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We are having problems with the Event Planner due to unexpectedly heavy volume. We are monitoring the system and upgrading to give you the best service possible.

If you attempt to log in and get an error screen, please close your browser and try later. If you get an error screen while searching, please close your browser and reaccess the system.

If you attempt to login and get returned to the login screen, you are entering incorrect login information. Contact if you do not know your login info.

To help prevent crashes, please do not put an excessive amount of events in your Planner. If you have more than 20-30 events, this could be causing your slow-down.

To create an agenda, you must be a fully registered attendee. To login the first time, please use your email address and the password "ala." Once you have logged in, you can edit your profile to change your password.

You can access the Event Planner here

You can search for exhibitors without logging in

preliminary listing of programs occuring at the Annual Conference is available. This list is accurate as of March, 2005. You can use this list to find programs you are interested in, then check their final date/time/location information in the Event Planner.

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