ALA Committee on Research and Statistics

Mission Statement

  • To facilitate research and related activities in all units of the Association, especially activities related to library statistics.
  • To advise the ALA Council and Executive Boards on programs, policy, and priorities regarding research and related activities.
  • To recommend procedures to achieve expeditious consideration of all ALA unit proposals for research and related activities by the ALA Executive Board.
  • To encourage the establishment of divisional committees for the purpose of stimulating research and statistics; to maintain liaisons with all units of the Association regarding research and related activities in the units.
  • To identify questions regarding library service which need to be answered through research and promote the conduct of research to answer those questions.
  • To review and make recommendations concerning national data collection efforts pertaining to libraries, recommending inclusions, definitions, procedures, and policies as appropriate.
  • To serve as a base committee for liaisons from other associations and groups with shared concerns about library statistics.
  • To serve as an advisory committee for the Office for Research and Statistics.

Rochelle Logan, Chair, 2007-2008,
Denise Davis, Staff Liaison,

Full Committee Roster for 2007-2008

Dissemination Of Research in LIS
A statement by the American Library Association Committee on Research and Statistics
June 2001

Subcommittee of CORS

Research and Statistics Assembly


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Committee on Research and Statistics