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Charge: To provide a network for the exchange of information on activities and issues related to library administration and management; to promote leadership opportunities for LAMA members, in addition to the existing track of committee appointments and elected positions within the LAMA divisional structure; and to facilitate two-way communication between membership at the state/regional level and the Board of Directors of LAMA at the national level.


  • Advocates for Arkansas Public Libraries (formerly Association of Arkansas Public Libraries)
  • California Library Association Management Services Section
  • Colorado Association of Libraries - Management and Administration Division
  • Georgia Library Association
  • Iowa Library Association LAMA Forum
  • Kentucky Library Association Library Administration and Management Roundtable
  • Maryland Library Association's Library Administration and Management Division
  • Massachusetts Library Association
  • Michigan Library Association Management and Administration Division
  • New Jersey Library Network
  • New York Library Association Library Administration and Management Round Table
  • North Carolina Library Association Library Administration and Management Roundtable
  • Pennsylvania Library Association Library Administration and Management Round Table
  • Texas Library Association Administration Roundtable
  • Utah Library Association
  • Vermont Library Association
  • Virginia Independent College & University Library Association

Council of LAMA Affiliates Roster


Library administration and management association COLA chapters
List, information and rosters of Council of LAMA Affiliates