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The Public Relations and Marketing Section provides a framework and impetus for the study of public relations theory and policies; for improving the practice of public relations in public, school, college and university, and special libraries; for serving as public relations liaison between the division and other ALA units; and for identifying those aspects of public relations about which the profession needs to be informed and educated so as to conduct appropriate programs and institutes.

 The Public Relations and Marketing Section meets these responsibilities in the following ways:

 1. Reviews association, division, and section activities to identify changing public relations developments and needs.

 2. Initiates and oversees activities and projects appropriate to the section, especially those relating to friends of libraries, public relations institutes, the John Cotton Dana Awards, publications, and public relations services to libraries, state libraries, and state library associations.

 3. Presents and interprets library public relations to interested groups outside the profession, especially people in library services areas.

 4. Aids the professional public relations development of librarians and other library public relations professionals by encouraging the exchange of ideas and participation in relevant programs, institutes, and other continuing education opportunities.

5. Uses all appropriate media to facilitate communication about public relations theory and practice among library and library-support groups and associations.

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