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About the Campaign to Save America's Libraries

The Campaign to Save America’s Libraries was begun two years ago by ALA Past President Maurice J. Freedman in response to state budget shortfalls and subsequent library funding cuts that threatened services coast to coast. Many of the tools shown below were created and used to assist local communities in rallying support for libraries.

The recent announcement that Salinas, California, will close its John Steinbeck Library and two branches has shown again the need for these tools and a vigorous national campaign to sustain and grow vital library services. When Salinas closes its libraries, more than 150,000 Californians will lose access to literacy classes, dozens of English and Spanish-language newspapers, computers and computer classes, thousands of books and the expert assistance of library staff.

Unfortunately, Salinas is not the only American city facing reduced library services. Across the country, libraries are reducing their hours, cutting staff or closing their doors—drastic measures that were not taken even during the Great Depression.

The cuts come as public library visits and circulation of library items continue to climb well over 1 billion each per year. And students visit school libraries almost 1.5 billion times during the school year.

Libraries are America's great information equalizers—the only place people of all ages and backgrounds can find and freely use a diversity of resources, along with the expert guidance of librarians. Shortening library hours or reducing programs and services hurts those who have the least access to such resources outside the library.

Everyone loves libraries, but libraries can't live on love alone. The Campaign to Save America’s Libraries provides new, easy-to-use and customizable tools for library advocates. Please join this important grassroots effort.

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