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Board of Directors, Division Committees, and Discussion Groups

LAMA Board of Directors

LAMA Executive Committee

LAMA Budget and Finance Committee - To submit a recommended annual budget for action to the LAMA Board of Directors; to perform budget analyses and fiscal planning; to advise units on requesting LAMA funds; to review all requests for LAMA funds; to advise the LAMA Board on all fiscal matters of the division, including the fiscal implications of all division publications and programs; and to represent LAMA at the BARC Planning and Budget Assembly.

LAMA Cultural Diversity Committee - To work with the LAMA Membership Committee, vice-president/president-elect, and others to promote increased membership and participation in LAMA, its committee work, programs, and other activities by members of ethnic minority groups; to recommend efforts LAMA should make to lead libraries in improving services to a culturally diverse population, in developing equitable personnel policies and practices, in creating job/promotional/training opportunities for members of ethnic minorities, and in fostering the enlightened management of a culturally diverse workforce; to maintain liaisons and develop joint projects with established ALA units and affiliates and other organizations having similar concerns; to inform and advise LAMA and its units on matters related to cultural diversity; to present programs and carry out other appropriate activities.

LAMA Editorial Advisory Board - To support the Editor of Library Administration and Management in publishing a high-quality professional magazine. The Board is responsible for editorial planning in coordination with the Editor; advising the Editor as requested; staying abreast of current LAMA membership interests as well as current issues in library administration and management; encouraging contributions from LAMA sections, task force, and discussion group members; assisting the Editor and Associate Editor in soliciting material as needed; assisting the Editor and Associate Editor in planning issues and suggesting contributing authors; and providing an annual evaluation of the Editor and Associate Editor to the Board of Directors.Committee Report - Annual 2004

LAMA Education Committee - To monitor issues related to education and continuing education for librarians and prepare the LAMA position and response as necessary; to develop a list of competencies for library administrators; to carry out periodic assessments of LAMA members' continuing education needs; and to work with LAMA's liaisons to the Education Assembly, the Literacy Assembly, and others as appropriate.

LAMA Financial Advancement Committee - To encourage, advise on, and develop relationships for the support of LAMA activities and services; to solicit funds for LAMA, including the endowment, and to coordinate financial advancement within LAMA in conjunction with the LAMA Budget & Finance Committee, the Program Committee and the Board.

LAMA Governmental Affairs Committee - To identify, monitor, and address executive and judicial branch issues, as well as those of the legislative branch, which affect divisional interests; to support the ALA legislative program by more actively involving the division in it; to encourage the collection and analysis of appropriate data to support LAMA's governmental efforts; and to inform LAMA members about appropriate governmental issues.

LAMA Leadership Development Committee - To develop and implement a formal orientation and leadership development program for all division and section officers and committee members. Purpose of the program is to provide all LAMA members with sufficient information to help them contribute effectively to LAMA's programs; and, in particular, to help division and section officers and committee members to operate effectively. To plan and conduct with the LAMA president and LAMA office a leadership development session for division and section officers, liaisons, and chairs of committees, task forces, and discussion groups at the ALA Midwinter Meeting.Committee Report - Annual 2004

LAMA Membership Committee - To recruit new LAMA members and retain current members; to channel information regarding LAMA activities between members and LAMA headquarters; to market LAMA resources at local, state, and regional conferences; to schedule and staff the LAMA booth at ALA Conferences. To plan and conduct an orientation and social hour for members and potential members at the Annual Conference.Committee Report - Annual 2004

LAMA National Institute Planning Committee

LAMA Nominating Committee

LAMA Committee on Organization

LAMA President's Program Committee

LAMA Program Committee - To develop criteria for LAMA Annual Conference programs; to review Annual Conference program plans approved by section executive committee chairs; to recommend approval of Annual Conference programs to the Board; to suggest themes for future Annual Conference programs; to serve as LAMA liaison with similar committees of other divisions.Committee Report - Annual 2004

LAMA Publications Committee - To oversee and coordinate the publishing program of LAMA by: analyzing LAMA needs, identifying gaps and duplicates, and recommending publishing policy for the approval of the LAMA Board; overseeing publishing budget preparation; recognizing publishing priorities; and maintaining high publishing standards; reviewing the work of various continuing publications, their editors and their boards; advising and assisting the sections and LAMA membership in their publishing activities; and encouraging research in the theory and practice of library management which might result in an expanded publication program.

LAMA Recognition of Achievement Committee - To encourage, recognize, and commend excellence in service to LAMA and its sections. To establish, revise, and publicize selection criteria for the awards; to promote, encourage, and receive nominations from individual members or section Executive Committees; to evaluate nominations and recommend no more than three nominees for each award to the LAMA Board at the Midwinter Meeting each year; to determine the award format and plan the award ceremony. The awards shall be a Certificate of Achievement to individuals for outstanding contributions to the goals of LAMA; the Recognition of Group Achievement Award for outstanding teamwork by LAMA committees or task forces supporting the goals of LAMA; and the LAMA President's Award to an individual who is not a LAMA member or an organization that has made significant contributions to the goals of LAMA.

LAMA Research Committee - To establish a framework to encourage and support research activities on the organization and management of all types of libraries by: Developing programs, projects, and other activities which stimulate quality research; Promoting greater access to research and research opportunities; Providing a forum for the exchange of research ideas and the outcomes of investigations; Establishing a research agenda for LAMA which identifies areas of library administration and management in need of study and development; Promoting quality research by improving research skills, design, and methodology; Exploring opportunities with other ALA research committees and groups regarding collaborative efforts; and Providing greater access to completed research through increased communication and dissemination.

LAMA Special Conferences and Programs Committee - To provide leadership and coordinate the development of LAMA programming, apart from Annual Conferences, based on the continuing education needs of the members of the division and the profession at large; to initiate and develop specific program plans in cooperation with various ALA units; to review and report to the LAMA Board of Directors and to sections the potential programming implications of developments in library management; to review and recommend to the LAMA Board program proposals submitted by LAMA sections and committees or by private consultants and trainers according to LAMA Board approved criteria; to establish links with other professional associations and agencies involved in similar kinds of educational program activities.

LAMA Strategic Planning Implementation Committee - To develop and maintain an implementation strategy for the LAMA Strategic Plan and to oversee the implementation and evaluation/assessment process. There shall be an overlapping member who serves on the Planning Committee and Budget & Finance Committee.

LAMA Website Advisory Board

LAMA Assistants to the Director Discussion Group - To provide a forum for individuals whose job assignments cause them to function as assistant to the director. The forum acts as an information network for the solution of common problems and emphasizes the working role with the director and staff responsibilities within the library.

LAMA Diversity Officers Discussion Group - To provide a forum for individuals whose job assignments and interests include responsibilities for developing or implementing diversity training and/or diversity awareness programs. To share information and discuss strategies to address common problems in the development of programs for a culturally diverse workforce.

LAMA Middle Management Discussion Group - To provide a forum to examine and encourage the study of library administration, especially on the middle management level, and to encourage the improvement of such management in libraries. The Middle Management Discussion Group carries out these functions through discussions, programs, and preconferences at Midwinter and the Annual Conferences of the ALA and through publishing materials of interest to middle managers.

LAMA Library Storage Discussion Group - To provide a forum for exchanging ideas on the planning, design, development, operation, management and/or dismantling of library collection storage

LAMA Women Administrators Discussion Group - To provide a forum for discussion of problems of particular concern to women in administrative positions.

LAMA Representatives

LAMA Task Force to Promote Regional InstitutesCommittee Report - Annual 2004

LAMA Task Force on Web Course DeliveryCommittee Report - Annual 2004

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