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Child Care

ALA will reimburse the charges expended on childcare in the amount of $25 per day, per child to a maximum of $50 per day, family to any fully registered parent for each day of the Midwinter Meeting week, January 14-17, 2005. This covers only childcare in the parent’s hotel room or other residence in the conference city (Boston) and does not include charges for children’s food and transportation or gratuities and transportation for the sitter. ALA will not reimburse childcare expenses to delegates who live within the Boston area that would be paid to the regular provider whether the parent was attending the Midwinter Meeting or not. Parents may contact their hotel childcare center/baby sitting service where it is available or select one from the directory.

Reimbursement forms will be available at the ALA Registration Desk and must be signed by the individual performing the childcare services and presented by the parent to the Registration Desk Manager by Monday, January 17, 2005. Please note: Strollers are permitted on the exhibit floor, but children must remain seated in them at all times. Unescorted children are not permitted on the exhibit floor. See the Children’s Policy for more information.

No Smoking Policy

By Council Action at its 1991 Atlanta Annual Conference, it was resolved “that smoking is prohibited at Annual Conferences, Midwinter Meetings, regional/national conferences, continuing education programs, exhibits and other gatherings sponsored by the ALA.”

Placement Services

Provided by the ALA Office for Human Resource Development and Recruitment (HRDR), the Placement Service will be available during the Midwinter Meeting (hours and location to come).

Online registrations are accepted in November 2004 at URL: (click on “Placement Services”). Job seekers and employers are encouraged to apply regardless of whether or not they are attending the Midwinter Meeting.

There will be a $200 fee for employers to register job vacancies. Interview facilities will be provided. Policy 54.3 states, "ALA is committed to equality of opportunity for all library employees or applicants for employment, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, age, physical or mental handicap, individual lifestyle, or national origin." By advertising through ALA services, the organization agrees to comply with this policy. All available salary ranges shall be listed.

Midwinter Meeting Policy

The ALA Midwinter Meeting is convened for the primary purpose of expediting the business of the Association through sessions of its governing and administrative delegates serving on board, committees and Council. Programs designed for the continuing education and development of the fields of library service shall be reserved for Annual Conference except by the specific authorization of the Executive Board acting under the provisions of the ALA Constitution. Hearings seeking membership reactions and provisions for observers and petitioners at meetings of Council, committees and boards are to be publicized; programs of orientation or leadership development to Association business are encouraged; assemblies of groups of individuals for information sharing vital to the development of Association business shall be accepted as appropriate to the purposes of the Midwinter Meeting.

By Council action it was voted that all meetings of the Association are open to all members and to recognized members of the press.     Closed meetings may only be held to discuss matters affecting privacy of individuals or institutions. Unit chairs may contact their staff liaison officer when unable to determine whether an open or closed meeting is appropriate.


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