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Program Descriptions for
the Afternoon of Sunday, June 24

Programs with a $ next to the title are not included with a conference registration, and require an additional registration. To register, see the registration page.

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Sunday, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Specialized Outreach Services (Luncheon): The Library is on my Street and I Refuse to Move! $
Track: Non-Track
The focus of the luncheon will center on achieving community involvement the library. Speaker and author, Salome Thomas-EL, will discuss the challenges of inner city involvement with the community. How to recruit and keep interest for the youth. The library is the only institution where knowledge is provided for free and technology is provided to the underserved and disadvantaged. We will discuss collaborating with schools, churches, social agencies and the corporate world to build a community. Q & A, plus Book signing. This event requires registration. Please see registration information for details.

Sunday, 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Top Technology Trends
Track: Non-Track
This program features our ongoing roundtable discussion about trends and advances in library technology by a panel of LITA technology experts. The panelists will describe changes and advances in technology that they see having an impact on the library world, and suggest what libraries might do to take advantage of these trends.

Sunday, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Crossing the K-12/College Divide: Practical Tips for Collaboration
Track: Administration & Leadership; New Models for Collaboration
Speakers involved in collaborative K-12/college partnerships will provide practical tips about initiating such relationships and disucss their project's goals and objectives, planning process, student activities, resources, and evaluation. Participants will then engage in table discussions adn develop their own plans for pursuing a relationship with a local school or college to strengthen the teaching of information literacy. Documents from the Toolkit for K-12 Collaboration will be introduced.

Creating World-class Asian, African and Middle Eastern Print and Digital Collections
Track: Collection Management & Technical Services
This distinguished panel will discuss how the rapid advance in information technology and the expansion of the digital networked environment have empowered academic and research libraries from being passive repositories of knowledge to active creators of new knowledge and resources. Topics covered include discussions on the Digital South Asia Library (funded by the Association of Research Libraries' Global Resources Program) and the new initiative of the Library of Congress in the development of the proposed World Digital Library.
Speakers: Hwa-Wei Lee, Chief, Asian Division, Library of Congress; Mary Jane Deed, Head, Near East Section, Library of Congress; Moderator, Binh P. Le, Associate Librarian, The Pennsylvania State University; David Magier, South Asian Studies Librarian & Director of Areas Studies Library Services, Columbia University

Eye To I: Visual Literacy Meets Information Literacy
Track: User Services, Reference & Outreach; Information Literacy
This program will explore the connections between visual literacy and information literacy. Three experts will examine textual, visual and hybrid resources in light of the standards developed for both literacies and discuss the intersections between the two and ways to teach in an environment where both words and images convey important meanings. Attendees will have the opportunity to develop learning outcomes, rubrics, and pedagogical methods for effectively teaching these multiple literacies.
Speakers: Cindy Cunningham, Director of Cataloging, Corbis Corporation; Loanne Snavely, Head, Instructional Programs, Penn State University; Danuta A. Nitecki, Associate University Librarian, Yale University

Rare Books and Special Collections in Public Libraries: Collections and Locations, Old and New
Track: Collection Management & Technical Services
Many American public libraries have collections of rare and unique materials in many formats. The use of these collections shows how research can be part of the mission of many public libraries. This session will look at the collection development and maintenance challenges of working with rare books and special collections in a diverse group of public library collections.
Speakers: Christine Jochem, Head, North Jersey History Center, Morristown & Morris Township Library; Elaine Barone, Division Manager, Humanities & Social Sciences Department, Buffalo & Erie County Public Library

Disasters! Libraries! Technologies!
Track: Non-Track
Speakers will discuss a range of issues on post disaster library services and program that incorporate traditional and emerging technologies in East Asian and Pacific Regions. Speakers will come from East Asia and pacific regions who have expertise in applying technological solutions to disaster situations either as preparations or retrospectively. Co-sponsored with East Asia and Pacific Subcommittee of the International Relations Committee (IRC)

Special Collections: Deal or No Deal?
Track: Authors, Literature & Cultural Programming
As public libraries experience the usual finding difficulties, here is a panel of three library systems that show the advantages to having special collections. Come hear these libraries explain how their collections act as a strong source of additional funds, ideal grant opportunities, perfect museum partners, and real community resources. Moderator: Frank Smith, Executive Director, African American Cival War Museum;
Speakers: Panelist: Leslie Morales, Librarian, Local History/Special Collections, Alexandria Library (VA); Panelist: Roy Joynes, Branch Manager, Oxon Hill Library, Prince Georges County Library (MD); Panelist: Karen Blackman-Mills, Division Chief, Washingtoniana, DC Public Library (DC)

Librarians of the 21st Century: Developing solutions to new challenges at the global, national, and local levels.
Track: Authors, Literature & Cultural Programming; Cultural Diversity
Speakers will focus on the following issues that concern librarians in the 21st Century: Global outreach and networking, leadership development, training, continuing education, changes, recruitment, mentoring, and academic and public libraries

Street Lit
Track: Authors, Literature & Cultural Programming; Cultural Diversity
Urban Lit, Real Lit, Street Lit. Join authors T.N. Baker, Terri Woods, and other best-selling authors of this hot genre that pulls no punches and tells it like it is.

English Only: Censorship and its Impact on Latino Children and Young Adults in School and Public Libraries
Track: Children & Young Adults; Programs & Services
Censorship is alive and well in our school and public libraries disguised within initiatives, policies and management procedures. The purpose of this presentation is to address the critical need for librarians to learn how to confront English-only initiatives that result in censorship and its impact on first language acquisition, literacy, and collection development.
Speakers: Raul Grijalva, U.S. Congressman; Rose Trevino

Museums, Libraries, Archives: A Convergence
Track: Administration & Leadership; New Models for Collaboration
Three speakers (Cliffort Lynch, CNI; Kenneth Hamma, Getty Museum; Robert Martin, Texas Woman's University, formerly, IMLS), will discuss various issues of national interest as they pertain to the three associations. The speakers will identify policy areas in which there is agreement and areas in which there is disagreement. Among the topics: collection, description, access to cultural objects; education and training for special collections personnel; ethical standards and standards of practice in the various institutional settings represented by the three associations. This replicates a program sponsored by the committee which was presented to over 300 people during the conference of the American Association of Museums.

Voices From the Inside
Track: Authors, Literature & Cultural Programming; Cultural Diversity
Get the insiders' cultural perspective on today's most engaging diversity literature from the authors who write those books. This session will feature your favorite authors of "color" telling their stories, as well as, 'up close and personal' cross-cultural concurrent book discussions with the authors, using pre-selected titles. Join other professionals in a rich discussion of common themes from diverse cultures and how they effect our youth. This is your opportunity to be the voice of your constituents by sharing with authors what children say and feel about their works. Door Prizes and giveaways. The pre-selected titles for discussion will be announced.

Training Showcase: Best Practices for Continuing Library Education
Track: Non-Track
The Training Showcase is a poster session type of program celebrating innovative continuing education, staff development, training initiatives and programs in all types of libraries across the country. Come meet this unique group of trainers, staff development coordinators, and librarians who are sharing the exceptional staff learning opportunities they developed. Periodic door prizes drawings will be held through out the program.

10 Years Later-Where Are They Now?: Spectrum Scholars Shining in the Field
Track: Non-Track
In the ten years since the award began, Spectrum Scholars have gone on to excel in an array of positions as varied as the scholars' backgrounds. From academic reference work to public librarianship - from administrative positions to costume companies, the scholars have fulfilled the program's goal of increasing diversity in all areas of librarianship. Spectrum Scholars discuss the impact Spectrum has had on their lives and the importance of this diversity recruitment and retention program.
Speakers: Tracie D. Hall, Assistant Dean, GSLIS, Dominican University; Luiz H. Mendes, Electronic Resources Librarian, California State University, Northridge; Alicia Yao, School Librarian, Barnhart School, CA; Ida Z. daRoza, Catalog Librarian, San Mateo County Central Library; Alanna Aiko Moore, Sociology, Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies Librarian, University of California, San Diego

Aging Issues for GLBT Patrons
Track: User Services, Reference & Outreach; Outreach to Target Populations
The GLBT community faces the same issues as any aging population, but they do so with little of the guidance and support offered to others. This program will address many of this community's specific concerns and needs, and will offer resources available for support.

Transforming Your Community
Track: Transformation & Innovations
How do we work with communities to create a symbiotic relationship? How do we serve differing populations in the same community? How do we shift the library culture to one of activism?
Speakers: Nancy Tessman, Chair, Salt Lake City Library; Jamie LaRue, Douglas County (Colorado) Libraries; Kate Nevins, Solinet

Status of Recent Litigation Affecting Libraries
Track: Non-Track
Join us for a report on the status of litigation and non-litigation projects recently undertaken or monitored by the Freedom to Read Foundation. Our featured speaker is Theresa Chmara, FTRF Counsel, Jenner & Block, Washington, D.C., who also will provide practical information on how these court cases affect the daily operations of libraries. Following the presentations, questions will be solicited from the audience.
Speakers: Theresa Chmara, FTRF Counsel, Jenner & Block; John W Berry, President, Freedom to Read Foundation

RFID and Privacy: Has Privacy Lost Out to Dollars and Convenience?
Track: Non-Track
ALA's policy and guidelines on RFID technology were developed to guide libraries when deciding to purchase and implement this technology. Are libraries implementing such technology, however, without sufficient regard to their mission to protect user privacy and confidentiality? Has privacy lost out to dollars and convenience? Three experts in the field of RFID technology--a technology journalist, a research scientist, and a vendor--will present their views on this question. Following their presentations, questions will be solicited from the audience. Cosponsored by the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee, Office for Information Technology Policy, and Library and Information Technology Association.
Speakers: Simon Garfinkel, Journalist and Privacy Expert, Cambridge, MA; Ari Juels, Manager, RSA Laboratories; Vinod Chachra, President, VTLS, Inc.

The Internationalization of Library Education
Track: Non-Track
Representatives of four European countries present current and future trends in library education, focusing on advances called for by the Bologna Process. They will address issues of importance to ALA members, such as the training of new generations of library professionals. Participants will give a brief overview of developments in their countries and the development of a joint European curriculum that will enable professional mobility among the countries of an increasingly unified Europe.
Speakers: Tajana Aparac-Jelusic, Head, Dept. of Inf. Services, University J. J. Strossmayer, Osijek, Croatia; Ragnar Audunson, Chairman, EUCLID, The European Org. for Ed. Research in Library and Inf. Sci., Norway; Aira Lepik, Head, Grad. School of Social Sci., Tallin University, Estonia; Ursula Gregory, President, KIBA, Conf. of German Univ. in Information and Library Sci.), Germany

Library Policies of American Occupation: Japan was not Iraq
Track: Non-Track
During the 20th and 21st century the USA occupied many nations. Some occupations lasted and led to a dramatic social change, including library policies. This panel includes a respected author, who is an expert on the American occupation of Japan (1945-1952), and members of a University of Tokyo research team who have focused on understanding the dramatic changes to Japanese librarianship introduced during the occupation.

Library Security for Maps
Track: Administration & Leadership; Security & Risk Management
Recent map thefts reveal the vulnerability of cartographic materials in libraries. All libraries, from small libraries to large research institutions, need to take action to discourage map thefts. Learn strategies to communicate to your library administration and cooperate with other units to increase security. Experts will discuss: how to identify valuable cartographic resources; inventory of collections; evaluation of facilities, staff, and security measures; defining policies and procedures for patron access; and the reporting of thefts.

Launch Yourself!: Discover how an ALA internship leads to leadership in the library profession
Track: Administration & Leadership; Leadership & Management
If you are looking to get involved in ALA, this program is for you! ALA is driven by the many voices of its members. Committees are the primary avenue through which these voices are empowered. This event will explore the ALA internship program. You will hear from interns and committee chairs. Witness the success stories of past interns who have launched themselves into greater roles within our profession and association.

Engaging the Community with Documentary Film Screenings in Your Library
Track: Authors, Literature & Cultural Programming
Experience a model for working with Public Television's P.O.V. program through their Community Engagement Program. Attendees will learn how to select and secure P.O.V. films, develop program content to support the films, and lead a facilitated post-screening discussion. Librarians who have run successful programs screening these films in their communities will share their experiences. As part of the model, a P.O.V. film will be shown.
Speakers: Kara Giles, Program Officer, Web Editor, ALA Public Programs Office

He Said....She Said
Track: User Services, Reference & Outreach
A Booklist readers' advisory session, featuring well-known Booklist columnists, who will discuss hot topics in adult readers' advisory.

Bringing Order to Chaos: Managing Metadata for Digital Collections
Track: Digital Information & Technologies
Digital collections are increasingly sophisticated and complex, andraise new collection management challenges for those libraries thatbuild and host them. This program will discuss how metadata is used toorganize, manage, and provide access to modern digital collections.Metadata for bibliographic description, technical description, digital rights management, and preservation will be discussed. Presenters will focus on practical issues surrounding the day-to-day management of digital collections in libraries.
Speakers: Ann Caldwell, Metadata Specialist, Brown University; Erin Stalberg, Head, Cataloging Services, University of Virginia; M. Claire Stewart, Head, Digital Media Services, Northwestern University

Search and Research: How Three Nonfiction Writers Navigate Information Overload
Track: Children & Young Adults
Learn how nonfiction authors do their research and how librarians can use their methods to help guide patrons. Prominent children's nonfiction authors will speak alongside their editors about their research process. Sneed Collard will present along with editor Judy O'Malley; Sy Montgomery will speak along with publisher Regina Hayes; Elizabeth Partridge will speak along editor Regina Hayes. The second half of the program will be a panel with all of the authors, editors, and a past Sibert committee member, Julie Corsaro. Edward T. Sullivan, a librarian, will moderate the panel.
Speakers: Sneed Collard, author (Charlesbridge Publishing); Judy O'Malley, Executive Editor, Trade Books (Charlesbridge Publishing); Sy Montgomery, author (Houghton Mifflin); Kate O'Sullivan, Editor (Houghton Mifflin); Elizabeth Partridge, author (Penguin Young Readers Group); Regina Hayes, President & Publisher (Viking Children's Books); Julie Corsaro, former Sibert Committee Member; Edward T. Sullivan, Librarian

Engaging Your Community in Día Partnerships
Track: Children & Young Adults; Best Practices and Model Programming
One way a library can work with its community to create a culture of reading is by implementing an El día de los niños/El día de los libros (Día)(Children's Day/Book Day) celebration annually on April 30. Program content will center on tips that include the benefits of promoting Día within the community by partnering with like-minded local and national organizations. Content will also focus on practical ideas for conducting a Día celebration in your library.
Speakers: Ellen Fader, Youth Services Coordinator, Multnomah County Library, Portland (OR); Elva Garza, Branch Manager, St. John Branch/ Austin Public Library (TX); Oralia Garza de Cortes, Early Literacy Consultant

Technology for Trustees
Track: Administration & Leadership; Trustee
What questions do trustees need to ask before their library invests in major technology projects such as library automation, RFID and self-check systems? What is the library's culture regarding risk taking? Can we sustain this technology? Will we need more staff? What are the policy implications? What happens if the vendor goes out of business or fails to deliver?
Speakers: Dale Ross, Vice President, Ames Public Libary Bd of Trustees; Christine Lind Hage, Director, Rochester Hills Public Library; Larry Neal, Director, Clinton-Macomb Public Library; Andrew Pace, Head ,Information Technology, North Carolina State University Libraries; Karen Schneider, Director of Library for Tech & Research, Florida State University

Finding New and Creative Solutions through Library Think Tanks
Track: Transformation & Innovations
Ingenuity and creativity help find new solutions to library problems. Under the leadership of Kathryn Deiss with the Metropolitan Library System's (Chicago) Zephyr Project was born. Elizabeth Thomsen describes how Massachusetts Library Leaders defined the need for a think tank to explore how bleeding edge cultural and technological developments can be used by libraries. Meredith Farkas is raising a ruckus with her Library Success Wiki. Come hear these innovators and consider expanding your options.
Speakers: Kathryn Deiss, Content Strategist, ACRL, ALA; Elizabeth Thomsen, Member Services Manager, Noble, Inc.; Meredith Farkas, Distance Learning Librarian, Norwich University

LAMA President's Program
Track: Administration & Leadership
In celebration of LAMA's 50th anniversary, 2007 President Andrea Lapsley presents renowned speaker and expert on leadership Frances Hesselbein. A recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Ms. Hesselbein's outstanding accomplishments include: founding president of the Drucker Foundation, Chairman of the board of governors of the Leader to Leader Institute, and former chief executive of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. She is a highly respected speaker and author of many books on leadership.
Speakers: Frances Hesselbein, Chairman, Board of Governors, Leader to Leader Institute; Andrea Lapsley, President, LAMA

Authority Control Meets Faceted Browse
Track: Collection Management & Technical Services; Cataloging & Metadata
This program will introduce the audience to facet theory, showcase implementations that use faceted approaches for online catalogs and digital collections, and facilitates discussions on how structured authority data might better support this type of navigation. This progam is aimed at catalogers and those working on organization and navigation systems for digital collections and website.

The Art and Science of Staffing, Structure and Organizational Design in an Age of Permanent Change
Track: Administration & Leadership
The work is changing; the workforce has different needs and expectations; technology has made techies out of all of us and our budgets are at the whims of politicians. How can we survive, indeed thrive? How can we take a hard look at ourselves to ensure that we are positioned to be ahead of the curve, rather than reactive. This program will give you tips for success, steer you away from some of the pitfalls, give you ideas on why you need to change. We will reflect on lessons learned shared by libraries with recent staffing experiences.
Speakers: Paula Singer, Principal Consultant, The Singer Group, Inc.; Gail Griffith, Deputy Director, Carroll County (Md.) Public Library

The Best of the Best from the University Presses: Books You Should Know About
Track: Collection Management & Technical Services; Collection Development
25-30 University Press titles will be presented by PLA and AASL librarians from the 2006-07 University Press Books Committee. Titles will represent those featured in the 2007 University Press Books Selected for Public and Secondary School Libraries, an annual collection development bibliography produced by the Association of American University Presses in coordination with the University Press Books committee of the ALA. Book subjects will include literature, history, multicultural studies, reference, and memoirs. A raffle of all books presented will be drawn at the end of the program.
Speakers: Saul Amdursky, CEO, Fraser Valley Regional Library, British Columbia; Rachel Weiss-Feldman, Marketing Manager, Association of American University Presses; Tina Beaird, Reference Librarian, Plainfield (Ill.) Public Library; Terri Lent, Library Media Specialist, Patrick Henry High School, Va.

Libraries Prosper with Passion, Purpose, Persuasion: A PLA Toolkit for Success
Track: Administration & Leadership; Advocacy, Marketing & Fundraising
At this conference, PLA is releasing it's new toolkit which will help position the public library as an essential community resource....right up there with the police and schools! This program will introduce this new resource. Come learn about its contents and how you can put it to use. The toolkit is a product of the PLA @ your library taskforce, in partnership with the Metropolitan Group.
Speaker: Laura K. Lee Dellinger, Senior Executive Vice President/Principal, Metropolitan Group, LLC, Ore.

Innovative Public Library Services Around the Globe, Or, Learning from our Global Neighbors
Track: Digital Information & Technologies
This program highlights innovative technology and programming from around the world including Chile, Scandinavia, Russia, and Singapore. Book sorting robots, innovation in the new Santiago Public Library, Chile, and libraries in Scandinavia with over ten years of RFID experience will be featured including colorful images showing the innovations.
Speakers: Donna Lauffer, Associate Director, Branch Services, Johnson County (Kans.) Library; Mollie Fein, Director, Essex Area Branch, Baltimore County Public Library; Jim Keller, Architect, VITETTA (Penn.); Kathleen Imhoff, Executive Director/CEO, Lexington (Ky.) Public Library; Carl Birkmeyer, Media Services Manager, Baltimore County Public Library; Gonzalo Oyarzun, Director, Biblioteca de Santiago, Chile

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs' Tails: Every BOY Ready to Read @ your library
Track: Children & Young Adults
Gender does matter. Boys' brains are wired differently from birth. How can librarians use the latest brain research to plan early literacy storytimes that are engaging and effective for both genders? This program, featuring psychologist, physician, and author Dr. Leonard Sax, will show you how.
Speakers: Dr. Leonard Sax, Phsychologist/Author/Family Physician; Penny Neef, Coordinator, Youth Services, West Bloomfield Township (Mich.) Public Library

All History is Local in a Digital World
Track: User Services, Reference & Outreach

New Reference Research: the 13th Annual Reference Research Forum
Track: User Services, Reference & Outreach; Reference Services
New Reference Research is a forum that provides an opportunity to learn about reference research in the broad area of reference services such as user behavior, electronic services, reference effectiveness, and organizational structure and personnel. Both completed research and research in progress will be considered via proposal. All researchers, including reference practitioners from all types of libraries, library school faculty and students, and other interested individuals are encouraged to submit a proposal.

Research: It's Not as Nerdy as You Think
Track: Children & Young Adults
A consideration of historical research questions that have inspired young adult services and a look forward at future needs. Henne grant recipients will discuss their research and offer tips to others about how to form and pursue a research agenda.
Speaker: Patrick Jones

To iPods & Beyond
Track: Children & Young Adults; Programs & Services
Do you know the difference between CDs and MP3s? Ripping and scrobbling? This program will highlight the ways libraries can use new and emerging technologies to connect teens with digital music collections. You'll hear samples by songs from recommended artists as well as a rapid-fire look back at the #1 songs over YALSA's first 50 years.

Sunday, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Campaign for America's Libraries Training
Track: Administration & Leadership; Advocacy, Marketing, & Fundraising
Advocacy Showcase

Sunday, 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

The Cultural Context for Storytelling
Track: Children & Young Adults; Literature & Collection Development
This program will explore the cultural context for storytelling. Representatives from several cultures will discuss the traditions & significance of storytelling. They will relate information about who may tell stories as well as when and where stories may be told.

Cataloging Correctly for Kids: AV, E-Books, and More!
Track: Collection Management & Technical Services; Cataloging & Metadata
Learn the more challenging aspects of cataloging non-book materials. Experts in the field will lead you through descriptive and subject cataloging so that you can get those DVDs, multi-part kits, and student created materials out of your workroom and into circulation. Practical examples will help to demystify your questions and concerns.
Speakers: Pamela Newberg, Manager of Technical Services - Cataloging, University of Northern Colorado; Marilyn McCroskey, Professor of Library Science, Head of Cataloging, Missouri State University; Michele Zwierski, Manager, Database Management, Nassau Library System; Oksana Kraus, Fine Arts and Special Collections Department, (Moderator)

Sunday, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Awards Reception
Track: Non-Track
LITA Awards Reception

Sunday, 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

LAMA 50th Anniversary Celebration Reception
Join your fellow LAMA members to celebrate 50 years of library leadership. Enjoy refreshments, prizes, and displays of images and memorabilia from LAMA's first half-century.

LITA President's Program: Tag! Your IT!: Online Digital Audio Collections Meet PennTags
Track: Non-Track
Chuck Haddix (University of Missouri-Kansas City) presents "The Voices of World War II" a case study of developing a digital library with access through the online catalog. Michael Winkler (University of Pennsylvania) demonstrates PennTags, a social bookmarking and tagging system, for the creation of personalized bibliographies of resources relating to and including this collection in the library catalog, licensed databases, and Web resources using a combination of subject headings, index terms, and personal tagging.
Speakers: Chuck Haddix, University of Missouri-Kansas City; Michael Winkler, University of Pennsylvania

Sunday, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Ethics and Fund Raising: Challenges and Opportunities
Track: Issues & Updates
Libraries are turning to private philanthropy to supplement their budgets. Successful fund raising requires integrity and ethical behavior. Fund raisers face difficult issues, such as establishing a proper relationship between donors and the library, determining which information the library is obliged to share with donors, broader acceptance of an exchange model of donors' behavior, and knowing when a gift should be refused. Hear experienced library fundraisers discuss the ethical and educational challenges involved in their work.
Speakers: Bill Myers, Former Dir. of Development and current Dir. of Assessment for Info. Serv., University of Kansas; Dwain Teague, Director of Development, University of Central Florida

Blogs & Related Technologies Panel
Track: Non-Track
Presenters, chosen through competitive peer-review, will discuss their original research, expertise, and/or best practices about blogs and related technologies.

Minority Recruitment in Research Libraries: A Model of Success
Track: Human Resources & Staff Development; Career Paths & Professional Development
The US population is becoming more diverse with each new generation and the profession is faced with the issue of the lack of increased numbers of librarians from underrepresented groups being effectively recruited and retained in the profession. The Association of Research Libraries' Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce Program has worked diligently to recruit librarians from underrepresented groups into career in research libraries. This session will discuss ARL's Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce, its program model, funding, future goals, etc.
Speakers: MaShana Davis, Association of Research Libraries; Isabella De Castilla, Library of Congress; David Fernandez-Barrial, Library of Congress; LaVern Gray, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Bergis Jules, University of Indiana; Jerome Offord Jr., Association of Research Libraries

Diversity Counts! The Diversity Statistics, Data and Resources You Need Right Now
Track: Non-Track
Today's rapidly shifting demographics oblige libraries to give consideration to diversity as a key factor in both internal and external service planning. More libraries than ever are turning to empirical data to determine workforce composition and institutional policies. ALA's Offices for Research and Statistics and Diversity have teamed with Decision Demographics to analyze, for the first time ever, National Census data and other relevant surveys to create a national demographic profile of the profession.
Speaker: Denise Davis, Director, ALA Office for Research and Statistics

Think Global, Act Local: How to Internationalize your library?-Sister Libraries Comm.
Track: Non-Track
Presentation of the ALA Sister Libraries Program that encourages U.S. Libraries to form relationships with libraries in other countries to exchange information, to improve access to published information in both countries, raise awareness of issues facing libraries in other countries, and offer opportunitites to learn more a country represented by a group in your local community.

Senior Sizzle: Library Links with Seniors
Track: Non-Track
Library Links with Seniors (LLS) began in 1999. It is unique in that community volunteers, rather than library staff, use library materials to present programs at senior care homes in the Plano, Texas area. The goal of LLS programs is to stimulate the residents' thought processes and facilitate discussion. There are currently six active LLS volunteers. A librarian (Susan Rhoads) is the LLS Liaison.

Saving Sound 3: Audio Digitization and Preservation
Track: Collection Management & Technical Services
The third program in a series of three for librarians responsible for audio collections, this session will focus on the use of new technology for audio preservation. Speakers will cover digitization of audio materials, funding opportunities for audio digitization, client/vendor relationships, and preservation of digitized audio materials.
Speakers: George Blood, President, Safe Sound Archive; Tara Kennedy, Preservation Field Services Librarian, Yale University Libraries; IMLS Representative

To Change Your Library, Change Your Mind!
Track: Administration & Leadership; Leadership & Management
Change Management is today's most essential leadership skill. What should libraries do about Google and the possibility of "relinquishing our role" as the authoritative source of information? The library literature evaluates institutional repositories, digital reference, information literacy, metadata, and more in terms of leadership and change strategies. Yet we, as individual real people, have a hard time applying the many tips and suggestions. Besides outlining a practical business and interactive approach, this session recognizes the impact of each individual's process of thinking through alternatives and accepting new options.
Speakers: Cynthia M. Kisby, Personnel Librarian, University of Central Florida; Suzanne E. Holler, Librarian, Central Florida Library Cooperative

Survivor @ the Library: Staff Redistribution in Trying Times
Track: Human Resources & Staff Development
Have you ever encountered resistance from your staff when redistributing talent whether from a central library to a branch, from branch to branch or department to department? If so, have you heard about "floating staff"? Come and learn more--we have success stories for you!
Speakers: Carol Johnson, Assistant Chief of Central Services, Houston (Tex.) Public Library; Susan Herzog, Senior Library Manager, Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County (N.C.)

Future Friends: Marketing Reference and User Services to Generation X
Track: Non-Track
How do we market to Generation X? This generation was born from 1965 to 1976. They are future friends of the library and right now they don't see any need for us. How do we draw them into the library
and keep them coming back? Find out with our three fantastic speakers who
have real world experiences to share
that work!

Video Games as a Service: Hosting Tournaments @ your library
Track: Children & Young Adults; Programs & Services
Learn what a video game tournament is and get the technical information you need to plan and implement a tournament at your library.

Sunday, 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

ALA Video Round Table Gala Event & AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center
Track: Non-Track
Join ALA's Video Round Table for a special evening at the AFI Silver Theatre II & Cultural Center. Filmmaker(s)/ film screening to be announced. Enjoy a light hors d'oeuvres buffet as well as a raffle for DVD prizes as you socialize with friends and colleagues. For ticket information, check out or contact VRT Treasurer, Mary Konkel, direct: Cost: $25 VRT members & Library School Students; $30 non-members & guests.

Sunday, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Track: Non-Track

Sunday, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Fine Dining at the SORT 70th Anniversary Dinner $
Track: Non-Track
Join the Staff Organizations Round Table for an evening of fine dining and a celebration 70 years in the making. The 701 Restaurant is next to the U.S. Navy Memorial and across the street from the National Archives. It is near the Shakespeare Theater. Enjoy live music as you are served your choice of an appetizer, an entree, and dessert from a special menu. You'll even have a chance to win a door prize. This event requires registration. Please see the registration information for details.

Sunday, 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

2007 Newbery/Caldecott/Wilder Banquet
Track: Non-Track
Join us for this special event to congratulate the children's authors and illustrators who have received this year's Newbery, Caldecott, and Wilder medals and honors. This gala evening celebrates the year's most distinguished books for children. Cocktails (cash bar) and mingling prior to dinner with doors opening at 6:45 p.m. This event requires pre-registration (please see registration information for details). Tickets are $89.

Sunday, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

NMRT Student Reception
Track: Non-Track
The reception welcomes library school students and invited guests to network in a relaxed environment and learn more about ALA units from their representatives. The Student Chapter of the Year Award is presented and light refreshments will be served.

Sunday, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

GODORT Reception
Track: Non-Track

Sunday, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

LSSPS Annual Dinner with Colleagues $
Track: Non-Track
LSSPS is hosting its Annual Dinner in Washington, DC. It is an opportunity to spend an evening visiting with colleagues and meet new people, over an enjoyable dinner. We will honor the ASCLA/KLAS/NOD Award recipient, with sponsorship being provided by KLAS. The ticket price is $35, and benefits the Century Scholarship. This event requires registration. Please see the registration information for details.

Sunday, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

LSSIRT Night Out $
Track: Non-Track
Come join LSSIRT for an evening at City Lights of China Restaurant, and enjoy dinner with your colleagues from LSSIRT. This event requires registration. Please see the registration information for details. Sunday, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

STS Dinner
Track: Non-Track

Sunday, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Two Thumbs Up! A Preservation Film Festival
Track: Non-Track
Interested in learning how to preserve your materials? Want to know what to do before, during and after a disaster? Come join us as we watch films about preserving library and archival materials and learn more about the art and science of preservation. Preservation professionals will also be on hand to provide you with more information. Preservation and conservation professionals and members of ALA's Preservation and Reformatting Section
will be available to provide preservation information.
Speaker: Victoria Heiduschke (Master of Ceremonies), Preservation Librarian, Illinois State University

Sunday, 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm

3M/NMRT Social
Track: Non-Track
This program will recognize recipients of the 3M Professional Development Grant and to provide an opportunity for NMRT members to network with one another. The Social will also include a dance. Co-sponsored by 3M Library Systems.

Sunday, 9:00 pm - 12:00 am

Track: Non-Track

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