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Childers, Thomas & Van House, Nancy A. (1993). What's good? Describing your public library's effectiveness. Chicago: American Library Association. 93 p. ISBN 0838906176.

Workbook explains how to define what various constituents connected with a public library want it to do and what doing these things well means in qualitative terms. Chapters include: (1) organizational effectiveness; (2) how to gauge effectiveness; (3) the steps that the public library field has taken to improve the ways of assessing and communicating effectiveness, including strategic planning, measurement, personnel appraisal, and budgeting; (4) key characteristics of the public library and how these characteristics might affect the way library managers depict its effectiveness; (5) the major results of "The Public Library Effectiveness Study"; (6) the AMPLE (A Model of Public Library Effectiveness) framework by which a manager may plan a program of assessing public library effectiveness; (7) using AMPLE to communicate with a library's constituent groups. From ERIC abstract.

Counting on Culture < Release.

To become operational in January 2006, Counting on culture is an interactive tool that uses property tax information and IRS data from a sample group of nine communities to measure the impact of cultural growth on communities in Massachusetts.

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Library of Michigan is participating in the development of a Cultural Economic Development Online Tool, available this summer.

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"Economic Impact Study - Regional Benefits of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh," a report that examines both the library's value to the economy in terms of return on investment as well as its contributions to people and their communities.

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Maryland Public Library Survey: Customer Survey of Maryland Residents About Libraries. FINAL REPORT
(November 1, 2004) - Prepared by Potomac Incorporated for The Southern Maryland Regional Library and Division of
Library Development and Services/Maryland State Department of Education

McClure, Charles R. & Bertot, John Carlo. (1998, June). Public library use in Pennsylvania: Identifying uses, benefits, and impacts - Final report.

Normative Data Project for Libraries (NDP) is a cooperative effort of a large number of libraries, Sirsi Corporation, a worldwide provider of software and services for libraries and consortia, and partners such as GeoLib, the chief source of geographic data on U.S. public libraries. In addition, data collected nationally by the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and recompiled at the U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS) are integrated into the system.

"The Public Library Effectiveness Study: The Complete Report," prepared by Nancy Van House and Thomas A. Childers for the American Library Association, Chicago (IL), 1993.

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The Seattle Public Library Central Library: Economic Benefits Assessment.  The Transformative Power of a Library to Redefine Learning, Community, and Economic Development (2005)

"Taxpayer Return on Investment in Florida Public Libraries: Summary Report,"  a study prepared for the State Library and Archives of Florida through the collebrative efforts of Jose-Marie Griffiths (Univ. of Pittsburgh and Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill); Donald W. King and Christinger Tomer (University of Pittsburgh); and Thomas Lynch and Julie Harrington (Florida State University), September 2004.

"The Wisconsin Library User (and Non-User): Outcomes of a Statewide," a study prepared for the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium by Morrill Solutions, 2003.

"The Wisconsin Library User (and Non-User) II: Outcomes of a Second Statewide Survey (2003 - 2007 comparisons) Image," a study prepared for the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium by Morrill Solutions, June 2007.

Worth Their Weight: An Assessment of the Evolving Field of Library Valuation Image. American's for Libraries Council, May 2007

International - Articles/Books

Aabo, Svanhild.  Valuing the benefits of public libraries. Information Economics & Policy 17, no. 2 (Mar 2005): p. 175-198. [contingent valuation study - Norwegian citizens values public libraries]

Aabo, Svanhild and Audunson, Ragnar. Rational Choice and Valuation of Public Libraries: Can Economic Models for Evaluating Non-Market Goods Be Applied to Public Libraries?  Journal of Librarianship and Information Science (Folkestone, England) vol. 34, no. 1 (Mar. 2002) p. 5-15
Bibliography "Impact and Outcome of Libraries" and article available for purchase at:

Broady-Preston, Judith and Williams, Tegwen.  Using Information to create business value: City of London legal firms, a case study. Proceedings of the 5th Northumbria International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries and Information Services, 2003.

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VINE 34, no. 4 (2004): p. 176-183 Journal Code: VERI [academic libraries, UK]

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Proceedings of the 3rd Northumbria International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries and Information Services 1999, Newcastle upon Tyne 2000, p. 243-246.

Walzer, N. and Stott, K. Enhancing Economic Development Through Libraries. Macomb: IIRA.  [IIRA Reports-7/1/1998]

International - Studies/Presentations

"Economic Value of Public Libraries (UK)," a project funded by Resource - The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries (Nov. 1999-Nov. 2000) and prepared by a research team from the Department of Information Science, Loughborough University consisting of Dr, Anne Morris, John Sumsion, and Margaret Hawkins.

Measuring Our Value. The British Library. and

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