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Bookmobile User Survey Results, 1997

This survey was conducted under the auspices of the Center for the Study of Rural Librarianship For further information, contact Bernard Vavrek.

Q1. From the list below, please indicate the reason(s) you have come to this bookmobile today. Circle all that apply.

(a.) I have no transportation to get to the town library: 92 responses, 8%

(b.) The bookmobile is convenient for me: 1080 responses, 90%

(c.) The bookmobile is my library of choice: 474 responses, 40%

(d.) I am able to meet my friends:148 responses, 12%

(e.) To complete a school assignment: 73 responses, 6%

(f.) To find a book and/or other materials to fix or repair things: 115 responses, 10%

(g.) To borrow book(s) and/or other materials for myself: 705 responses, 59%

(h.) I am unemployed and have the time: 134 responses, 11%

(i.) To brush up on my reading: 255 responses, 21%

(j.) To look for new job possibilities: 12 responses, 1%

(k.) To obtain book(s) and/or other materials which I requested: 451 responses, 38%

(l.) To specifically borrow videos: 88 responses, 7%

(m.) To bring child(ren) for programs or to have them borrow books and/or other materials: 412 responses, 34%

(n.) To borrow books/or other materials for someone else: 155 responses, 13%

(o.) Other: 93 responses, 8%

Q2. What are the reasons that you borrow books and/or other materials from this bookmobile? Please circle all that apply.

(a.) For general knowledge: 695 responses, 58%

(b.) For pleasure/relaxation: 1099 responses, 92%

(c.) To gain specific knowledge for work/career: 163 responses, 14%

(d.) To meet educational requirements: 151 responses, 13%

(e.) For spiritual reasons: 132 responses, 11%

(f.) Other: 85 responses, 7%

Q3. How often do you use the bookmobile at this stop?

(a.) Every time it makes a stop: 681 responses, 57%

(b.) Most times it makes a stop: 409 responses, 34%

(c.) Only occasionally: 101 responses, 8%

Q4. In addition to the bookmobile, within the last year, did you borrow books and/or other materials or use other services of the town?

(a.) Yes: 594 responses, 50%

(b.) No: 540 responses, 45%

(c.) Does not apply: 27 responses, 2%

Q5. How far do you live from the bookmobile stop?

(a.) Less than one mile: 571 responses, 48%

(b.) One to three miles: 432 responses, 36%

(c.) Three to five miles: 104 responses, 9%

(d.) More than five miles: 80 responses, 7%

Q6. How far do you live from the town library?

(a.) Less than five miles: 365 responses, 30%

(b.) Five to ten miles: 311 responses, 26%

(c.) Eleven to fifteen miles: 150 responses, 13%

(d.) Sixteen to twenty miles: 120 responses, 10%

(e.) Twenty-one to twenty-five miles: 55 responses, 5%

(f.) More than twenty-five miles: 90 responses, 8%

Q7. How does access to the bookmobile affect your life or those in your household?

(a.) It has little impact: 61 responses, 5%

(b.) It has made my life better: 806 responses, 67%

(c.) It has improved my job possibilities: 28 responses, 2%

(d.) It has improved my childís learning: 473 responses, 38%

(e.) It has provided the opportunities that I otherwise would not have had: 459 responses, 38%

(f.) Other: 108 responses, 9%

Q8. If the services (books, personal assistance, etc.) that you obtained today were translated into a dollar amount, how much value do you think you received?

(a.) Less than $5.00: 30 responses, 3%

(b.) $5.00 - $9.99: 99 responses, 8%

(c.) $10.00 - $14.99: 118 responses, 10%

(d.) $15.00 - $19.99: 100 responses, 8%

(e.) $20.00 or more: 777 responses, 65%

Q9. Do you have a computer and modem at home that you use to find information online?

(a.) Yes: 285 responses, 24%

(b.) No: 873 responses, 73%

Q10. What would be the consequence to you if this bookmobile were not available?

(a.) Desperate: 195 responses, 16%

(b.) Bad: 550 responses, 46%

(c.) Inconvenient: 200 responses, 16%

(d.) No effect: 60 responses, 5%

(e.) Would purchase books: 111 responses, 9%

Q11. My occupation is

(a.) Educator: 201 responses, 17%

(b.) Housewife: 327 responses, 27%

(c.) Retired: 260 responses, 22%

(d.) Student: 22 responses, 2%

(e.) Other: 434 responses, 36%

Q12. My age is

Average of all respondents is 50 years

Q13. Please indicate your gender.

(a.) Male: 184 responses, 15%

(b.) Female: 1016 responses, 85%

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