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ALA Structure

ALA is home to eleven membership divisions, each focused on a type of library or type of library function. It also includes round tables, groups of members “interested in the same field of librarianship not within the scope of any division.” A network of affiliates, chapters, other organizations enables ALA to reach a broad audience.

Below is a list of ALA Divisions and their sections, Roundtables, Offices and Affiliates, most of whom sponsor meetings or programs during the ALA Annual Conference. A familiarity with the acronyms of groups that interest you will help you to find meetings and programs sponsored by that group when looking in conference materials.

Alphabetical list of all ALA acronyms.


ALA divisions are groups within ALA, each with a type-of-library or type-of-library-function specialization. To be a division member, you must first be a member of ALA. Many of the divisions also have sections (also called clusters or interest groups) within that focus even more strongly on a type of library or library function.

Divisions sponsor many of the meetings and programs held during the ALA Annual Conference. These divisions have committees that hold business meetings or hold programs.

If a program or meeting is sponsored by the division only, the "Unit" will be listed as the division acronym (for example, ALCTS). If it is sponsored by a section within the division, it will be listed with the unit acronym, then with the section acronym (for example ALCTS CCS).

ALA divisions are:



Establishment of an ALA Round Table is authorized by Council on petition by at least 100 members of the Association who are interested in “the same field of librarianship not within the scope of any division.” Round Tables are membership groups and may charge dues, issue publications (with the approval of the ALA Publications Committee), and affiliate with regional, state or local groups with the same interests.

Events sponsored by a roundtable will be listed under "ALA" followed by the roundtable's acronym (for example ALA CLENERT or ALA IRRT).

ALA roundtables are:


ALA Offices are units of the Association that address broad interests and issues of concern to ALA members. Offices do not have members but are advised by member advisory committees. ALA’s programmatically-focused Offices can be seen as generally reflecting the member-determined priority areas of the Association, within which they track issues, and provide information, services and products for members and the general public.

Events sponsored by an ALA Office will be listed under "ALA" followed by the office's acronym or name (for example ALA IRO or ALA HRDR).

Current ALA offices include:


An affiliate organization of the American Library Association is defined as a group having purpose or interests similar to those of the Association or its Divisions/Round Tables which has made successful formal application for affiliate status to Council (national or international group) or Division/Round Table (local, state or regional groups).

Events sponsored by an affliate group will be listed under "AFL" followed by the affiliate's acronym or name (for example AFL AILA or AFL BCALA).

Current ALA affiliates include:

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