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Guidelines for ALSC Committees Posting Web Pages

These guidelines are available to provide committee chairs and members with a framework for developing and posting web pages that encourage membership and participation in the organization and provide professional support to librarians. Committee web pages that fulfill the following provisions will be posted on the ALA server with a link from the ALSC web site. ALSC staff will review all pages that are intended for posting on the ALA server. The ALSC staff has the authority to request changes, edit copy, or determine that the pages are not appropriate for the ALSC web site.

General Procedure

  • If an ALSC committee would like to develop content for the ALSC web site, it should contact the Program Officer responsible for ALSC web pages to determine if the content is appropriate for the web site and to notify ALSC that electronic file(s) for the page(s) will be forthcoming. The committee interested in adding the web content to the ALSC web site is responsible for providing all content for and coding of the desired page(s).
  • The complete, coded page(s) should be submitted to the Program Officer via e-mail for review. The Program Officer again will confirm whether or not content is appropriate for a link on the ALSC web site and make minor editorial changes if necessary. If the Program Officer sees that there is a need for more than minor changes to the web page, she will return the document to the committee contact requesting that the changes be made.
  • Once the page(s) has been approved by ALSC, the Program Officer will add the ALA/ALSC web page template to the committee page(s). This template contains the basic HTML code to lay out the page(s) with the ALA design and includes all the necessary components for inclusion on every page - the ALSC logo and link, the ALA logo and link, copyright, and last update date. After the ALA template is added, the committee page will be posted and linked on the ALSC web site.


The Program Officer requires pages sent to her, as e-mail attachments, seven days prior to the requested posting date. If major changes are required to the pages, the timeframe may have to be extended.

Formats Which Can Be Included on ALSC Pages

  • .pdf documents can be included on the ALA server. To have a document posted in .pdf e-mail the file to the Program Officer in word format.
  • Images in .gif or .jpg formats can be used on committee web pages.
  • Animated images can be included on committee pages.

The Types Of Pages Committees May Consider Adding

  • Pages that support conference programs with biographical information on speakers,
  • Pages that advertise special projects of the committee.

For more information on posting committee web pages contact the Program Officer.

Guidelines for ALSC Committees that would like to post a Web page through ALSC.