 1998-99, Pres. of PLA; 2000-05 PLA Bd., mbr.; 2004-05, Ch., PLA Awards Com.; 2003-05, PLA Partners Com., mbr.; 2000-02, Ch., PLA Natl. Conf.; 1999–2000, Ch., PLA Nom. Com.; 1994–96, Ch., 1996, PLA Natl. Conf. Prog. Com.; 1996-98, Ch., PLA Memb. Com.; 1991–93, Ch., PLA Pubn. Com.; 1990–94, Mbr., PLA Bd.; 1989–90, Ch., PLA Affil. Network; 1989-91, Ch., PLA Levy Campaigns Com.; 1989-91, Mbr., Metro. L. Sect. Nom. Com.; Mbr.: AASL, ALSC, LAMA, PLA, Freedom to Read Fdn.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations:   1971-, 34 years of continuous memb. in the MI L. Assn. (MLA); 2003–05, Ch., MLA Awards Com.; 1995–96, MLA V.-Pres. for Memb. Serv(s).; 1994–96, Mbr., MLA Pub. Policy Com.; 1993–94, Ch., MLA Constitution and Bylaws Com.; 1986–87, Ch., MLA Continuing Edu. and Prof. Standards Com.; 1985–86, Ch., MLA Pub. L. Div.; 1981–82, Ch., MLA Ref. Caucus; 1973–74, Ch., MLA Junior Mbr(s). RT; 2002–03, Ch., Pub. L. Funding Initiatives Grp. State and Local Funding Issues Com.; 2003–03, Polaris Users Grp. Steering Com., mbr.; 2002–03, MI L. Exch. (MiLE) Steering Com., mbr.; 2002, L. of MI Quality Serv(s). Adv. Com.; 2001, Pres., Univ. of MI’s Sch. of Inf. Alumni Soc.; 2000, Instr., Pub. L(s)., Wayne State Univ. (MLS prog.); 1995–97, Natl. Edu. Alliance for Tech. Adv. Bd., mbr.; 1991-97, Instr., Pub. Serv. in L(s)., Oakland Cmnty. Coll. (LTA prog.).

      Honors and Awards: 2003, Woman of Distinction Award, Soroptimist Intl. of the Americas; 1997, Ln. of the Year, MI L. Assn.; 1995, Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary Fdn. of Rotary Intl.; 1980, Rose Award, American Assn. of Univ. Women, Utica Chap.

      Accomplishments: Author of The Public Lib. Start-Up Guide, ALA, 2004. Successfully completed four library construction projects. Organized a public library beginning in 1999 increasing annual circulation from 56,000 a year to over 1.4 million. Authored or contributed to over twenty articles on various aspects of library service. Edited MLA’s Michigan’s Association’s Directory, 1987. Worked at all levels of public library service and have worked as a paraprofessional in academic and special libraries.

ALA Member Since: 1971.

Statement of Professional Concerns: The constant change in our profession and in the world provides us with both challenges and opportunities. I am interested in working to develop opportunities with ALA in the following areas: • 21st Century Literacy will be the focus of my presidential initiative. Early literacy, family literacy, adult literacy, and information literacy are areas that ALA should promote to librarians, libraries, and the general pub. By promoting literacy we promote learning, libraries, and liberty. • Recruitment to the profession, the association, and association leadership—Improving the image, salaries, and working conditions of all library workers will entice the brightest and best to join us in our important mission of providing full, unfettered library access to all people. • Intellectual Freedom—We must be vigilant in the battle to protect the privacy of the people who use our libraries, while offering access to information in a format and timeframe appropriate to their needs and wants. • Advocacy for libraries and librarians—We must enhance the climate for libraries, through effective lobbying, technology policy devel., and public awareness campaigns. • Advance our mission to provide leadership for the developing, promoting, and improving library services and the profession of librarianship. We must focus our attention and our resources on ALA’s primary mission, all the while listening to the diverse opinions of ALA members. No one will work harder than ALA on behalf of librarians. We shouldn’t dilute our resources by straying from our mission I promise to respect the views of all members and to maintain the highest level of integrity in all of the work I do for ALA. I ask for your vote to lead the Amer. Lib. Assn.   



3.   KHAFRE K. ABIF, Manager, Cleveland Pub. Library, Cleveland, OH 44120: 2005.

    Education: FL A&M Univ. (Tallahassee), Journalism, 1984-90; Univ. of Pittsburgh (PA): BA, Africana Studies, 1992; MLS, 1993.

    ALA Activities: ALA Council, mbr., 2001-2005. Children’s Bk. Council Jt. Com., 1997-99, 1999-2001. Spectrum Initiative Steering Com., 1997-2000. ALSC: Mbr., 1996-, Caldecott Jury, 2004. PLA: Serv(s). to Elem. Sch. Age Child. and Their Caregivers, (2005). Black Caucus of the ALA, 1993-; Com. on the Serv(s). to Child. and the African American Family, Founder and ch., 1996-;  Exec. Bd., 1996-98, 1999-2001.

    Honors and Awards: Adv. Bd., mbr., King-Luhuli Transformation Centre Peace L., Johannesburg, S. Africa. Natl. Adv. Com., mbr., Child.’s L. Discovery Ctr., Queens Borough Pub. L., Jamaica, NY. Black Caucus of the ALA, first recipient of the “Dr. John C. Tyson Emerging Leader” Award, Fifth Natl. Conf. of African American Ln(s)., Fort Lauderdale, FL, Aug., 2002. Cmnty. Adv. Bd., “Expanding the Wall: Making Connections Between Photography, Hist. and Community,” The Studio Mus. in Harlem, New York, NY, 2001. Juror, Yng. Peop. Lit. Jury, Natl. Bk. Award, Natl. Bk. Fdn., New York, NY 2000.

    Accomplishments: Children’s Defense Fund, Langston Hughes L., Haley Farm. Langston Hughes Children’s Literature Festival: Scholastic, Inc.; Jump at the Sun, Hyperion/Disney. Walter Dean Myers Institute for Publishing, Harper Collins Children’s Publishing.

ALA Member Since: 1992.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Public library service begins in the children’s room. Public libraries and urban public libraries in particular have a very increasing role to plan with the emergent literacy of every child. In order for our profession to meet the challenge we must continue to raise the issue of recruiting, training, and retaining talented individuals in youth services. We must develop innovative and creative curriculum that extends beyond the technology driven IS program that our recent graduates matriculate through. We professionals serving children must once again find our voices of advocacy to push and pursued our profession, our library school educators and institutions to Leave No Child Behind.


4.   MONIKA ANTONELLI, Reference Librarian, Univ. of N. Texas Libraries, P.O. Box 305190, Denton, TX 76203-5190: 1992.

      Education: IN Univ., BA, Theatre and Drama, 1982; N. TX State Univ., MS, Drama, 1988; Univ. of N. TX, MLS, 1992.

      ALA Activities: ALA Council: Mbr. at large, 2001-04; Resolutions Com., ch., 2002-04. Com. on Legis., Subcom. on Intellectual Property and Tech., 2002-04. Spec Pres. Com. on the Menb. Meeting Quorum, 2001-02. RUSA/MOUSS: Res. and Stat. Com., mbr. SRRT: Memb. Com., 2002-03. NMRT: Publicity Com., mbr., 1995-96; Scholarship Com., ch., 1994-95.         

      Accomplishments: Selected Workshops and Presentations: “Computer Application and Internet Training for Librarians,” Kano State Lib., Kano, Nigeria, Jul. 8-11, 2003. (Designed and taught a three day workshop on various computer applications and Internet resources.) Co-presented, “Marketing Chat @ Your Library: If You Build It, Will They Come?” poster session presented at the RUSA/MARS 2003 Preconf., ALA Digital Reference @ Your Library II: Directions and Opportunities. Co-presented, “Good, Fast, and Cheap: Chatroom Reference,” Amigos Mbr. Conf., Dallas, TX, May 1, 2002. Co-presented “Can We Chat?” TX L. Assn., Annual Conf., San Antonio, Mar. 30, 2001. “Teaching as Performance.” LIRT, ALA, Annual Conf., Chicago, IL, July 9, 2002. Selected Publications: Antonelli, Monika and Martha Tarlton, “The University of North Texas Libraries’ Online Reference Help Desk,” in Digital Reference in the New Millennium: Planning, Mgt., and Evaluation New York: Neal-Schuman Publ., 2000. Antonelli, Monika, “Saddle Up for Reading,” Journal of Youth Services in Libraries. 10 (Spr. 1997) 253-63.

Biographical Article: Nichols, Kendra, “The Secret Life of a Librarian” in Chronicle of Higher Education; 50 (July 23, 2004):A6.

ALA Member Since: 1992.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

It is important to the health of the library profession that we attract and retain talented library personnel. Libraries are experiencing difficulties in hiring and keeping qualified librarians. There are several reasons why this is happening. First, many library schools have either closed or shifted their focus away from libraries. Second, many talented information workers are choosing not to work in libraries. And third, many employed librarians are reaching retirement age.  It is imperative that ALA encourages schools to recruit and educate students for careers in the library profession. It is also imperative that ALA encourages libraries to offer competitive salaries to retain librarians.  As an At-Large ALA Councilor from 2001 to 2004 I supported the Better Salaries/Pay Equity TF that worked to give libraries the tools they needed to advocate for better salaries and pay equity. As a Council member I fought to keep the historic Clark Atlanta Univ. Sch. of L. and Inf. Studies open. But there is still more work to be done. If re-elected to Council, I will continue to work for policies to improve librarian’s salaries, promote the recruitment and education of librarians, and support library school programs through out the country. I hope you will join and support me in this mission.


5.   TONI BERNARDI, Chief of Children and Youth Services, San Francisco Pub. Library, 100 Larkin St., San Francisco, CA   94102-4733: 1992.

      Education: Portland State Univ., BS, 1971 Univ. of WA, ML, 1972.

      ALA Activities: ALA Grolier Award Jury, ch., 1998. ALSC: Laura Ingalls Wilder Award Sel. Com., mbr., 2005; Notable Children’s Bks. Com., mbr., 2000-01, Ch., 2002-03; Distinguished Serv. Award, Com., mbr., 1999; Nom. Com., mbr., 1999; Local Arrangements, San Francisco, ch., 1997; Randolph Caldecott Award Sel. Com., mbr., 1996; Planning and Budget Com., mbr., 1992-96; Res. and Devel., Com., mbr., 1990-91; ALSC/PLA Com. on Output Measures for Pub. L. Serv(s). to Children Com., mbr, 1988-92; John Newbery Award Sel. Com., mbr., 1988; Liaisons with Other Natl. Org(s). Serving Children Com., mbr., 1984-88.

      Accomplishments: I have served as head of children’s services in three library systems in different states and widely different communities. In each of them my priority has been to develop and enhance services and resources that respond to the needs of that particular community. I have worked collaboratively with the public and staff to develop an array of services including developing packaged preschool curriculum collections for care providers; establishing circulating non print collections; providing specialized bookmobile services to children in group care; developing services for teens, including creating designated budgets, staff, collections and programs; creating a college and career resource program; establishing service to incarcerated youth. Overall, I have emphasized a community outreach focus for children’s services wherever I have worked. During that time I have maintained an active involvement with ALA, especially with ALSC. I also serve on the Advisory Council for the San Jose State Univ. Sch. of L. and Inf. Sci.

ALA Member Since: 1982.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

ALA represents many types of libraries, library users and librarians. It is important that the diversity of the organization be reflected at the highest level to ensure that issues are examined from a varied perspective. As our professional organization, ALA positions regarding access, privacy and other issues have the potential to impact everyone working in the field and all of those we serve. As one who has spent my professional life serving children and youth, I am proud of ALA’s ongoing commitment to the rights of young people and I want to be part of ensuring that decisions made at the Council level continue to address the needs of children and youth as well as all other library users. If elected to Council, I will examine issues brought before it with concern for all, but with a particular focus on young people and the librarians serving them.     


6.   MARY BERRY, Dr., Sam Houston State Univ., Dept. of Lib. Sci., PO Box 2236, Huntsville, TX 77341: 1992.

      Education: AR State Univ., BSE, (Elem. Edu.), 1965; AR State Univ., MSE (Edu.), 1972; Sam Houston State Univ., MLS, 1979; Univ. of N. TX, Ph.D. (L. Sci.) 1991.

      ALA Activities: Councilor at Large Candidate, 2003; Highsmith Res. Grant Com., 1998-2001; Babar Res. Grant Com., 1997-98; COA, External Panel Reviewer, mbr., 2002; AASL, NCATE Coor. Com., mbr., 2004-06; Educators for L. Media Spec(s). Sect., ch., 2004; Educators for L. Media Spec(s). Sect., Ch.-Elect, 2003.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: TX Edu. Agency, Revision of Sch. L. Standards, mbr., 2001-03; TX L Assn.(TLA) Scholarship and Res. Com., ch., 2004-05; TLA Scholarship and Res. Com., mbr. 2001-04; TLA, TF for Salary Compensation, 2003-04 TLA Co-ch., TX Media Awards, 1998-99 TLA Prof. Rights, Responsibilities, and Recruitment Com., 1996-99; TLA Ad Hoc Com. on the Econ. Value of L(s)., 1995-97; TLA Ad Hoc Com. on Sch. L. Standards, 1995-97; TASL Scholarship and Res. Com., 2003-04; TASL Nom. Com., 2002-04; TASL ch., 2000-01; TASL Prog. ch., 1999-2000; TASL secy., 1995-96; TX Assn. of Sch. L. Adm(s)., mbr., 2000-.

      Honors and Awards: Was asked to be commencement speaker for Richards Indp. Sch. Dist., May 30, 2003.

      Accomplishments: I am chair and professor of the L. Sci. Dept. at Sam Houston State Univ. in Huntsville, TX. I have co-authored a book, Internet and Personal Computing Fads, Haworth Pr., 2004, have written several articles interviewing authors for Tchr.-Librarian, am past chair of the TX Assn. for Sch. Librarians, and coordinate a Children’s Book Festival now in its twenty-second year.

ALA Member Since: 1992.

Statement of Professional Concerns: My commitment is to support the improvement of library and information services, to improve the cooperation among all divisions, and to better disseminate the programs, services and information ALA has for all members. I believe that only by cooperative endeavors can we create a network which will provide the experience all participants will feel beneficial to them. ALA allows us to work together and establish significant relationships among all areas. Our profession is dependent on each part to maintain its strength for providing needed help and guidance to all its constituents.    


7.   KATHLEEN E. BETHEL, African American Studies Librarian, Northwestern Univ. L., Evanston, IL 60208: 1982.

      Education: Elmhurst (IL) Coll., BA, Pol. Sci., 1975; Rosary Coll. (now Dominican Univ.), River Forest, IL, MALS, 1977; Northwestern Univ., Evanston, IL, MA, African Hist., 1989.

      ALA Activities: ALA Exec. Bd., mbr., 2002-05. ALA Council, mbr., 1996-2005. Co-chair, Combined Com., ALA, SAA, AAM, 2004-.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations:   Mbr., Exec. Bd., Black Caucus of the ALA, 1979-; Mbr., Bd. of Trustees, DuSable Mus. of African American Studies, 1993-; Mbr., Adv. Bd., Project on the History of Black Writing, 2000-.

      Honors and Awards: DEMCO/BCALA Award for Excellence in Lnship, 2004; Irma Kingsley Johnson Distinguished Serv. Award from the Chicago Friends of the Amistad Res. Ctr. (Tulane Univ.), 2003.

      Accomplishments: Pubn.: “Afrocentricity and the Arrangement of Knowledge,” in Afrocentricity and the Academy: Essays on Theory and Practice, Ed. By James L. Conyers, Jr. (McFarland, 2004). Research: Lib. Fellow, Alice B. Kaplan Center for the Humanities, Northwestern Univ., 1999-2000; “Plenty Good Room: African Amer. Museum at the Millennium;” 1996 L, Fellow, posted to the Univ. of Durban-Westville, S. Africa. Bibl. for the Toni Morrison Society.

ALA Member Since: 1975.

Statement of Professional Concerns: Securing and boosting ALA’s role as the authority on library issues is of crucial importance. To be this greater voice, ALA must expand its membership and the profession. More resources will be needed to meet a demand for programs and services for a much larger organization. The economic growth of ALA is of utmost importance to me. Rigorous assessment of operational practices and expenses must continue. We have to seek new and/or additional revenue sources for operational and programmatic requirements. I am committed to obtaining integrity and financial growth for ALA-APA. We must enhance advocacy for libraries, library workers, library stakeholders, intellectual freedom and library literacy. ALA should expand collaborative partnerships between units, committees, affiliates and other external entities with similar missions, concerns and values. We must be proactive in saving
threatened aspects of librarianship, particularly library schools, school media professionals, and services to poor and minority communities.


8.   MARY BIBLO, Librarian Emeritus, Rowley Library, Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, IL 60637.

      Education: Roosevelt Univ., BS, 1996; Rosary Coll. (now Dominican Univ.), MLS. 1970.

      ALA Activities: Councilor-at-large, 1978: Com. on the Status of Women in Ldrship., 1989-92; Com. on Minority Concerns, 1984-88, ch.; 1984; Intellectual Freedom Com. 1981-82; Mon. Com., 1979-80; Com. on Org. (COO), 1977-80; Scarecrow Pr. Equality Award Com., 1991-92. AASL: Intellectual Freedom Com. (IFC), local rep., 1974-76; NPSS Prog. Com., 1983. Intellectual Freedom RT (IFRT); Exec. Bd., 1977-78; John Phillip Immroth Memorial Award Com., 1978-80; Intellectual Freedom Representation and Inf. Com., 1979-83. SRRT: Action Council Coor., 1977-78; Coretta S. King Award TF; Coretta S. King Award Com.; Coretta S. King Fund Raising Com. Local Arrangements Com., 1976 Conf.; Melvill Dewey Medal Jury, 1979-80; Natl. Caucus of Black Ln(s).; Exec. Bd., 1974-80; Treas., 1988-92; Newbery Com. 1985. Intl. Rel. Comm. 1995-97; ALA/SRRT Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday TF 1989-.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Intl. Fedn. of  L. Assn., (IFLA): Standing Com. on Sch. L(s)., 1989-97; Women’s Interest Grp., co-ch., 1991-93; Women’s Interests in Lnship RT, secy. IL L. Assn. (ILA): Mbr., 1970; Intellectual Freedom Com., 1976-78; SRRT 1979; Memb. Com., 1983. IL Assn. for Media in Edu. (JAME); mbr., 1970; chperson.; Exh. Com., 1979 Annual Conf., Awards Com., ch., 1986-88. Natl. Caucus of Black Ln(s). Chicago Chapt.: Treas., 1974-79; Pres., 1980-84 Charlemae Hill Rollins Scholarship Com., 1983; Chicago-Metro Hist. Fair, Judge, 1983. IL White House Conf. on L. & Inf. Serv.: Delegate, 1978; Resource Com., 1978. Chicagoland Assn. for Media in High Sch(s)., 1978. Child.’s Reading RT (CRRT); Pres. 1982-83 Awards Com., 1978-81, ch., 1981; Legis. Com., ch., 1979, IL State Bd. of  Edu.: Media & L. Adv. Council 1984-88; V.-Ch., Natl. Assn. of Independent Sch(s)., Com. on Diversity, 1988-93.

      Accomplishments: My effort to establish an Intl. Fedn. of Lib. Assn(s). (IFLA) RT for Women’s Interests in Librarianship is a major accomplishment. The assurance that women of color from around the world would be involved was a significant development. The RT has now been advanced to a sect., which is a significant recognition of its importance, by IFLA. reviews of a Decade of Censorship in America: The Threat to Classrooms and Libraries, 1966-75, by L. B. Woods; Censors in Classroom: The Mind Benders by Edward B. Jenkinson, in the Journal of Lib. Hist., v.17, no.2, Spr. 1982, Univ. of TX Pr. Contributor to the ALA Yearbook (Article on the Soc. Responsibility RT) 1977-78. North Central Assn. Accrediting Team: Member 1979, Gifted Students as Part of the Total School Environment in the Bookmark, Wtr., 1980, pp.297-299.

ALA Member Since: 1970.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Serving as a Councilor of the ALA is an opportunity to serve the profession and the membership, as well as the community of library users. It is through the Council that expressions of membership concerns are most often heard. Though many have worked diligently over the years, there are still many unresolved problems to face. The issues of intellectual freedom, censorship and social issues are still with us. We must work harder to meet the needs of our constituencies. We must reinforce our commitment to serve the unserved and underserved. We must respond to the concerns of minorities without our profession as well as our concern for financial remuneration consistent with the importance of our role in society. Finally, I fully support the efforts of the Association to meet the financial needs of library workers by establishing the Allied Professional Assn. to work for better salaries.  


9.   CLARA NALLI BOHRER, Director, West Bloomfield Township Pub. Library, 4600 Walnut Lake Rd., West Bloomfield, MI 48323: 1991.

      Education: Univ. of Michigan, BA, Edu., 1973; Wayne State Univ., MLS, 1976; Univ. of Michigan, MA, Edu., 1984.

      ALA Activities: ALA Com(s).: ALA Appointments Com., 2004; ALA Nom. Com., 2001-02; ALA Conf. Prog. Coor. Team, 2000-02 and 1999-01; Grolier Fdn. Award Jury, 2000-01; ALA Standards Com., 1989-91 ch., and 1987-88 mbr. ALA Div(s).: PLA: Pres., 2004-05;  Natl. Adv. TF, 2003-05; Budget & Finance Com., 2002-05; 2004 Natl. Conf. Com., 2001-04 Ch; Bd. of Dir(s)., 1999-2002; L. Devel. Cluster Steering Com., 1999-2002; Pres.’s Events Com., 1997-99 ch.; 1998 Natl. Conf. Com., 1996-98 Prog. ch.; Conf. Prog. Coor. Com., 1992-94 mbr. and 1994-1996 ch.; 1996 Natl. Conf. Prog. Com., 1994-96; Prog. Organizer for PLA Symposium 2001, 1999, 1997, 1993, 1992, 1990;  Pubn(s). Com.,1993-95; PLA Serv(s). to Children Com., 1984-86 ch., 1986-88 mbr.; PLA/ALSC Com. on Child.’s Serv(s). Stat., 1991-95; PLA/ALSC Common Concerns Com., 1991-93. ALSC: Bd. of Dir(s)., 1997-2000;  Prof. Devel. Priority Grp. Coor., 1987-92; ALSC Liaison to Intl. Reading Assn., 1983-86; ALSC Liaison to the Assn. for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities, 1981-85; Newbery Award Com., 1986; Caldecott Award Com., 1982. ALSC/PLA Com. on Output Measures for Child.’s Serv(s), 1989-92 ALSC ch.; LAMA/PRS Govt(al). Adv. Skills Com, 1990-91; RASD Com. on Fee-Based Ref. Serv(s)., 1986-87.  

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: MI Statewide Pub. L. Initiative Funding Grp. Steering Com., 1999-; MI Center for the Bk. Bd., 2002-04; ULC/LSSI Award of Excellence Com., 2001-03; MI Class VI L. Dir(s). RT, 2001-, Ch.; The L. Network Coop. Adv. Council, 2000-; L. of MI Quality Measures Com., 2001-03; L. of MI Statewide L. Card Com., 2001-02; ULC Capacity Building Working Grp., 1998-2000; MLA Statewide Children and Youth Summit, 1996-97 Ch.; MI L. Assn. Annual Conf. ch., 1991; MI L. Assn. Pres., 1987-88; MLA Pub. Policy Com., 1988-89; MI L. Assn. Bd. of Dir(s). 1982-83 and 1986-89; MI L. Assn. Children’s Serv(s). Div., 1982-83 ch.; Greater W. Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce Bd. of Dir(s)., 1995-98 and 2000-, Chamber Pres. 1998; W. Bloomfield Optimist Club Pres. 2003-04

ALA Member Since: 1977.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

ALA must be positioned to be a vital, forward-looking, effective organization with emphasis placed on: (1) allowing our core values to define and shape the direction of partnerships, activities and efforts; (2) strategic planning (3) fostering cooperative efforts between all ALA units and constituencies; (4) use of effective management practices that maximize our financial and human resources; (5) utilizing and valuing our diversity; and most importantly (6) developing and providing services and resources that assist in strengthening our profession and institutions. As councilor, I will keep informed on issues and the needs of members, including librarians, library workers, friends and trustees, and be adequately prepared to participate in Council deliberations. I ask for your support.    


10. PAMELA BONNELL-MIHALIS, Director, Elyria Public Library System, 320 Washington Ave., Elyria, OH 44035: 2002.

      Education: Cameron Univ., BA, 1972; Univ. of OK, MLS, 1973; Certification of Pub. Mgt., Southwest TX State Univ., 1998.

      ALA Activities: Councilor-at-Large: 1994-99, 1986-90, 1981-85; Mbr, ALA Memb. Com.: 2000-01; Ch., ALA Constitution & Bylaws Com.: 1994-97; Mbr., ALA Constitution & Bylaws Com., 1998; Trustee, LeRoy C. Merritt Humanitarian Fund: 1997-99; Senior Trustee, Merritt Fund: 1999-2000; Mbr., Freedom to Read Foundation 30th Anniversary Com.: 1998-99; Mbr., Intl. Rel. RT Bogle Intl. L. Travel Fund: 1995-99; Mbr., Intellectual Freedom Com.: 1996-98, 1991-93, 1990-91; Mbr., Billions of Bucks/Billions of Bk(s).: 1992-94; Mbr., Gale Awards Com.: 2000-01, 1989-90; Mbr., ALA Nom. Com.: 1986-87; Council Rep., Plng. & Budget Asbly.: 1984-85; Mbr., Ethics Com.: 2000-02. Founder, LAMA Fund Raising & Financial Devel. Sect., V.-Ch./Ch.-Elect: 2001-03; Mbr., Exec. Bd. FRFDS 1999-2001; Mbr., FRFDS Nom. Com.: 1998-2000; Ch., LAMA Partners Com.: 2000-01; LAMA Liaison, Freedom to Read Foundation: 1991-97; Ch., LAMA Recognition of Achievement Com.: 1989-91; Mbr., Achievement Com.: 1986-91; PLA Liaison, Freedom to Read Fdn.: 1997-99; Mbr., PLA Constitution & Bylaws Com.: 1999-2001; Mbr., PLA Intellectual Freedom Com.: 1995-98; IFRT Liaison, Freedom to Read Fdn.: 2004-06; Ch., IFRT Eli Oboler Com.: 2004-05; Ch., IFRT John Philip Immroth Award Com.: 1999-2001; V.-Ch./Ch. Elect, Intellectual Freedom Round Table: 1990-92, 1981-83; Trustee, Freedom to Read Foundation: 1999-2002, 1985-89; V. Pres., FTRF 1988-89; Treas., FTRF: 1987-88; Ch. Fund Raising Com.: 2002-03, 1987-88; Mbr., FTRF Memb. Com.: 1997-98.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Mbr., OH L. Council Intellectual Freedom Com.: 2004-06; Ch., TX LA Intellectual Freedom Com.: 2000-02; V. Ch./Ch.-Elect, TLA L. Adm. Round Table: 1994-96; Alternate Council Delegate, TLA Pub. L. Div.: 1997-98; Mbr., Intellectual Freedom Com.: 1987-90; Mbr., Adv. Council of CAMLS: 2002-04; V.-Pres./Pres., Texas Mun. League L. Dir(s). Assn.: 1993-96.

      Honors and Awards: ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom & Freedom to Read Foundation. Roll of Honor, 1999. TX Edu. Assn. Rgn. 12. Telecommun(s). Excellence Award, 1997. ALA: John Phillip Immroth Award, 1990. TLA SIRS Intellectual Freedom Award, 1990 (1st recipient). Plano Pub. L. Sys. Employee of the Year, 1987. ALA LAMA Certificate of Special Thanks, 1986 (1st recipient). Plano Chamber of Commerce Ldrship. Plano Class # 1, 1984. ALA NMRT Shirley Olofson Memorial Award, 1974. Who’s Who in America. Who’s Who of American Women.

      Accomplishments: When I wear my fund raising hat I am proud to state that I have raised over $5.5 million for libraries.

ALA Member Since: 1972.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

The ALA speaks for America’s libraries. It is an effective organization which serves as an advocate for intellectual freedom, funding, recruitment, access issues, and training. We must continue to be the voice for libraries. As a Councilor I will continue my commitment to intellectual freedom and access. The Council needs to focus on library issues that are relevant to our existence. A strong, diverse membership makes ALA stronger and more influential. Having served on Council in previous years, I understand the process and the time commitment. If elected I will serve you well.


11. FRANK BRUNO, Director of Libraries, Prairie View A&M Univ.,PO Box 519, Prairie View, TX 77446: 2000.

      Education: Brigham Young Univ., BA, Hist., 1983; Major Paper: “Consv. and Presv. of L. Materials,” Univ. of HI—Manoa, MLIS, Honolulu, HI, 1989; Univ. of HI—Manoa, Honolulu, HI. Certificate of Advanced Studies, (Archival and Records Mgt.), 1990; Ball State Univ., ED.D., Adult Edu. Cognate: L. and Inf. Sci., 1995. Dissertation: The Needs Maze: How Adult Educators Assess Needs.

      ALA Activities: 2002-04 EMIERT, Award Sel. Com. for Gale Award/David Cohen Award. 2001-03 Exec. Bd., Com. on Diversity and Minority Concerns; 2000-03 Mbr. Comm. on Inf. Tech., Natl. Assn. of State Univ(s). and Land Grant Coll. 2000-02 Exec. Bd., Ethnic, Multicultural and Inf. Exch. RT. 1998-2000 Exec. Bd., Ethnic, Multicultural and Inf. Exch. RT. 1998-2001 Fund Raising and Financial Devel. Sect., LAMA; 1997-98 Ch., Clln. Devel. Sect., Ethnic Materials and Inf. RT; 1997 Diversity Com. Mbr., Special Plng. Com. for Annual, June 1998, ALA Meeting in Washington D.C.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations:   1989-90 Ch., Ref. and Spec. Ln(s). Sect., HI L. Assn.

      Honors and Awards: 2004 Participant, Harvard Edu. Ldrship. Seminar. 2003-04 Proquest (UMI) Adv. Bd., Ann Arbor, MI. 1999-2000 Univ. Senator, San Diego State Univ., CA Faculty Assn. Union Rep., SDSU. 2003 Spr. Indp. Sch. Dist., Bond Adv. Com., $250,000,000 proposal to taxpayers. 1996 Cmnty. Theater Pubn(s). Com., El Centro, CA. 1992 Fayette High Sch. Speech Judge, Fayette, MO. 1990 March of Dimes Ch., Laie, HI. 1982-1983 State High Sch. Hist. Fair Judge, BYU, Provo, UT.

      Accomplishments: For over fourteen years as a member of ALA and administrator in academic libraries, I have served in professional positions, which have focused on diversity, technology, and funding issues. As a board member of EMIERT and the Council on Diversity, I promoted awareness of socially responsible issues including equity and cultural inclusion. On NASGULC’s Commission on Information Technologies, I advocated librarians’ involvement in the development of national and state legislation to address the digital divide issue (i.e., passage of the Digital Millennium Initiative Act). I address issues surrounding technology and the international community in my regular columns for the Multicultural Review As library director of an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) within the TX A&M Univ. Sys., I have been instrumental in bringing significantly greater database and e-book access to my institution’s library patrons at a minimal cost, and I continue to work within the system and the 1890s HBCU Libraries Assn. to pursue cost-effective resource sharing and staff development initiatives. I strongly believe every library patron, regardless of economic or social background, deserves the right to equal access to materials and services, and I continue to seek ways to improve the information status of all of our patrons.

ALA Member Since: 1990.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Librarianship is faced with two key dilemmas: lack of diversity and the graying of the profession As a member of EMIERT and ALA’s Council on Diversity, I have worked diligently to ensure that our profession reflects the increasingly diverse U.S. population that we serve, both in academia and in our school and public libraries. I intend to focus on developing new pathways into the profession for African American, Hispanic, and other persons of color both at the entrance level in the work force but also as career progress. We need to work closer with individuals and organizations to keep minority librarians on a career path that will lead to management level and teaching positions throughout the country. In addition, we all have read about the upcoming potential mass retirement and consequent shortage of professional librarians in the next decade. We must focus on making librarianship an attractive field of study and channeling library school students into library positions, rather than jobs outside the profession. If elected to the council, I will champion the development of outreach programs to schools and universities to upgrade the profession’s image and make it a marketable and attractive job possibility. Along those lines, I will also strive to ensure that all libraries are aware of pay equity and benefits issues and that they do what they can to keep the profession growing and vital.


12. NICK BURON, Coordinator, Young Adult Services, Queens Borough Public Library, 89-11 Merrick Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11432: 1999.

      Education: State Univ. of NY at Albany, BA American Hist., 1988; State Univ. of NY at Buffalo, MLS, 1993.

      ALA Activities: ALA Publ, 2003-. Graphic Adv., 2002-. YALSA/Teen Read Week, 2003-, ch.: 2004-. YALSA/Pres.’s Prog., 2003. YALSA/Best Bk(s) for YA, 2001-02. LAMA/Special Conf(s). and Prog(s)., 1998-2002 LAMA/Mgt. Practices, 1994-98; ch. 1996-97.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations:  NY City Sch. L. Sys. Council, 2001-; ch. 2004-.

      Honors and Awards: Frances Henne/YALSA/VOYA Res. grant award, 2004. YALSA “Excellence in L. Serv. to YA” prog. award, 2003.

      Accomplishments: “Mentoring New York City’s Future Librarians,” in Voice of Youth Advocates, Dec. 2001. 21st Century Teens: Bibliography for Today’s Youth. Dec. 2003. Speaker Live Satellite “ALA National Town Hall Meeting, Recruitment @your Library”, Apr. 26, 2002. “Newsday:” Queens Profile, May 8, 2000. Stanford-California State Lib., Inst. on 21st Century Librarianship.

ALA Member Since: 1993.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

While libraries face increasing obstacles to providing excellent customer service, they have become more important for the communities of users we serve. There are consistent reports, among all types of libraries, of higher circulation, increased community demands, and heavy computer usage. When the economy suffers, libraries and librarians are more important than ever. Working in a public library has provided me with experience and expertise in services, training and outreach to all age groups. My current work as the coordinator of teen services has given me greater insight and understanding of the challenges involved in attracting traditionally underserved audiences. Joining the ALA Council will allow me to work for libraries on a broad level. ALA needs to be strong, not just for our members, but for the public that we all serve. I intend to work hard to maintain and increase that strength.       



13. AUDRA CAPLAN, Director, Harford County Pub. Library, 1221-A Brass Mill Rd., Belcamp, MD 21017: 2002.

      Education: Univ. of MD, Baltimore Co., BA, American Studies 1976; Univ. of MD, Coll. of L. and Inf. Studies, MLS, 1985.

      ALA Activities: YALSA Councilor 1999-2002; ALA Exec. Director Search Com. 2002; PLA Ldrship. Devel. Com., 2002-04; YALSA Pres. 2003 -04 YALSA Exec. Com. 1999-; ALA Nom. Com. 2005.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Ch., MD L. Assn. Ldrship. Inst., 1998-2000; Treas. MD L. Assn., 1995-97; Bd. of Dir(s)., Harford Ldrship. Academy, 2002-05; Bd. of Dir(s)., Harford Co. Small Business Adv. Bd. 2000-; Bd. of Dir(s)., Harford Co. Partnership for Families, 2004-.

      Honors and Awards: Snowbird Ldrship. Inst., 1991 and 1997; Harford Ldrship. Acad., 1999; ALA YASD, Baker and Taylor Conf. Award, 1986.

      Accomplishments: I have 23 years of experience in the library profession. I have held numerous positions, including Young Adult Librarian, Branch Manager, Materials Mgt. Administrator and Director. I believe my work experience allows me to view issues from a broad perspective. In addition, I bring professional leadership experience at the local, state and national level. I have shown a proven commitment to children and teens throughout my career and have established Young Adult services in two public library systems. I am an alumna of the Snowbird Leadership Institute and have been pivotal in creating a similar institute for Maryland librarians. I have co-written and administered numerous LSTA grants and have developed strategic plans on the job and for YALSA. I have worked to build partnerships on the local and national level. One of the organizational accomplishments I am most proud of is the partnership that developed among the three youth division presidents during my YALSA presidency. This allowed us to be an effective team at Legislative Day in 2004.

ALA Member Since: 1983.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

We continue to face tough issues in the profession. ALA must strive to bring unity to the organization and profession so that we speak with one voice in the face of challenges. Advocacy has increasingly become an essential tool to help us battle shrinking budgets and intellectual freedom challenges. I believe the draft strategic plan “ALA Ahead to 2010” will give us vision as we move forward. The values stated in the plan, including a commitment to all types of libraries and library workers, are the right foundation. As a councilor I would strive to bring the same spirit of collaboration to the council floor that we have achieved in the youth divisions. I would also be an advocate for recognizing the importance of serving children and teens and librarians who represent this population. I have a strong background in leadership training and would like to see an organizational commitment to a national leadership program. Further, I believe it is important to recognize that we are an aging profession and need to plan for succession by providing professional development opportunities and mentoring experiences for our young colleagues. I also believe that we need to continue to work to attract new librarians that are reflective of the diversity of our population and to assist them in becoming leaders in the profession. Finally, I believe Council needs to work hard to ensure that ALA achieves Goal Area IV in the draft strategic plan: “ALA will be an inclusive, effectively governed, well-managed, and financially strong organization.”           


14. BARBARA COLE, Director of Library Development, Office of Commonwealth Libraries (State Library. of Pennsylvania), 333 Market St., Harrisburg, PA 17126-1745: 1995.

      Education: Douglass Coll., BA, 1969; Rutgers Univ., MLS, 1972.

      ALA Activities: ALA Com. on Pay Equity, 2004-05; LSTA Reauthorization Coalition (representing AASL), 2000-03; Paul Howard Award for Courage Award Jury, 2004-05; Gale Grp. Financial Devel. Award Jury, 2003-04; Drewes, Leisner and Hornback Scholarship Jury ch., 2002-03; ASCLA Legis. Com., 2004-05, ASCLA/State L. Agency Sect. Exec. Com., 1999-2004, SLAS Secy., 2001-04; SLAS Prog. ch. 2003-04; 2002-03.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Our agency policy does not permit State L. employees to hold office in the state association.)

      Honors and Awards: PA L. Assn. Distinguished Serv. Award, 2003; Certificate of Merit, 1999.

      Accomplishments: Developed the POWER Lib., a statewide collection of licensed databases for use by public and school libraries; Expanded the Access Pennsylvania Database, a web-based, multi-type union catalog with 2813 participating libraries, and 47.2 million items; Collaborated with the library community in the planning and design of a funding proposal that resulted in a 150% increase in public library state aid. Identified need and sponsored research to confirm the impact of school libraries on student achievement and the impact of pub. libraries on child.’s literacy development.

ALA Member Since: 1978.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

ALA has important roles to play in advocating for libraries, articulating the values of the library profession, providing a forum for professional development and opportunities for people from all types of libraries to work together. For libraries to remain effective, we must meet three challenges: recruiting the next generation of librarians, including a commitment to diversity; strengthening the library’s role in the electronic environment; and obtaining adequate financial support for library programs. I believe we can be most successful when we recognize the common goals we share regardless of our type of library.      


15. DIEDRE (DEE) CONKLING, District Librarian, Lincoln County Library District, P.O. Box 2027  (1247 NW Grove, #2), Newport, OR 97365: 1991.

      Education: ID State Univ., BA, 1974; Uni. of IL, MSLS 1979; 

Univ. of UT, Pub. Adm. courses 1988-90.

      ALA Activities: ALA Council 1993-97, 1998-2005; OLOS: Adv. Bd., 1997-99; Com. on Org., 1995-98; 1999-2003; Com. on the Status of Women 1989-91, ch., 1990-91; Equality Award Com., 1990-91; YASD: Adolescent Pregnancy TF, 1987-88; SRRT: Action Council, 1989-91, treas., 1989-90; SRRT Feminist TF, Coalitions 1987, Pub. Women in Libraries, 1988-2005.  SRRT, PLA, LAMA, RUSA and IFRT member.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: OR L.  Assn.: mbr. since 1991; Continuing Edu. Com.1991-93, ch., 1992-93; OLA/SRRT: current coor., helped form in 1992; Resource Sharing Com. 1994-97;  Mbr.-at-Large 2000-03; Legislation and L. Devel. Com., 1996-98 and  Legis. Network Coor., 1998-. Coastal Resource Sharing Network Board (2 co. l. computer network) 1991-; Treas.1994-. OCLC Mbr(s). Council 2002-04, Alternate 2004-05 for OCLC Western. Lincoln Comm. on Children and Families 1994-2003, ch., 1995-2003; Lincoln Co. Tax Coordination Com. 1992-1994, ch., 1992-1994. Spec. Dist(s). Assn. of OR 1991-,  SDAO Exec. Bd. 2002-; SDAO 1998 & 2004 conf. com(s).;  SDAO Legislation Com. 2003-; Lincoln Co. Interagency Council 1991-; Lincoln Co. Literacy Coalition 1992-2004; Lincoln Co. Human Rights Coalition 1992-1996, secy., 1993, chr., 1994-95. UT L. Assn.: New Perspectives RT, v.-ch. and ch., 1988-89; Budget Com. 1984-85; Children’s and YA Serv(s)., prog. 1985.

      Accomplishments: Working in several kinds of libraries and in a variety of positions has given me a broad understanding of libraries and the issues we face within libraries and in our communities. My experience in libraries has included working in public and academic libraries, providing children’s and teen services, providing reference and reader’s advisory services, working at the circulation desk, collection development, storytelling, computer use and repair, and preparing and defending the library budget. I have done this work as a work/study student, paraprofessional, professional, department manager and administrator. I have had the privilege, for 14 years, of directing the development of a library district to help guarantee library service to everyone in the county. I view the development of this organization, and others, as organic, ever growing and changing. I have also been a part of a number of countywide collaboration efforts, learning more about collaboration and ways for groups and agencies to provide services and activities. Through these efforts I have worked with literacy organizations, social service organizations and the Lincoln Commission on Children and Families. I have also been working with the two state professional organizations tracking and developing state legislation benefiting libraries, Special Districts and employees.

ALA Member Since: 1978.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

ALA needs to continue to take a leadership role in library and professional development. ALA needs to approach new, and old, challenges by approaching the challenges with enthusiasm and creativity. As an association we need to: be a forum for the free expression of views from all types of librarians and libraries; promote a high standard of public service in our libraries; advocate for public, school and higher education libraries in our local communities; realize adequate salaries for all library workers; respond to memberships’ concerns about ALA’s management, programs and budget; enhance library and patrons access to electronic information networks; and promote diversity and eliminate discrimination in ALA and in our local libraries.

As a member of ALA Council I will try to address these issues and work towards finding ways for libraries and librarians to be leaders of collaboration and change in their communities.


16. ROSANNE CORDELL, Head of Reference Services, Indiana Univ. South Bend, P.O. Box 7111, South Bend, IN 46634: 1998.

      Education: IN Univ. South Bend, BS, Elementary Edu., 1974, MS, Elementary Edu., 1978. IN Univ., Bloomington, MLS, 1991.

      ALA Activities: ALA Com(s).: ALA IFC Privacy Subcom. 2003-; ALA Div./Com. Offices: ACRL Instr. Sect., Mgt. of Instr. Serv(s). Com. mbr., 1995-97; RUSA Access to Inf. Com. mbr., 2000-, ch. 2001-03. RT/Com. Off(s).: IFRT John Phillip Immroth Award Com. 2003-; Rep. to other grp(s).: RUSA Liaison to Freedom to Read Fdn. 2002-.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Assn. for IN Media Educators, Intellectual Freedom Com. mbr., 1993-98, ch., 1995-98 IN L. Fedn., Intellectual Freedom Com.: mbr., 1994-98;  Bibl. Instr./User Edu. Sect., Steering Com. mbr., 1994-99, co-ch., 1997-98.

      Honors and Awards: 2001 Selected for the four-week Bryn Mawr Summer Institute for Women in Higher Edu. Adm. (HERS), Bryn Mawr Coll., Bryn Mawr, PA. 1998, 1999, 2001 IN Univ. Trustees Teaching Award, for demonstration of continued excellence in teaching and in the support of teaching. 1999 IN Univ. Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching Award and memb. 1998 Selected to participate in the IN Univ. Ldrship. Inst. 1995 IUSB Grant-in-Aid of Res., to fund an intellectual freedom survey of IN K-12 sch(s). 1995 IUSB Assessment Grant, to fund the development of a library skills assessment instrument. 1994 IUSB Tech. Grant to fund the development of a multimedia presentation for a Freshman Seminar course.

      Accomplishments: Colborn, Nancy Wootton and Rosanne M. Cordell, “Moving from Subjective to Objective Assessments of Your Instruction Program,” RSR Ref. Services Review 26 (3-4) : 125-137 (Fall/Win. 1998). Cordell, Rosanne, “Enhancing Lib. Instruction With Multimedia Presentations,” in New Ways of “Learning the Lib.” & Beyond: Papers and Session Materials Presented at the Twenty-Third Natl. LOEX Lib. Instruction Conf, Ann Arbor, MI: Pierian Pr., 1996. Reprinted from Indiana Libraries 14 (2): 37-45 (1995). Cordell, Rosanne M. and Nancy A. Wootton, “Institutional Policy Issues for Providing Public Internet Access,” RSR Ref. Services Review 24(1): 7-12, 56 (1996).

ALA Member Since: 1991.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Providing access to information for our users is the common purpose of all types of libraries. All our work and professional issues ensure access. ALA should remained focused on issues and responsibilities of the library profession to facilitate our being effective in critical areas of concern.        


17. STEPHEN CROWLEY, Director of Libraries, Putnam County Library System, 601 College Rd., Palatka, FL 32177: 1988.

      Education: Juniata Coll., BA, 1973; Western MI Univ., MSL, 1974.

      ALA Activities: YALSA: Ch., Teen Read Week Preconf. 2004; Ch., Teen Read Week Com. 2002-04; Mbr., Teen Read Week Com. 1999-2002;  Mbr., Pres.’s Prog.; Mbr., Margaret Edwards Com.; Mbr., Media Sel. & Usage; Ch., Media Sel. & Usage; Ch., Selected Films & Videos; Mbr., Selected Films & Videos.

ALA Member Since: 1977.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

In a time of increasing emphasis on curtailed access to information, it is important to ensure that full access is assured to those who are least able to assert their rights. We must be part of the village that is raising our children. We must make sure that all of our citizens, not just the affluent and powerful, have access to the information necessary to make their life decisions. The ALA plays an important part in assuring that equitable and equal access to information is available to all users. It is one of the longest standing traditions of our profession and must be continued.


18. JULIE A. CUMMINS, Professional writer and critic, 2001; Former Coordinator of Children’s Services, New York Public Library, 1987-2000.

      Education: Mount Union Coll., BA, 196l; Syracuse Univ., MSLS, 1963.

      ALA Activities: ALA Council, Councilor-at-Large, 2002-05. ALA Grolier Award Com., ch., 2005. ALA: Exec. Bd., 1998-2002; Conf. Com., 2001-03; TF to Review Council Procedures, ch., 1996-97; World Book-ALA Goal Award Jury, 1996; Structure Revision TF, 1995-97; Councilor-at-Large, 1994-98;      NY Chapter Councilor, 1991-94; Council Orientation Com., ch., 1988-89; Councilor-at-Large, 1985-89; Plng. Com.,  ch., 1993-94; Plng. Com., 1991-93; Nom. Com., ch., 1990-91. ALSC: Caldecott Award Com., ch., 1995-96; Notable Children’s Bk(s).  Com., ch., 1997-99; Natl. Adv. Bd., Born to Read, 1994-98; Jt. Youth TF on Continuity and Change, ch., 1995-96; Bd. of Dir(s)., 1985-88; Newbery Award Com., ch., 1984-85; Newbery Award Com., 1980-81; Res. and Devel. Com., 1982-84; Laura Ingalls Wilder Award Com., 1980-83.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations:  NY L. Assn.: Pres. 1987-88; Chap. Councilor, 1991-94; Nom.Com., ch., 1985; Councilor-at-Large, 1981-83; Vitality Fund ch., 1983 & 1986;  Youth Serv(s). Sect., Pres., 1978-79; Films for Children, Ed., 1984. NY Sys. Study Adv. Com., 1988.

      Honors and Awards: ALSC Distinguished Serv. Award, 2003; ALA Grolier Award, 2001; City of Rochester, Employee Recognition Award, 1983; Who’s Who in the East, 1992; Boston Globe-Horn Bk. Awards Jury, 1993; Soc. of Illustrators, Children’s Bk. Illustration Jurist, 1993; Jo Osborne Award for Humor in Children’s Lit., ch., 2000; Children’s Catlg., Voting Cons., 1981-93; Parents Choice Bk. Award Juror, 1989-90; Pied Piper Award, NYLA, 1987; Beta Phi Mu, 1963.

      Accomplishments: In my career I have worn many hats: advocate for youth services, mentor to children’s librarians, trained hundreds of children’s librarians, adjunct professor teaching children’s literature for three library schools, presenter of numerous workshops, lectures, and keynote speeches from Alaska to Florida, television appearances promoting children’s books, Editor-in-Chief of Sch. Lib. Journal, written dozens of articles on youth services and children’s books, author of children’s books and resource books on children’s literature. Publications: Children’s Book Illus. and Design, Vol. 1 and 2; Tomboy of the Air, Harper Collins 2001; The Inside-Outside Book of Libraries, Dutton 1996; Country Kid, City Kid, Holt 2002; Choices, Vol. 2, John Gordon Burke, 1990; Let Her Sound Her Trumpet, Biblion, Fall 1995; Design of Youth Services, Allerton Institute 1989; Standards for Youth Services in Public Libraries of New York State, NYLA 1984; Taste Trends: A Cookie Lover’s Assortment of Picture Book Art, School Lib. Journal (SLJ), Sept. 1996; Fractured Fairy Tales, SLJ, Oct. 1997; Storyographies, SLJ, Aug. 1998; Suffer the Children, Lib. Journal, Nov. 15, 1988.

ALA Member Since: 1969.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Serving on ALA Council requires being able to take a paradox and fit the pieces of the puzzle into the whole picture. My past experience on Council has given me the skill, the patience, and the wisdom to analyze those pieces, match them with our values, and put them together in the right place. From the issues of intellectual freedom to the practicality of partnerships, I have demonstrated a life-long commitment to our profession and our association. And I have found that a sense of humor helps keep things in perspective, whether dealing with people, horses, or organizations: I’m ready to tackle the job.         


19. DIANE DUQUETTE, Director of Libraries, Kern County Library, 701 Truxtun Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93222: 1987.

      Education: Springfield Coll., BS, Sociology, 1975; Simmons Coll., MLS, L. Sci., 1978; Univ. of MA, various post grad. and undergrad. courses, 1979-80.

      ALA Activities: ALA LAMA and PLA mbr. since 1978; PLA Com. mbr., Workload Measures and Staffing Patterns, 1983-84; LAMA BES Com. mbr., L. Buildings Awards, 1999-2003; LAMA/PLA mbr., Certified Pub. L. Adm(s)., 1996-2000.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations:  CA Co. Ln.’s Assn., Pres., 1990; Kern Co. Mgt. Council, Pres., 1995; V.-Pres. 1994; Ch., Edu. and Scholarship Com., 1990-1994; San Joaquin Valley L. Sys., ch. for two terms since 1987; Bakersfield Mus. of Art, Bd. of Dir(s). 1999-2003; CA L. Assn., 2002 Co-Ch. Conf. Plng. Com.; Ch. of Forum Com., 1987-90.

      Honors and Awards: “Award of Excellence in Pub. L. Mgt.,” 2002, by the Urban L(s). Council and LSSI; a spec. John Cotton Dana Pub. Rel. award in 1989 and an “All Amer. City” award for cmnty. support and opening celebration activities for a new main library; a “Golden Pyramid Competition” award for outstanding use of specialty advertising; nominated “Woman of the Year,” in 2002 by the Kern Co. chap. of the CA Elected Women’s Assn. for Edu. and Res.; Kern Arts Council Award for the Kern Co. L.’s CA fine art collection.  Awarded over $31 million in grants and donations including construction grants totaling nearly $12 million.

      Accomplishments: Served as Dir. of Libs. for various public library systems for nearly 25 years and currently heads one of the nation’s largest systems comprised of a main library, 25 branches and three bookmobiles in Kern Co., CA; has extensive prof. mgt. experience with expertise in the areas of library construction and facilities planning, automated library systems in a consortium environment, personnel, staff development, various types of governance, fundraising for over $31 million for over 270 varied projects, budgeting up to $14M for annual operations, pub. lib. prog. mgt. for a diverse constituency including reference, literacy, youth, adult, support, computer, outreach, and collection development services, and the development of fine art collections. Awarded construction grants for five new branches totaling nearly $12 million and oversaw the construction and development of a new main library, seven new branches, and the remodeling of over a dozen branches including one on the Natl. Register of Historic Places and all for ADA access.  In 1996, achieved customer satisfaction ratings of very good to excellent from a statistically valid countywide survey. Works together with various 501.C3 non-profit agencies and serves as an ex officio member of the Kern Co. L. Fdn. 

ALA Member Since: 1978.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

The ALA needs open-minded, resourceful, creative, and strong leaders with vision to strengthen the organization, to plan stimulating and effective conferences, to improve the quality of all types of libraries and the image and compensation of librarians, and, lastly, to advocate the importance of the unique resources of all types of libraries to various clienteles nationwide. As Director of the Kern County Library in CA, one of the nations largest public libraries, and as one with 26 years of multi-faceted administrative experience in academic, public and school libraries, and with non-profits, ALA needs councilors that understand how to plan, administer, implement, manage and evaluate complex operational budgets and programs from a multiplicity of public and private resources, how to manage various private and public policy issues and how to assess, plan, forecast, and build for our future to assure the longevity of our nation’s libraries and the library industry.  And, above all, it needs leaders that will listen to its constituency and provide balance in its services and programs for its membership


20. KATHY EAST, Assistant Director/Head of Children’s Services, Wood Co. Dist. Pub. Lib., 251 N. Main St., Bowling Green, OH 43402.

      Education: BS, (Elementary Edu.) Univ. of WI, Madison; MSLS, Wayne State Univ., Detroit, MI. 

      ALA Activities: ALA mbr. 1978-; ALA Council: At-large mbr. 2000-03; Chap. Rel. Com., 1999-2003, Ch. 2002; ALA Exec. Director Search Com., 1993-94 and 2002; ALA Com. on Ethics, 1995-97; L. Advocacy, Now! Trainer; Facilitator for ALA Div. V.-Pres.’ day-long orientation, Oct. 1994 and 1995; ALA Ad Hoc Com. on External Relships., 1994-96; ALA appointment to IFLA (Intl. Fedn. of L. Assn(s). 1999-. ALSC: mbr., 1978-; Oral History Com. ch., 2004-; ch. of 2004 Caldecott Com.; Bechtel Fellowship Com., 2000-04, ch. 2002; Natl. Plng. of Spec. Clln(s). Com., 1999; Preconf. 1999, Co-ch.; Priority Cons., 1998-2002; Laura Ingalls Wilder Award Com., ch. 1998; ALSC/OLOS Preconf. Plng. Com., 1994-95 Co-Ch.; Bd. of Dir(s)., 1988-1994; Exec. Com., 1991-94; V.-Pres./Pres. Elect, 1991-92; Div. Pres., 1992-93; Budget and Finance Com., 1989-94; Natl. Reading Prog. Com., July -1999; Grants Com., 1987-89; Caldecott Award Com., 1987; Org. and Bylaws Com., 1984-87; Presch. Serv(s). and Parent Edu. Com., 1980-83, ch. 1982-83. PLA: mbr., 1984-; PLA AEPS Parent Edu. Com., 1984-89.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations:  OH L. Council mbr., 1978-; OLC Local Arrangements Com., Toledo Conf. 2001; OLC OH-Reads Adv. Com., 1999; OLC Govt. Rel. Com., 1994-96; OLC 100th Anniversary Celebration, 1995 ch.; OLC Goals and Objectives Review Com., 1990-92, ch., 1991-92; OLC Pres., 1987-88; OLC Bd. of Dir(s)., 1983-89; OLC Local Arrangements ch., OELMA/OLA concurrent conf. 1984, ch.; OLC L. Legislation Day, Washington, D.C. Apr. 1987 and 1988; OLC Children’s Serv(s). in L(s). and Sch. Media Centers Div., 1987-; OLC Children’s Serv(s). Div. Coor., 1982-83; OLC Outreach and Specialized Serv(s). Div., 1987-; OLC Outreach Div., Serv(s). to the Disabled TF, 1978-80, ch. 1979-80; MFLA (Midwest Fedn. of L. Assn(s)., OH Rep., 1991-96; MFLA OH Prog. ch., 1991; OCLIS Pub. Rel. ch., “Libraries Learning for Life,” 1986; USBBY (United States Bd. on Bk(s). for Young People, Inc.)Bd. mbr., 2002-; USBBY Bd. Secy., 2002-.

      Honors and Awards: Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce Athena Award recipient, 2004; mbr. of Beta Phi Mu; OH Bicentennial Literary Com., 1998-2002; OH L. Ldrship. 2000 Mentor, Sept. 1998 and 2000; ALSC Bechtel Fellowship Winner, 1998; OH Ln. of the Year, 1982.

      Accomplishments: I contributed to Unattended Children in the Public Lib.: A Resource Guide and am the author of Inviting Children’s Authors and Illustrators: A How-To-Do-It Manual for School and Public Librarians. I am frequent presenter and workshop leader on children’s literature and services and an adjunct faculty member at Kent State Univ. I have served many years as an advocate for parents in the state of Ohio and have been a youth advisor for a number of organizations.

ALA Member Since: 1977.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

The American Library Association must unite the profession and advocate for: sustained long-term funding for all types of libraries; well-trained and well-paid librarians and library workers; a vigorous recruitment program to the profession; efforts and services to create and support a literate society; equal access to information and information outlets for all persons in our communities; privacy and confidentiality of library records; adequate technology to support a library’s mission; creative and efficient systems of resource sharing; and networking and partnerships to support the “@ your library” campaign. A united and intense voice will emphasize the value of libraries in enriching a community and our nation.         


21. BRAD EDEN, Head, Web and Digitization Services, Univ. of Nevada, 3383 Horizon St., Las Vegas, NV 89121: 2004.

      Education: Carthage Coll., BA, Music & Religion, 1982; IN State Univ., MA, Musicology, 1984; Univ. of KS, Ph.D., Musicology, 1992; Univ. of N. TX, MSLS, 1994.

      ALA Activities: LITA Memb. Devel. Com., 2002-2003, Ch./V.-Ch.; ALCTS: Heads of Catalg. disc. grp., 2002-03, Ch./V.-Ch.; Role of the Prof. in Acad. Tech. Serv(s). disc. grp., 2002-03, Ch.; Ldrship.  Devel.  Com., 2001-03, Ch.; CC:DA TF on ONIX, 2001-02; CC:DA TF on ISBD(CR), 2001-02; CC:DA TF on Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs), 2001-02; CC:DA voting mbr., 2000-02; CC:DA TF on Review of AMREMM doc., 2000-01; CC:DA TF on Specific Characteristics of Electronic Res., 2000-02; Ldrship. Devel. Com. Mbr., 2000-01; CC:DA TF on Major and Minor Changes for Record Creation, 2000; CC:DA TF on 0.24, Recommendation 2, Option C, 2000; Ldrship. Devel. Com. – Intern, 1999-2000; CJCLS Tech. Com, 1999-2000, Ch. SSIRT TF on Compensation Not Appropriate to Level of Edu., Experience, and Responsibilities, 1998-2000; Pubn(s). Com., 1998-2003; Jt.  CC:DA/MARBI TF on Metadata, 1998-2000. LITA: Legislation and Regulation Com., 1996-98; CJCLS, Pubn(s). and Res. Com., 1996-98. ALCTS-AV liason for OLAC, 1996-98; Ch., Tech. and the Arts Int. Grp., ACRL/LITA Arts Sect., 1996-98; LITA rep. to ALCTS Com. on Catl.: Description and Access (CC:DA), 1995-98; CC:DA TFs: 1) MARC Format and Metadata; 2) Doc(s).; 3) IFLA Catlg. Doc.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Mbr., Music L. Assn. (MLA) Metadata Standards Working Grp., 2003-; Mbr., Prog. for Coop. Catl. (PCC) Metadata Training TF, 2003-; Mbr.,  Music L. Assn. (MLA) Authorities Subcom, 2003-07; Ch., Clln(s)., Automation, Presv., Tech. Serv(s)., and Acq(s). in NV (CAPTAIN), NV L. Assn., 2001-02; MLA, Ch., Intl. Music Metadata Projects Working Grp., 2000-02; TexShare ILL Protocol Working Grp., 1998-99; OLAC Catlg. Policy Com. (CAPC), 1998-2000; MLA, Descriptive Catlg. Subcom., 1998-2002; MLA, Stat. Subcom., 1997-99; IAML Working Grp. on the Core Bibl. Record for Music and Sound Recordings, 1995-98; NOTIS User’s Grp. Meeting, Spec. Int. Grp. (NUGM SIG), V. Ch.-Ch., 1996-97; NASA/JSC rep. to ARIN Authority Control Working Grp., 1994-95.

      Honors and Awards: Eagle Scout, 1975.

      Accomplishments: Metadata and its applications, Lib. Technology Report (LTR), Sept./Oct. 2002; 3D Visualization in Libraries, LTR, Jan. 2005; Innovative Redesign and Reorganization of Lib. Tech. Services: Paths for the Future and Case Studies, ed., Libraries Unlimited, 2004.

ALA Member Since: 1994.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I am interested in the viability of information organization and description as a course of study, and in metadata applications, and in information technology, and in keeping these issues at the forefront of the association. I am also interested in the future of support staff in technical services, and in the administration and management of information organizations.

      —BRAD EDEN

22. EVA EFRON, Supervisor, Nassau BOCES School Library System, 200 Second Ave., Massapequa Park, NY 11762: 2003.

      Education: SUNY at Stony Brook, BA, 1968; Adelphi Univ., MA, 1974; Hofstra Univ., CAS, 1991; St John’s Univ., MLS, 1994.

      ALA Activities: AASL Affil. Asbly.: Ch., 2000-01; Secy., 1998-1999; Delegate, 1996-98; ASSL Intellectual Freedom Com., 1999-2003; Univ. Pr. Bk. Com., 1998-99.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Pres. of the Sch. L. Media Sect. of the NY L. Assn., 1996-98; Sch L. Media Sect. Delegate to the NY State Council of Edu. Assn(s)., 1996-; NY State Council of Edu. Assn(s).: Secy., 2002-03; Middle Level Ch., 2002-. Long Island L. Res. Council Conf. Com., 1993-;  Co-Ch. of the Sch. L. Media Assn. Conf. 2005 for NY State.

      Accomplishments: I was one of the primary planners for the Long Island Regional L. Advocacy Event February 2003. This was a joint prog. sponsored by Eastern Suffolk BOCES and the New York State Edu. Dept Speakers included the Commissioner of Edu. Richard Mills and the State Ln. Janet Welch. Over 180 people participated in the all day event. It has been used as a model for similar events at other state locations.

ALA Member Since: 1992.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I believe that libraries are important. I believe that libraries change lives. Being a school librarian has changed my life! I want to share this under utilized resource. In my position as Supervisor at Nassau BOCES I am able to work with almost 400 school librarians in Nassau County (Long Island) providing prof. devel., a prof. collection and group purchasing opportunities. I encourage these librarians to create school library programs the will benefit students and their facilities. I believe the library has something positive to offer everyone. For our students it is the opportunity to be information literate. For everyone it is the opportunity for life long learning. And for those of us in the profession – a great place to work, develop our professional skills and connect with our peers. Personally my connection to the library world has brought me special friends. I’ve met many wonderful, bright, articulate individuals who have been my support through the challenges of life. As a member of the ALA Council I would be able to use my skills and my knowledge to work with the other Council members for the benefit of all librarians through ALA.


23. RANDALL ENOS, Youth Services Consultant, Ramapo Catskill Library System, 619 Route 17M, Middletown, NY 10940: 1982.

      Education: Univ. of KS, BA, 1973; Emporia State Univ., MLS, 1974.

      ALA Activities: ALA: Children’s Bk. Council Jt. Com., 1988-90 and 1995-97, Co-Ch.; Grolier Award Com., 1987-89, Ch., ALSC: Newbery Award Com., 2005; Bd. of Dir(s)., 2000-03; Arbuthnot Com., 1999; Notable Bk. Com., 1997-99; Nom. Com., 1997; Managing Children’s Serv(s). Com., 1994-97, Ch.; Caldecott Award Com., 1994; Filmstrip Com., 1984-88, Ch. YALSA: Mbr. since 1986. Book Links Ed. Adv. Bd., 1998-2002; Booklist Ed. Adv. Bd., 1993-97.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: NY L. Assn.; Council, 1989; Nom. Com., 1990; Awards Com., 2002-04; NYLA/Youth Serv(s). Sect., Bd. 1985-89, Pres., Treas.; NYLA Empire Friends RT, Bd. since 1992, Pres., Treas., Secy.

      Honors and Awards: NY L. Assn. “Outstanding Serv. to L(s). Award, 2000. Intl. Reading Assn. and Amy Bull Crist Reading Council Award for Exemplary Serv. in the Promotion of Literacy, 2002.

      Accomplishments: Multitude of presentations on various aspects of children’s books and library services for youth to various area groups. Organized first statewide summer reading program in New York State (1992). Co-developed 2003 New York State summer reading program. Founding member of Empire Friends of Libraries, a statewide library friends organization. Presenter on young adult services for statewide initiative focusing on public library services for young adults. Publication of Calendar Capers for the 85th anniversary celebration of the Youth Services Section of the New York Lib. Assn.

ALA Member Since: 1982.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

ALA must continue to be in the forefront of the fight against the forces that are working towards restricting our freedoms and the Council must be the solid moving force to provide the momentum for that fight. As the rapidity of the changes in our society continues to increase, we need to face those changes head on and make sure libraries continue to be in the cutting edge. At the same time, we need to make sure the word about the importance of books and reading for all ages reaches every segment of our multifaceted society We need to present librarianship as the “it” profession of this century and keep our humor about it. To accomplish that, we need to support the initiative for improved funding for libraries and better compensation for library staff. To reach out to and involve as many of the over 64,000 ALA members as possible, the Council should encourage the ALA staff and committees to communicate using the latest technology in new and creative ways.          


24. NORMAN J. ERIKSEN, Division Chief General Reference Center, Brooklyn Pub. Library, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238: 2001.

      Education: BA, Secondary Edu., Soc. Studies, State Univ. of NY, Fredonia, 1981; MLS Spec. L(s), Palmer Sch. of L. and Inf. Sci., Long Island Univ., 1990.

      ALA Activities: PLA: Job Career Inf. Serv(s). Com., 1996-2001. RUSA: 1995-; Urban L(s). Council Managers of Ref. Serv(s). Disc. Grp., 2001-. Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender RT: Treas. and Steering Com., 1999-2003, Stonewall Bk. Award Com., mbr., 2003-05, Fund Raising Com., mbr., 1999-2003, 30th Anniversary Gala Plng. Com. 2000, SRRT: Gay Lesbian Bisexual TF 1995-99; GLBTF Programing Com., mbr., 1995-99, Ad Hoc Com. for RT Status, 1999; Budget Analysis Review Council, GLBTRT rep., 1999-2003.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations:  Leather Archives and Mus., Grants Director, 2003-05, mbr., 2000, NY State L. Assn., mbr. IFRT, RASS 1995-.

      Accomplishments: Worked in four divisions in the Central Lib.: Soc. Sci., Sci. & Industry, Educational Job Inf. Center, General Ref. Center (telephone and e-mail reference periodical management). Supervisor: Educational Job Inf. Center, General Ref. Center. Grant Writer and manager for EJIC and GRC 1993-2003-: 11 projects (including Libraries Online 1996-1999). Presentations: 2004 GLBTRT Excavating the Queer Past Orlando, 2001 NYLA Career Zone, 2000 Certification Resources JCIS Talk Table Chicago, 1999. NYLA Bibliographic Instruction RT “America 1900;” “ Serving the Patron Through Referral Lists: the Brooklyn Experience,” in Journal of Interlib. Loan, Doc. Delivery & Inf. Supply v.7 n.4 1997 Contributor, 2000, 2001 ed: The Guide to Internet Job Searching, VGM Career Horizons Assisted in devel.: 1999-2001 CareerZone Web site New York State Dept. of Labor 1993-98 Training Resource and Inf. Network web site, Fund for the City of New York 1999-2001 Certification Resources 2001 Brooklyn Pub. Lib. 9-11 resources webliography 2004-. Income Tax Resources webliography, Central Lib. profile 1997-98 New York State Dept. of Labor Job Educational Services Com., 1993-97 Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Bus. Educ. Com. wrote six training and procedure manuals.

ALA Member Since: 1995.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

In the past 15 years, I have been part of many technology changes, which have had a tremendous impact on our professions, and the services we provide. Each new technological advancement has allowed me to grow professionally and to work closely with the public to teach them what they need to know in order to find the information that they are seeking. Technology change is slowly becoming manageable which will enable the profession and ALA move onto more pressing issues. Over the past five years, ALA has begun the work to create the ALA of the future that will reflect the realities of the 21st century. Plans have been developed by BARC and other ALA bodies that have laid the groundwork for our future. For these plans to become reality it is up to the staff at ALA, the general membership and ALA council to implement each one. If this is not done the future of the library profession and the organization could be very bleak. The public has become more demanding in terms of service expectations and is looking to the library for more than just books. If they can not find what they want they will go our competitors. In the public library section we are slowly changing age-old ideas and doing more to find out what the average library user wants from the library and seeing how we can provide it. The profession as a whole is starting to use business service models and other important management tools to better use the various resources that we have on hand. Better management, better services and better staffing will create a welcoming environment for each library customer.                                                                    


25. DIANE M. FAY, Retired, Supervisor Cataloging Department, Boston Pub. Library, 700 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02117: 1979.

      Education: Bunker Hill Cmnty. Coll., Associates in Sci. with high honors in Data Processing and Sys(s). Design, 1985; Univ. of MA at Boston, Coll. of Pub. and Cmnty. Serv., Bachelors in Labor Studies with a concentration in Legal Adv. (degree pending).

      ALA Activities: ALA-APA: Transition Team External Rel. Working Grp., Mbr., 2002; Standing Com. on Salaries and Status of L. Workers: Ch., 2004-05; Mbr., 2003-06; Union Working Grp., Ch., 2003-06, Video Working Grp., Mbr., 2003-06; Natl. L. Workers Day Working Grp., Mbr., 2004-06. Better Salaries TF: Mbr., 2003; Working Grp., Mbr., 2001-2003. ALA L. Support Staff Int. RT: Past Pres., 2004-2005; Pres., 2003-2004; V. Pres., 2002-03. LSSIRT: COPE III Implementation TF, Ch., 2004-05; Nom. Com., 2005. Election Cycle Congress on Prof. Edu. (COPE 3), Delegate, May 2003.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations:  MA L. Assn., mbr. 2003-. Boston Pub. L. Employee Union Local No. 1526 AFSCME: L. Asst. Rep. to the Exec. Bd., 1981-82; V. Pres., 1982-85; Pres., 1985-91; Boston Pres(s). Com.,  Mbr., 1985-86; Ch., 1986-91; Council 93 Exec. Bd., Mbr., 1986-95; Council 93, Pres., 1995-2003; (retired) MA AFL-CIO, V. Pres., 1999-2003 (retired). CNOT/OTEP (MA Coalition on New Office Tech./Office Tech. Edu. Project), Founding Pres. 1986-1990; Mbr., 1986-2004, Barnstable Democratic Town Com., Mbr., 2003-.

      Accomplishments: As an employee of the Boston Pub. Lib., I served on the Change Team from Mar. 1997 to Sept. 1998; worked on the Strategic Planning Team during the fall and winter of 1998; and was a member of the Technical Services Supervisory Team (TECHTEAM) from Aug. 1999 to Oct. 2002. I also wrote and administered a grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents to conduct a train the trainer program and then worked with the group to conduct training session on ergonomics at the Boston Pub. Lib.; taught supervisory skills at the City of Boston’s Training Center; serve as a member of the board of the Friends of the Cotuit Pub. Lib. in Cotuit, Massachusetts and as a member of the Barnstable Democratic Town Com.

ALA Member Since: 1999.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Although there are a number of issues which come before the ALA Council, as a candidate for Councilor-at-Large, there are two areas that I feel very strongly about. The first is the salaries and status of all library workers. We can not sit back and accept the concept that we like our jobs and are willing to work for salaries that do not provide for our basic needs. As the ALA-APA video highlights, we can’t continue to be portrayed as willing to live on love alone.  This is an important issue for all library workers and I will work within the ALA and the ALA-APA to bring awareness to the need to improvelibrary salaries. The second area that I will work on is the implementation of the COPE III recommendations and the total inclusion of support staff within the ALA and the ALA-APA. As the past president of LSSIRT and a 34-year library employee, I seek to be the voice of my fellow support staff workers on the ALA and the ALA-APA Council.

      —DIANE M. FAY

26. KAYNE FERRIER, Branch Manager, Grand Rapids Pub. Library, Yankee Clipper Branch, 2025 Leonard St. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505:2002.

      Education: Grand Valley State Univ., BA, 1985; Univ. of MI, MILS, 1987.

      ALA Activities: Mbr. of the PLA Stat. Data Report Com. since 2002.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations:  Co-ch. for MI L. Assn.’s Summer Reading prog. in 1991/1992.

      Accomplishments: I helped draft the language for Natl. Lib. Workers Recognition Day Proclamation, which was adopted by ALA and celebrated for the first time in April 2004.

ALA Member Since: 1990.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I am concerned at the lack of stable funding for libraries. It impacts libraries of every sort. Unstable funding means staff reductions or cutbacks, less pay for staff, fewer hours for the patrons, fewer materials purchased. Some libraries have been forced to close. The United States of America has to take some pride in itself and stop this. It has to learn the difference between knowledge and trivia and to learn to appreciate knowledge.    



      Education: BS, Alcorn State Univ., English Ed., 1970; MSLS, Univ. of IL, 1972.

      ALA Activities: ALA 1980-; Council, 2002-05; SRRT, Mbr.-at-Large 1996-2000 & 1986-1989; Ch., Coretta Scott King Bk. Award TF, 1993-97; Off. of Literacy and Outreach Serv(s)., Adv. Com., 1993-95; YASD, Conf. Plng., 1984; Black Caucus of ALA , Exec. Bd., 1989-90 and 1999-2001; Black Caucus of ALA, 4th Natl. Conf., Prog. Ch., 1999.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Fulton Co. Employees Assn., V. Pres., 1985-86.

      Accomplishments: Retired, 30-year tenure with Atlanta-Fulton Pub. Lib. moving from entry level librarian to Deputy Director.  Executed several successful community initiatives that resulted in new libraries, expanded services and increased public awareness of library res.  Currently, Literacy/Reading Consultant, promoting multi-cultural books with local schools.

ALA Member Since: 1980.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I would welcome a second term on Council as well as an opportunity to continue add my voice to the diverse issues facing the library professional. Studies reveal that much of our present library leadership will be retired in the next five to ten years. Recruiting and mentoring is vital to our survival as a profession. I applaud the “Spectrum Initiative” and the Office of Diversity for the significant role they have played in our recruitment efforts. However, we fall short in the area of mentoring. I co-founded a mentoring group in Atlanta. I pledge to help ALA develop a formal mentoring program with a mandated time commitment, tracking, recognition and reward system. I also support the ALA key action areas; support of libraries & librarians, equitable access. Leader in use of technology and continuing education. These Action goals help us reaffirm our commitment to the promotion of libraries and trumpet the right of all people to equitable information access.


28. BARBARA A. GENCO, Director of Collection Development, Brooklyn Pub. Library, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238: 1998.

      Education: Canisius Coll., Buffalo, NY, BA, English, 1973; Pratt Inst., Brooklyn, NY, MLS, 1975.

      ALA Activities: ALA Conf. Com., 2004-; ALSC: Past Pres. 2003-04; Pres., 2002-03; V. Pres.-Pres. Elect, 2001-02; Bd. of Dir(s). 1996-99; T. Suess Geisel Award Com., 2004-05; Strategic Plng. TF, mbr., 2000-01; ALSC Distinguished Serv. Award Com., mbr., 2000-01; Caldecott Award Com., mbr., 2001; Newbery Award Com., mbr., 1994; Plng. and Budget Com., 1997-2000, ch.1998-2000; Friends of ALSC Ad Hoc Com., 2000; Nom, Com., ch. 1995, JOYS (Journal of Youth Serv(s). in L(s).), Referee, 1992-2000; Charlemae Rollins Pres.’s Prog. Com., 1988-89, ch.; New York Annual Conf. Local Arrangements Com., 1986 and 1995, co-ch. PLA Allie Beth Martin Award Jury, 1991-94. RUSA/AFL-CIO John Sessions Memorial Award for Outstanding Serv. to Labor Grp(s). Com., mbr. 1983-88, ch. 1985-88.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: NY L. Assn. (NYLA): Youth Serv(s). Sect. (YSS) Bd. of Dir(s). 1988-91. YSS Spr. Conf., Albany, NY, Ch., “The Horn Book Symposium,” 1991. USORT Union & Staff Org. RT (Founding Mbr.) 1980; Bd. 1981-88, ch. 1986-88.NYLA Memb. Asbly. 1987-88; NYLA Legis. Asbly. 1992-93; U.S. Bd. on Bk(s). for Youth (USBBY) 1994-, mbr.; Bd. of Dir(s)., 2004-.

      Honors and Awards: Pratt Inst. SILS, Beta Phi Mu, 1975. PLA Allie Beth Martin (Clln. Devel.) Award, 2000. Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats Pub. Serv. Award, 2002.

      Accomplishments: I write an annual survey of “10 Great Reads For Grown-ups” which appears in the Dec. issue of School Lib. Journal (2004 marked the 9th year this article has appeared). In the Fall of 2004 I led a People To People Ambassadors’ Children’s Lit. and Libraries Delegation to Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg). I also serve on the WNYC (New York City’s Pub. Radio Station) Community Adv. Board, 2001-.

ALA Member Since: 1982.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Librarianship is an aging profession. Before we Baby Boomers give way to Gen X, Y, and more, we need to takes strong steps to assure the future of libraries and librarianship. We need to recruit and welcome new members to the profession and help them take on leadership roles as soon as possible. Increasing public, school, and academic library funding crises, less access to government information, and continuing attacks on privacy, on the freedom to read, all combine into a recipe for library disaster. How can we safeguard our future? How can we assure the vitality and energy of the profession we love? ALA needs to keep focused on the core issues of library advocacy, intellectual freedom, best practices, and continuous learning. ALA’s leadership has long made a difference in the lives of children and young people. I wonder...if we continue to focus on the details, the minute internal operations of our association, will there actually BE librarians to take our place? Council needs to spend less time on ‘the small stuff’ of governance and more time on the real, ‘big picture,’ work of assuring a robust future for libraries, literacy, and the profession. Time is running out.         


29. LARRY GRIECO, Library Director, Gilpin County Pub. Library, 15131 Highway 119, Golden, CO 80403: 2000.

      Education: State Univ. of NY at Buffalo, English, BA, 1970; State Univ. of NY at Buffalo, MLS, 1973; Univ. CO at Denver, Grad.  Anthropology, no degree, 1982-84.

      ALA Activities: Rural L. Serv(s). Com., 2003-06.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: CO L. Assn., Head, Small L(s). Sect., 1987; Mountain Plains L. Assn., ch., Intellectual Freedom Com., 1988.

      Accomplishments: The Gilpin County Lib. was selected as one of only 50 pilot sites in America for the Research Revolution video viewing and discussion series, beginning in April, 2003, sponsored by National Video Resources, the National Science Foundation, and the ALA. Co-presenter of Changes and Challenges, a lecture and panel discussion on rural library services at the CO Lib. Assn. Annual Conf., 1987. Rural Roots: a conference report on rural libraries. Colorado Libraries, June, 1986. Self-published collection of poems, If the Path Fits (and other poems), 1995.

ALA Member Since: 2000.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I see issues surrounding the right of access to information for patrons of all ages and the patron’s right to privacy as the most pressing concerns in librarianship today. In the smallest, out-of-the-way, hole-in-the-wall rural public library to the largest academic library or public library system, the First Amendment rights of individuals are in danger, particularly since 9/11, in a way not previously experienced in the U.S. And so the profession of librarianship may be facing its greatest challenge. I urge librarians everywhere to support both intellectual freedom and the right to privacy for all our patrons, adults and children alike, and I believe this responsibility is at the core of the library profession. I am also strongly in favor of minority recruitment in librarianship. Through mentoring, scholarships, grants, proactive recruitment, followed by minority hiring, the profession needs to diversify to remain relevant in an increasingly diverse society.



Dean, Library/Learning Resources, Trident Technical College, Charleston, SC 29423-8087: 2005.

      Education: Univ. of SC, BA, 1969; MLS, 1977; 30 hrs. above Masters, 1994.

      ALA Activities: ACRL: Natl. Conf. Steering Com., 2003-; Ch., ACRL Natl. Conf. Poster Com., 2003-; AASL: Constitution and Bylaws Com., 2004-; Ch., AASL Natl. Sch. L. Prog. of the Year Award TF, 2004-; Ch., AASL Natl. Sch. L. Prog. of the Year Award, 2003-04; L. Adv. Trainer, 1995; Grolier Award Juror, 2001; ALA Pay Equity Com., 1986; ALA Annual Conf. Com., 1998-2000; ALA Annual Conf. Coor. Team, 2000; Council At Large, 1997-2000; AASL Bd. of Dir(s)., 1996-1999; AASL Exec. Com., 1997-99; Ch., AASL Inf. Tech.TF, 1998; AASL Unit Facilitator, 1985-90; AASL Natl. Conf. Plng. Teams, 1997-2000; Ch., AASL Ldrship. Com., 1985-88.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Serves on the PASCAL (Partnership among SC Acad. L(s). 2000-; Ch., Prof. Devel. Com., PASCAL, 2002-; Pres., S. Carolina L. Assoc., 1984-85; Pres., S. Carolina Assn. of Sch. Ln(s)., 1982-83; Pres., AECT of SC, 1986-87; Exec. Sec., SCLA, 1988-2000; SCLA & SCASL Conf. Plng. Com(s)., 1976-2001; Advertising Ed., Southeastern Librarian, 1982.

      Honors and Awards: Tchr. of the Year, Brookland-Cayce H.S., 1984; Media Prog. of the Year, Brookland-Cayce High School, 1985; Pres.’s Award, 1987, SC Assn. of Sch. Ln(s).; Serv. Award, 1998, SC Assn. of Sch. Ln(s).; Outstanding Alumni Award, 1998, Coll. of  L. and Inf. Sci., USC; Natl. Adv. Com., 1998-; Coll. of L. and Inf. Sci., USC; SIRS Adv. Com., 1998-.

      Accomplishments: Library Advocacy presenter: SELA, 1998, White House Conf., 1997; Regular presenter at SCLA and SCASL conferences in the last 25 years; Presenter, AASL National Conference, 1984; Adjunct faculty, College of Lib. and Inf. Sci., Univ. of S. Carolina, 1985-90; Adjunct faculty, The Citadel, 1998-99.

ALA Member Since: 1979.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Having been a school media specialist for 29 years and currently working in the academic arena with experience in public libraries, access to information and intellectual freedom are the two top library issues. Collaboration between all types of libraries and librarians is essential for everyone to have access to information and to assure the opportunity for everyone to have the ability to select and evaluate information. Educational institution libraries, K-12 and academic, programs should reflect strategies for collaboration with faculty for integration of information literacy into curriculum and instruction. Serving on Council provides an opportunity to have input into decisions and policies that relate to all types of libraries.


31. DEE GWALTNEY, Library Media Specialist, Lee M. Thurston High School, 26255 Schoolcraft Rd., Redford, MI 48239: 1992.

      Education: Southern IL Univ., BS in Ed., 1963; Eastern MI Univ., MA in English Language and Lit., 1967; Univ. of MI, AMLS, 1977; Madonna Univ., BA in Sign Lang. Studies, 1987.

      ALA Activities: ALA/AASL American Assn. of Univ. Presses com. mbr., 2001, 2002; AASL: Affil. Asbly. State Delegate, 1998, 1999; Affil. Asbly. Secy., 2001; Rgn. III Director-elect, 2001-03; Rgn. III Director 2003-05; Bd. of Dir(s)., 2003-05; Bd. Liaison to Knowledge Quest, 2004; Bd. Liaison to AASL Pubn(s). Com., 2004.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: MI Assn. for Media in Edu.: Regnl. Rep., 1996-97;  Pres.-elect, Pres., Past-Pres., 1998-2000; Memb. Ch., 2001-03; Co-ed., Media Spectrum, 2004-; Wayne Co. (MI) Reading Council, Secy., 1999-Present.         

      Honors and Awards: Eastern MI Univ. Outstanding Educator Award, 1995; Celebration of Excellence Award, Wayne Co. Regnl. Edu. Serv. Agency, 2003; S. Redford Sch. Dist. Award for Above and Beyond Serv. to the Prof., 2003; MI Assn. for Media in Edu. Pat Slocum Award for Outstanding Meritorious Serv. to MAME and the Media Prof., 2003

      Accomplishments: I have served in the library profession for 27 years with two different school districts. During those years, I have actively participated with teachers and administrators in curriculum school improvement and student activities. In both districts, the library media center became a vital part of the school In one district I developed and opened a new library, automating the facility before many libraries had automation. In another I participated in the planning for renovation of a library and supervised the transition from the old to the new facility. During my professional career, I have participated and served in committees and offices of local, state and national associations. I have presented in conferences in professional organizations and written for state publications.

ALA Member Since: 1991.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Issues most important to me are national recognition of the importance of libraries and intellectual freedom, recruitment to the profession, and retention of school libraries with professional staffing. Recent national developments such as the Patriot Act and No Child Left Behind threaten libraries and intellectual freedom. We need to remain aware of future legislation and act to curb negative developments. Important to a strong profession is the retention of qualified professionals. Recruitment must be a priority as we creatively present the field of librarianship. School libraries and library positions are threatened in most states. Council’s 2003 resolution in support of school library media centers was a strong step toward retention of school libraries. Actions to include school libraries and librarians in No Child Left Behind would further strengthen their position. If elected to Council, I pledge to enthusiastically support ALA and libraries in all crucial issues of the profession.   


32. EUGENE HAINER, Director of Library Development Services, Colorado State Library, 201 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80203: 2000.

      Education: Univ. of CO, Boulder, B. Mus. Edu., music edu. and teaching, 1980; Univ. of TX, Austin, MLS, 1988.

      ALA Activities: 2002-2004: AASL: Rgn. IX director; Bd. 2000-02; SPVS Sect. rep. to the AASL Bd., 2000-02; Rgn. IX Director-elect 2002; Distinguished Adm. Award Com., mbr., 1998-2000. CO State Inf. Power Implementation, Co-coor., 1998-99. SPVS Com. Plng. TF, 1996. NMRT: Liaison to AASL, 1996; Handbk. Revision Com.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: CO L. Adv. Bd., 2004; Strategic Plng. TF, 2003-04. CEMA/CLA bylaws and merger TF, 2001-02. CO L. Assn., Legis. Com., mbr., 1998-99. CO Educ. Media Assoc. Annual Conf. Plng. Comm. 1997;1999. CO L. Assn.: Reporting Secy., Funding Comm., 1997-98. CO Edu. Media Assoc., State L. Liaison 1995-. TX L. Assn., Rgn. XIII Secy, 1989-90. CO Dept. of Edu., Regnl. Serv. Team, mbr., 1999- At-large rep. to NASTEMP, 1999. Power L. Prog. implementation and team
mbr., 1997-.

      Honors and Awards: 1987, Bastrop ISD (TX) outstanding employee. 2000-01, CO Edu. Media Assn. serv. award.

      Accomplishments: After a teaching and school library career that spanned fifteen years, I have worked with the Colorado State Lib. for that past nine. Accomplishments include: bringing the first computer lab and integration of technology and teaching to the Bastrop, TX, elementary schools and being named outstanding employee; assisted in introducing internet use for classroom instruction in Fort Collins, CO; development of rubrics for information literacy in Colorado; Guest Editor of Colorado Libraries; four published articles in Colorado Libraries: Information Literacy in Colorado Schools; The Case for Crisis in School Libraries: Symptoms or Solutions; The Sch. Lib. Media Spec. in the Prof.; Continuing Educ./where it’s been, and where it (might be) going; Co-author of the SLJ article, “Dick and Jane Go to the Head of the Class;” served on committee that successfully merged the school and public library associations into one Colorado association; served on reconfiguration planning task force that examined post-Regional System infrastructure; successfully secured continued federal funding despite statewide budget cuts of 79%; served as interim State Libn. following retirement of current State Libn.

ALA Member Since: 1996.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

ALA Council needs school library representation. So much of what ALA does appears, to the school community, to be driven by its public and academic library members. Too often the needs of the school librarian and those they serve are not heard, or their potential influence on national matters goes unnoticed due in large part to a lack of school representation on Council. One ongoing concern among school librarians is how they fit into local efforts to meet state education standards. In addition to supporting the ongoing efforts and initiatives of the many varied types of libraries represented on Council, as a candidate, I am concerned with finding ways that the school librarian can play an important role in helping students meet these standards at a time when technology and testing seem to be the driving force behind education. Staffed school libraries are becoming an endangered species throughout the country. Delivering the message that quality school libraries contribute effectively to student achievement requires advocacy, education, and communication. These are critical concerns for all school librarians, but are concerns rarely addressed by the current Council membership. To those outside the Council sphere it often appears that ALA is more concerned about influencing foreign policy than in mustering a collective library voice for improving visibility, funding, staffing, and service delivery for members no matter whom they answer to. Council needs voices that support the AASL credo that “student achievement is the bottom line” I will pursue on-going efforts to effectively bring that message to the people in or out of the library community that must heed it, and will do my best to share both ideas and expertise with colleagues on Council and in the field to accomplish that goal.


33. SHELBY HARKEN, Head, Acquisitions/ Bibliographic Control, Univ. of North Dakota, Chester Fritz Library, Grand Forks, ND 58202-9000: 2005.

      Education: Univ. of ND, Grand Forks, BS in Edu., Majors: L. Sci, French; Minor: Hist., 1969; MSLS, minor, Media in L(s) and Sch(s), 1971.

      ALA Activities: ACRL: ULS Commun(s). Com., mbr., 1991-93. ALTCS: MARBI, Intern, 1991-92; MARBI, mbr., 1992-94, 1994-96, recorder at 1994 Annual; CCS SAC Subcom. on Metadata and Subj. Analysis, mbr., 1998-2001; CCS Subj. Analysis, mbr.,  2001-05; CCS Subj. Analysis Subcom. on Semantic Interoperability, ch., 2002-05; LC Action Plan 2.3, mbr., 2002-. LITA: TESLA, mbr., 1996-98; LITA Rep. (Liaison) to ALCTS CCS:DA, 2001-05.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: ND L. Assn.: mbr., Tech. Serv(s)., RT; mbr., ch., 1991-92, Secy., 1994-95; Acad. Sect., mbr., Govt. Docs. RT, mbr., ch., 1997-98. Mountain-Plains L. Assn., mbr. Tech. Serv(s). Sect., ch., 1997-98. ODIN (Online Dakota Inf. Network, a statewide l. sys.) Database Adv. Grp., ch., 1989-. Peer Adv. Com. on PALS Authorities, 1990-91. MULS (MN Union List of Serials) Futures TF, 1991. PALS User’s Grp. Exec. Bd., Mbr.-at-Large, 1993-95. ODIN: Serials Users Grp., mbr., Acq. Users Grp., ch., 1991-94; Rebase Com. (convert software version – tech., OPAC and catlg. specifications), 1993-94. OCLC: Clln(s). and Tech. Serv(s). Adv. Com., 1995-98; Internet Catlg. Project participant, 1995-96. Music OCLC Users Grp., 1994-. ODIN Vendor Study TF/ODIN ILS Steering Com., 1997-2002; ODIN2 Project Team, 2003-05 OCLC: Participant in the OCLC Disc. on Union Listing and Electronic Res. (moderated by Myrtle Myers); CORC Project participant, 1999-2000; Western Rgn. Digitization Initiative, org(al). meeting, Aurora, CO, 2000. Non-l. affiliations: Dakota Gold Gymnastics, Exec. Bd. Secy., 1988-92; Red River Valley Gymnastics Club, Exec. Bd. Secy., 1994-97; Newman Parish Music ldr., 1982-2000; Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women, 1965-.

      Honors and Awards: ND L. Assn. Ln. of the Year for 1998, Awarded 1998 at NDLA Convention in Grand Forks, ND. Co-recipient of LSTA Grant to digitize, catlg., create authority records, and test OCLC CORC for UND’s Archv. materials relating to women and women’s org(s)., 1999-2000. Co-writer and recipient of grant to organize, catlg., manage, circulate, and loan the ND Dept. of Pub. Instr.’s Spec. Learners Clln., 2000. Included in Who’s Who of American Women, 2002-03.

      Accomplishments: Harken, Shelby E. (2003). "How to handle the IRs", The Good Stuff. 33 (2), p. 16-19 Outsourcing: Ready, Set, Go, 1996. A Cataloger’s Perspective, Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, v. 23 (2). ODIN Inf. Notes. Ed., Grand Forks, N.D.: Online Dakota Inf. Network. Caldwell, Mary Ellen. North Dakota Div. of the Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women, 1964-84 by Mary Ellen Caldwell, Patricia Berntsen and Shelby Harken, Grand Forks, N.D.: Univ. of North Dakota, 1984. Chester Fritz Lib. Tech. Serv(s). Homepage Lund, Elaine Strand (2001). Chautauqua summer. Shelby E. Harken, ed. Strand, Shelby. A proposed course of study for prospective secondary education teachers of the social sciences in the use of educational media and media centers, 1970 Strand, Shelby. So this is how you run a media center! Organizing, administering, and developing an instructional media center-an annotated bibliography, 1971, (included in ERIC).

ALA Member Since: 1989.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Funding and education are key areas of interest. I have served as a mentor to library students and librarians. My work in a statewide multi-type library system has given me exposure to the needs of all types of librarians. I have served ALA in ACRL, ALCTS, and LITA and understand how they can support librarians. In the “AmaGoogle” world, we need to show why libraries are important in very concrete ways. Without understanding the need, financial support is hard to get. I would support work to strengthen librarianship and libraries in these areas: Continuing education for professionals, Expand internship opportunities, Increase public awareness of the importance of library services, Increase salaries, Increase funding for libraries


34. TOM HENNEN , Director, Waukesha County Federated Library System, 6014 Spring Street, Racine, WI 53406: 1999.

      Education: 1966–75, Univ. of WI-Milwaukee, BA, Sociology, 1972; MLS, 1975.

      ALA Activities: L. Res. RT Mbr. Conf. Presentations: The Best Libraries in America? An Explanation of the HAPLR Index, at the PLA Annual Conf., 2000 in Charlotte, NC. Available on the World Wide Web at: ALA Annual Conf., Philadelphia, PA. 1982. Panel mbr. for prog. titled., “L. Serv(s). to Rural Populations.” ALA Annual Conf., New York, NY, 1980. Speaker for prog. titled, “Publicizing Rural L. Serv(s).

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Ch., WI L. Assn. L., Devel. and Legislation Com. 2002 to present Sys. and Res. L. Adm.’s Assn. of WI 1983 to present Pres. from 1992 to 1996 L. Serv(s). and Technology Act Com., WI 1997 to 2000 Pres., 2000.

      Honors and Awards: Invited to provide keynote testimony to the WI Legislature’s Legis. Council Study Com. on L(s). in 1996. 1988 OCLC Invitational Conf. on the Future of the Pub. L. in the 21st Century—one of 50 national l. ldr(s). selected. 1980 L. Pub. Rel. Council Award received at ALA Annual conf. for innovative serv(s). to l. users. Article on “Attacking the Myths of Small Libraries,” selected by peer jury for annual publication in Best of L. Literature: 1986.

      Accomplishments: I have been a librarian for almost 30 years. I am presently the Dir. of Waukesha Co. Federated L. Sys. in WI. Waukesha Co. Federated L. Sys., has won five Natl. Assn. of Counties Achievement Awards. I previously directed library systems elsewhere in WI and MN. Library periodicals such as Lib. Journal, American Libraries, and the Australian L. and Inf. Sci. Journal have published over 40 of my articles on topics ranging from children’s literature to rural library service to library futures, standards, and accounting. My book for Neal-Schuman, Hennen’s Public Library Planner, was published in Apr. 2004. I have addressed professional lib. assn(s). in 15 U.S. states and in several Canadian Provinces during my career. The Hennen’s Amer.Pub. Lib. Ratings (HAPLR) have gained media notice in hundreds of communities since their first publication in American Libraries magazine in Jan. of 1999.

The articles are posted at:

ALA Member Since: 1978.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

As an ALA Councilor I will work to advance library evaluation, model legislation for library districts, and public library standards. 1. The publication of the HAPLR ratings in American Libraries since 1999 has caused wide media and public librarian interest in measurement and evaluation of library services. (See My 2004 book for Neal-Schuman, Hennen’s Pub. Lib. Planner, provides a mechanism for using evaluation tools in a consistent manner. 2. Special district libraries are the fastest growing types of library organization even though only 19 states have laws that permit them. As I noted in my June/July 2002 American Libraries article, I hope that ALA will soon develop a model district library law for the remaining 30 states that need them. 3. ALA last published standards for public libraries in 1966 and formally abandoned them in 1980. As I indicated in my Mar. 2000 article in American Libraries, it is time to re-instate the standards, revised and expanded for the 21st Century.


35. ROBERT HUBSHER, Director, Ramapo Catskill Library System, 619 Route 17M, Middletown, NY 12550-4395: 2000.

      Education: Loyola Coll., BA, 1972; Univ. of Western Ontario, MLIS, 1984.

      ALA Activities: IFC Privacy Subcom., mbr., 2003-.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: NY L. Assn. L.: IFC, mbr. 2003-, ch., 2004-.

      Accomplishments: Vice-Ch. of the Strategic Plng. Grp. (SPG) & Ch. of the SPG Equity of Access Com., 1988-1990. The SPG was charged with developing a strategic plan for Ontario Pub. L(s). The plan—The One Place to Look—was released in Apr. 1990 and formed the foundation for pub. lib. devel. for nearly a decade. Mbr. of the Ontario Pub. Lib. Week Com. from 1990 to 2000 charged with planning the theme and promotion for this popular and effective annual event. Founding mbr. and Ch. of Smart City Cornwall, Ontario, from 1997-2000. This initiative was designed to leverage technology to improve the quality of life and economic prospects for the City of Cornwall. As CEO of the Cornwall Pub. Lib. I positioned the library as a key community partner in the development of this initiative. The library received a great deal of attention, increasing its community profile. People looked to us to set the standard for the innovative use of technology to improve the quality of life in our community.

ALA Member Since: 2001.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Libraries are an essential institution in a democratic society. As librarians we make it possible for people to enrich their lives by offering materials and services that refresh the spirit, improve the mind, and help sustain an open and free nation. Yet the threat to the future of libraries and librarians is palpable. ALA has a crucial responsibility to frame perceptions about libraries, in defending the principles that are at the core of librarianship and by providing leadership to librarians, trustees and library workers. I am eager to play an active role in helping to shape our Association and assure that it remains relevant, vibrant and solvent. I want ALA to be in a position to support libraries, and librarians, to defend intellectual freedom, to rally our members, and to represent them effectively. I am ready to commit the time and energy required doing so.          


36. MELANIE HUGGINS, Youth Services Director, Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, 310 North Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28202: 2000.

      Education: Winthrop Univ., BFA, Painting, 1991; Univ. of SC, MLIS, 1995.  ALSC, Pre-conf. Plng. Com., 2004-05; PLA Literacy Award Jury, 2004-05; PLA/ALA Conf. Plng. Com., 2005-06.

      Honors and Awards: Exec. Ldrship. Inst. Fellow, Urban L(s). Council, 2002-04.

ALA Member Since: 1997.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

If elected to ALA council, there are three areas of professional concern that I will work to address: Library leadership, outreach to the under-served and the development of strategic partnerships. The lack of appropriately trained librarians waiting in the wings to become the next generation of library leaders should be of concern to us all. If we continue to insist that a Masters in Library Science is required of librarians and library directors, then ALA must work together with institutes of higher learning to ensure that the training and on-going professional development of librarians is relevant, timely and adequately prepares librarians to be effective leaders. As our nation becomes more diverse a library’s role as portal to workforce development training, literacy building, and diverse learning opportunities becomes more vital. Lastly, by developing a strategic partnership at the national level, I believe that ALA can better secure its position as a vital organization committed to developing communities of life-long learners.



37. LING HWEY JENG, Professor and Director, School of Library and Information Studies, Texas Woman’s Univ., Denton, TX 76204-5438: 2004.

      Education: Certification for Specialization in Tech. Serv(s)., 1985; Univ. of TX at Austin, MLIS, 1983; Ph.D., 1987.

      ALA Activities: Councilor-at-Large, 2002-05; Ch., Chap. Rel. Com., 2004-05; TF on L. Sch. Closing 2004-05; Carla Hayden Pres. Adv. Com., 2003-04; Spectrum Adv. Council, 2004-; Ch., Diversity Council, 2000-01; Com. on Orientation, Training and Ldrship., Devel., 2000-; Chap. Rel. Com., Recruitment Subcom., 1999-; Com. on Minority Concerns and Cultural Diversity, 1998-99, 2000-01; Edu. Com. 1996-98; Ch., Edu. Com., 1996-97; Council Ad Hoc Com. on Foreign Credentials, 1997-2000; Edu. Asbly., 1994-97; Ch., Edu. Asbly., 1996-97; Legislation Asbly, 1996-97; ALCTS, CCS, Com. on Edu., Training and Recruitment for Catlg., 1992-97; IRC Subcom. on US/China Conf. 1994-95; IRRT Edu. Liaison, 1994-95.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Exec. Dir., Asian/Pacific Amer. Ln(s). Assn., 2001-; Co.-Ch., Natl. Conf. on Asian Pacific Amer. Ln(s)., 1999-2001; Pres., Chinese Amer. Ln(s). Assn., 1999-2000; Ch., ALISE Recruitment Com., 1998-2000; Faculty Adv., Univ. KY ALA Stu. Chap., 1996-; ASIS, Awards Com., 1991-95; ASIS, Res. Com., 1988-90; ALISE Recruitment Com., 1988-90; CALA, Bd. of Dir(s)., 1989-92, 1995-; Ch., CALA, Scholarship Com., 1993-95; and mbr. of numerous CALA Com(s). since 1987.

      Honors and Awards: U.S. Dept. of Edu. Inst. of Mus(s). and L. Serv(s)., Natl. Ldrship. Grant, 1999-2001; Distinguished Visiting Lect., Chung-Hsing Univ. (Taiwan), 2001; Outstanding Ldrship. Recognition, L. Assn. of China (Taiwan), 1999; Douglas Scholarship, UT Austin; ACRL/ISI Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship.

      Accomplishments: Leader of planning and implementation for the first Natl. Conf. on Asian Pacific Amer. Librarians, held on June 13-15, 2001 in San Francisco. Author of the original proposal for creating an ALA 501(c)(6) agency for post-MLIS certification. Designer and Presenter of Diversity Workshop at ALISE 2000 Preconf.; Prog. Ch. of  Edu. Com. Prog. at 1998 ALA Annual Conf. “Curriculum Changes in LIS: What’s My Work Got To do with it?” Prog. Ch. of Edu. Com. Prog. at 1997 ALA Annual Conf., “The Future of LIS Education: Reforming or Reinventing;” Prog. Ch. and Presenter of ALCTS, CCS, CETRC Prog. at 1996 ALA Annual Conf. “Technology Innovation: Staying Ahead of the Game;” Coor. and Moderator on cataloging education for Head of Cataloging Disc. Group at 1996 ALA Midwinter; Author of newspaper commentary “Family Surfing Beats Internet Censorship.”  Frequent speaker on diversity training. Numerous research publications in LRTS, ITAL, JASIS, JELIS, and Inf. Processing & Mgt.

ALA Member Since: 1985.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

My work with ALA over the years has concentrated on three areas of my professional interest: (a) continuing education and certification at post-master’s level, (b) continuous open dialogues between LIS educators and practitioners, and (c) diversity training. My service objectives are: (1) strengthening the role and involvement of ALA in shaping the future of LIS status through accreditation, certification and other educational standards and processes, (2) providing more, substantial open dialogues between educators and professional practitioners for better communication, (3) better coordination for continuing education activities among ALA groups, (4) advocating and strengthening the formal mechanism at ALA level to recognize professional continuing education efforts, and (5) working with employers to promote positive incentives for continuing education among members, (6) developing effective long-term strategies for diversity training for LIS professionals.


38. WEI JENG-CHU, Technology Services Division Head, Worcester Public Library, 3 Salem Sq., Worcester, MA 01608: 2003.

      Education: Natl. Taiwan Univ., BA, Hist., minor in Sociology, 1977; Univ. of WI-Madison, MALS, 1981.

      ALA Activities: ALA MARBI (Machine-Readable Bibl. Inf.) Com.: Mbr., 2005-07; PLA Practical Applications of Tech. in Pub. L(s). Com.: Mbr., 2005-07; LITA Natl. Forum 2004 Plng. Com.: Mbr., 2003-04; RUSA Intern to MARBI Com., 2003-04; PLA CIS Liaison to MARBI Com., 2002-03; LITA Frederick G. Kilgour Award Com.: Mbr., 2002-03; PLA Cmnty. Inf. Serv(s). Com.: Mbr., 2000-02; PLA Catlg. Needs of Pub. L(s). Com.: Mbr., 1998-2002; LITA Tech. and Access Com.: Mbr., 1998-2002.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Chinese Amer. Ln(s). Assn., 1989

      Honors and Awards: Beta Phi Mu Intl. L. Sci Honor Soc., 1981; Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Soc., 1977.

      Accomplishments: Actively participate in ALA and its Division committees; Participate in the Digital Commonwealth Project by setting up technical and metadata standards; Commit into technology strategic planning and integration to lead and share knowledge and resources within the regional community; Implemented innovative applications and solutions for collaboration between public services and technical services; Succeeded in chairing, formulating and executing technology plan, such as RFID Intelligent Lib. Sys.; Coordinated and facilitated a local Prog. for Coop. Cataloging NACO training to recruit eight public libraries to join PCC as NACO contributors; Worked on the OCLC WorldCat Enhanced Catalog Partner Project and contributed to Indian Trails Pub. Lib. Dist. being featured in the 2001 OCLC annual report; Acted as Project Coordinator to complete successful ILS system migration and implementation projects; Participated in the N. Suburban Lib. Sys. CORC Working Group in developing cataloging guidelines for online resources used by over 650 l. consortium members; Presented training workshop on MARC Format Integration at the NSLS Tech. Services Managers Forum as well as cataloging workshops for Corporate Computer Services catalogers.

ALA Member Since: 1988.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Libraries are currently experiencing an exciting period of transition. An explosion of new technology has profoundly affected library operation, while the recent economic slide has stretched our ability to achieve high service standards. As our communities diversify and information availability continues to skyrocket, ALA’s importance as a forum to address our common challenges only increases. It must speak out strongly and clearly on the essential role and undeniable value that libraries have in the community. As a resonant voice for bibliographic control and information technology, our job needs to be framed attractively to bring in professionals to fuel our growth, and ALA should be responsible for maintaining these service standards, promoting unity and cooperation for this development. My experience in library services and management has developed a broad perspective on these issues, and I am eager to contribute this experience to ALA as it leads American libraries into the future.



39. LACE KEATON, Reference Services Manager, Worthington Libraries, 820 High St., Worthington, OH 43085: 2001.

      Education: BA (Hum.), George Williams Coll., Downers Grove, IL; MLS, Clark Atlanta (GA) Univ., “New Dir(s)., New Directions” workshop, OH L. Council, Columbus; OH Ldrship. (Worthington, OH);  Ohio L. Ldrship. Inst. at Snowbird, Salt Lake City, UT. Additional edu. credits at the John Glenn Inst. for Pub. Serv. and Pub. Policy, The Ohio State Univ., Columbus.

      ALA Activities: 2004 ALA Council Mbr. at Large candidate PLA.  Ch., Demco Merchandising Grant Jury 2002-03. RUSA/Mgt. and Operation of Users Serv(s) Sect., mbr., 1999-2003.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: OH L. Council: Ldrship. Conf., 2004; Annual Conf. Prog. Plng. Com., 2004; Diversity Awareness and Res. Com., 2004; Annual Conf. Local Arrangements Com., 2002; L. Futures Initiative Commun(s). and Marketing TF, 2002.

      Accomplishments: “Ten Commandments of Collection Devel.: Building and Maintaining Your Congregational Lib. Collection,” Keynote speaker, Central Ohio Church and Synagogue Lib. Assn., Fall conf., Westerville, OH, 2003; “Librarian Spotlight, Reference: The Reference League.” Staff Devel. Series, OCLC, Dublin, OH, 2003; “Cooperative Reference: Is There a Consortium Model?” Co-contrib., published in Reference Users Quarterly, Sum. 2002; “Gazing Into the Crystal Ball: Using Trend Tracking in Strategic Planning.” Co-presenter, Ohio Lib. Council conf., Toledo, 2001; “Taming the Reference Zoo: The Beanie Baby Approach to Digital Reference,” Presented at the 1998 Georgia Lib. Assn. conf., Macon, 1998. (This presentation was summarized in Quick Training Tips #52 [on-line journal], Dec. 1998, and Open Learning Systems News, Monmouthshire, UK. Mar. 1999.)

ALA Member Since: 1994.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I support the Amer. Lib. Assn.’s active role to support librarians as they provide equal and unrestricted access to information in various formats for all library users. As librarians strive to maintain a visible and necessary role in our ever changing society, I support ALA’s Spectrum Initiative which seeks to draw on the wealth of experience from a diverse group of committed and dedicated individuals who are willing to use their talents to serve patrons from all aspects of our communities. I also support ALA’s role to increase compensation for librarians within the profession as they continue to provide information to patrons in school, academic, special and public libraries.


40. CAROL RITZEN KEM, Associate Univ. Librarian, Univ. of Florida, Dept. of Collection Management, P.O. Box 117001, Gainesville FL 32611-7001: 1986.

      Education: Drury Univ., BA, Hist. major, English and Edu. minors, 1963; Univ. of IL, MA, Hist., 1964; Univ. of NC, MSLS, 1971; Univ. of FL, Ph.D., Edu. (Edu. Ldrship./Adm.; Higher Edu. Concentration), 1994.

      ALA Activities: ALA Com(s).: Edu. Com., mbr., 2004-06; Budget Analysis and Review Com., mbr., 2000; Constitution Com., mbr., 1999-01. ALA div.: ACRL: 2005 Conf. Prog. Com., 2003-05; TF on the Assn. of the Future, 2002-04; Bylaws Com., 1996-00; ch., 1999-00; African-Amer. Studies Sect., Chicago ALA 2005 Prog. Com., ch., 2004-2005; moderator of sect. Listserv, 1992-; mbr., Nom. Com., 1998-99; Secy., 1997-98; Anthropology/Sociology Sect., mbr., Electronic Res. for Sociologists Ad Hoc Com., 1993-95; Women’s Studies Sect., mbr., Collection Mgt. and Bibl. Com., 1993-95. ALA Round Tables: Exhibits RT: V.-ch./Ln(s)., 2000-01; Dir., Exec. Bd., 1998-01; mbr., Bylaws Com., 1998-01; mbr., Chris Hoy Scholarship Event Com., 1996-97; mbr., Silent Auction (endowment fund) Plng. Com., 1995-96. New Mbr(s) RT: ch., Pre-Conf. Com., ALA Annual, 2000; ch., 25th Anniversary 3M Prof. Devel. Award Event, 1999; treas., 1999-98; ch., Exhibitor Contact and Rel. Com., 1994-96; ch., 3M Soc. and Endowment Fundraiser, 1993 and 1994; Ch., Stu(s). to ALA Com., 1992-93; mbr., Governance Com., 1992-93 Rep. to other grp(s).:BARC liaison to AASL, YALSA, IRRT, LHR and MAGERT and BARC liaison to RT Coor. Asbly.; NMRT liaison to ERT Exec. Bd., 1994-96; ERT liaison to NMRT Exec. Bd., 1998-01.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Southeastern L. Assn.: Southern Book Awards Com., mbr., 2000-02, 2002-04; Long-range Plng. Com., mbr., 1989-91. FL L. Assn.: Collective Bargaining Caucus, ch., 1989-92; Res. Caucus, ch., 1988-89; Pubn(s). Com., mbr., 1986-90.

      Honors and Awards: Acad. Honor Societies: Phi Kappa Phi, 1994; Beta Phi Mu, 1971; Phi Alpha Theta, 1963; Pi Gamma Mu, 1963; Mortar Bd., 1962. Other Honors: Univ. of FL Assn. for Acad. Women, “2004 Woman Distinction,” 3M/New Mbr.’s RT Prof. Devel. Award, 1997; State of FL Zeta Tau Alpha, “Zeta Lady” for outstanding serv. to sorority, cmnty. and prof., 1989; Nominated for L. of Congress Internship, 1971; BA degree Magna Cum Laude with Dept(al). Distinction in Hist. and Edu., 1963.

      Accomplishments: Pubn(s).: Carol Ritzen Kem, 2004, “Mentoring: A Primer,” The Librarian’s Career Handbook, P. Shontz, ed. Scarecrow Pr., pp. 463-72. Kem, 2000, “The Relationship Between Work Behavior Type and Elements of Job Satisfaction of a Selected Group of Academic Librarians,” in Advances in L. Adm. and Org, v. 17, JAI Pr., pp. 23-66. Presentations: LA L. Assn., 2003, conf., one-half day workshop on personality type and work behavior type with an emphasis on leadership and team building. Amer. Lib. in Paris, 2000, workshop on MBTI and Work Behavior Type. ALA annual 2000, New Mbr(s). RT pre-conf., “Learning to Lead,” one-half day session on work behavior type, leadership and career devel. Other, Univ. of FL: Faculty Senate Nom. Com., ch., 2003-06; Faculty Senate Com. on Com(s), mbr., 2003-06; Pres., Assn. for Acad. Women, 2002-03; Property Survey Bd., mbr., 1998-; Minority Mentor Prog. Council, mbr., 1997-; Provost’s Com. to Review Tenure and Promotion Rules, Mbr., 1997-98; United Faculty of FL, V.-Pres., 1995-97, 2001-.

ALA Member Since: 1992.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

My personal and professional commitment to ALA has led me to seek a variety of responsibilities in the association. In particular, I have shared my experience and expertise in areas of budgeting, by-laws work and fund raising. Having attended several council sessions, I now wish to participate more fully in the policy arm of the association. I believe my through knowledge of ALA finances and my experience, as both a round table treasurer and a member of BARC, can be useful to the work of council. I have a commitment to diversity in our profession and to the recruitment and mentoring of new members of ALA that is paralleled by my work with diversity and minority mentoring at my university. I will be a strong voice for these issues and for council policies and decisions that affect them. Finally, my path to major involvement in ALA was through round tables. I will continue to promote the importance of these units of the association if elected to council.                                                                                                           


41. ERLENE BISHOP KILLEEN, Library Media Specialist/ District Coordinator, Fox Prairie Elem. Stoughton Area Schools, 1601 W. South St., Stoughton, WI 53589: 1990.

      Education: Univ. of Northern IA, BA,  English 1974, MALS, 1977; Univ. of WI, Certificate in Ed. Adm., 1995.

      ALA Activities: Councilor-at-Large, 1990-93, 1998-2001; Council Caucus, ch. 1991-93; Com. on Com(s)., 2001; ALA Awards Com., 1998-2002; ALA Nom. Com., 2004; Mbr.-at-Large to AASL Bd. of Dir(s). 2002-2004. AASL: Ex. Bd., mbr. 2003; Rep. to AEP (Assn. of Edu. Publ(s). 2003; Microcomputers in the Sch(s). Comm. 1987, ch. 1995;  Long-Range Plng. Comm., 1990-,  ch. 1994; Nom. Com., 1995;  Legislation 1996-97; Natl. L. Prog. of the Year Award Com., 1998; 2003 Caldecott Award Com., ALSC; ALSC: Natl. Liaision to Assn(s). Serving Youth Com., 1980s. LAMA: Strategic Plng. Implementation Comm. 2003-04; ALA/JMRT: Dir. of Pubn(s)., 1985-86; Dir. of San Francisco Conf. Arrangements, 1986-87; Com. on Governance, ch., 1984-85; Olofson Grant Com.,  ch., 1981; Memb. Com., 1980.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Hosted AASL Rgn. III Spring Meeting, 2003; Wisconsin Edu. Media Assn. (WEMA) Awards Comm., 1990-92; Sch. Restructuring Ad-Hoc Comm., 1991-93; Count on Reading, ch. 1996; WEMA Bd. Mbr. and Rep. to AASL Affil.Asbly., 1998-2001; WEMA Legislation Comm., 2002-04; WEMA Conf. Prog. Comm., 2004; WEMA Intellectual Freedom Comm. ch., 2005-06; S. Central L. Sys. (SCLS) Continuing Edu. Adv. Comm., 1991-93; SCLS Multi-type L. Bd. Rep., 1992-94; Stoughton Pub. L. Bd., mbr. 1995-; Stoughton Area Sch. Dist. (SASD) Strategic Plng. Team, 1991-; Beta Sigma Phi, Manassas, VA Epsilon Xi Chap., Pres. 1986, Chap. V.-Pres., 1985; Ref. Adv. Comm., Consortium of Univ. of Metro D.C. Area, 1978-81; SEMCO Edu. Assn. Negotiations Spokesperson 1976, Gilman, Iowa; Mbr., WI L. Assn., NEA, SEA.

      Honors and Awards: Dane Co. Comm. for the Arts Grant Recipient, 2003; 1998 WI Edn. Media Assn. L. Media Spec. of the Year; 1998 Kohl Techr. Fellowship Recipient; 1998 Stoughton Tchr. of the Year; Dane Co. Youth Comm. Grant Recipient, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001; Chrysler Family Reading Grant Recipient 1994; AASL Sch. L. Media Prog. of the Year Finalist 1993; S. Central L. System (SCLS) Cont. Ed. Grant Recipient, 1992 Washington Post Educators Grant Recipient, 1983, 84, 85, 86 Beta Sigma Phi Woman of the Year, 1985; 3M/JMRT Prof. Devel. Grant Recipient 1979.

      Accomplishments: Natl. Bd. for Prof. Teaching Standard’s L./Media Standards Com. 1998-2001; Natl. Edu. Tech. Standards Writing Project, mbr., 1999; Cooperating Tchr., U of WI, Madison and Whitewater L. Sci Prog(s)., 1995-; Presenter on Strategic Plng., AASL National Conf., 1994; Ed. Bd., mbr., Emergency Ln, 1995-; Columnist in lib. skills for Lib. Talk, 1988-90; Reviewer of audio-visual materials 1991-92 and books 2003- for School Lib. Journal; Taught Continuing Ed. Class in Child.’s Lit. for Stoughton Area Sch. Dist., 2003. Raised two children, Maeghan and Robert, to adulthood.

ALA Member Since: 1978.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

The issues for ALA continue to be Censorship, Free Access, Privacy, Funding, Legislation, Preservation, Recruitment, and Professional Development. These are the topics that unite us no matter what type of library environment we represent. Equally, we must recognize and value our specialties. As a councilor, I will seek to support the entire library community while promoting the areas of specialty. As we develop our systems of accessing information, as we seek partnerships and funding, as we protect ideals and ideas, and as we preserve the past, let us not forget the needs of the individual spirit. As professionals we have the responsibility to find the balance between technology and humanity, between speaking and listening, between public responsibility and personal integrity. As librarians we have the capability to do it.



Elementary Librarian, USD #259, Wichita, KS 67204.

      Education: Sterling Coll., BS, 1968; Emporia State Univ., MLS.

      ALA Activities: ALA Council, 1982; ALA Ways and Means Com. ALSC: Caldecott Com.; Best Translated Bk(s). AASL: L. Serv(s). to Disadvantaged; Stu. Involvement in L. Natl. Presentation Stories. YALS: Bk(s). Hi-Lo Best Bk(s).

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: KSAL: KS L. Sch. L(s). various subcom(s).

      Accomplishments: My accomplishments range in education and children’s services for libraries in public as well as school library services. It is very important to work for the quality of literature for children and young adults. It has been my goal to encourage quality library services to all people, with special focus on providing that opportunity to children with good libraries, and to make sure that they have become lifetime learners and library users. I have always tried to help and encourage library presence to be found in schools in small communities of rural areas as well as Indian reservations throughout the U.S. I have been a life long lover of libraries and am committed to the continuing need to have libraries always open. All people should have the opportunity to find their needs at their library.

ALA Member Since: 1975.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

As a school librarian/media specialist serving children from elementary through middle school level it is very important to be a part of ALA Council. With the present economic conditions, it is important to have strong advocate for children, schools, and rural areas, in order to have our presence known. As a member of ALA Council I would be able to provide that leadership. It is important to maintain and increase quality services to children of the world community and the library profession. In addition to the professional concerns outlined above, I also want to promote literacy, diversity and to make sure no child is left behind in the library.


43. CHARLES E. KRATZ, Dean of Libraries, The Univ. of Scranton, Scranton, PA 18510: 1991.

      Education: Univ. of Notre Dame, BA, 1973, MA, 1974; Univ. of MD, MLS, 1976.

      ALA Activities: ALA Council: 1999-2005; Council Orientation Com., ch., 2004-05. ALA Awards Com., 1998-2002, ch., 2000-01; Lippincott Award Jury, ch., 2003-04, mbr., 2004-05; Elizabeth Futas Catalyst for Change Award Jury, 2000-01, ch., 2001-02; Exec. Dir. Search, 1997-98; Bessie Boehm Moore Award Jury, 1990-91; H. W. Wilson L. Staff Devel. Grant Jury, ch., 1989-90; New Mem(s). RT, pres., 1984-85; Freedom to Read Fdn., 2000-. Reforma, 2000-. ACRL: Pres.’s Prog., ch., 2001-03; Natl. Conf. Steering Com., 1999-01, 2001-03; Natl. Conf. Colleagues Subcom., ch., 2001-03. LAMA: pres., 1997-98. SRRT, 2004-.

      Offices Held in State & Regional Library & Other Associations: ACRL: DVC Ad Hoc on Memb., 2003-05; DVC Legis. Day Activities, 2000-02. Greater NY Metro Chap.: V. Pres./Pres.-elect, 1991-93. NJLA Coll. and Univ. Sect.: Newsletter, Ed., 1982-85; Legis., Ch., 1982-83. Northeastern PA L. Network, Bd. of Dir(s)., 1991-. Assn. of Jesuit Coll. and Univ. L(s). Dir(s). Conf., Pres., 1999.

      Honors and Awards: Beta Phi Mu Honor Society, 1976; ALA’s LAMA Certificate of Achievement Award, 2001.

      Accomplishments: OCLC Mbr(s). Council: Pres., 2004-05; PALINET Bd. of Trustees, pres., 1998-99, 2001; Publ(s).: How to Know Your Staff’s Needs, in Staff Devel.: A Practical Guide, 3rd ed., 2001; The Personnel Manual: An Outline for Libraries, 1994.

ALA Member Since: 1976.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I would work to continue the fine traditions and successes of ALA and to pursue new opportunities for collaboration in facing the new realities/relationships in our global society. As we experience the challenges of lean economic times and changing methods of information delivery, libraries are being forced to reexamine assumptions and methodologies. It is a most opportune time to take the lead in advancing the values and contributions those ALA members and their libraries make to learning, teaching, and research. I would bring to Council a strong belief in the importance of communication, in relevant and timely information to members, in the health and growth of our association, in the diversity of our members, and in advocacy for public policy, lifelong learning, information literacy, scholarly communication, equal access and intellectual freedom, and children’s and youth services. I would be honored to serve on ALA Council and ask for your vote.          


44. BONNIE KUNZEL, Youth Services Consultant, New Jersey State Library, 185 W. State St., P.O. Box 520, Trenton, NJ 08625-0520: 2002.

      Education:  Memphis St. Univ., BA in German and English, 1966, MA in German, 1967; Univ. of TX, ABD Germanic Languages & Lit., 1967-69; Univ. of Hamburg Exch. Fellowship, German Studies, 1970; Rutgers Univ., MLS, 1989.

      ALA Activities:  ALA Council 1996-2005; Awards Com., Intern 1998-00. YALSA: Pres., 2001-02; ALEX Com., 1998-03; Best Bks for YAs, 1992-95; Margaret A. Edwards Award Com., 1995-97; Strategic Plng. Com.; 2002-04; Michael L. Printz Com., 2003-05; Adult Bk(s). for YA TF; Pres. Prog. Com., 2001, 2005; Presenter, SUS Preconf. 2005.  PLA: Prog. Presenter, 2000, 2002, 2004 Conf. (Sci. Fic. and Fantasy). ALAN Presenter 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Conf.

      Offices Held in State & Regional Library & Other Associations: NJ L. Assn.: Exec. Com., mid-’90s, three-year term; YA Sect. and Garden St. Teen Bk. Award Com., 1990-, past-ch.; Child.’s Serv(s). Sect. and Garden State Child.’s Bk. Award Com., 2003-; Youth Concerns Com., EMANJ Com.; Guidelines for Serv(s). to YA in the State of NJ, co-author, 2001; Regnl. Bk. Evaluation Com., 1990-02; Annual Conf. Speaker, NJLA and EMANJ, now NJ Assn. of Sch. Ln(s)., Best Bk(s). for YA prog. and others, 1990-.

      Honors And Awards:  Beta Phi Mu, Omicron Chap., Rutgers Univ., 1990-; past-pres.; Firebird Adv. Bd., Penguin/Putnam, 1991-.

      Accomplishments:  Sci. Fict. and Fantasy Ed. for NoveList, an online reader’s adv. serv.; Co-author: First Contact: A Reader’s Sel. of Sci. Fiction and Fantasy, Scarecrow Pr., 2001;  Co-author: Strictly Sci. Fiction, Libraries Unlimited, 2001; Co-author: Readers into Leaders: Teen-Centered Bk. Clubs in Your Lib/, Libraries Unlimited, 2005; Co-author: The Continuum Encyclopedia of Young Adult Lit., Continuum Pr., 2005.  Voice of Youth Advocates Reviewer, Sci. Fict., Fantasy and Horror, 1991-; Annual Full-Day Workshop, Rutgers Univ., Best of the Best in YA Lit., presenter, 1992-94; invited by the Canadian Publ. Assn. to represent U.S. YA librarians on a panel in Toronto.

ALA Member Since: 1990.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I continue to be concerned about the cutbacks in staff and materials that librarians face at a time when “at risk” populations need the services we offer more than ever. I am particularly concerned about the tendency to sacrifice YA services when budgets get tight, depriving teen users of their strongest advocates. More and more high quality books are being published for the teen reader every year (and being recognized by the still relatively new Michael L. Printz Award). Collections alone, without dedicated librarians striving to connect books and readers, is an inadequate way to serve a significant segment of our population. I would like to see broad representation of our diverse profession on Council, with YA issues and concerns receiving due consideration and support.          


45. MONIQUE LE CONGE (aka MONIQUE KING), Library Director, Richmond Pub Lib., 325 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, CA 94804: 2004.

      Education: Univ. of CA, Davis; BS, Design, 1987 Univ. of CA, Berkeley; MLIS; 1988.

      ALA Activities: ALA: LITA/OITP: Mbr., L(s) on the Inf. Superhighway Adv. Network (LISAN), 1995-. ALSC: ch.: Child. and Tech., 1997-98; mbr.: Mildred L. Batchelder Award, 2003; Edu., 1998-2000; Randolph Caldecott Medal, 1996-97; TF on Tech., 1996-97; Andrew Carnegie Medal, 1994-95; Intl. Rel., 1992-95; Econo-Clad Lit. Award, 1991-93; Oral Hist. Project, 1992-97; prog. speaker, “Web Ref. for Child. & YA,” annual conf., 1998. LAMA: mbr. PLA: mbr.: Recruitment of Pub. Ln(s)., 2003-05, State Rel., 2001-03. YALSA: SUS Trainer, 1995-; ch.: Rgnl. Inst. Devel. TF, 2004-; Org. and Bylaws, 2002-04; Res., 1999-2001; mbr., Org. and Bylaws (2001-02, 2004-05); Local Arrangements (2000-01); Res. (1998-99); prog. speaker, “It’s Not Fantasyland: Dir(s). and Young Adult Serv(s).,” annual conf. (June, 2004).

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Assn. of Child.’s Ln(s). of Northern CA (ACL): Pres., 1995-96; V.-Pres., 1994-95; ch.: Institute, 1995; Distinguished Bk(s)., 1994-95; Nom., 1993; Bk. Review, 1991-93; ed.: Books on Fire: A Bibl. for “Thou Shalt Not Read: Banned and Challenged Books for Child. and Young Adults, ” Apr., 1995; reviewer: BayViews, 1988-98, 2003-. BayNet: Pres., 2001-02; V.-Pres., 2001; ch.: Prof. Devel., 2002-03, Nom., 2003. CA L. Assn. (CLA): Pres.: Mgt. Serv(s). Sect., 2003-04; mbr.: 2004 Conf. Plng. Com., 2003-04, Child.’s and YA Serv(s). Sect., City Ln(s). Int. Grp. (CLING), Pub. L(s).; prog. speaker: “Ref. for Dummies,” LISAN Update, “Young Adults Speak Out,” annual conf., 1996. N. Bay Coop. L. System (NBCLS): Steering Com., mbr., 2001-04). Other Assn(s).: Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women (AAUW): Bd. mbr., 2002-03. Benicia Main St.: Bd. mbr., 1999-01. Rotary Club of Benicia, 1998-; Bd. mbr., 2000-2002, 2003-2004. Youth Action TF, City of Benicia: mbr., 1996-98.

      Accomplishments: CA State L.: CA Campaign for L(s)/Bay Area Adv. Team, 2001-02; ed. adv.: Joint Ventures: The Promise, Power and Performance of Partnering, 2001; reviewer: Pub. L. Staff Edu. Prog., 2001, 2003. “CA Links” Web site Project Coor., Senator Barbara Boxer, City of Benicia, 2001. “Current Res. Related to YA Serv(s).,” Journal of Youth Services, Wtr. 2001, p. 20. “From Thieves to Hens: The 2003 Batchelder Award and Honor Books,” with Sandra Imdieke, Child. & Libraries, Wtr. 2003, p. 12. “Internet Online Summit: Focus on Child.,: Washington, DC, Dec., 1997). Librarian’s Index to the Internet (, contributor, 2001-. Reviewer, Journal of Youth Serv(s.), 1997. Stanford CA State L. Inst. on 21st Century Lnship., Stanford Univ., participant, Aug., 2000; L. Edu. Needs Assessment Project, participant, April, 2001. “YA Serv(s). Inst.: Serving San Joaquin Valley Teens in the 21st Century, A Manual of Workshops on Youth Services in Libraries,” contrib., San Joaquin Valley L. System, 2002.

ALA Member Since: 1990.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Challenging opportunities: Less money for the demands of a growing public who need us more and more:  Job seekers; Parents needing help with children’s educational and recreational needs;  Young adults seeking escape from problems as they grow up in an uncertain world; Libraries faced with thinner budgets, closing doors; Libraries needing new librarians with fewer schools providing the basis of the profession: service What can ALA do in the face of these times? Make a noise; Tell what we accomplish with our special skills and abilities; Protect intellectual freedom; Remind people they can search for unfettered information in a library: in its books, periodicals, the Internet, the librarian who assists them; Reach out to our communities, stressing our professional dedication to service, people, books, and ourselves as trained librarians ALA can help. As an ALA Council member, I can too.


46. KATHY LEHMAN, Librarian, Thomas Dale High School, 3626 W. Hundred Rd., Chester, VA 23113: 2000.

      Education: Mary Washington Coll., BA, 1972; Southern CT State Univ., MSLS, 1975.

      ALA Activities: Affil. Asbly. AASL, 2004.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Pres. VA Edu. Media Assn., 2005; Pres. Elect and 2004 Conf. Ch. VA Edu. Media Assn. (VEMA), 2004; Secy., VEMA 2002-03; Inf. Power Implementation Co-Ch. VEMA 2000-02; VEMA James Rgn. Dir.-Elect and Dir. VEMA 1998-1999.

      Honors and Awards: NBPT certification 2004 (National Bd. for Prof. Teachers) in L. Media.

      Accomplishments: The strengths I bring to my profession are a keen desire to learn new things—particularly related to computer technology—and enjoyment in sharing new ways to improve library services and increase information literacy instruction. I have presented at many conferences including AASL on topics including the use of online databases and search engines, the creation of an online K-5 l. lesson database and the creation of a high school library web site to help patrons match the best information with their topics. I have published articles on these databases and websites in Knowledge Quest, (Sept./Oct., 2001 and Teacher Librarian, Apr. 2002. I am currently High Sch. coor. of a VA DOE project to correlate VA Standards of Learning, Natl. Lib. Standards (Inf. Power), Natl. Tech. Standards (ISTE) and library media strategies (collaborations between teachers and librarians) in a document to be posted on the VA Dept. of Edu. website this fall. All these efforts are dedicated to making our patrons competent, ethical, and successful library users.

ALA Member Since: 2000.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Teaching the youth of our country to be ethical and informed users of information is not only the responsibility of those in the education field of librarianship but all who believe in intellectual freedom and responsible scholarship. Educating youth and the public to access information effectively and respect intellectual property rights is foremost on my list of concerns in our expanding information age.


47. DENNIS J. LELOUP, Media Specialist, Sycamore Elementary School, Avon, IN 46123: 1995.

      Education: IN State Univ., BA, English and Sch. L. Media Serv(s)., 1975; MLS, 1978; MS in Edu. Media (with computer endorsement), 1988.

      ALA Activities: Councilor-at-Large, 2002-. PIO Natl. L. Week Subcom., 1993-95, 1996-97, 1998-2000. AASL: Legis. Com., mbr., 2000-, Co-Ch., 2001-; Knowledge Quest Ed. Bd., 2000-03; Nom. Com., 2001-02; Rgn. 3 Dir.-elect, 1997-99, Dir., 1999-2001; Affil. Asbly., 1994-96; Recruitment Com., 1991-93. ALSC: Res. and Devel. Com., 1997-2001. ASCLA: Americans with Disabilities Act Asbly., 1998-2002.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Assn. for IN Media Educators (AIME): Immediate Past-Pres., 1996-97; Pres., 1995-96; Pres.-Elect, 1994-95; V.-Pres. for Dist. Prog(s)., 1989-91; Memb. Com., 1984-86; Dist. Dir., 1986-88.

      Honors and Awards: Blue Key Natl. Honor Society, 1971; ISU Acad. Scholarship, 1971-75; several Grad. Asstships. during grad. work, 1976-77 (one each semester and/or summer term; approx. 6); Phi Delta Kappa, 1988-.

      Accomplishments: I have been a school library media professional in elementary schools for 22 years. In addition, I was a consultant for the Office Learning Resources, Indiana Dept. of Edu. for 5-and one-half years. The Office of Learning Resources worked with school library media specialists throughout Indiana and directly with a variety of library media and reading programs. I have also written and/or reviewed for numerous publications, including Lib. Talk, Book Report, Media & Methods, and the Indiana Media Journal With current budget restraints, I am very concerned about the future of school library media programs, including the continual hot topics of staffing and legislation. I annually participate in ALA’s Advocacy Days in Washington, DC each spring and encourage all librarians, particularly more school library media specialists, to become involved. We can become an even stronger force on Capital Hill, ultimately benefiting all library programs.

ALA Member Since: 1988.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Communication is important and I try to become involved in fields involving communication. We must effectively communicate the needs and concerns of all library media professionals if we are to be effective agents for change in the field. Part of this may involve active partnerships with other professional organizations to impart our message and finding other avenues to publicize and promote our profession. Staffing and budget have been continual hot topics for years. These areas demand our attention and active legislative involvement now more than ever. We must continually communicate the importance of staffing in student achievement and lobby for increased budgets on local, state, and national levels. I think we must be a forceful presence in state and national conferences and should sponsor a legislative agenda or program at all regional or state conferences. Maintaining a legislative advocate and/or lobbying are crucial during meetings of state legislative assemblies.


48. KAREN LETARTE, Assistant Head of Cataloging, North Carolina State Univ. Libraries, Campus Box 7111, Raleigh, NC 27695-7111: 2001.

      Education: Dartmouth Coll., BA in English and Elementary Edu., 1985; Univ. of WI-Madison, MALIS, 1991.

      ALA Activities: Council: Com. on Edu., mbr., 2000-02; Com. on Diversity (formerly Minority Concerns and Cultural Diversity), mbr., 2000-02; ALA Diversity Council (subcom. of Com. on Diversity), ch., 2002-04, mbr., 2001-02, 2004-05. Steering Com. for the Third ALA Congress on Prof. Edu.: Focus on L. Support Staff (COPE 3), mbr., 2002-03. ALCTS: Edu. Com., ch., 2004-05, mbr. 2003-04; CCS Com. on Edu., Training and Recruitment for Catlg., mbr., 2002-06. ACRL:  Natl. Conf. Plng. Com., Preconf. Subcom., 2000. OLOS: Subcom. on L. Serv(s). to Amer. Indians, 2002-03 (Subcom. of the OLOS Adv. Com.) ALCTS/LC Continuing Edu. Implementation Grp., mbr., 2003-06. ALCTS/LC TF on the Action Plan for Bibl. Control of Web Res., Continuing Edu. TF (Action Item 5.3), mbr., 2002-2003. Amer. Indian L. Assn., mbr., 2000-, secy., 2004-05.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Amer. Indian L. Assn., Secy., 2004-2005; Ch., Model C TF of the Prog for Coop. Catlg. (PCC) Standing Com. on Standards, 2000-01. Ch., MOBIUS (MO Bibl. Inf. User Sys.) Catalog Design Adv. Com., 2000-01. Ch., SWAN (MOBIUS Southwest Cluster) Catlg. Com., 2000-01. V-Ch./Ch. Elect, MLNC (MO L. Network Corp.)/OCLC Users Grp., 2000.

      Honors and Awards: Recipient, 2004 ACRL Samuel Lazerow Fellowship For Research in Collections. and Tech. Serv(s). in Acad. and Res. L(s). Participant, Assn. of Res. L(s) Ldrship. and Career Devel. Prog., 1999-2000. Mbr., Beta Phi Mu.

      Accomplishments: My professional experience encompasses cataloging positions at the Univ. of WI-Madison, The Univ. of KY, SW MO State Univ., and NC State Univ. My research interests include cataloging and metadata education, catalog use, and support staff issues for technical services. I have been an active member of ALA since 1999. I was honored to serve as a member of the COPE 3 Steering Com. (3rd ALA Congress on Prof. Edu.: Focus on Support Staff). I have also been privileged to participate in the implementation of the Lib. of Congress Action Plan for Bibl. Control of Web Resources, serving on two continuing education TFs. Most recently, I was honored as co-recipient of the 2004 Samuel Lazerow Fellowship for a proposed study investigating user responses to the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) model.

ALA Member Since: 1999.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

My passions include education for cataloging and metadata, shortages in the profession (particularly in technical services), and advancement for library support staff. It is critical that we address shortages in the profession, particularly in the cataloging/metadata field. Both pre-professional and continuing education for practicing cataloging librarians are critical to the survival of the profession. Catalogers must be equipped with the tools and skills necessary to move bibliographic control forward so that we can continue to provide the services our users need. Bibliographic control and theorganization of information are the intellectual foundation of our field and they must once again become central to the priorities of the profession. We must think creatively and act decisively to recruit and retain a representative workforce. We must also work together to recognize the contributions of our support staff colleagues and to provide avenues for career advancement. ALA is a dynamic organization whose membership is engaged and capable—I am confident that together we can meet the challenges facing the profession.


49. RORY LITWIN, Humanities Librarian, Univ. of Minnesota, Duluth, MN 55812: 2004.

      Education: Univ. of CA, Santa Cruz, BA, Phil., 1991; Grad. Certificate, Art, 1993; San Jose (CA) State Univ., MLIS, 1998.

      ALA Activities: ALA Web Adv. Com., 2002-04, Ch., 2002-03. SRRT Coor., 2002-05. Juror, ALA Equality Award, 2003. Juror, Elizabeth Futas Catalyst for Change Award, 2004. Juror, Haycock Award, 2005.

      Accomplishments: For a little over seven years I have edited and published the popular electronic serial, Lib. Juice (ISSN XXX), which has given greater exposure to some of the issues connecting libraries to their larger social context. I have also maintained the web domain for approximately the same length of time, which provides a web presence for a number of organizations and projects in the library world, including SRRT, the Progressive Librarians Guild, and ACRL Women’s Studies Section, among others. I am an editor of the journal Progressive Librarian and a member of the Progressive Librarians Guild’s Coor. Com. I currently manage half a dozen discussion lists of varying sizes for the library community.

ALA Member Since: 1997.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I am concerned with maintaining and strengthening the institution of libraries as an element of the public sphere, where knowledge and creative expression is organized, preserved and discovered for the use of the people in common. The public democratic character of libraries is presently diminishing due to unbalanced developments in copyright law, the economic and moral shrinkage of the public sphere, the increased commercial character of the publishing industry, and an ever-growing commercial ethic in society that views people as “customers of” rather than “citizens in.” This is a large problem that manifests itself in a range of issues that affect ALA and determines my approach to service in the association.



50. DAVID LOERTSCHER, Professor, San Jose State Univ., One Washington Sq., San Jose, CA 95192-0029: 1995.

      Education: Univ. of UT, BS; Univ. of WA, MLS; IN Univ. PhD.

      ALA Activities: AASL, Pres., Res. Com.; ALA Res. Com

ALA Member Since: 1970.



51. MARY LONG, Teacher-Librarian, Wilson Middle School, Plano Indp. School District, 1001 Custer Rd., Plano, TX 75075: 1993.

      Education: TX Woman’s Univ., Denton, TX: BS Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Ecology with a minor in Art, , 1992; MLS, 1995; Nova Southeastern Univ., N. Miami Beach, FL, PhD, Instr(al). Tech. and Distance Edu. (ITDE), Grad. slated for June 2005.

      ALA Activities: Quick Picks for Reluctant YA Readers Sel. Com., ch., 2000; YALS, 1997-2000 ABC-CLIO Ldrship. Grant Subcom., mbr., 1999-2000; Inf. Power Action Res. Project, project contributor AASL, 1999-2001; Quick Picks for Reluctant YA Readers Sel. Com., adm. asst., YALS, 2000-2001; Intellectual Freedom Award Com., mbr., AASL/Soc. Issues Resource Series, 2000-2002; 2002 Margaret A. Edwards Award Com., ch., YALSA, 2000-2002; ABC/CLIO Ldrship. Grant, mbr. AASL, 2003-2004; YA Galley Com., mbr., 2003-; Natl. Sch. L. Media Prog. of the Year, mbr., AASL, 2003-; ABC/CLIO Ldrship. Grant, ch., AASL, 2004-.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Children’s Choices Project, support team ldr., Intl. Reading Assn. and Children’s Book Council, 1994-1995; TX Lone Star Reading List Sel. Com., ch., YA RT of the TX L. Assn., 1995-1999; Plano Pub. L. Sys. Adv. Bd., V. Ch./Secy./Com. Mbr. Appointed by City Council, 1997–2002; Intellectual Freedom Com., mbr., TX L. Assn., 1999-2002; BIG6© Inf. Problem-Solving, State Trainer, Trained by Mike Eisenberg through Rgn. 10, 1999-2000; Legislation Com., ch., Delta Kappa Gamma, Iota Omega, 1999-2000; Tall Texans Sel. Subcom. of TX L. Assn.’s Ldrship. Devel. Com., 2000; mbr, TX L. Assn., 1999-2000; Internet Filtering for Plano Pub. L(s). Com., mbr., City of Plano/Plano Pub. L(s)., 2000-2001;  Commun(s). Com., ch., Delta Kappa Gamma, Alpha State, Iota Omega Chap., 2000-2001; L. Environment Component Com. to Revise Sch. L. Standards, co-ch., TX L. Assn. & TX State L., 2001-2003; Literacy Com., mbr., TX L. Assn., 2002-; TX L. Advocacy Trainer, TX L. Assn., 2002; Finance Com., ch., Delta Kappa Gamma, Iota Omega Chap., 2002-04; Friends of the L., Plano Pub. L. Sys. (PPLS), secy. Elected by the Bd., 2002-; Current Lit. for YA Com., team ldr. Intl. Reading Assn., 2004-.

      Honors and Awards: Magna cum Laude, TX Woman’s Univ. (TWU), 1992; Mortar Bd. Honor Soc., Delphi Soc., TWU, 1992; Golden Key Honor Soc., TWU, 1992; Title IIB Fellowship, U.S. Dept. of Edu., 1992-1993; Tall Texan-Ldrship. Devel. Inst. grad.; TX L. Assn., 1999-.  FUTURES Foundation Incentive Grant, recipient Plano Ind. Sch. Dist., 1999; Prof. Support Person-of-the Year 2000, Plano Local: Assn. of TX Prof. Educators (ATPE), 2000; Writing Workshop Inst., fellow Plano Ind. Sch. Dist., 2001; Plano Futures Fdn. Incentive Grant, recipient, 2001; Plano Ind. Sch. Dist.; Plano ATPE Special Serv(s)./Prof. Support Educator of the Year, 2002; Special Serv(s). Educator of the Year for Rgn. 10, 2002; Finalist in the Special Serv(s)./Prof. Support Category for the 2001-02; Assn. of TX Prof. Educators (ATPE), Educator of the Year Award for the State of TX, 2002; Judy Pitts Scholar for Treasure Mountain Research Inst., fellow Inst. of Mus. and L Serv(s). and Assn. of Sch. Ln(s)., 2002; TX PTA Life Memb. Award, recipient, TX PTA/Wilson Middle Sch. PTSA, 2003; 2003-04 Experience Tchr. of the Year Wilson Middle Sch., Plano Ind. Sch. Dist.

      Accomplishments: When it comes to accomplishments worth noting, the process of researching and writing my dissertation stands out in my mind. Not for the time, effort, and/or even the pain of the process, but because of the topic I choose and all that I learned of how our profession has evolved and grown. My dissertation addresses the importance of school librarians perceiving themselves as curriculum and instructional leaders. School librarians, more than most educators, have demonstrated their strength and fortitude in dealing with the ever-changing educational theories, issues, and advances in technology. We seldom have time to stop and think about it, but we have done a great job in staying abreast with it all.

ALA Member Since: 1992.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

For me the most critical aspect to be addressed is how we, school library media specialists, perceive ourselves. A number of years ago, when I was completing my master’s in library science, I took a course called “Information Professions.” In the course, we talked about how important it was to be a professional in your field and what was expected of professionals. Accountants, engineers, doctors, and numerous others are thought of as such because they act like professionals. Professionals are tested and re-tested to maintain their status and certification. Professionals are expected to join, and do join, and participate in their professional organizations. Professionals are willing to continue learning and growing and are expected to do so by their supervisors and administrators. Professionals read their journals; they attend and participate in conferences hosted by their organizations … professionals act like professionals. If we truly acted like professionals, future school library media specialists would feel like they were entering a field that not only garners the respect of others, but also demonstrates the importance of respecting ourselves as professionals. How can we expect to be thought of as professionals when we choose not to be continual learners? How can we improve the level of quality in our field when we elect not to join our professional organizations when these same organizations are our number one supporters and lobbyists? I believe first and foremost, if all of us thought of ourselves as valuable professionals … then others would see us as professionals as well. If changes and improvements are to occur, then we must step up to the task. We must walk the talk. It is only when we recognize our own importance and choose to act like the professionals that we are will those around us treat us as valued contributing professionals in our schools.



52. KAREN DANCZAK LYONS, First Deputy Commissioner, Chicago Public Library, 400 S. State St., 10th Fl., Chicago, IL 60605: 1993.

      Education: Loyola Univ., BS, 1981; Rosary Coll., MSLIS, 1997.

      ALA Activities: ALA Councilor, IL Chap., 2001-03; PLA Partners Com., 2000-02; ALA Com. on Org. 2001-05; PLA Bd. 2003-06.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Ch., IL L. Assn., Pub. Policy Com., 1996-98; Bd. Mbr., IL Center for the Bk., 1999-, Co-Secy. 2004; Bd. Pres., Chicago L. System , 1994-99; Co-Pres., Dominican Alumni Council, 2001-02, mbr., 1999-2002; Pres., Mt. Greenwood Local Redevel. Corp., 2004, Bd. Mbr., 2001-; Convener, ULC Digital Mgr(s). Forum, 2002-; Bd. mbr., The Serv. Club of Chicago, 1997-, Mbr., Philanthropic Com., 2002-, Ch., Edu. Com., 2001; Mentor, Synergy 2004: Illinois L. Ldrship. Initiative; Lincoln L.,  Ed. Adv. Bd.

      Honors and Awards: Loyola Univ., Distinguished Alumni Award, 1994 Snowbird, L. Ldrship. Initiative, 2000-, Participant.

      Accomplishments: Accomplishments are rarely achieved without the support of others. As part of a dynamic and innovative team at the Chicago Pub. Lib., library service to our patrons has continued to improve. Support for our most important resource—our staff—is demonstrated through rich and varied staff development program offering every staff members over 4,000 hours of development activities each year. Each year CPL hosts a Scholars in Residence Prog., bringing international leaders in our profession together to discuss current issues of interest. Working with our elected officials and local communities, the City of Chicago has funded the new construction or substantial renovation of 41 libraries. Funding for staff, books and materials and automation have continued to remain at strong and healthy levels.

ALA Member Since: 1993.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

For any membership organization to succeed, decisions must be grounded in the memberships’ values and goals. I urge all members to review “ALA: Ahead to 2010” and consider the concepts articulated. I will weigh issues in light of the following values: Commitment to all types of libraries and workers; Open, inclusive and collaborative environment; Professionalism; Excellence; Innovation. I believe the following issues need our continued attention: Preservation of patron privacy; Diversity; Literacy; Copyright; First Amendment and Intellectual Freedom policies; Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights; Electronic infrastructure to support changing member needs; Advocacy; Building the profession; Public policy formulation—local, state, federal. ALA can only succeed in building a “nimble and flexible” structure through the commitment of its members’ time, energy and intellect. I seek your support and the opportunity to contribute to ALA.



53. DANIEL MACK, Humanities Librarian, The Pennsylvania State Univ., 337 Pattee Library, Univ. Park, PA 16802-1803: 2000.

      Education: Youngstown State Univ., BA, Phil., 1988; Kent State Univ., MLS, 1989; The Univ. of Akron, MA, Hist., 1997.

      ALA Activities: RUSA: Hist. Sect., Bibl. and Indexes Com., 1993-96, ch., 1995-96. Clln. Devel. and Evaluation Sect.: Mbr. at Large, 2004-06. Mbr., Ref. and Publ. Adv. Com., 2000-; Ch., 2001-04. ACRL: Western European Studies Sect., mbr., Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies Disc. Grp., 2000-; European Conf. Plng. Com., mbr., Publicity Subcom., 2003-04.

      Accomplishments: Mack, Daniel C., Guest Ed., The Acquisitions Librarian 15 (30) special issue: Collection Devel. Policies: New Directions for Changing Collections, 163 pp. (2003). Astroff, Roberta, and Daniel C. Mack, “A Model for Collaborative Ventures in E-publishing: Librarians, Scholars, and Publishers.” Paper presented at the 19th Annual Computers in L(s). Conf., Washington, DC, 2004. “SAILing at Penn State: A Collaborative Digital Outreach Prog. for Student Athletes.” Inf. Today’s Internet Ln. 2003 Conf., Monterey, CA, 2003. (Co-author and Co-presenter with Ashley Robinson) “Library Research Mentoring for Diversity,” Third Natl. Conf. on Diversity in Acad. Libraries. Iowa City, IA, 2002. (Co-author and Co-Presenter with Lesley Moyo) Mack, Daniel C., “Recent Ref. Sources in Islam: Building a Core Collection,” Ref. and User Services Quarterly 40 (2): 121-125 (2000).

ALA Member Since: 1993.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Rapidly changing technologies, new models of information use, and an increasingly diverse public all present new challenges to libraries and librarians. The profession must be a strong voice in shaping social and cultural policy, including such important issues as freedom of information, privacy rights of library users, and access to information and technology for all. We are at a critical point of time for our profession. Librarians have the ability to become important contributors to the global discourse on these issues. As Councilor-at-Large, I will be an advocate for information professionals and their constituencies.


54. PETER MCDONALD, Associate Univ. Librarian for Collective Services, Syracuse Univ., Syracuse, NY 13244.

      Education: McGill Univ., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, BA, 1976; Univ. WA, Seattle, MLS, 1986; Columbia Univ. Sch. of L. Serv.,  NY, Presv./Rare Bk. Admin. Certificate, 1987; Emory Univ., Atlanta, GA, Frye Ldrship. Inst., 2002.

      ALA Activities: Mbr.: ACRL, ALCTS, LITA, SRRT, 1985-. Elected mbr. of ALA Council, 2002-; Progressive Council Caucus, ch., ALA Conf. Com., 2002-04. ALCTS-CMDS Clln. Devel. Electronic Res. Com., 1999-2002 Elected mbr. of SRRT Action Council, 1998-2001.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Center for L. Inf. Res., Audio Clln(s). Adv. Bd., 2002-. Computer Literacy Edu. and Res. Fdn., Bd., mbr., 1996-98. Durland Alternatives L., Ithaca, NY, Bd., mbr., 1994-, ch., 1995-. Faxon/ Rowecom Adv. Bd., 1998-2002. Literacy Volunteers of Tompkins Co., Bd. mbr., 1997-98. Natl. Endowment for the Humanities, Panelist/Reviewer [Native Amer. Literature/Hist.], 1990-94. NY Center for the Bk., Bd. mbr. and Treas., 2001-. Progressive Ln(s). Guild, founding mbr., 1998-. Progressive Librarian Journal, Ed., 2003-.

      Honors & Awards: Oberly Award for Finest Bibliographic Work in the Field of Agriculture award by the Natl. Agricultural L., 1997, co-ed. Blackwell N. America Award, 1995. ALCTS Best of LRTS Award, 1995. Nominee, Syracuse Univ. Chancellor’s Exemplary Achievement Award, 2002.

      Accomplishments: I have been an active librarian for 19 years, working extensively in special libraries (1985-87), public libraries (1987-90), and more recently, in academic libraries (1990-), serving in all branches of the profession, including collection development, technical services, public services, and preservation. Professionally, besides Syracuse, I have worked with distinction at 3 top ARL libraries including Univ. of Washington, NY Pub. Lib., and Cornell Univ. I am an active member in ARL, EDUCAUSE and CLIR. I have published widely in both academic and library journals and have written/edited several university press books related to the profession. I have also served as an adjunct professor at the Sch. for Inf. Studies here at SU. I have been a speaker/panelist/moderator at many conferences around the country (including ALA: 2003/2001/19991998/1996/1994 among many others). I have managed the Miriam Braverman Prize in 2002-03, and am on the awards committee this year 2004-05. Published poet (Blue Mesa, Echoes, Five Points, Haiku Leaf, Northwest Review, Poetry Motel, Prairie Schooner, River Styx, etc.) Social justice, environmental, Native-Amer. activist.

ALA Member Since: 1986.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Ours is a profession of true nobility now at a crossroads as we enter the uncertainties of the 21st century. I am a current active member of the ALA Council, who is acutely aware of the issues and challenges facing librarians from all walks of life having served in special, academic and public libraries myself in both rural and urban settings. Never before have the mission and ideals of librarianship been so critically challenged, and yet never have they been so important to uphold, and honor, as they are today in our fractured society. I believe we must question both the marginalization and Googlization of our profession. We must demand increased financial support for libraries from all our public servants at federal, state and local levels. And we must stand firmly for intellectual freedom, civil liberties, and primacy of our Lib. Bill of Rights in this insecure age.


55. MARY MCINROY, Interim Head-Govt. Publications/ Map Coll., Univ. of Iowa Library, 3111 Main Library, Iowa City, IA 52242-1420: 2004.

      Education: BA, Hist., Univ. of Northern IA, 1970 MSLS, Univ. of NC-Chapel Hill, 1971.

      ALA Activities: ALA Memb. Com.-Mbr., 2004-; ALA/ACRL Chap(s). Council, Secy., 1998, 1999. MAGERT: Ch.-Elect, Ch., Past Ch., 2001-04; Memb. Com., Ch., 2001-03. GODORT Rep. to Cartographic Users Adv. Council, 2003-.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Iowa L. Assn. (ILA) Memb. Com. Ch., 2001-02; ILA Conf. Plng. Com. Mbr., 1998-2000; IA Chap./ACRL, Pres., 1997; IA Chap./ACRL, At-Large Mbr. of Exec. Bd., 1991-93; IA Chap./ACRL, Memb. Com., 1988-89, Ch., 1989. ILA/GODORT, Pres., 1978.

      Honors and Awards: Chosen ILA Mbr. of the Year, 2002.

      Accomplishments: Regional Ed. for Kansas for MAGERT 3d ed. of the Guide to U.S. Map Resources, 2003-2004 GPO “Superseded List” contributor, 1995-96 and 1999-2000. Currently co-instr. for “Information Resources,” a required class in the Univ. of IA Coll. of Edu. for graduate students in higher education administration; Volunteer/speaker on local Complete-Count Census Committees for both 1990 and 2000 censuses; Played numerous roles for students in Univ. of IA Sch. of Lib. & Inf. Sci., e.g., trainer for library students as employees in the Map and Doc. Collections, also as lecturer, practicum supervisor, project supervisor.

ALA Member Since: 1988.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

In my work with the IA Lib. Assn., I have been able to connect with many fellow library workers in Iowa’s over 500 public libraries, as well as the academic library staffers around the state. I’ve learned that most of our issues are the same, regardless of library type—maintaining excellent service, struggling for better funding, and enhancing access to our resources. My government publications and cartographic backgrounds have shown me the importance of better—and assured—access to information that is often hiding in plain sight; and of the need to consistently remind government information producers that their information belongs to the public, with very few exceptions. All users of government information need to know they (we) can retrieve documents 50 or 200 years from now, whether they happened to originally be printed on paper or born digital. I will use my Council term to make sure ALA continues working toward assured information access for library patrons. Even in this era of information growth, more data and books and web pages than we could every look at, our right to access that information remains precious and worth fighting for.         


56. CD MCLEAN, Director, Jean Ann Cone Library, Berkeley Prep. School, 4811 Kelly Rd., Tampa , FL 33615: 2002.

      Education: Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ MALS, 1993 Univ. of AZ, Tucson, BA, Journalism, 1986.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: FL L. Assn., Sect. Ch., 1999-2000; mbr., 1998-2000. Suncoast Inf. Spec., Listserve owner 2000-, mbr., 1997-. ALA, mbr., YASL, ISS, 1992-99, 2002-. Spec. L. Assn. (Commun(s) Div. positions: Ch.,  2001-02, Ch.-elect., 2000-01; FL Chap. positions: Dir., 2000-02, Tampa Bay Regnl. Liaison Rep., 1998-99; AZ Chap. positions: Govt. Rel. Ch. 1994-95, mbr. 1991-2002. Amer. Assn. of Law L(s)., mbr., 1992-95. AZ State L. Assn., mbr., 1993-95. Soc. for Tech. Commun., Job Bank Coor., 1996, 1994-1997.

      Honors and Awards: 1993 winner of Natl. Call for Papers Contest for Amer. Assn. of Law L(s).

      Accomplishments: While I have won writing awards, been published and held high offices, I feel the more important awards are those that are earned through service to others. When I left the corporate l. world and moved to a school library environment, I did it because I wanted to be around children and have a positive impact on their lives. The Library is a special place and attracts those students who may not have another place at school to feel welcome. My greatest accomplishment has been in creating that space for those students. In particular, I am very excited to share with you greatest accomplishment: I was asked by my favorite student to be in her graduation photos. She said, “They asked me to bring along something related to my hobbies, and I love to read. So, I want my librarian to be there.” What greater accomplishment is there?

ALA Member Since: 1992.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

My professional concern is that we make sure that we are properly creating a welcoming and learning environment for our students, who will become our future library users both college and public. We need to know how to teach this population so that we create a generation of researchers, not plagiarizers. We need to know how to reach this population so that we create a generation of readers, not gamers. We need to know how to excite this population so that we create a generation of library donors and advocates, not detractors. My concern is that we may focus on the end product, the adult, and forget that we have an opportunity to create library lovers at a much earlier age. We need to coordinate all types of librarians to discover what makes a library lover. How do we get that reader hooked and how do we keep that technology savvy child from thinking that they know everything and need no help from us? It was a similar theme to what I faced as an engineering librarian. It was easier for an engineer to go to the next cubicle to ask a question and get an answer, than it was to come to the library for help answering that question. My goal was outreach and the creation of lifelong library users. We face the same challenges today: how to deal with the googleization of research, which is the theory that all the world’s questions can be answered with a google search; how to keep libraries relevant with the advent of e-books and technology; how to make our libraries places of discovery. Our best resource is looking back at us in the mirror. We have the power to overcome these challenges by teaching, reaching and exciting all of our users.        


57. MICHAEL J. MILLER, Coordinator of Access Services, Queens College – CUNY, 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Flushing , NY 11367-1597: 2004.

      Education: PA State, Erie, BA, Speech Commun., 1988; Rutgers, The State Univ. of NJ, New Brunswick, MLS, 1991; Lehigh Univ., Bethlehem, PA., MS in Edu. Tech., 1996; San Jose State Univ., Digital Distance Edu./IMLS Inst., 2000.

      ALA Activities: Council Com. on Diversity, Ch., 2003-, mbr., 2001-03. ACRL: Present Bibliographic Instruction Sect. 2004-05, 1994-99. Com. mbr., Strategic Plng. Com., 1994; Edu., Behavioral and Soc. Sciences Sect., Soc. Work and Soc. Welfare Com., 1996–   ; Com. mbr., 1997-99. Ch., Transition Com., Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender RT, Stonewall Bk. Awards Com., 2004-06, 1999-2000; Minority Concerns and Cultural Diversity Com., 2000-03, PLA, 1999-2004; RUSA CODES,  Ref. Clln. Devel. & Evaluation, 2001-03. SRRT: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual TF, Co-Ch., 1997-99; Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual TF, Ch., Prog. Plng. Com., 1994-96; mbr., Prog. Plng. Com., 1993-94; Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Bk. Award Com., 1994 –1996.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Metro. L. Res. Council, Ch., Electronic Res. Spec. Int. Grp. 2002-03.  NYLINK, IMLS Adv. Com., 2001-02., “Inf. Tech. Fluency Inst.”

      Accomplishments: I am currently an Adjunct in the Pratt Institute LIS program delivering my experimental survey course, “Digital Libraries.” I have delivered several presentations at state and national conferences recently all of which have addressed new technologies and library services including: “Desktop Delivery of E-Learning” at the 2003 PLA National Conf., “Frontline Reference: Help! How to provide Top-notch Service to Users” at the ALA Midwinter 2004 RUSA Pres.’s Prog.

ALA Member Since: 1991.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Professional education and development, inclusive diversity, and intellectual freedom are my primary professional concerns. Technology literacy remains a continuing challenge to our users and to library professionals and support staff. We must invest in a more solid educational effort in the learning and use of information services technologies. Our patrons’ rights regarding freedom of access to all information and our ability to assist with that access remains in grave danger. I will use my in-depth professional, educational, and ALA experiences as a committee member, planner, and chair to ensure that a broadly representative group of supremely prepared professionals can continue to enable an informed and productive citizenry.

          —MICHAEL J. MILLER

58. ALISON C. MORIN, Digital Reference Specialist, Library of Congress, 101 Independence Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20540-4754: 2002.

      Education: BA, Amer. Lit. with honors, Univ. of CA at Santa Cruz, 1997; MLS. San Jose State Univ., CA, 2001.

      ALA Activities: ALA Stu. Chap. Pres., San Jose State Univ., 2000-01.

      Honors and Awards: Fellowship to attend the Digital L. Fedn. Spr. Forum, 2004; Mbr. of the Beta Phi Mu Honor Soc., Omega Chap., 2003;  2 L. of Congress Continuing Edu. Fund Awards, 2003 & 2004;  2 L. of Congress on the Spot Awards, 2002 & 2003;  L. of Congress Spec. Achievement Award, “For your contribution to the testing and implementation of the CDRS project” 2002; Certificate of Recognition for Excellence in Stu. Chap. Activities as ALASC Ch. from ALA NMRT, 2001; Certificate of Recognition for 2nd Place in the Stu. Chap. of the Year Award (for the SJSU ALASC) from the ALA NMRT, 2001; Scholarships to attend the ATLA Annual Conf(s)., 2001, 2002; Scholarship from the SJSU Faculty Scholarship Com., 2001; Second place in lit. for the Reflections Prog., Sixth Dist. PTA, 1993; Outstanding Athlete Award, Monta Vista H. Sch., 1993; Participant in the Jr. Natl. Olympics, Women’s Water Polo team, 1993; Selected to try-out for the Women’s Natl. Jr. Water Polo Team, 1991, 1992; Third place award in the Pacific Rim Film Festival, 1991; Golden State Examination, Acad. Excellence Award, in First-Year Algebra with High Honors 1990; Third place award at the Santa Clara Co. Fair, Woodworking, 1989.

ALA Member Since: 1999.


59. TONI NEGRO, Media Specialist, Montgomery Co. Public Schools, 850 Hungerford Dr., Rm. 50, Rockville, MD 20850: 1967.

      Education: Fordham Univ., BS, Secondary Edu.; Rutgers Univ., MLS, 1958; Western MI Univ. Adm. of Media EdS, 1976; Catholic Univ. Grad. Study in Instr(al). Tech., 1979-80.

      ALA Activities: ALA Councilor at Large 1990-98. AASL: Div. Councilor, 1998-2002; Bd. of Dir(s)./Exec. Com., 1998-2002. Council Orientation Com. Ch., 1996-98; ALA Council Com. on Org. 2004-. OLOS 2004- AASL Univ. Pr. Com., Ch. 2004; AASL Legislation Com. 2004- AASL Intellectual Freedom Com.,  2004.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: MD Edu. Media Org.,1986-88.

ALA Member Since: 1964.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Impact of public policy and funding for libraries on state and local levels on access to libraries and information. Fewer resources are becoming available due to commercial proprietorship, government support and regulations, especially the Patriot Act. Elimination of school libraries and cut backs in staffing and funding will have negative impact on literacy of young people and their ability to be active participants in the democratic process. Expanding opportunities for membership to have a voice in ALA governance both at conferences and through the ALA website. Greater participation in ALA elections is essential for future support of the organization.    


60. SYLVIA NORTON, School Library/ Technology Planning Coordinator, Maine State Library/Dept. of Education, 64 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333: 2002.

      Education: Univ. of ME, BA, 1976; Simmons Coll., MLS, 1983.

      ALA Activities: AASL: Exec. Com., 2004-05; Natl. Conf. Prog. Co-Ch., 2004-05; Bd. of Dir(s)., 2003-05; Dir. -Elect, 2002-03; ICONnect Com., Ch., 2003-04.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: New England Edu. Media Assn., Pres., 2001-02; Falmouth Memorial L., Trustee, 1999-2002; ME Assn. of Sch. L(s)., Pres., 1997-99; ME L(s). Conf., Co-Ch., 1995-97; ME L. Assn., Standing Adv. Com. on Continuing Edu., Ch., 1987-89.

      Accomplishments: The knowledge and skills I gained from years of active participation in my state and regional professional associations have led to my present position on the AASL Board as well as any other opportunities that could be listed as accomplishments. Those leadership experiences were assets for participation in library, technology and education initiatives and in my terms as an elected school board member. After years as a health science librarian and then a high school library media specialist, I joined the Maine State Lib. for the implementation of our statewide catalog project. In 2002, I became the coordinator for school library programs for the Maine Dept. of Education and the Maine State Lib. with statewide responsibilities for school library standards and technology planning related to No Child Left Behind and E-rate. I served as an international consultant for developing school libraries in the United Arab Emirates and have been invited to participate in an IMLS workshop to address the contributions of museums and libraries in strengthening K-12 learning.

ALA Member Since: 1995.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

My daily work emphasizes to me that libraries and librarians are even more essential as laptops are distributed to schools and wireless networks provide anywhere/anytime access throughout our communities. The technology itself, however, has sometimes been an overwhelming voice as some decision-makers fail to recognize the strengths of libraries for today’s society. I know that libraries make a difference in our daily lives as they focus not only on access to literature and use of information but also provide dynamic community spaces. I have seen it in the impact of good medical information for a patient, the learning of school children, or even during my brief stop to borrow more audiotapes for my commute to work. Libraries are uniquely able to provide the content and appropriate resources to inform within our town, business, or educational communities. Librarians have the knowledge to help transform the use of those resources into effective 21st century skills. As an ALA Councilor, I will work to increase the role of libraries at the policy making level for K-12 edu. and advocate for all libraries and librarians as essential to our lifelong learning.         


61. M. A. (PEG) OETTINGER, 4 Laurel Dr., Port Jefferson, NY 11777.

      Education: The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, B Music Edu., 1964; St. John’s University, Jamaica, NY,  MLS, 1971.

      ALA Activities: ALA, 1987-. ALA Council, 2002-. ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee, 2002-. ALA Resolutions Committee, 1998-2002. Ken Haycock Award Jury, 2005. Margaret A. Edwards Trust Intellectual Freedom Ldrship. Devel. Inst. Com., 1998. IRC/IFC Joint Task Force on Cuba, 2003-04. ALCTS, 1986-2000. ALSC L. Serv. to Child. With Special Needs Com., 1995-98, ch., 1997-98. YALSA, 1986-. YALSA Intellectual Freedom Com., 1999-2002. ALA Intellectual Freedom RT, 1987-. LIRT, 1987-. LIRT PR/Memb. Com., 1991-94.

      Honors and Awards: People to People Intl. Delegation of Ln(s). to the People’s Republic of China, 1993. Who’s Who in the East, 26th Ed., Who’s Who in the World, 16th Ed.

      Accomplishments: 1970-98 Middle Country Schools, Centereach, NY., Librarian, Centereach HS, 1985-98. Took part in selection of first automated Lib. Mgt. Sys. Served as Network Supervisor. Supervised the in-house retrospective conversion of two H.S. Lib. collections. Provided library instruction and reference assistance to students and staff using traditional materials as well as instruction in newer formats.     Oxhead Rd. Elem., 1970-85: Completely reorganized the Lib., which had fallen into complete disorder. Supervised the closing of another elementary school library and the recataloging and integration of the materials into the Oxhead collection. Provided library instruction and readers guidance to all grades and staff. 1969-70, Smithtown  (NY) Lib., Trainee. 1966-69, Three Village Sch(s)., Setauket, NY, Music Tchr. 1964-66, Commack (NY) Sch(s)., Music Tchr.

ALA Member Since: 1987.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

As an At-Large member of Council, I will continue to make myself available to members via e-mail and in person at conferences to discuss member concerns. I will also bring any such concerns to the Council floor for discussion and action. It is important to listen to all points of view and incorporate such information in addressing Council. My primary areas of interest continue to be service to children and youth and intellectual freedom and equality of access to information (in all formats). The future strength of libraries lies with the children of today and I will continue to be a strong advocate for service and equity for young people in schools and public libraries.


62. PATRICIA GAIL OYLER, Professor,  Simmons Coll. Grad. School of Lib. and Inf. Sci., 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115: 1974.

      Education: Chestnut Hill College, BA, 1965; Univ. of Pittsburgh, MLS, 1966; Ph.D, 1978; Simmons College, MBA, 1977.

      ALA Activities: ALA: Council, 1997-2004; Beta Phi Mu Award Jury, 1979-80; Mevil Dewey Medal Award Com., 1977-78; ACRL Res. Com., 1993-95; Plng. Com., 1981-83; Acad. Res. Ln. of the Year Award Com, 1981-84, Ch., 1982-84; Chap(s). Council, 1979-80; Coll. L(s). Section Exec. Bd., 1982-87, Ch., 1983-84, Nom. Com., 1986-87; ALCTS/RTSD:  Edu. Com., 1986-88, Ch., 1987-88; Consultant, 1990-1997; Res. and Stat., 1993-95; Subj. Headings Institute Plng. Com., 1981-83; ALMS Edu. Com., 1991-96; CCS, mbr.-at-large, 1980-82; Com. on Catlg.: Description and Access, 1983-87; Subj. Analysis Com., 1975-77; CMDS Edu. Com., 2000-02; RTSD/LED Com. on Edu. for Res. and Tech. Serv(s)., 1975-78, Ch., 1977-78; IRRT Orientation & Mentoring Com., Ch., 2004-06.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: IFLA Continuing Prof. Edu. RT Ch., 1993-99; ACRL New England Chap., VP, Pres, Past Pres, 1978-81; Nom. Com., Ch., 1986-87; MA L. Assn. Exec. Bd., 1978-79; Tech. Serv(s). Sect. Ch., Past Ch., 1977-79; PA L. Assn. Board of Dir(s)., 1973-74; Beta Phi Mu Exec. Board, 1988-90.

      Honors and Awards: United Board for Christian Higher Edu. in Asia Grant to Vietnam, 1997; Sr. Fulbright Lect. to Brazil, 1981; Swedish Bicentennial Res. Award, 1980; Simmons MBA Operations Mgt. Award, 1977; Beta Phi Mu, 1966; August Alpers Outstanding Student Award-Univ. of Pittsburgh, Sch. of L. and Inf. Sci., 1966.

      Accomplishments: Coor. for Simmons Coll./Luce Fdn. Vietnamese Scholar Librarian Project; lecturer and consultant at international, national and state levels on automation, cataloging, preservation and library education; presenter of over 15 continuing education workshops on cataloging and Dewey Decimal Classification including Brazil, India, Thailand, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

ALA Member Since: 1965.

Statement of Professional Concerns: 

The priorities that ALA and libraries are facing today are diversity, education and continuous learning and recruitment of new librarians. In order to serve our diverse library users we must recruit and education diverse library professionals. The diversity of our patrons and the globalization of our activities have meant that we, as library professionals, and ALA, as our professional association, must be concerned about the impact of these areas. As a library educator, international consultant and speaker, I see on a regular basis how important it is to network and develop international contacts and colleagues.  As the world grows smaller through the globalization of activities and services it is even more critical to share with our international colleagues’ technological and educational opportunities. ALA must continue to emphasize and develop its international activities and take a leadership role in helping the third worldlibraries train, develop and produce leaders.  If elected, I will work to make ALA a better and more effective organization in achieving the goals of the membership.


63. NANCY PACK, Director, Tuscaloosa Pub. Library, 1801 Jack Warner Parkway, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401: 1999.

      Education: Univ. of AR, BSE, Elem. Edu.; Early Edu., 1978; MED, Instr(al). Res. Edu., 1984; Univ. of TN, MLSL, 1981; FL State Univ., PhD, LIS; Certificate of Studies in Gerontology, 1988; Certificate of Studies in Aging and Vision Loss, 1990.

      ALA Activities: ALA Com(s).: Orientation, Training and Ldrship. Devel., mbr. 2004-. Minority Concerns and Cultural Diversity, mbr., 1994-97; Bessie Boehm Moore Award, mbr., 1995, ch., 1996-97; Com. on the Status of Women in Lnship., mbr., 1990-92; OLPR Adv. Com., mbr., 1987-89. Div(s).: RUSA RQ Ed. Adv. Bd., mbr, 1991-93; RASD/SUPS L. Serv. to an Aging Population, mbr., 1990-95; ALTA/PLA Com. on Common Concerns, mbr., 1988-91; PLA: Accreditation of Pub. L(s). TF, mbr., 1982; Pub. L. Heritage TF, 1983-85; ASCLA: L. Serv(s). to Spec. Populations Blind and Physically Handicapped Forum, mbr., 1990-93,  Prog. ch., 1990-92.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: AR L. Assn., Pub. Rel. Com., Ch., 1984; PLA, Secy., 1983, V. Pres./Pres. Elect, 1985-86, Pres., 1986. Chattanooga Area L. Assn., Pres., 1993; GA L. Assn., Spec. L. Div., Pres., 1997.

      Honors and Awards: Alternate (Prof.) Delegate, FL Governor’s Conf. on L(s) and Inf. Serv(s)., Dec. 1990. Commissioned Paper: L. Serv. to Handicapped, Institutionalized and Disabled—a background paper for the May 1995 White House Conf. on Aging, Off. of Edu. Res. and Improvement U.S. Dept. of Edu., Washington, D.C. 1994. Review Panelist, “L. Literacy Prog(s).” LSCA Title VI Grant Applications, U.S. Dept. of Edu. 1987-88.

      Accomplishments: A life member of ALA since 1987, I am a librarian with 20+ years of broad experience—a Public Library Director, Adjunct Professor, LSCA Consultant, Air Force Librarian, Library Legislative Advocate and author. These varied experiences have given me the skills to provide positive library services to a diverse population. I have had the opportunity to influence library policy, I have developed two background papers: Lib. Serv(s). for Older Adults White House Conf. on Aging for Natl. Pre-White House Conf. on L. and Inf. Sci. for Older Adults Philadelphia, PA 1996 and Lib. Serv(s). to the Homebound, Institutionalized and Disabled, May 1995 White House Conf. on Aging, Nov. 1994. As a Co-compiler and editor of How Libraries Must Comply With the Americans with Disabilities Act, and consultant in this area, I have contributed by providing a simple to understand version of the law that could easily be implemented. As a Legislative Advocate, I contributed to the bill (wording and research materials) for “Aid to County and City Libraries”, State of Arkansas, signed March 1983.

ALA Member Since: 1981. 

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I support the Core Values of Librarianship that define, inform and guide our professional practices. I have worked throughout my career to sustain the vales of Access, Freedom of Inf., Life Long Learning, Preservation, and Service. Since the beginning of US library development, these values have been the foundation upon which libraries and communities are benched marked. Regardless of technology, format, or methods of delivery modality, all information resources provided by the library should be readily and equitably accessible to all actual and potential library users. Along with access to resources, intellectual freedom is essential. As Librarians we should resist censoring. Life long learning and the encouragement of development of coalitions locally, state, and nationally to enhance a learning society, are essential roles of all types of libraries. By promoting life long learning, libraries contribute to keeping our society dynamic and vibrant. As the evolution of technology progresses there is the threat of the loss of information unless preservation includes information in all formats. As keepers of information about our own professional heritage, we have overlooked our responsibility: as an Association we need to establish a Library Heritage Museum to emphasize the impact that libraries have on cultural and societal changes and conversely, to document how these societal changes influence library development. Excellence in service is essential if libraries are to thrive. Maintaining and enhancing our own knowledge and skills, developing and offering professional development for all staff, and providing mentors to a new generation will ensure excellence in service. My professional concerns are to ensure that core values in our profession are maintained and expanded as global changes in the profession and in society develop.


64. WILLIAM D. PAULLIN, Division Director, County Library Services, Atlantic County Lib. Sys., Mays Landing, NJ 08330: 2003.

      Education: St. Joseph’s Coll., Philadelphia, PA, BS, English, 1971; Drexel Univ., MLS, 1979.

      ALA Activities: Chap. Councilor, NJ, 2002-04. LAMA: Statistics Sect., Exec. Bd., mbr., 1997-2000. PLA: mbr., 1981-. LITA: mbr., 1983-. LAMA: mbr., 1983-.

      Offices Held in State & Regional Library & Other Associations: NJ L. Assn.: mbr., 1979-. Exec. Bd., ALA Chap. Councilor, 2001-04; Second V.-Pres., 1988; Exec. Bd., mbr.-at-large, 1994-97. NJLA Com Activity: Conf. Com., co-ch., 2001 and 2002; Pub. Policy Com., mbr., 1997-2005; Personnel Admin. Com., 1982-94 and 1997; ch., 1990-94; Govt. Rel. Com., 1982-94; Bylaws Com., 1983. S. Jersey Regnl. L. Coop.: Exec. Bd.: mbr.-at-large, 1988-94; V.-Pres., 1990-91. SJRLC Com. Activity: Adv. Com., Clln. Devel.; Plng.; Tech., Ref./Interl. Loan. Waterford (NJ) Township Free Pub. L.: Bd. of Trustees, 1978-85.

      Accomplishments: V.-Pres. of the Waterford (NJ) Township Free Pub. L. when the first Professional Librarian was hired as Director. The library also doubled the public space during my tenure on the board. During my tenure as Chair, the NJLA Personnel Committee developed guidelines for minimum salaries for entry-level professional librarians and library assistants. Implemented Project Connect which provided Internet access for all public and private schools in Atlantic County, New Jersey through the Atlantic Co. Lib. Sys.

ALA Member Since: 1979.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I have been involved with libraries almost all of my adult life. I have experienced libraries as a trustee, a paraprofessional, a beginning professional and now an administrator. During this time the prevalent theme has been the value of libraries and library workers. How are they valued by the people who use them and the bodies who fund them? The question of the value of library workers interweaves the question of compensation and benefits. This has been of primary concern to me for several years. I have addressed the issue by being on the committee that developed New Jersey’s first recommendation for an entry-level salary for librarians. This was followed several years later, while I was chair of the Personnel Administration Committee, with an expansion to a recommended entry-level salary for paraprofessionals. I believe that ALA with the establishment of ALA/APA is addressing the issue of the value of library workers. My concern for salaries is the reason why I support the ALA/APA and the efforts to improve the quality of life for library workers.           


65. ANA-ELBA PAVON, Children’s Services Manager, San Francisco Pub. Lib., Mission Branch, 300 Bartlett St., San Francisco, CA 94110: 2000.

      Education: Univ. of CA at Berkeley, AB, English, 1988, MLIS, 1992.

      ALA Activities: PLA New Ldr(s). Travel Grant Com., 2004-06. REFORMA: Pub. Rel. Com., 2001-03; Memb. Com., 2002-04, Ch., 2003-04, V.-Pres./Pres.-Elect 2004; Pura Belpre Award Com., 2004; Bibliotecas Para La Gente,  Northern CA Chap. of REFORMA, Secy., 1999-, CA L. Assn.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: CA L. Assn. Edna Yelland Minority Scholarship Com., 1998-2001, Ch. 2001.

      Accomplishments: Salón Del Libro, Guadalajara Book Fair Ln., 2003, 2004. One of a four U.S. librarian selection team. Stanford, CA State L. Inst. on 21st Century Lnship. Participant (2001) CA State L. Transition Into Mgt. Seminar Grad., 1995. Pavon, Ana-Elba and Diana Borrego. 25 Latino Craft Projects, Chicago: ALA, 2003. Co-presenter of “Day of the Dead/All Soul’s Day: Honoring Families Past and Present Through Cultural Programming and Genealogy,” ALA Conf., Orlando, FL, 2004. Panelist, “How to Market to the United States,” FORO II Internacional de Editores, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, 2003. Co-presenter of “Bilingual Formats for Story Times and Story Telling,” CLA Conf., Sacramento, CA, 2002, PLA Conf., Seattle, WA, 2004. Led public library discussion group at ALA Guadalajara Book Fair Orientation Feria Internacional del Libro Orientation, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, 2001 and 2003 Co-presenter of “¡Bienvenidos! Establishing Lib. Services for Growing Spanish Speaking Communities: Latino Children’s Crafts,” ALA Conf., San Francisco, CA, 2001, NV/Mountain Plains/REFORMA Tri-Conf., Lake Tahoe, 2003. Bibl. and com. mbr. of “Do-able Latino Crafts,” CLA Conf., Oakland, CA, 1998.

ALA Member Since: 1992.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Our libraries are facing challenging times. We face rapid technological advancements, budget cuts, and retirements of library personnel. Yet many of us are passionate about our profession and find it rewarding. We want to maintain the same levels of service but must ask ourselves some questions. How can we continue to serve the communities we serve? How can professional and paraprofessional staff keep their skills current with little time or money for training? Can ALA, composed of such different libraries (special, pub., academic, and school) meet our needs and the needs of our users? As an ALA Council member, I hope to help make ALA an organization that provides direction, leadership, and some answers to these questions. My background work experience, and professional association involvement have prepared me for this position. I have special interests in serving our underserved communities, encouraging mentorship and retention, and providing services to our nation’s children. While much of my career has focused on Spanish and children’s services, I have served people of all ages in libraries serving diverse populations and look forward to listening to the issues and concerns of all ALA members.


66. DIANE G. PERSON, Professor, Long Island Univ., Brooklyn Campus, Pratt Bldg., P210, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

      Education: Long Island Univ., BA, 1961; Pratt Institute, MLS, 1963; New York Univ., PhD, 1993.

      ALA Activities: ALSC: Newbery Award Com., mbr., 2003; Com. on Notable Audio Recordings, mbr., 1999-2003. AASL Special Com. on Whole Language, Drafted whole language policy statement adopted by AASL, 1991-93.

      Honors and Awards: Sigma Tau Delta, English Honor Soc.,1960. United Hospital Fund, Distinguished Trustee Serv. Award, 2000. Lamm Inst. for Devel(al). Disabilities, Long Island Coll. Hospital, Cmnty. Serv. Award, 1999. Long Island Univ. Distinguished Alumni Award, 2004.

      Accomplishments: Pubn(s).: Stories of Heaven and Earth; Diane G. Person & Hara E. Person, 2004). Encyclopedia of Children’s Lit., co-ed. with Bernice Cullinan, 2001 Connecting Informational Child.’s Books with Content Area Learning, Evelyn B. Freeman & Diane G. Person, 1997. Using Nonfiction Trade Books In the Elementary Classroom; ed. with Evelyn B. Freeman & Diane G. Person, 1992 Standard Junior High School Catalogue, Ed. Adv. Com., 1989. NCTE Com. on Lit., 1992-95. NCTE Com. on Comparative & World Lit.; 2002-04. Ezra Jack Keats New Writers/New Illus. Award com., 2000-04. PBS—Reading Rainbow judge for national story writing contest for K-3 grade. 1998-2001. Over the years as an active mbr. of NCTE and IRA I have made many presentations at national conferences and written articles for NCTE’s Journal of Children’s Lit.

ALA Member Since: 1981.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Since I first started working as a children’s/young adult librarian at Brooklyn Pub. Lib., my major concern has been the delivery of effective library services to children We are an urban, multi-ethnic, multicultural community that has historically been the first stopping place for new arrivals to this country. Children’s services must not only be maintained, they must be increased to new levels that match society’s expectations for a technologically prepared populace. In a society that espouses making certain all children can read and in which educating all children is paramount, librarians have to be vocal about their role in the education process. Adequate book budgeting, staffing, programming, hardware and software are critical; meaningful and collaborative efforts with schools are also absolutely essential. In reaching out to support the diverse children’s communities they serve, librarians need to connect with parents and caregivers increasing the population of library users, helping adults realize their potential to learn along with their children. My primary concern is being able to provide the range of services a diverse community needs. Public libraries are traditionally the means to an education, a better job and enfranchisement for this population. Librarians and library systems have to become much more outspoken about making their needs known. Starting with library school education and moving on to dealing with library boards of directors and city administrators, librarians need to speak out decisively to achieve effective purchasing, staffing and program budgets. ALA must provide leadership, preparing librarians to take the initiative at all levels of government. I would like to see, and would propose the initiation of seminars at state, regional, and national conferences to help librarians communicate their needs. Other proposals I would support include closed circuit professional seminars for librarians and the establishment of an ALA speaker’s bureau to provide models and strategies for achieving our goals. We must do our part to educate the next generation of readers and learners.       


67. BARBARA PICKELL, Library Director, Fairfield County District Library, 219 N. Broad St., Lancaster, OH 43130: 2003.

      Education: Univ. of WA, BA, 1970; Emporia State Univ., MLS, 1977.

      ALA Activities: Com. on Diversity, 2005; ALA/APA Salary Equity Com., 2003.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Oh L. Assn., Intellectual Freedom Com., Ch., 2005, mbr., 2004, 2003. OLC, Legis. Advocacy grp., mbr., 2004, 2005. NJ L. Assn., Intellectual Freedom subcom., Ch., 1996, mbr. 1997-2002. NJLA, Personnel Adv. Com., mbr., 1997-1998 Ch., Mentoring Subcom., 1997. NJLA, Pub./Sch. L. Jt. Facility TF, mbr., 2002 NJLA, Economic Plng. TF, mbr., 2002 CA L. Assn., Intellectual Freedom Com., mbr., 1990-95. WA L. Assn., Intellectual Freedom Com., mbr., 1987-89.

      Honors and Awards: City of Lompoc (CA) Affirmative Action Award, 1991-92.

      Accomplishments: I consider one of my strengths as a director to be my varied background within the profession. I have worked in public, academic and special libraries in seven states, and have done everything from children’s work to cataloging. Our profession includes many different jobs and many different needs, and a Council representative needs to address a diverse range of concerns. As a director in 3 libraries, I have managed downsizing during two recessions while increasing usage, overseen building and growth, taken libraries through three levy campaigns, integrated technology into overall library service in three locations, and continually worked to upgrade the skills and pay of staff. I am a strong advocate for Intellectual Freedom, and have been able to deflect community concerns while maintaining open access to the internet by providing the opportunity for parental choice. I am also a strong advocate for adequate pay for library staff at all levels.

ALA Member Since: 1988.


Statement of Professional Concerns:

Libraries are currently in a time of great change. Although our mission, connecting people to the answers or materials they want and need, has not changed, the way we perform our jobs is dramatically different than it was a few years ago. The integration of computers doesn’t reduce the need for libraries, it just changes the services that we need to provide. In order to continue to be a vital part of our communities, we must first insure stable funding. This must be a priority at both the local library level, and for our professional organization. We must continue to work to integrate computers and electronic material into library service and keep up with the rapid changes in technology, but we must also evaluate each change to be sure it really improves customer service. We must actively support staff training and continuing education to keep staff knowledgeable and up to date with these rapid changes. We must also work to be sure they are adequately paid so we can attract and keep the best people in the profession. We must strive to make our profession more representative of our communities. And we have to continue to fight for open access for every person. This is a time of great challenge. We can’t do any of these things alone. This is why it is so important to have a professional organization that is responsive to the priorities identified by its members. As your representative, I would try hard to listen to the concerns of librarians and library staff and focus our energy on priority areas.


68. DALE POULTER, Systems Librarian, Vanderbilt Univ., Suite 700, 110th Ave S., Nashville, TN 37203: 1999. 

      Education: TX Tech Univ., BS, ChE, 1992, Univ. of N. TX, MSLS, 1998.

      ALA Activities: ALA Web Adv. Com., Intern, 2004-. LITA: Memb. Devel. Com., mbr., 2003-; Bylaws and Org. Com., mbr., 2002-; LITA Hi-tech award com., 2001-, Mbr., 2002-, Ch.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: UUGI Prog., co-ch., 2003.

      Honors and Awards: Innovation Creativity Award, 2001. TTU Pres.’s Quality Serv. Award, 1997.

      Accomplishments: I regularly present sessions on modifying the library OPAC to meet user needs at UUGI. I also am active in LITA and ALA.

ALA Member Since: 1997.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Libraries must continue to protect the access to information and to protect the rights of our users. In addition to information access and patron privacy, libraries must increase awareness of our activities and contributions to society.                                                                                             


69. BRENDA PRUITT-ANNISETTE, coordinator, Media Services,Fulton County Schools, 786 Cleveland Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30315: 1997.

      Education: MLS, NC Central Univ., 1986, EdS. Georgia State Univ. (Ldrship./Supervision), 1997, EdD. Clark Atlanta Univ., Urban Sch. Ldrship., 2002-.

      ALA Activities: ALA, mbr., 1994-. AASL, mbr., 1994-. YALSA, mbr., 1999-. ALSC, mbr., 2001-. Res. and Stat. Com., mbr., 1998-2000. NCATE, Reviewer, 1999.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: GA L. Media Assn., mbr., 1998-. NY City Sch(s). L. Assn., mbr., 1986-91. NEA, mbr., 1978-86.

      Honors and Awards: Scholarship Recipient, Friends of the Rowan Co. L. Sys., 1980. Participants, People to People’s Conf. to Barcelona, Spain, 1996 (Evaluated Sch. and Pub. L(s). in Spain which were similar in focus to prog(s). in Atlanta.) Tchr. of the Year, 1995 (Atlanta City Schools/K-5 Media Spec.) Recipient, Recognized as a Natl. L. Power Media Center Prog., 1993.

      Accomplishments: The field of Lib. and Inf. Science owes a wealth of gratitude to those, like myself, who practice the profession in the areas of the school and children’s librarianship. As a children’s librarian, in both the school and public library setting, I have had the pleasure of exciting youth about the endless possibility and discovery that exist in the pages of books. In the present technology era, this task has been somewhat challenging. In my current position, I have the responsibility of directing the programs and services that K-12 media specialists need to deliver to students in a large, urban school district. Often, technology is regarded as the “solution” to all reading and writing challenges that our students encounter. It is my belief that a “good reader is a good writer”; therefore, children’s librarians, both school and public, must continue to excite our youth, their care-givers, and their teachers to the power of ‘old-fashion’ print media, in a widely useful, available and engaging format—a book. Life long learners will be appreciative of our efforts in this regard.

ALA Member Since: 1994.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Technology, applied senselessly as a possible solution for every educational crisis or societal concern, drains the limited, poorly funded coffers of schools and the states governments that provide support. When will we recognize the limitations of technology as the panacea for all learning woes? Information technology continues to be defined in such limited terms in school venues. The latest computer monitors, CPUs, printers, scanners, palm devices, and ‘gadgets’ tend to be accepted by most as technology. The information side of the phrase, Information Technology, is left to the progressive thinking librarian/media specialist to correct the misinformed. Therefore, information technology should be defined as all resources that provide users with access to all formats of information. This new definition would include television, radio, satellite, books, videos, DVD, CD, and computer technology. Funding for information technology could then address all information delivery formats. As a profession, librarians, media specialists, and/or information technologists, should be proactive in defining and promoting all information formats. I do not mean to suggest that technology specialists tend to view information inaccurately. I merely think that as a profession whose members are educated and properly trained as information specialists, if we do not correct this oversight, then who would? Limited budgetary allocations demand that information specialists expand the public’s perception of technology, in order to guarantee that all information formats are supported in today’s learning environment. The computer monitor and its various peripherals are important to learners for certain types of information. Subsequently, information viewed on a digital television, transmitted to classrooms by a moveable satellite dish is equally as important to learners when the Internet is inaccessible to our schools. As professionals, we must continue to promote the value of all information formats and refuse to become stuck with a view that is myopia and often is promoted by computer technologists and vendors.


70. BILL PTACEK, Director, King County Library System, 960 Newport Way NW, Issaquah, WA 98068: 1989.

      Education: Univ. of Chicago, Certificate of Advanced Study, L. Sys(s)., Personnel Adm. and Pub. Sector Finance, 1979; State Univ. of NY, Geneseo, MLS, 1974; Univ. of IL, Chicago, BA, English/Psych., 1972.

      ALA Activities: PLA: Ch., Tech. Com., Candidate for PLA Pres., 1988 & 1999; mbr., Res. Com;. Ch., PLA, Res. & Stat. in Pub. L(s); mbr., Natl. Conf. Exhibitors Adv. Com., 1991; Mbr., Pre-Conf. Plng. Com.; Mbr., Allie Beth Martin Award Com.;  Mbr., Minority Recruitment TF; Mbr., Human Serv(s). Com.; Mbr., L. Personnel Res. Adv. Com.; Mbr., TF on Governance, 1986; Co-Ch., ALTA/PLA Common Concern Com.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Washington L. Assn.; Ch., Legis. Com.

      Honors and Awards: 2000 PLA Charlie Robinson Award.

      Accomplishments: In my 30-year career in librarianship, I have been honored to work in some fine libraries with equally outstanding staff. For the past 15 years, I have been involved in the evolution of the King Co. L. Sys. into one of the preeminent libraries in the U.S. Great collection, great technologies, great facilities and great service at the King Co. L. Sys. have made it one of the busiest libraries in the U.S. I still love to work on the reference desk occasionally and help out anywhere I can. I am most proud to watch our staff grow along with our library and its reputation in the cmnty.

ALA Member Since: 1976.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

All libraries must be relevant. ALA is the vehicle by which librarianship stays connected to the mainstream of American society and culture. Moreover, ALA has and should provide leadership in areas such as intellectual freedom, best practices, continuing education and the general advancement of librarianship. When we take off our local library list and think about issues and concerns in this bigger arena, it is important that we use the same political astuteness and common sense for ALA that has made our libraries successful. It is a great time for librarianship. Technology and general interest in all matters around information in our society have place librarians clearly at the forefront. ALA should take advantage of this opportunity. It is the voice of the profession and it should articulate reasonable and forward thinking.


71. ANN CAMPION RILEY, Director, Technical and Access Serv(s)., Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL.

      Education: Univ. of IL, Urbana, AB, 1976, MSLS, 1977; Univ. of MO, MA, English, 1984.

      ALA Activities: Div(s): ACRL: DLS Memb. Com., 2000-,  Ch., 2005; CJCLS: Secy., 2005, Res. Review Com., Ch., 2001-04; LITA: mbr., 1980-95; ALCTS: mbr,.,1977-89.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: MO L. Assn., Pres., 2004-05; Memb. Com., 2001-03; MO Assn. of Coll. and Res. L(s)., Ch., 2003-04; MO L. Network Corp. OCLC Users’ Grp. Ch., 1990-91; St. Louis Regnl. L. Network, Bd., mbr., 1999-2000.  

      Honors and Awards: Innovator of the Year nominee, St. Louis Cmnty Coll., 1998; Ldrship. Chesterfield, 2001; Natl. Inst. for Ldrship. Devel. Ldrs. Class of 1999; Beta Phi Mu.

      Accomplishments: Past Positions: Lib. Dir., St. Louis Cmnty. Coll. at Meramec, 1996-2004;  Acting Exec. Dean, St. Louis Cmnty. Coll. at Florissant Valley, 1999-2000; Collection Devel. Ln., 1992-95; Catlg. Ln., 1988-92, Maryville Univ., St. Louis; Ln., Antelope Valley Coll., 1985-87; Tech. Serv(s). Ln., Univ. of MO, St. Louis, 1980-82;  Catlgr., 1978-80, Lewis and Clark L. Sys., Edwardsville, IL; Catlg. Maintenance Ln., NM State Univ., 1977-78. Publications: Using Staff Focus Grp(s). for Help in Services Assessment,” in A Collection of Papers on Self-Study and Institutional Improvement. Chicago: Higher Learning Commission, 2002. The Assize of Bread and Ale in Pierpont Morgan MS.” 875, Manuscripta 38 (1994).

ALA Member Since: 1977.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Faced with increasing technological change and the present cycle of reduced state funding, libraries and learning resource centers need stronger leadership than ever before. Building administrative understanding of and support for what we do is crucial if we are to meet the needs of students for increased information literacy instruction and access to library resources. ALA must help its members meet these continuing challenges with collegial support, educational programs and work on supportive standards for use with accrediting groups and other academic leaders. ALA Council needs to be responsive to member concerns and increase the relevancy of Council activities.                                                                                 



72. DONALD L. ROALKVAM, Member, Board of Library Trustees, Indian Trails Pub. Library District, Wheeling, IL 60090.

      Education: Luther Coll., BA, Pol. Sci., 1970.

      ALA Activities: ALTA Div. Councilor, 2003-. Mbr., 2005 ALA Conf. Prog. Coor. Team, 2003-. Ch,, 2006 ALA Conf. Prog. Coor. Team, 2004-. Mbr., ALTA Exec. Com., 2003-. Mbr., ALTA Bd. of Dir., 2001-.

      Offices Held in State & Regional Library & Other Associations: North Suburban L. Sys.: Bd. of Dir., mbr., 1999-. Pres., 2001-; Ch., Advocacy Com., 2004-; Mgt. Affairs Com.: 2000-; Ch., 2000-01. Indian Trails Pub. L. Dist. Bd. of Trustees, mbr., 1995-; Pres., 1999-2001.

      Accomplishments: Here Come the Boomers, in Public Libraries, May/June 2004, co-authored with Mary Costable.

ALA Member Since: 1955.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Library trustees and advocates must make their voices heard for their libraries and libraries nationwide. Advocacy is a two way street. It is now telling our local, state, and national elected officials what the library needs but it is also listening to our library customers and meeting their needs. To remain relevant the library must provide the services and programs the public needs and wants. Fiduciary responsibility is a role of a trustee but it is now enough to only cut spending. With the cutback in funding from federal, state, and local sources we must find new, non-traditional sources of revenue. We must actively build partnerships with business and community groups to help provide funds for needed programs. We must constantly remind legislators, local government officials, opinion leaders, the business community, and the public at large that libraries are the central source to provide information to all economic levels ensuring access and opportunities for education for all.                                                                                            



73. MABLE W. ROBERTSON, Trustee of Brooklyn Pub. Library, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238: 1993.

      Education: Fort Valley Univ., BS, English, French, 1965; Pace Univ. (NY), MS, Adm. and Supervision, 1971; Cornell Univ. (NY), Advanced Study.

      ALA Activities: Trustee since 1993 at Brooklyn (NY) Pub. Lib. Freedom and Adv. Com(s). Former mbr. of RT Com. of ALA. Dir. (4 years) NY State Assn. of L. Bd(s). as a rep. of Brooklyn Pub. L. and NY City area.

      Offices Held in State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Dir., NY St. Assn. of L. Bd(s). for 4 years. Mbr., NY State Retired Tchr(s). Assn., Inc. Mbr. of NYLA since 1993. Pres.-elect., Assn. of Black Educators of NY, 2004-06. Delegate, NY City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, 1990-2004.

      Honors and Awards: Life Achiever, 2003, Natl. Council of Negro Women, Inc. Key Women of America, Edu. Award, 1993. Lion’s Club Award for “Outstanding Educator of the Year,” 2002.

      Accomplishments: Principal, NY City Bd. of Edu. (19 years). Deputy Superintendent, NYC Bd. of Edu. (1 year). Asst. Dir., Council of Sch. Supv. and Adm(s)., AFL-CIO, Local 1. CSA Rep. for the NYC Chancellor’s Sch. Dist(s). Exec. Bd. mbr., (RSSA) Retired Sch. Supv. and Adm(s)., AFL-CIO, Local 1. Ch., RSSA Brooklyn Legis. Com., Pres.-elect for (ABENY, Inc.) Assn. of Black Educators of NY. Former contributor to NYSALB pubn(s). Appointed trustee (11 years) to Brooklyn Pub. Lib.

ALA Member Since: 1993.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

As a candidate for ALA Council, my main concerns are: Better salaries for library workers; Improved trustee involvement in ALA; Resist the abuses of the Patriot Act. As a result of my extensive experience with labor issues involving unions such as the UFT, CSA, RSSA and NY Central Labor Council, I am uniquely qualified to lead the fight for Better Salaries for Library Workers. As a Trustee of the Brooklyn Pub. Lib. for over 10 years, I have served as ch. of the Trustee/Staff Rel. and Activities Com. and on the Personnel and Legis. Com. Having been deeply involved in these activities, it has afforded me the opportunity to observe and appreciate the needs and aspirations of all persons who are employed in the Library System. Becoming a member of the ALA Council will afford me the opportunity to be an activist for fair and equitable salaries, push for more and better trustee involvement and fight against abuses and dangers of the Patriot Act.


74. VIRGINIA SANCHEZ, Program Manager, Sch. of Inf. Resources & Library Science, Univ. of Arizona, 1515 E. 1st St., Tucson, AZ 85719:  2004.

      Education: CSU Dominguez Hills, Lit. w/Minor in Commun(s)., 1991; Univ. of Arizona, Inf. Res. and L. Sci., 2004.

      ALA Activities: ALA, 1997-. Federal Ln(s). RT, 2001-. Univ. of AZ L. Stu. Org. (LSO), Soc. Coor., 2004.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Univ. of AZ, SLA Stu. Chap., Graphic Artist, 2004. SLA Sierra NV Chap., Hospitality Ch., 1999-2000. Substance Abuse Ln(s). and Inf. Spec. (SALIS): 1998-, Ch., 2002-03; Past-Ch./Nom.Com. Ch., 2003-04.

      Honors and Awards: Knowledge River Scholarship, 2003-04.

      Accomplishments: Bridging the gap between the information seeker and library resources has been a life long passion for me. One such success was connecting the CA Dept. of Justice and the CA Dept. of Alcohol & Drug Prog(s). in order to further substance abuse prevention outreach throughout the State of CA, and authoring articles on youth and substance abuse issues. I have used the skills of the library profession to serve the Naval Intelligence community. My organizational skills and commitment to customer service, while a fundamental aspect of library services, has resulted being awarded Sailor of the Quarter three times. The most recent nomination occurred while enrolled in 15 units in the Univ. of AZ’s Sch. of Inf. Res. and Inf. Sci., working 20 hours as an Intern at the AZ Health Sci. L., and flying back to CA once per month to train in karate and perform my military obligation to the Naval Reserve. I would be honored to apply my energy and commitment to the library profession through the ALA Council.

ALA Member Since: 1997.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

On any given day, among any group of people, you find individuals with information needs who are at a loss as to how to meet them. On every occasion where I have broached the idea of using the library to fill that need, the individual has responded that they never would have thought of that, or expressed surprise that the library might provide such a service. This is unfathomable to me in a country where libraries have existed since the 1600’s, well before the country’s founding. I seek to play an active role in changing this. The public libraries are essential for a well-educated population, no matter the socio-economic demographic. Health Sciences libraries are providing increased services to the consumer, enabling the public to make better informed decisions regarding healthcare for themselves and their loved ones. Government libraries are collaborating to share resources and referring clients to their respective agencies, thereby provided improved access to government services to the taxpayers.   


75. JAN SANDERS, Director, Spokane Pub. Library, 906 W. Main, Spokane, WA 99201: 2001.

      Education: Northwest MO State, BS, Sec. Ed., 1969; IN Univ., MLS, 1970.

      ALA Activities: Com. on Legislation, Ch., 2003-05; Memb., 1998-2002; PLA., Bd., 2003-06; LAMA Gov. Adv. Skills Comm., Ch. 1998-2000.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Mtn. Plains L. Assn., OK Rep; OK Lib. Assoc., Pres., 1995-96; WA Lib. Assn, Legis. Comm., 2002-05.

      Honors and Awards: Winner, Highsmith L. Innovation Award for achievement in programming to the cmnty. ALA Off. of Intellectual Freedom/Freedom to Read Fdn. Roll of Honor, 1999.

      Accomplishments: When I consider my professional accomplishments, I have to list the line-up of “baby librarians” I have helped along the way. Whether I paid for their training from the library budget, encouraged them personally, or just egged them on to bigger, more challenging roles, I believe I have done my part. Now, more than ever, we need these folks, and I am pleased to say I have encouraged my fair share. In addition, I am very proud of being named to the IFC/FTRF Hall of Honor. I have chaired IFC’s in two states and consider myself a fighter for freedom of access and First Amendment Rights. To have that work validated is a great feeling. I publish only sporadically, but I have held offices in three state l. associations and consider my work with each of them a legacy.

ALA Member Since: 1973.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Serving as Chair of the Committee on Legislation since 2003, I have been inundated with national issues affecting libraries. We struggle for sustainable funding for libraries, open access for users, the continuance and preservation of government documents necessary for an informed citizenry, fair use of intellectual property rights, and a myriad of other issues. None of these concerns actually presents in a vacuum, as each issue raises another. There is little hope for things to simplify. Watching Pres.-Elect Carol Brey-Casiano encourage grassroots advocacy is very reassuring. There’s no better time to stand up for America’s libraries or librarians. We must have community-wide cries for continued, effective services and the quality personnel necessary to run them. I will use my background in public libraries to set a course. Some of the issues named are huge. I aim to study them, talk to other members, then use my experience and judgement to represent this constituency to the best of my abilities.



76. SUSAN SCHEIBERG, Assistant Director, Library, The RAND Corp., 1776 Main St., P.O. Box 2138, Santa Monica, CA 90407-2138: 2002.

      Education: IN Univ., Folklore Studies/Linguistics, BA, 1984 UCLA, Folklore Studies/Commun(s)., MA, 1986 Univ. of KY, MSLIS 1997.

      ALA Activities: ALCTS: Acq. Sect., Acq. Org. and Mgt., mbr., 2001-03; Clln. Mgt. and Devel. Sect., Issues for the Practitioner:, mbr., 2001-05, Prog. Ch., 2002-03; Clln. Mgt. and Devel. Sect., Quantitative Measures for Clln. Mgt., mbr., 2004-06; Serials Sect., Acq. Com., Intern, 2000-01, mbr., 2001-03, appointed ch., 2002-03, but had to step down in 2002 due to change in duties at my inst.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: N. Amer. Serials Int. Grp. (NASIG): Proceedings Ed., 2001-02, 2002-03 Statewide CA Electronic L. Consortium (SCELC): Product Review Adv. Com., mbr., 2003-06.

      Honors and Awards: Phi Beta Kappa, 1984; UCLA Univ. Fellow, 1984-87; ALA Tony B. Leisner Scholarship recipient, 1996; Beta Phi MU 1997; Who’s Who in America (57th and 58th eds, 2003, 2004); Who’s Who of Amer. Women (23rd and 24th eds, 2003, 2004); Who’s Who in Finance and Business (34th ed, 2004/5).

      Accomplishments: Founder/owner/manager of NEWLIB-L, an electronic discussion group for “new librarians” with over 1500 subscribers worldwide. Scheiberg, Susan and Shelley Neville, eds. 2003, Transforming Serials: The Revolution Continues. New York, Haworth Pr. Scheiberg, Susan and Shelley Neville, eds. 2002, NASIG 2001: A Serials Odyssey, New York: Haworth Pr. Scheiberg, Susan, 2001, Acquiring Minds: Acquisitions in Two Contexts. Libraries, Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services. 25: 389-399. Scheiberg, Susan, 2000. Putting It All Together: The Involvement of Technical Services, Pub. Serv(s)., and Systems To Create a Web-Based Resource Collection. From Carnegie to Internet 2: Forging the Serials Future, eds. Michelle Fiander, Joe Harmon, Jonathan Makepeace, 341-347,New York: Haworth Pr. Bk. reviewer for Serials Review since 2001. Presentations at ALA 2001-02, SLA 2002.

ALA Member Since: 1994.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

My interests as Councilor center on the librarian—ensuring that ALA is working to the best of its ability to ensure quality education to develop excellent librarians, to provide mentoring to new librarians to ensure their successful transition from student to professional to leader, to assist new librarians and institutions to ensure jobs for new librarians, and to ensure that their voices and concerns are brought to the table. As an active mentor to library students and new librarians (through mentoring and speaking at local library schools and vocational centers and as the founder and owner of NEWLIB-L) and as an active member of ALA, I hope to be able to continue to serve ALA and its constituents, especially the newest of the constituents, and to put my passion for helping excellent new librarians succeed in the profession and ALA to work. Thank you for your consideration.


77. SHERRIE SCHMIDT, Univ. Librarian/ Dean of Univ. Libraries, Arizona State Univ., 113 Hayden Library, Tempe, AZ 85287: 1991.

      Education: Emory Univ., MLS,1974; Ohio State Univ., BA, Sociology, 1970.

      ALA Activities: 2004-05 ALA Com. on Prof. Ethics, rep. to LITA; 2002-04 ALA Com., Office for Tech. Policy Adv. Com., mbr.; 2000-01 ALA Com., Nom. Com.; 1991-93 ALA Com. on Accreditation, mbr.; 1989-90 ALA Plng. and Budget Asbly., mbr.; 1988-89 ALA Conf. Prog. Com., mbr.; 1996-2000 ACRL/ ALCTS/LAMA/LITA; Hugh C. Atkinson Memorial Award Com., mbr.; 2000 ACRL/ALCTS/LAMA/LITA Hugh C. Atkinson Memorial Award Com., ch.; 2002-03 LITA Nom. Com., mbr.; 1995-97 LITA Legislation and Regulation Com., mbr.; 1993-1996 LITA Fundraising Adv. Com. for Natl Conf., ch.; 1993-96 LITA Natl. Conf. Steering Com., mbr.; 1993 LITA Nom. Com., mbr.; 1990-93 LITA Natl. Conf. Steering Com., mbr.; 1990-92 LITA Financial Devel. Com., ch.; 1990-91 LITA Gaylord Award Com., mbr.; 1989-90 LITA Budget Com., ch.; 1988-89 LITA Pres.; 1987-88 LITA Plng. Com., ch.; 1981-87 LITA Publications Com., mbr.; 1984-86 LITA Electronic Pubn(s). Com., ch.; 1984 LITA Nom. Com., ch.; 1981-84 ISAD Inf. Sci. and Automation Sect., Exec. Bd. mbr.; 1983 ISAD Ad hoc Com. to study and recommend changes in the org(al). structure, mbr.; 1978-82 ISAD Prog. Plng. Com., mbr.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: 2002-05 ARL Bd.; 2002-04 IFLA, Stat. and Measurement; 2001-03 Pres., Bd. of the AZ Center for the Bk.; 1989-92 AMIGOS Bd.; 1987-90 OCLC Users Council.

      Honors and Awards: 1991 Phi Kappa Phi; 1989 UCLA Sr. Fellow.

      Accomplishments: My most recent accomplishments relate to the use of measurement to describe the use of electronic resources in libraries. I co-chaired ARL’s E-Metric initiative provided updates, presentations, and co-authored papers on this topic. I was invited to the small session in Oxford, England that resulted in the founding of Project COUNTER that has worked to bring standardization to the reporting of publisher statistics. The context of my contributions has been the appropriate application of technology in libraries. I consider my success to be my ability to work in groups.

ALA Member Since: 1974.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I fervently desire that libraries remain relevant and that the largest association representing them in the U.S. stays focused on its priorities. I value libraries, the people who work in them, their collections and services. I have never been a member of Council, though I have considerable experience within the Association. Thank you for considering my candidacy.


78. STEPHANIE SCHMITT, Librarian for Serials Services, Yale Law Library, 127 Wall St., PO BOX 208326; New Haven, CT 06520: 2001.

      Education: Univ. of N. TX, BA 1989, English/Linguistics; MS,  1994, SLIS.

      ALA Activities: Web Adv. Com. (ALCTS) 2004-05, 2003 Nom. Com., ALA, 2001-03; Com. to Study Serials Standards (ALCTS) 2001-; Ldrship. Devel. Com. (LITA) 1999-2001; Com. to Study Serials Catlg. (ALCTS) 1996-97.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Web Adv. Com., ALA, ALCTS Rep., 2004-05. Exec. Bd. Mbr., N. Amer. Serials Int. Grp. (NASIG), 2003-; Ex Officio, CRIV, Amer. Assn. of Law L(s). (AALL), 2002-04; Indexing of Periodical Lit., Gale Grp. Adv. Com., AALL, 2002-; Electronic Commun(s). Com., NASIG, 1996-2000; Prog. Com., New England Chap. of ASIS, 1998-2000; Tech. Competencies Com., Computer Serv(s). SIS, AALL, 2001-2002.

      Honors and Awards: N. Amer. Serials Int. Grp. (NASIG), Appreciation Award for Online Registration, 2003; Chap. Mbr. of the Year, New England Chap. of the Amer. Soc., 2000.

      Accomplishments: Serves as ALCTS mbr. webmaster 2003-; Chaired implementation team for NASIG Annual Conf. online registration in 2003; served as consultant to it for 2004 and 2005.

ALA Member Since: 1996.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Salary equity is a necessity. Open access to collections requires labor as well as metadata and creative  policies. Standards development and utilization is the smart way. Censorship is a part of selection, of cataloging, of circulation policies. Hold legislators responsible for funding our libraries. Loyalty has no place in publisher mergers. Renting information access shifts the foundation of a library. Vendor relations need a forum for mediation. Demand diversity and funding for our indigenous community libraries. Literacy enables democracy. Prisoners need the freedom of information, too. Information poverty starves a civilization. There is much to do; too little being said. Support your local library.                                              


79. JANE SESSA, Director, Law Library, Dept. of Commerce, 14th and Constitution Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20230: 1998.

      Education: Univ. of Miami, BA, 1973; Catholic Univ., MLS, 1976; Amer. Univ., MBA, 1986.

      ALA Activities: Govt. Inf. Subcom., 1996-. Ed. of Federal Ln. 1998-; Ch. of Legislation Asbly., 2003-04, 2000-01. Dir. of FAFLRT 2001-03; Mbr., ALA Exec. Dir. Search Com., 2001-02; Inter-Assn. Working Grp. on Title 44 reform, 1996-98; Pres. of FLRT 1996-97; Dir. of FLRT, 1994-96.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Dir. of DCLA, 2002-04.

      Honors and Awards: Dept. of Commerce, Off. of the General Counsel Distinguished Serv. Award, 2002; FLRT Distinguished Serv. Award ,  2001; CBO Dir.’s Award, 1985.

      Accomplishments: In over 25 years as a Federal Librarian, I have focused on bringing new technologies and innovation to libraries in major federal agencies with a goal of improving customer service. I have been recognized for this service with the Director’s Award at the Congressional Budget Office and the Distinguished Service Award at the Dept. of Commerce.

ALA Member Since: 1976.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Throughout my career, I have worked with legislation and the legislative process as it relates to libraries and the public’s right to know. For the past ten years, I have been actively working within ALA on various legislative issues as they relate to libraries. As a member of the ad Hoc Committee on Goverment. Information and as the FLRT rep. to the Inter-Association. Working Grp. on Title 44, I have worked to ensure that government information is available to library patrons through a strong depository system and that needed information continues to be disseminated and easily available to the public. In addition, as a federal librarian, I have a great concern about the negative impact that the increased outsourcing of federal libraries has had on these institutions and on federal librarians.


80. PAMELA C. SIEVING, Biomedical Librarian/Informationist,National Institutes of Health Library, 10 Center Dr. Rm. 1L09G, Bethesda, MD 20892-1150: 2001.

      Education: Valparaiso Univ., BA, 1970; Univ. of WI—Madison, MA, 1972; Southern CT State Univ., MS, 1974.

      ALA Activities: ALA Council 1996-2000 (RUSA div. councilor); ALA Com. on Accreditation: Mbr., External Review Panel, 1999-; Council Orientation Com., mbr., 1999-2001; Council Resolutions Com., mbr., 1998-2000; RUSA: Dir. at Large, Bd. of Dir(s)., 2002-05; RUSA: Pubn(s). Com., mbr., 1990-91; RUSA: Secy., Bd. of Dir(s)., 1986-88; RUSA: “Having It All” prog., Ad Hoc Prog. Com., co-ch., 2001-01; RUSA: Pubn(s). Com., 1990-91; RUSA: Secy., Bd. of Dir(s)., 1986-88; RUSA/MARS: Ch., 1981-82; RUSA/MARS: Ch., Prog. Com(s)., 2001-02, 1979-80; Mbr., Prog. Com., 2005-06; RUSA/MARS: Ch., Pubn(s). Com.; RUSA/MARS: Ch., Nom. Com.; RUSA/MARS: Ch., Bylaws Com.; RUSA/MARS: Ch., Plng. Com.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Medical L. Assn.: Mbr.; Intl. Coop. Sect., Mbr., 2003-; Assn. of Vision Sci. Ln(s): Secy., Pres.-Elect, 2003-06; Cochrane Collaboration: Steering Com. Mbr., CEVG@US project, 2002-06; Inf. Retrieval Methods Grp., 2004-; Chicago Online Users Grp. Treas., 1976-77; V.-ch., 1977.

      Honors and Awards: Consultant, WHO Collaboration on Opportunities in Global Eye Res., 2003; Consultant, Intl. Council of Ophthalmology-Ophthalmologic Soc. of Nigeria Inf. Res. Evaluation Project, 2004-06; My Favorite MARtian award, 1996, RUSA/MARS.

      Accomplishments: I have worked or volunteered in all types of libraries during my professional career, as well as in an ‘alternate career’ position which required traditional librarian skills. The theme of this activity, and of my current work to promote the availability and use of information globally to fight blindness and visual impairment, is this: connecting people with the information they need, and ensuring they have the skills to evaluate and use that information.

ALA Member Since: 1974.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

My professional concerns are straightforward:  ALA and its members must continue to advocate for policies and laws which protect the rights of all people to free, equitable access to information and resources to enhance lives and strengthen communities; we must work to fund and support these programs, and we must recruit, educate and retain new colleagues.I bring years of experience in the profession, an emphasis on information access, and a unique perspective gained by serving the biomedical community.  I also bring years of dedicated service to ALA and its division.  The challenge of making ALA the best it can be is bracing, and very worth the effort.  I will work to ensure that ALA lives up to its principles, continues to make America’s libraries and librarians the best they can be. and grows and changes to make the best use of our association, institutional and individual resources and gifts. 



81. BARBARA SILVERMAN, Librarian/Retired.

      Education: Washington Univ., BS, 1960. TX Woman’s Univ., MLS. 1982. Corpus Christi State Univ. now TX A&M Univ.,  MS, Supv. & Cur., 1989.

      ALA Activities: ALSC Res. and Devel. Com. , 2004-06.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Ch., Child.’s RT of the TX L. Assn., 1993. Ch., Nom. Com., TX Assn. of Sch. Ln(s)., 1991. Ch., Swap Shop Com. of TX Assn. of Sch. Ln(s), 1989. Co-Ch., Local Arrangements Com., of Child.’s RT, 1988. Ch., Bylaws Com. of the TX Assn. of Sch. Ln(s)., 1986. Mbr. of the first TX Bluebonnet Award Com. of the TX L. Assn., 1978-80.

      Honors and Awards: Awarded “Outstanding Tchr. of the Year,” 1984 by Dist. IV, Alpha Delta Kappa, Intl. Teachers Soc. Mbr. Beta Phi Mu Intl. L. Sci. Honor Soc. since 1982. Who’s Who of Amer. Women, 17th ed., 1991. Awarded a TX State Reading Assn. Mini Grant in 1992 for an innovative reading prog. entitled: “Lost in Reading.”

      Accomplishments: Paper published in School Lib. Media Activities Monthly, Nov. 1989, entitled: :School Lib. Media Center Reading Contest.” Presented a slide/tape seminar at the TX State Council of the Intl. Reading Assn.’s 15th annual conf. in El Paso, TX in 1987 entitled: “Alterations in Amer. Multicultural Perceptions as Manifested by Illus. in Selected Children’s Caldecott Books from 1938-1982.” Presented a workshop entitled: “Creative Reading and Storytelling Techniques,” at the 1984 TX Lib. Conf.

ALA Member Since: 1981.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

As a retired school and public librarian, I can devote more time to the issues facing libraries and librarians today. My concerns are with funding increases for libraries, librarians, and support staff. To do so we need to do a better job of publicizing the value of librarians and library workers to our communities, school, academic institutions, businesses, and society at large. I am particularly concerned with children’s and adult literacy. ALA should be at the forefront of this issue. Technology is another big issue of my concern. Librarians should be on the cutting edge of the new advances in this technology to find new ways to enhance patron’s use of libraries. If elected I will work full time with the council, president and staff to help all members of ALA.



82. CLARA L. SITTER, Associate Clinical Professor, Univ. of Denver, Wesley Hall, 2135 E. Wesley Ave., Denver, CO 80208: 1998.

      Education: Univ. of OK, Amer. Studies, BA, 1962; Univ. of TX,  Austin, MLS, 1966; Univ. of Denver, L. & Inf. Mgt. Certificate of Advanced Studies, 1981; Univ. of CO, Boulder, Instr(al). Design PhD, 1982.

      ALA Activities: ALA Council, 1997-99; ALA Standards Com., mbr.,1998-2002; AASL Pubn(s). Com.,  mbr., 2002-; AASL Knowledge Quest Ed. Bd. 2003-.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: AK L. Assn., Pres., 1992-93, Conf. ch./co-ch., 1990, 1997; numerous ch. positions 1987-99. CO L. Assn. (CLA), life mbr. since 1971. Changed to CO Assn. of L(s). 2002, life mbr., various com(s). CO Edu. Media Assn. (CEMA), Mbr., 1971-2002. Changed to Colorado Assn. of Sch. Ln(s). (CASL) 2002, life mbr., various com(s)., bd. (CEMA & CASL) 1999-.

      Honors and Awards: Honorary life memb., AK L. Assn., awarded 1999. ALA “Notable Document” 1996; “Best Handbook in the U.S. in 1996” award from the Natl. Fedn. of Pr. Women for Handbook for AK K-12 Sch. L(s).

      Accomplishments: I was a practicing librarian for more than 30 years with 17 years in school libraries (Colorado), 18 years in academic libraries (Texas, Colorado, Alaska), and brief assignments in public libraries (Virginia, Alaska, Colorado). I have worked primarily in acquisitions, cataloging, reference, instruction, administration, and rare books. Working in the DU LIS program the past six+ years, I have been developing and teaching courses as well as serving on the team that has been planning and building the program. Achieving ALA Accreditation in 2004 for the program is a shared major accomplishment. Personal accomplishments include successfully leading the AK L. Assn. as president, chairing several state conventions, and authoring several major publications. Selected publications include The Vertical File and Its Alternatives (1992), Handbook for Alaska K-12 School Libraries (1995), Plugging into the Electronic Library (1995), “Applications of the Internet in L. Mgt.” in The Internet Encyclopedia (2004). Res. interests include library history, information users, instruction, databases, and non-traditional information resources.

ALA Member Since: 1978.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I am passionate about the profession of librarianship and I want to pass that torch to the new generation of information providers. I coordinate the DU school library media program and love working with new teacher librarians. Helping children, youth, and adults become information literate is one of the most important jobs I can imagine. I would welcome the opportunity to serve on the ALA Council to encourage the best direction for our profession.



83. LORRAINE SMITH, Librarian, Lake Pointe Elem. School, Lake Travis ISD, 11801 Sonoma Dr., Austin, TX 78738: 2002.

      Education: Geisinger Medical Center Sch. of Nursing, RN, 1969; Chaminade Univ. of Honolulu, BGS, Soc. Sci., Nursing, 1974; Univ. of Hawaii, MLS, 1975; Univ. of Phoenix, Med, Cur. and Tech., 2003.

      ALA Activities: AASL Distinguished Adm(s). Award Com.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: TX L. Assn.: Child.’s RT, Nom. Com., 1988, Secy., 1990, ch.,1994.

      Honors and Awards: Summa Cum Laude, Chaminade U/Honolulu, 1974; Beta Phi Mu, 1976; Phi Delta Kappa, 1986, TX 100, TX L. Assn., 1989, Ln. of the Year, TX Computer Edu. Assn., (runner-up), 2001.

      Accomplishments: My major accomplishment is that I have devoted my life and career(s) to working with children. I began as a Pediatric/Neonatal ICU nurse, and then shifted to teaching that specialty, moved on to being a Children’s Librarian. and finally a School Library Media Specialist. That amounts to 30 years of doing my part, as small as it is, to help children in one way or another. I have lived in 10 different states, and have experienced children of all social and ethnic groups. My devotion to this group, to which I have offered library services for over 20 years, I feel, are greater than any one single achievement.

ALA Member Since: 1976.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Because I am an advocate for children and young people, my concern as a professional is that this age group is not being given the best that libraries have to offer. In many states, budgets are lean, and libraries often bear the brunt of cuts. Too often, this means that paraprofessionals or clerks replace Children’s Librarians and School Librarians. As a Councilor for ALA, I will ensure that the voices of those librarians working with children will be heard so that professional librarians are kept in these vital positions. Children are the future and librarians help these citizens reach their goals. What could be more important than that?


84. BARBARA K. STRIPLING, Director of Library Services, New York City Dept. of Education, 52 Chambers St., Rm. 213, New York, NY 10007: 2005.

      Education: Stanford Univ., BA, Speech and Drama, 1968; Univ. of Colorado, MA,  in Commun. and Theatre, 1972; Univ. of AR, Med,  Instr(al). Res., 1991, EdS, Edu. Adm., 2003.

      ALA Activities: ALA Activities: Mbr., ALA Exec. Bd., 2001-05; Mbr., Finance and Audit Com., 2002-05; Mbr. at Large, ALA Council, 1992-96, 1998-2005; Mbr., ALA Conf. Com., 2003-05; Ch., ALA-APA Certification Prog. Com., 2005; Mbr. and Subcom. Ch., ALA-APA Transition Team, 2002; Mbr. and Ch., Amer. L(s). Adv. Com., 1992-96; Mbr., ALA Nom. Com., 1996; Mbr., ALA Com. on Edu., 1998-2000; Mbr., ALA Com. on Com(s)., 1999-2000; Delegate, ALA Congress on Prof. Edu., 1999. AASL Activities: Co-Editor, Sch. L. Media Quarterly, 1988-91; Pres., AASL, 1996-97; Mbr., AASL Natl. Guidelines Vision Com., 1996-98; Ch., AASL Teaching for Learning TF, 1998-2000; Mbr., AASL Learning Through the L. TF, 1996-98; Mbr., AASL ICONnect TF, 1996-2002.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Ch., AR L. Assn. Legis. Com., 1981; Co-Ed., AR Libraries, 1985-87; Mbr., AR L. Assn. Intellectual Freedom Com., 1987-89, 2000-02.

      Honors and Awards: Retta Patrick Award, 1989; AR Sch. L. Media Spec. of the Year, 1990.

      Accomplishments: Tchr. of English and Drama, K-12 Ln., High Sch. Ln., 1969-94; L. Power Dir., Chattanooga, TN, 1994-98; Dir. of Instr(al). Serv(s), Fayetteville (AR) Pub. Sch(s)., 1998-2002; Dir. of L. Prog(s). for local edu. fund in NY City, 2002-04; Dir. of L. Serv(s). NY City Sch(s)., 2005-; Books written/ed.: Brainstorms and Blueprints: Teaching L. Res. as a Thinking Process, 1988; Libraries for the National Edu. Goals, 1992; Learning and Libraries in an Inf. Age: Principles and Practice, 1999; Curriculum Connections Through the L.: Principles and Practice, 2003; Bk. chap(s). in: The Emerging School L. Media Program: Readings, 1988; Helping Teachers Teach, 1993; School L. Media Annual, 1995; Learning and Libraries in an Inf. Age, 1999; Curriculum Connections Through the L., 2003; Articles published in various journals, including Book Report, Catholic L. World, Clearing House, L. Trends, Media Educator, NASSP Bulletin, Research Strategies, Sch. Lib. Journal, School Lib. Media Quarterly. Numerous workshop presentations on library research and inquiry, authentic assessment, instructional design, inf. literacy, learning through the library, library programs design, and literacy.

ALA Member Since: 1977.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Throughout my library career, I have looked into the faces of young people and been nourished by their sense of wonder and enthusiasm for learning. As a librarian, I serve these young people by providing library programs and services that are their right: an environment conducive to learning; equitable access to resources that reflect their diverse needs and interests; effective instruction that builds independent learning skills; and opportunities for sharing and building community. As ALA Councilor, I will serve librarians and library workers in all types of libraries by championing intellectual freedom, the right to privacy in the use of information, public funding for libraries and library salaries, legislative action, equitable access to information, and community-building and civic engagement through libraries. I will help ALA provide effective and active leadership on important library issues through careful deliberation, thoughtful questioning, strategic planning, responsive action, and heartfelt commitment to our shared values.



85. MARGIE THOMAS, Assist. Prof., School of Lib. and Inf. Science; Louisiana State Univ., 267 Coates Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803: 2000.

      Education: Columbia Univ., MSLS, 1966;  FL State Univ., L. and Inf. Studies, PhD, 2000.

      ALA Activities: ALA Memb. Com., 1998-2000; AASL: Affil. Asbly. Delegate, 1990-91; Nom. Com., 1993; Res. and Stat. Com., 1995-2002, Ch., 1999; Sch. L. Media Month Com., 1995; Access Through Tech. TF, 1996-98; Highsmith Res. Award Com., 2001-02, Ch., 2002-03; IConnect Families, 2003. ALSC, mbr., 2001-; YALSA, mbr., 2001-; AECT, mbr., 1991-; ALISE, mbr., 1995-.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: AK L. Assn., 1966, Pres., 1982-83; Honorary, Lifetime Memb., 1991; AK Assn. of Sch. Ln(s), 1981; Charter Mbr., 1981, Pres., 1990-91; LA L. Assn. Continuing Edu. Com., 2003-.

      Honors and Awards: Lifetime Honorary Memb., AK L. Assn., 1991.

      Accomplishments: Author: “A Higher Standard” (SLMS Certification Requirements) School L. Journal, 2003; “Resource-Based Learning,” Knowledge Quest, 1999; “Invisible Media Specialist,School L. Journal, 1996; “Get Connected to the Future Through Libraries,FL Media Quarterly, 1996. Presenter: “Improving Literacy Through School Libraries Grant Funding,” LA L. Assn., March, 2003; “Teaching Inf. Literacy by Becoming Inf. Literate: The Instructional Role of the Inf. Specialist” in “Contextual Learning: Learning about Inf. Technology Through Inf. Technology,” Soc. for Inf. Technology and Teacher Edu., Mar., 2001; “The E-Book—Solution or Just Another Problem?” (panelist) FL Assn. of Media Educators, 2000. Participant: Ln. Ldrship. Initiative TF, LA Dept. of Edu., 2002; Tchr Edu. Council, LSU, 2001-; Sch. L. Media Center Survey Review Com., NCLIS, 2002; Proposed L. Guidelines Review Com., LA Dept. of Edu., 2002.

ALA Member Since: 1974.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

As librarians in public, university, and special libraries, as information professionals, as school library media specialists, we share a vision and goal of locating and providing resources and access to resources to our users. We share the challenge of attempting to do so with—in so many instances—inadequate funding, facilities and staff. By working within our parent organizations, our local (human) library networks, state professional organizations and within ALA and its divisions as well as other professional organizations, we can more effectively work to bring about needed change. “Libraries Change Lives”—our own as well as those who use our facilities, resources and services. “Librarians Change Lives”—by working together we can affect national and state legislation, funding, regulations and policies. To do so, we must continue to be advocates for what we do and why we do it, in our schools, our communities, local government agencies and elected bodies, state departments of education and other state agencies, state legislatures—and of course at the national legislative and administrative level as well. I have lived and worked professionally and advocated for libraries in three states—-Alaska, Florida, Louisiana. It would be a pleasure and an honor to serve on ALA Council, as a means of continuing to promote and advocate for our nation’s libraries.



86. THERESA A. TOBIN, Head Librarian, MIT Humanities Librarian, Massachusetts Institute of Tech., 77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139: 1990.

      Education: State Univ. of NY, New Paltz, BA, Cum laude, 1970; Simmons Coll., MLS, 1980.

      ALA Activities: ALA Nom. Com. 2000-01; Better Salaries and Pay Equity TF Working Grp., 2003-04; Com. on the Status of Women in Lnship., mbr., 1995-96; Com. on the Status of Women in Lnship., Ch., 1995-97. ACRL: Women’s Studies Sect., Soc. Issues and Edu. Com., Ch. 1994-96; Women’s Studies Sect., Prog. Com., Ch., 2000; Women’s Studies Sect., Ch., 2001; Women’s Studies Sect., Awards Com., Ch., 2002. SRRT: Feminist TF, Coor., 1997-99, 2003-05; Feminist TF, Prog. Com., Ch., 1990, 1993; Action Council, Councilor at Large, 1989-93.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Intl. Inst. of Spain (Madrid) Bd.: Mbr. 2000-06; L. Com., Ch., 2001-06.

ALA Member Since: 1988.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I have been auditing many Council sessions for the last ten years and feel that I have sufficient experience within and outside of ALA to contribute to Council effectively. My major concerns for the profession and ALA include: recruiting and retaining diverse staff; support for professional growth; pay equity, among related professions and between genders; In addition, I am interested in supporting the privacy of our user communities; maintaining the focus of our profession on free access to library resources; working locally, nationally, and internationally to secure rights to privacy and access for all readers.                                                                           



87. SAMUEL E. TROSOW, Assistant Professor, Univ. of Western Ontario, Faculty of Information & Media Studies, and Faculty of Law; 259 N. Campus Bldg, London, Ontario N6A 5B7, Canada.

      Education: PA State Univ., BA, 1974; Southwestern Univ. Sch. of Law, JD, 1978; CA State Univ., MPA, 1988; Golden Gate Univ. Sch. of Law LLM, 1993; San Jose State Univ., MLS, 1994; UCLA, Dept. of Inf. Studies, PhD, L. & Inf. Sci., 2002.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: L. Assn. Activities: Mbr., AALL Copyright Committee, 2002-; Ch., AALL Copyright Com., 2004-; mbr., Amer. Assn. of Law L(s)., Govt. Rel. Com., 1998-2002; Canadian L. Assn.; convenor, Com. on Intl. Trade Agreements, 2003-, mbr., WTO-GATS Working Grp., 2001-03; mbr, Assn. for L. & Inf. Sci. Edu. (ALISE), Co-Convenor, ALISE Inf. Policy SIG;  mbr., Canadian Assn. for Inf. Sci.; mbr., ALA Soc. Responsibilities RT (SRRT); Ch., SRRT-Inf. Policy in the Pub. Int. (IPPI) RT, 2005;  Mbr, Progressive Ln(s). Guild; mbr, CA L. Assn. , Legis. Com., 2000-01; Co-chair, Northern CA Assn. of Law L(s), Govt. Rel. Com., 2000-01.

      Honors and Awards: Eugene Garfield, ALISE  Dissertation Award, 2004. Inf. for Soc.: Towards a Critical Theory of Intellectual Property Policy; Amer. Assn. of Law Libraries (AALL), Call for Papers Award, 2003, Databases and the Fields of Law: Are there New Divisions of Labor?

      Accomplishments: Employment: Asst. Prof., Univ. of Western Ontario, 2001-; Assoc. Ln., Univ. of CA, Berkeley, Boalt Hall Law L., 1995-2001; Adjunct Prof., Sch. of Inf. Res. and L. Sci, Univ. of AZ, smr. 1998; Adjunct Prof., Sch. of L. and Inf. Sci, San Jose State Univ., 1995-97; Adjunct Prof., Golden Gate Univ. Sch. of Law, 1993-95; Ref. Ln.; Alameda Co. Law L., 1993-95; private law practice, Berkeley, CA, 1982-92; private law practice, LA, CA, 1978-80.

Selected Pubn(s).: Sui Generis Database Legislation: A Critical Analysis, (in pr., Yale Journal of Law and Technology; “Copyright Protection for Federally Subsidized Works: Necessary Incentive or Double Subsidy,” Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal 22: 613, 2004; Databases and the Fields of Law: Are there New Divisions of Labor?” Law Lib. Journal 96(1):63-93, 2004; “Beyond Justification: The Political Economy of Copyright in the Age of Commodification,” Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence XVI (2): 217-241, July 2003; “Fast-Track Trade Authority and the Free Trade Agreements:  Implications for Copyright Law,” Canadian Journal of Law and Tech. 2(2), July 2003; “The Future of Fair-Use in the Electronic Environment,” in Global Issues in 21st Century Research Librarianship, Sigrun Klara Hannesdottir [Ed.] (pp. 463-483). Helsinki: NORDINFO, 2002); “Standpoint Epistemology as an Alternative Methodology for Lib. and Info. Sci.,” Lib. Quarterly 71 (3): 360-382, July 2001; “Jurisdictional Disputes and the Unauthorized Practice of Law: New Challenges for Law Librarianship,” Legal Reference Services Quarterly   20(4): 1-18. (2001); “When is a Use a Fair Use? Univ. Liability for Edu. Copying,”  portal: Libraries and the Academy, 1.1 (2001): 47-57; “Organizational Theory in Lib. and Inf. Sci. Educ.,Jl. of Educ. for Lib. and Inf. Sci. 41(2): 129-142, Spr. 2000.

ALA Member Since: 1994.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I’ve been active in numerous library associations, particularly in information policy and legislative advocacy issues.  As an LIS educator, I am interested in forming closer relations with the library schools and in encouraging stronger participation from LIS students. I am a member of SRRT and the Progressive Librarians Guild, and believe that ALA should continue to advocate for equity and job security for all library workers, should work to oppose the commodification and privatization of information services, and should fight for the preservation of privacy and civil liberties in an increasingly repressive era.  I believe I would bring a wide range of relevant experiences to ALA Council to help accomplish these goals.



88. FEILI TU, Assistant Professor, Sch. of Lib. and Inf. Sci., Univ. of South Carolina, Davis Coll., Inf. Sci,, Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia , SC 29208: 2003.

      Education: Soochow Univ., BA, English, 1984; LA State Univ., MLIS, 1987; TX Woman’s Univ., PhD, L. and Inf. Studies, 1996.

      ALA Activities: ALA 1987-: AASL, 2002-03. ALCTS, LAMA,  LITA, RUSA, LIRT.  Amer. Soc. for Inf. Science (ASIS) 1996-2000; Assn. for L. and Inf. Sci. Edu. (ALISE) 1992-. Medical L. Assn. (MLA) 1998-; NY L. Assn. (NYLA) 1998-2000; Northern CA & NV Medical L. Grp., 2001-03; Southern Chap./Medical L. Assn. 2003-.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: Faculty Advisor. L. and Inf. Sci. Stu. Assn. (LISSA)—The stu. assn. and a stu. chap. grp. of the ALA and Spec. L(s). Assn. (SLA) of the Sch. of L. and Inf. Sci at the Univ. of SC, 2003-. Com. Mbr., The Prof. Devel. Com. for Southern Chap./Medical L. Assn., 2005-.  Com. Mbr., The Pubn(s). Com. of the Assn. for L. and Inf. Sci. Edu., 2003-05. Com. Mbr., The Res. Com of the Southern Chap./Medical L. Assn., 2003-. Mbr., Inf. Tech. Pathfinder Award Com., AASL/Follett Software, 2002-03. Ch., The Mentoring TF of the Northern CA & NV Medical L. Grp., 2002-03. Candidate. Invited to run for Councilor-at-Large of the ALA, 2001, 2002, and 2003. Reviewer. The com. to review the abstract submissions for the 2002 Jt. Meeting of the Medical L. Grp. of Southern CA & AZ and the Northern CA & NV Medical L. Grp., Scottsdale, AZ, 2002. Com. Mbr., The Continuing Edu. Com., NY L. Assn., 1999-2000.

      Honors and Awards:  Consumer Health Inf. Serv(s). in Pub. L(s). in CA and SC: An Assessment of Current Status and Edu. Needs. Submitted to the OCLC/ALISE L. and Inf. Sci. Res. Grant Prog. in 2003 and awarded a $15,000 res. grant. Lay/Popular Print Media and Its Use in Promoting Prevention and Control of Eating Disorders among Adult Women. Presented at the 1997 Amer. Culture Assn. Convention, San Antonio, TX, 1997. Nom. for the 1998 Kathleen Gregory Klein Award for excellence in feminism and popular culture awarded annually by the Women’s Caucus of Popular Culture/Amer. Culture Assn. (PCA/ACA).

      Accomplishments: I am an Asst. Prof. in the Sch. of Library and Information Science. (SLIS), Univ. of  SC. I was a professional librarian for six years and have been an LIS educator for eight years. My area of expertise in research and teaching is in reference services, especially virtual reference services (VRS), and medical informatics and health sciences librarianship. As an assistant professor in the SLIS at San Jose State Univ., I developed a Medical Librarianship/Informatics track. My research centers on the required knowledge and skills for providing VRS and on medical informatics, particularly consumer health inf. issues, adult consumer health literacy, and using the Internet as a health inf. source. As Project Evaluator of the Iowa CE Laptop Project, I extended my research to the examination of critical thinking, learning, and technology-use skills developed in 5th-graders newly exposed to using computer technology to access inf.

ALA Member Since: 1986.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

As a library educator, one of my personal concerns is how to help the LIS education programs recruit and educate qualified and diverse candidates for our profession, create knowledge-rich and scholarly learning environments for students and librarians, inspire students and professionals to be passionate life-long learners and enthusiastic knowledge workers, establish mentoring systems that can help students develop connections with the professional communities, and utilize academic research to improve library services.  I am very passionate about librarianship, and I am proud that I had served as a professional librarian for six years.  As a scholar, I would like to promote the prestige and scholarship of our discipline.  I have been a member of the ALA since 1987.  My goal is to ensure that the public can understand the values of librarianship and can recognize the significant roles playing by librarians in information society.

      —FEILI TU


89. MARCELLUS TURNER, Director of Public Serv(s)., Jefferson County Public L. 2002.

      Education: ; MS Univ. for Women, BS, Speech Pathology and Audiology, 1986; Univ. of TN, Knoxville, MSLS, 1988.

      ALA Activities: Recording Secy., Jt. Conf. of Ln(s). of Color, 2002-; LAMA: Com. Mbr, HRS, Pubn., 2001-03; PLA, L. Serv(s). Cluster: Com Mbr, Clln. Mgt., 2000-02; ALA: Com. Mbr, User Instr. for Inf. Literacy, 1994-98; ACRL AFAS: Com. Mbr, Memb., 1995-96; Com. Mbr., Constitution and Bylaws, 1991-95.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations:  CO Assn. of L(s)., 2002-; Black Caucus of ALA, 1991-.

      Honors and Awards: Instr. Ln. of the Year, TN, 1994.

      Accomplishments: Asst.  Exec. Dir. and Co-Interim Dir., Rockford Public L., 2000-02; Dept. Supervisor, Ref., Tacoma Pub. L., 1997-2000; Adult Serv(s). Ln., Atlantic City Free Pub. L., 1995-97; L. Instr. Ln., E. TN State Univ., 1990-94.

ALA Member Since: 1987.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

In running for ALA Council, I am quite interested in ensuring the betterment and progression of libraries and librarianship.  To that end, I would work to ensure that ALA and its committees’ work is purposeful and meaningful to the direction and success of libraries, library staff, ALA, and the profession.  As such, my service on council would be directed toward the enhancement and effectiveness of these committees to perform the work they are charged with doing, while making every attempt to transfer the results and recommendations of the committees to libraries and library communities.  As a personal assignment, I would look for projects and opportunities to advance the value of libraries to neighborhoods, cities, and states.  As well, I would work to uplift the voices of the frontline librarians and library staff so that the direction that the profession takes is with the input of its members.   



90. LISA VON DRASEK, Children’s Librarian/Coordinator of School Service, Bank Street Coll. of Education, 610 W. 112th St., New York, NY 10025: 1997.

      Education: Skidmore Coll., Saratoga Springs, NY, 1981, BS,  Continuing Edu., Bank Street Coll. of Edu.; Pratt Inst., NY MLIS, 1995.

      ALA Activities: ALA/CBC 1999-2000; ALA Library Advocacy Now! 1995-99; ALCTS Memb. 1998-2000; ALSC, presenter, Writing Box Prog. ALSC Preconf. 2003; ALSC New Mbr. Com. 1998-2001; ALSC Pres.’s Charlemae Rollins Prog. Com. 2003; Newbery 2003; AASL 2002-2004; Univ. Pr. Bk(s). ALSC Volunteer,  local arrangement com. NYC.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: HVLA and Independent School Librarian. Annual Conf. Com. 2003-05; Presenter at NYLA, NYSRA, HVLA, NY Reading Assn. and NY City Dept. of Edu.

      Honors and Awards: Mayor’s Scholarship 1992, 1993, 1994; American Memory Fellow, Library of Congress, 1999 Beta Phi Mu, 1995.

      Accomplishments: I am the children’s librarian (prek-8th grade) BSC Sch. for Child., teach children’s literature at the Bank Street Coll. of Edu. and serves as the children’s literature specialist for children, parents, faculty, and graduate students. I write a monthly book column for Teaching prek-8, Nick Jr. Family Magazine, and have reviewed for SLJ, LJ, Kirkus, and The New York Times Book Review. I serve on the Children’s Book Com. at Bank St. and am member of the Pratt SLIS curriculum adv. bd. I wrote and edited the New York State Summer Reading Manual Discover 2000 Read.

ALA Member Since: 1993.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

Advocacy for youth is not a separate issue but a concern to all library professionals. Youth librarians must participate in the larger organization in order for their concerns to be represented. My experience as a public librarian, teacher/librarian and as an academic reference librarian will provide a unique perspective as well evaluate the concerns facing ALA’s membership. My focus will be on funding, open access, equitable pay, professional development, mentoring and advocacy.



91. BARBARA WEBB, Head, Neighborhood Library Services, DC Pub. Library, 901 G Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001: 2002.

`     Education: Elmhurst Coll., BA, 1968; Rosary Coll. (now Dominican Univ.), MALS, 1971; Johns Hopkins Univ., M in Adm. Sci., 1981; Johns Hopkins Fellow in Cmnty. and Org. Systems, 1982.

      ALA Activities: Council, 1988-92, 2002-05; Amer. Libraries Ed. Com., 1988-92. PLA: PLA Pres.’s Prog. for ALA Annual 2006; PLA Natl. Conf. Prog. 2002, 2004 Com(s)., 2000-04; Pub. Policy in Pub. L(s)., 2000-02; Exec. Bd., 1998-99; Bd. of Dir(s)., 1998-2000; Issues and Concerns Cluster, ch., 1998-99; Pubn(s). Com., ch., 1997-2000; Strategic Plng. Com., 1997-98; Metro L. Sys., Bd. of Dir(s)., 1998; Workload Measures and Staffing Patterns Com., 1996-97. LAMA: Pub. Rel. Sect., John Cotton Dana Com., 1984-88, ch., 1987-88.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: OH L. Council: L. Devel. Com., ch., 2000-02. PA L. Assn.: Bd. of Dir(s)., 1997-99, SE Regnl. Chap., ch., 1997.

      Honors and Awards: Beta Phi Mu.

      Accomplishments: As an active member of ALA for more than 30 years, I have worked in school and public libraries in Illinois and as a public library administrator in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and the District of Columbia. I have had articles published in L. Journal, American Libraries, Drexel L. Quarterly and state library publications. I have taught library science students in D.C. and Pennsylvania and have had extensive experience as a facilitator, trainer and presenter.

ALA Member Since: 1972.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

As the legislative body of ALA, Council should focus on the concerns of memberships and those things where it can make a difference. The pressing issues are recruitment of librarians, advocacy for libraries and librarians, quality continuing education for all that work in libraries, and maintaining free and equal access to information for all. I will work to advance intellectual freedom, the creation and continued training of a diverse workforce, and high visibility for libraries in a dynamically changing information environment.                                              



92. ANN CARLSON WEEKS, Professor of the Practice, Coll. of Information Studies, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742: 2000.

      Education: IN State Univ., BS, 1971, MLS, 1973; Univ. of Pittsburgh, PhD, 1982.

      ALA Activities: ALA Council, 2002-05; Com. on Accreditation, 2003-06; Off. for Accreditation, External Review Panelist, 2001-02; Inf. Commons TF, 2002-04; ALA/World Book Award Jury, 2002-03; ALA Staff Liaison to NCATE, 1986-96; AASL Supv(s). Sect. Ch., 1998-99; AASL Sch. L. Media Prog. of the Year Award Ch., 1998-99; AASL/AECT Natl. Guidelines Vision Com., 1996-98; AASL Rep. to the Alliance for Cur. Reform, 1991-94.

      Offices Held In State & Regional Library & Other Associations: ISLMA State Guidelines Revision Com., 1998-99.

      Honors and Awards: Research Fellow, Intl. Youth L., Munich, Germany 2005; IL Sch. L. Media Assn. Honor Award, 2000. AASL Crystal Apple Award, 1996.

      Accomplishments: Former Dir. of L(s). and Inf. Serv(s). for the Chicago Pub. Sch(s)., 1996-2000; Exec. Dir. of ALSC, 1982-86; AASL, 1986-96; YALSA, 1989-96; Coor. of the Natl. L. Power Prog., 1992-96; Principal Investigator for the Intl. Child.’s Digital L. Res. Project, 2002-07; Exec. Ed., Inf. Power 1988; Ldr. of Sch. and Youth Serv(s). Ln(s). to Poland, Russia, China, S. Africa and Cuba, 1992-2000; On-site Prog. Reviewer for MD State Dept. of Edu., 2001-02; Co-Dir., “Recruiting Qualified Sch. L. Media Spec(s),” IMLS Natl. Ldrship. Grant, 2000-03; Speaker, IFLA Conf., 2003; Speaker, IBBY Congress, 2004; Speaker, LITA Pres.’s Prog., 2004; Co-author, Bringing Children and Books Together Through an International Digital L., 2003; Co-author, Breaking Down Barriers Through the Creation of an International Digital L. for Children, 2003; Co-author, Exploring Digital Libraries for Child., 2004.

ALA Member Since: 1981.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

The primary responsibility of library and information professionals is to ensure that our clients have access to ideas and information. Unfortunately, this fundamental responsibility has often been misinterpreted and maligned by special interest groups, the uninformed, and some members of the media. It is the responsibility of the ALA Council to assist the Association’s leadership and staff in re-educating the public and re-establishing the profession’s position as the public’s guardian of “its right to know.” It also is the responsibility of ALA Council members to work with other members of the Association to recruit and support the next generation of library and information professionals. Members of the ALA Council, as leaders in the field, have a particular responsibility to serve as mentors and supporters for those just entering the profession and joining the Association. I would like to continue working in these areas as a member of the Council.                                                                                                       


93. VIVIAN R. WYNN, Library Director (Interim), Germantown Community Library, Germantown, TN 38138.

      Education: OH State Univ., Columbus, BS, 1962; Kent State Univ., MLS, 1979.

      ALA Activities: Councilor-at-large, 1995-. Ch., ALA Literacy Com., 2004-. Council Com. on Com(s)., 1997-98. Com. on Prog. Veal. and Support (COPES now BARC), 1992-96, ch., 1993-94. ALA Intellectual Freedom Com., 1996-2000, 2000-. Finance and Audit, 1993-94. Natl. L. Week Com., 1990-94. ALA Conf. Prog. Com., 1986-87. Plng. and Budget Asbly., 1986-87, 1992-96. Speaker/Facilitator Off. of Intellectual Freedom Ldrship. Devel. Inst.: Natl., 1994, State, 1996. David H. Cleft Scholarship Com., 1989. Mbr.: YALSA, PLA, ALSC, LAMA: 1979-. PLA: 1994 Natl. Conf. Prog. Com., 1991-94. Personal Networking, 1991-92; Edu. of Pub. Ln(s). Com., 1985-87. YALSA: Pres., 1987-88; Bd. of Dir., 1986-89; Budget and Finance, 1986-87; Long-Range Plng. Com., 1989-90; Selected Films for Y. Adults, 1980-84, ch., 1982-84; Outstanding Non-fiction, ch., 1985-87; Org. and Bylaws, 1988-90; Prog. Plng. Clearinghouse and Veal., 1984-87; Nom. Com., ch., 1989-90; Ldrship. Training, ch., 1988-89. Consultant: LAMA, YASD, and ALSC Trio-Divisional Mgt. Inst., 1989-96. Freedom to Read Foundation: Bd., Mbr., 2000-02; Nom. Com., Ch., 2000-02.

      Offices Held in State & Regional Library & Other Associations: TN L. Assn.: Bb., mbr., 2004-; Legis. Com., co-ch., 2004-; Conf. presenter, 1997, 2001, 2002. Women’s Natl. Bk. Assn., Nashville Chap., Speaker, 1999. Cleveland Area Metro. L. Sys. Bd. of Trustees, 1992-96. OH L. Assn.: N.E Chap. Regnl. Conf., Presenter, 1994, 1986; YATF, 1987-80. Amer. Film Festival Juror, 1982, 1983, 1984.

      Honors and Awards: Honoree, Roll of Honor, Off. of Intellectual Freedom and Freedom to Read Fdn., 30th anniversary. Crawford Bindery L. Award for Highest Ranking Scholar in grad. class from Sch. of L. Sci., Kent State Univ. Beta Phi Mu, 1979. Pres., League of Women Voters Hillcrest Area, 1989-94.

      Accomplishments: I have had the joy of being a public librarian for 30 years. Eight exciting years as Asst. Dir. of Nashville Pub. Lib. included serving as the project manager for a 115 million-dollar capital improvement project and 22 years at Cuyahoga Co. Pub. Lib. in Cleveland. Currently, as Interim Dir. of Germantown Community Lib., helped this newly independent institution hit the ground running. Intellectual Freedom: MLS classes, national/state workshops and staff training session. Teen Advocacy: Implemented first (6) professional YA positions in Nashville. Decades as a strong advocate of teens and of public libraries as youth-serving agencies. Diversity Initiatives: Career-long concern demonstrated by active minority recruitment, implementing a minority scholarship program and countywide staff diversity training. ALA Participation: Objective contributor during three terms on council. Deep understanding of ALA goals/operations/fiscal aspects. Capital Projects: Project manager for 300,000-sq. ft. Main, 5 Regnl. Branches, and a Carnegie renovation. Public Service: Improved service in many at risk communities by providing Gates labs and homework centers. Providing outstanding service to thousands of people stands as my most important accomplishment—the library customer is what it is all about.

ALA Member Since: 1979.

Statement of Professional Concerns:

I am dedicated to: DEFENDING ACCESS TO INFORMATION for all, including youth, by remaining ever vigilant against censorship and unequal access. STAYING ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF TECH. so libraries remain in a strong position as information providers. The challenge is to protect privacy and confidentiality while combining technological expertise with the customer service emphasis traditional in libraries. PROMOTING STAFF DEVELOPMENT through local training as well as APA initiatives. MEETING LITERACY NEEDS OF CHILDREN AND ADULTS so they can develop skills essential in a global information society. PROMOTING DIVERSITY WITHIN OUR PROF. with local and national initiatives including the ALA Spectrum Initiative. SUPPORTING LEGISLATION that impacts libraries including copyright, funding and intellectual freedom. ALA has made important strides in these areas. As a member of council I will be dedicated to helping our professional organization succeed with these priorities as we move on to ALA: Ahead to 2010.                                                                           



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