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Different Voices, Common Quest:

Adult Literacy & Outreach in Libraries!

Preconference to ALA 2002 Annual Conference

June 13-14, 2002     Atlanta, GA



Jan Meadows' Biography

Photo of Jan Meadows

Jan Meadows is currently working as the Bookmobile Supervisor of Pikes Peak Library District (PPDL) in Colorado Springs, CO.

During her 15 years as Bookmobile Coordinator/Supervisor, she has performed a number of outstanding tasks, including:

  • Wrote specifications, monitored production, and took delivery of two new bookmobiles.   1990 & 1998

  • Implemented PPLD bookmobiles being on-line with DataRadio. 1992

  • Implemented regular service to Senior Citizens. 1990

  • Served on Department committee to create a training manual for all new employees in Branches and Bookmobiles. 1990 - 1992

  • Served on PPLD committee to form the District’s Sexual Harassment Policy.   1993

  • Served on PPLD committee to implement Patron Placed Holds. 1996

  • Served on PPLD committee to create a new District Performance Appraisal forms and served on the Department committee to write job standards for all positions in Branches and Bookmobiles.   1996-1997

  • Served as Temporary Branch Administrator, July/August 1998

  • Served on the Editorial Board of “Bookmobile and Outreach Services” 1998 - 2003

  • Moderated “Show and Tell “ Sessions at Great American Bookmobile Conferences. (1997, 1998, 1999)

  • Received the PPLD Directors award to attend ALA Conference, June 1997

  • Published article in “Bookmobile and Outreach Services”   Vol. II, No. 1, 1999, entitled    “Marketing Your Bookmobile Service”.

  • Speaker at the Great American Bookmobile and Outreach Services Conference VII, October 2000,   “Serving Rural Areas”.   Conducted a survey of Rural Bookmobile Services in the United States.  Published results and summary in “Bookmobile and Outreach Services” Journal, Vol. IV, No. 1, 2001, entitled “United States Rural Bookmobile Service in the Year 2000”.

  • Served on PPLD’s Facilities/Security Task Force charged with evaluating Facilities and Security services in order to make recommendations for improvements that would ensure performance excellence.   2000

  • Served on PPLD’s Balanced Scorecard Task Force to develop performance measures for Facilities and Security based on the Balanced Scorecard model.   2000-2001

  • Coordinated with the IT Dept. to implement CDPD for the on-line connection to the bookmobiles.   January – July 2001

  • Served on PPLD’s Logo Focus Group to evaluate and make recommendations for the new logo of the Library District.   January 2002

  • Serve on PPLD’s Collection Summit to give input to the Collection Development Staff.    2001-2003

  • Implemented expanded Bookmobile service from four days per week to six days per week.   February 2002

  • Coordinated with the IT Department to implement Satellite for the on-line connection to the County Bookmobile. 2002

  • Co-facilitator for Mobile Library Service session at ALA/OLOS preconference, “Adult Literacy and Outreach in Libraries: Different Voices, Common Quest”.   ALA, June 2002, Atlanta

  • Co-organizer and panelist for “To Bookmobile or Not: A management and Community Decision”.   ALA, June 2002, Atlanta

  • Serve on PPLD’s Senior Outreach Committee charged with expanding the library services to Senior Citizens.   2003

  • Co-Organizer and panelist for “Urban Bookmobiles: Highlights of Several Bookmobile Services in Urban Settings”. ALA. June 2003,

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