ALA-International Resolutions

Recent ALA Resolutions

Resolution on Rights of Librarians and Library Workers to Travel 

ALA Resolutions on the Destruction and Rebuilding of Libraries

ALA Policy 53.7 Intellectual Freedom- Destruction of Libraries:
The American Library Association deplores the destruction of libraries, library collections and property, and the disruption of the educational process by that act, whether it be done by individuals or groups of individuals and whether it be in the name of honest dissent, the desire to control or limit thought or ideas, or for any other purpose.

Resolution for Exemption from Sanctions Educational Material from Iraq

Resolution on Libraries and Cultural Resources in Iraq

Resolution on the Connection Between the Iraq War and Libraries (Word document)

Resolution on the Destruction of Palestinian Libraries, Archives, and Other Cultural Institutions

Resolution on Reconstruction of Libraries in Yugoslavia and Kosovo

Resolution on the National and University Library of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Resolution on Libraries in Romania

Resolution Concerning Status of the Armenian Earthquake Disaster Special Committee

Resolution on the Restoration of Library Services to Afghanistan by the Soviet Union

Resolution on Rebuilding Libraries and Archives Damaged or Destroyed by the Earthquake and Tsunami in South Asia and Africa

ALA Resolutions on Human Rights and Freedom of Expression

ALA Policy 53.1.12:
The American Library Association believes that freedom of expression is an inalienable human right, necessary to self-government, vital to the resistance of oppression, and crucial to the course of justice, and further, that the principles of freedom of expression should be applied by libraries and librarians throughout the world.

Resolution on Access to Information by Cuba's Libraries

Resolution on IFLA, Human Rights and Freedom of Expression

Resolution in Support of Freedom of Expression and Human Rights at the Zimbabwe International Book Fair

Freedom of Expression and Human Rights in Nigeria

Resolution on Vo Thi Van

Resolution on the Deportation of Bir Zeit University Librarian Omar Al-Safi

Other ALA Resolutions

Resolution on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the United Nations

Resolution on the 160th Anniversary of the National Library of Romania

Resolution on Support for Library Fellows & Fulbright Programs

Resolution on the United States Information Agency

Resolution Honoring Dr. Nasser Sharify

Resolution Commending the Library of Congress for Restoring its International Lending Program

Memorial Resolutions

Honoring Diane (Dina) Carter

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ALA-International Resolutions