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Committees and Sections

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Division Committees, Interest and Discussion Groups

Links to information about the LAMA Board of Directors, division committees, task forces, discussion groups, and interest groups.

 Council of LAMA Affiliates

To provide a network for the exchange of information on activities and issues related to library administration and management; to promote leadership opportunities for LAMA members, in addition to the existing track of committee appointments and elected positions within the LAMA divisional structure; and to facilitate two-way communication between membership at the state/regional level and the Board of Directors of LAMA at the national level.

Buildings and Equipment Section

The section on Buildings and Equipment exercises responsibility for matters relating to library structure for all types of libraries, including their design, construction, alteration, and equipment. Illustrative of the fields of interest covered are library site selection; building planning and architecture; the interior organization of library buildings; library furniture and equipment; decoration of interiors; ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting; maintenance of library buildings and property; bookmobile planning and design; and other pertinent areas of interest.

Fund Raising and Financial Development Section

The Fund Raising and Financial Development section exercises responsibility for matters pertaining to fund raising and resource development for libraries. Illustrative of the fields of interest are foundation, trust, and endowment development and administration; annual giving and direct-mail fund raising programs; capital campaign planning and implementation, grantsmanship; and other areas of fund raising activity. The section addresses these areas by providing a forum for discussion; serving as a clearinghouse for the exchange of related ideas, information, and techniques; and providing a source for the research and development of guides, aids, and publications relating to financial resource development.

 Human Resources Section

The Human Resources Section exercises responsibility for general personnel administration in all types of libraries. Illustrative of the fields of interest are the recruitment and promotion of able people to positions at all levels of library service, certification of librarians, fair employment practices, equal employment opportunities, classification and pay plans, in-service training of all professional and nonprofessional workers (including those at supervisory levels), principles of tenure and intellectual freedom, personnel administration, relations between libraries and pertinent municipal and educational agencies, staff management, ethics, personnel measurement and guidance, and staff welfare programs, including all types of benefits.

     This section is concerned with general personnel administration information, education, techniques, theories, practices, guidance materials, and research; it is not responsible for those specific but related duties of other ALA units.

 Library Organization and Management Section

The Library Organization and Management section investigates issues pertaining to efficient library operations in all types of libraries and disseminates information on management issues to all its members, the LAMA membership, and all librarians. Issues of ongoing interest are specified in the section's standing committees and discussion groups.

 Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation Section

The Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation Section exercises overall responsibility for all matters pertaining to needs for and uses of measurement of library resources, services, and facilities, regardless of type of library or functional activity. This Section works with other organizations, agencies, and associations in planning and advising in areas of library measurement, evaluation, and assessment; recommends and/or prepares guidelines, standards, and tools to be used in measurement, evaluation, and assessment activities; and, recommends inclusions, definitions, procedures, and policies concerning library quantitative and qualitative assessment.

Public Relations and Marketing Section

The Public Relations and Marketing Section provides a framework and impetus for the study of public relations theory and policies; for improving the practice of public relations in public, school, college and university, and special libraries; for serving as public relations liaison between the division and other ALA units; and for identifying those aspects of public relations about which the profession needs to be informed and educated so as to conduct appropriate programs and institutes.

  Systems and Services Section

The purpose of the section shall be to study and evaluate the application of new technology in services, and the management thereof, for the improvement of library services and systems. Within this context, the section shall foster research, develop and promote continuing education opportunities, disseminate information, and provide a forum for the discussion of related management issues pertinent to all types of libraries.

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