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NewForum on Library Education to be held at the 2007 Midwinter Meeting in Seattle, WA

Established by ALA Council in June, 1977, to become effective February 1, 1978, upon dissolution of the Library Education Division. Renamed Committee on Education at the 1995 Midwinter Meeting.

To consist of nine (9) members appointed for two-year staggered terms. Chairperson appointed annually.


  • To have responsibility for developing and recommending Association policies related to the full spectrum of education for all library and information studies personnel;

  • to assure that the Association actively solicits from its members information about the condition, currency, relevance, and type of education necessary to improve current and future library and information services. This information will be shared with the ALA Committee on Accreditation, the ALA membership and its units, and allied professional organizations;

  • to coordinate recommendations and policies concerning education promulgated by ALA divisions, roundtables, and other units to eliminate conflict or unnecessary duplication and to work closely with these units through the Education Assembly;

  • to maintain communication and rapport nationally and internationally, as appropriate, with other organizations concerned with library and information studies;

  • to represent the Association nationally and internationally to organizations and agencies outside the field of library and information studies that are concerned with professional education and staff preparation;

  • to identify needed education initiatives in library and information studies and to help promote their accomplishments;

  • to identify needed research concerning education for library and information studies and to help promote its accomplishment;

  • to act as a clearinghouse of information on all aspects of education for library and information studies, for the profession and for the public-at-large. (In accordance with the LED proposal, a Library Education Assembly has been established as an information exchange group composed of ex-officio membership of the chairperson or a representative of the education committee of each ALA division which has such a committee.)

Staff Liaison:

Lorelle R. Swader
American Library Association
50 E. Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611


ALA Committee on Education List of Members  


Annual Conference 2004 - June 28, 2004

Annual Conference 2004 - June 26, 2004



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