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List of ALA Open Discussion Groups, Forums, Interest Groups

Academic Libraries Accessibility and Disability Services (ASCLA LSSPS)

Alliances for New Directions in Teaching/Learning (ACRL)

Assistants-to-the-Director (LAMA)

Audiovisual (PLA)

Australian, Canadian, New Zealand Studies (ACRL)

Authority Control in the Online Environment (LITA/ALCTS)

Automated Acquisitions/In-Process Control Systems (ALCTS)

Bookmobile Service (PLA)

Branch Coordinators (PLA)

Branch Managers (PLA)

Business Reference Services (RUSA BRASS)

Campus Administration and Leadership (ACRL ULS)

Central Libraries (PLA)

Children’s Books (ALSC)

Circulation/Access Services (LAMA SASS)

Classical, Medieval and Renaissance (ACRL WESS)

Collection Management in Public Libraries (RUSA CODES)

Collections of Children’s Books for Adult Research (ALSC)

College and Medium-sized Libraries (ACRL WESS)

College Library Directors (ACRL CLS)

College Science Librarians (ACRL STS)

Community Information and Referral (PLA)
Consultants for Service to Children and Young People (ASCLA SLAS)

Consumer and Family Studies (ACRL)

Creative Ideas in Technical Services (ALCTS)

Criminal Justice/Criminology (ACRL)

Curators and Conservators (ACRL RBMS)

Current Topics (ACRL ULS)

Development Issues (LAMA FRFDS)

Digital Libraries Technologies (LITA)

Distance Learning (LITA)

Diversity Officers (LAMA)


Dual Assignments (RUSA CODES)

Electronic Publishing/Electronic Journal (LITA)

Electronic Reserves (ACRL)

Electronic Resources (ALCTS)

Electronic Text Centers (ACRL)

Emerging Issues Program (PLA)

Emerging Technologies (LITA)

Exhibits and Displays in College Libraries (ACRL)

Fee-Based Information Service Centers in Academic Libraries (ACRL)

Fiscal and Business Officers (LAMA LOMS)

Genealogy and Local History (RUSA HS)

General (ACRL STS)

General (ACRL WESS)

Germanists (ACRL WESS)

Heads of Library Technology (LITA)

Heads of Public Libraries/Services (ACRL)

Heads of Science and Technology Libraries (ACRL STS)

History Librarians (RUSA HS)

Hot Topics in Electronic Reference (RUSA MARS)

Hot Topics in Frontline Reference (RUSA)

Human/Machine Interface (LITA)

Human Resources (PLA)

Humanities Programming (PLA)

Imagineering (LITA)

Interiors (LAMA BES)

Interlibrary Cooperation (ASCLA ICAN)

Interlibrary Loan (RUSA MOUSS)

Internet Resources (LITA)

Job and Career Information Services (PLA)

Librarians and Information Science (ACRL)

Library Consortia/Automated Systems (LITA)

Library Development (ACRL)

Library Facilities Planning (LAMA BES)

Library Safety/Security (LAMA BES)

Library Service to Developmentally Disabled Persons (ASCLA LSSPS)

Library Service to People with Visual or Physical Disabilities (ASCLA LSSPS)

Library Service to Prisoners (ASCLA LSSPS)

Library Service to the Deaf (ASCLA LSSPS)

Library Service to the Impaired Elderly (ASCLA LSSPS)

Library Service to the Sandwich Generation (PLA)

Library Storage (LAMA)

Literacy (PLA)

LSTA Coordinators (ASCLA SLAS)

Managers in MARS (RUSA MARS)

Managing Children’s Services (ALSC)

Manuscripts and Other Formats (ACRL RBMS)

MARC for Special Collections (ACRL RBMS)


Medium-sized Academic Libraries (ACRL CLS)

Medium-sized Libraries (ACRL)

Microcomputer Users (LITA)

Middle Management (LAMA)

MLA International Bibliography in Academic Libraries (ACRL)

Moving Libraries (LAMA BES)

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (AASL)

Network Management (ASCLA ICAN)

Open Source Systems (LITA)

Organizational Development (LAMA LOMS)

Performance Issues for Reference/Information Librarians (RUSA MOUSS)

Personnel Administrators and Staff Development Officers (ACRL)

Philosophical, Religious and Theological Studies (ACRL)

Popular Culture and Libraries (ACRL)

Preschool Services (ALSC)

Public Library Affiliates (PLA)

Public Library Districts (PLA)

Public Library-School Partnership (ALSC)

Public Service Directors of Large Research Libraries (ACRL ULS)

Public Services (ACRL RBMS)

Publisher/Vendor Relations (ACRL STS)

Reference Services in Large Research Libraries (RUSA MOUSS)

Reference Services in Medium-sized Research Libraries (RUSA MOUSS)

Research (ACRL)

Role of the Professional in Academic Research Technical Services (ALCTS)

Romance Languages (ACRL WESS)

Scandinavian (ACRL WESS)

Scholarly Communications (ALCTS)

Science and Technology Databases (ACRL STS)

Science and Technology Resources in Public Libraries (PLA)

Secure Systems and Services (LITA)

Serials Automation (LITA/ALCTS)

Social Issues (ALSC)

Special Topics (ACRL WESS)

Sports and Recreation (ACRL)
State Agency Consultants to Institutional Libraries (ASCLA SLAS)

Storytelling (ALSC)

Team-based Organizations (ACRL)

Technical Services Administrators of Medium-sized Research Libraries (ALCTS)

Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries (ALCTS)

Technical Services in Public Libraries (ALCTS)

Technical Services Workstations (LITA/ALCTS)

Technology and the Arts (LITA)

Undergraduate Librarians (ACRL ULS)

Undergraduate Librarians (ACRL)

Union Relations for Managers (LAMA HRS)

Urban University Libraries (ACRL ULS)

Virtual Library (ASCLA ICAN)

Virtual Reference (RUSA MARS)

Women Administrators (LAMA)

Work with Volunteers (PLA)


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A consolidated list of discussion groups, forums and interest groups, including all divisions, sections and round tables.