Appendix B

Contents of Minutes

1. The first paragraph should contain:

Type of meeting
Name of the society or assembly
Date and time and place of meeting
Chair and Secretary were present or names of their substitutes
Minutes of the previous meeting read and approved or corrected, include the date of the previous meeting

2. The body of the minutes should contain a separate paragraph for each subject matter including:

All the main motions or motions to bring a main question again before the assembly, giving:
The wording in which each motion was adopted or otherwise disposed of (with the a summary of debate)
The disposition of the motion, including temporary disposition (if any), any primary or secondary amendment and all adhering secondary motions that were then pending.
Usually, in the case of all important motions, the name of the mover.
All points of order and appeals, whether sustained or lost, together with the reasons given by the Chair for its ruling.
The last paragraph should state the hour of adjournment.

3. Additional Rules and Practices Relating to Content of the Minutes

These include the following:
The name of the seconder of a motion should not be entered in the minutes unless ordered by the assembly.
When a count has been ordered or the vote is by ballot the number of votes on each side should be entered.
When a question is considered informally, the same information should be recorded as under the regular ruled, since the only informality in the proceedings is in the debate.
When a committee report is of great importance or should be recorded to show the legislative history of a measure the assembly can order it to be entered in the minutes in which case the secretary copies it into the full minutes.
The name and subject of a guest speaker can be given but no effort should be made to summarize the speakerís remarks.

4. Minutes should be signed by the secretary.

5. Minutes are to be published, reports of committees should be printed exactly as submitted, the minutes showing what action was taken by the assembly.

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