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Host Application


Download a copy of the application in Word

Originally established with funding from Scott Foresman to honor May Hill Arbuthnot, the lecture is now funded and administered by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association.

Walter Dean Myers, widely acclaimed author of picture books, novels, poetry and non-fiction for children and young adults, will deliver the 2009 May Hill Arbuthnot Honor Lecture. Writing for children as early as the late sixties, Myers launched his career with the picture book “Where Does the Day Go?” His career as a young adult author started in 1975 with the publication of “Fast Sam, Cool Clyde, and Stuff.” Over 80 books later, Myers is best known for his gritty, realistic fiction novels that explore the contemporary teen world, notably “Fallen Angels,” “Scorpions” and “Monster,” which won the first Michael L. Printz Award, honoring excellence in young adult literature. He is also a two-time Newbery Honor medalist, a two-time National Book Award finalist, a five-time Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor recipient and a five-time Coretta Scott King Award winner for outstanding contribution by an African American author or illustrator. Myers received the Margaret A. Edwards Award for “lifetime contribution to young adult literature” in 1994.

More recently he has teamed with his son, artist Christopher Myers, to produce picture books that speak to the power of music in “Jazz” (2006) and “Blues Journey” (2003) as well as “Autobiography of My Dead Brother” ( 2005), “Harlem” (1997) and “A Time to Love: Stories from the Old Testament” (2003).


There is no single factor that prevails over any other factor in selecting the host institution for the Arbuthnot Honor Lecture.  Rather, the committee charged with the selection responsibility will consider a combination of factors, including:

1. Reasons for application. Special reasons for applying such as particular interest in the work of the lecturer; an applicant’s expression of the educational goals of his or her community; a special celebration, etc.

2. Site. The relation of a potential site to places and institutions that have previously acted as hosts with an emphasis on identifying varied sites from all of North America.

3. Facilities. The appropriateness, both in terms of capacity and accessibility.

4. Administrative support. The organizational and administrative capabilities of the person or group submitting an application evident in the enclosed proposed budget, and partly manifested in the presentation of the application itself.

5. Cooperation with other organizations. The extent to which meaningful cooperation among various local or area groups would suggest an ability to share responsibilities as to personnel, time, and money needed to cover local expenses.

6. Lecture visibility. Emphasis on the lecture as a distinctive event publicized to and open to all potential attendees in the region is a priority for each Arbuthnot Lecture.


1. To act as host for the May Hill Arbuthnot Lectureship in April or early May 2009, the date to be arranged at the mutual convenience of the lecturer and the host institution.

2.  To arrange and pay for the local expenses of the lecturer.  If a display of the lecturer's published works (e.g., books, articles, etc.) is arranged, it will be at the host's expense, not the lecturer's. The Arbuthnot Fund covers only the honorarium and travel expenses to and from the host city.

3.  To arrange and pay for a reception, dinner, or other hospitality honoring the speaker following the lecture and to pay for all local lodging, meals, taxis, etc. of the lecturer.

4.  To prepare and distribute regional publicity. ALA will issue national press releases.  Further local and regional publicity is the responsibility of the host institution, including production of any print program.

5.  The lecturer is not to be invited to give any talks the week preceding the May Hill Arbuthnot Lecture at the host institution or in the immediate vicinity.  The lecturer is responsible for presenting the Arbuthnot Lecture only.  If applicable, autographing and sale of books may be arranged with the publisher by the host institution.  Any other programs/events (other than those promoting the lecture) must be arranged with the lecturer's publisher(s) or agent, must be arranged with the lecturer's knowledge and permission, must be funded separately and must occur no sooner than one day following the lecture.  All programs/events/activities must appear on a master schedule available in advance to the committee chair, the Association for Library Service to Children office, and the lecturer.


 1970  Margery Fisher (England)    Cleveland, Ohio
 1971  John Rowe Townsend (England)   Atlanta, Georgia
 1972  Mary Ørvig (Sweden)   Chicago, Illinois
 1973  Bettina Hurlimann (Switzerland)   Kansas City, Missouri
 1974  Ivan Southall (Australia)   Seattle, Washington
 1975  Mollie Hunter (Scotland)   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 1976  Jean Fritz (U.S.A.)   Los Angeles, California
 1977  Shigeo Watanabe (Japan)   Boise, Idaho
 1978  Uriel Ofek (Israel)   Boston, Massachusetts
 1979  Sheila Egoff (Canada)   Columbia, South Carolina
 1980  Horst J. Kunze (Germany)   Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 1981  Virginia Betancourt (Venezuela)   Denton, Texas
 1982  Dorothy Butler (New Zealand)   Orlando, Florida
 1983  Leland B. Jacobs (U.S.A.)  Athens, Georgia
 1984  Fritz Eichenberg (U.S.A.)   Minneapolis, Minnesota
 1985  Patricia Wrightson (Australia)   Bloomington, Indiana
 1986  Aidan Chambers (England)   Little Rock, Arkansas
 1987  James Houston (Canada)   DeKalb, Illinois
 1988  John Bierhorst (U.S.A.)   Norman, Oklahoma
 1989  Margaret Mahy (New Zealand)   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
 1990  Ashley Bryan (U.S.A.)   New Orleans, Louisiana
 1991  Iona Opie (England)   Washington, D.C.
 1992  Charlotte Huck (U.S.A.)   Bozeman, Montana
 1993  Virginia Hamilton (U.S.A.)   Richmond, Virginia
 1994  Margaret K. McElderry (U.S.A.)   Coronado, California
 1995  Leonard Everett Fisher (U.S.A.)   Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 1996  Zena Sutherland (U.S.A.)   Dallas, Texas
 1997  Katherine Paterson (U.S.A.)   Aberdeen, South Dakota
 1998  Susan Hirschman (U.S.A)   Columbia, South Carolina
 1999 Lillian Gerhardt (U.S.A)   San Jose, California
 2000 Hazel Rochman (U.S.A)   Storrs, Connecticut
 2001 Susan Cooper (U.S.A.)   Portland, Oregon
 2002 Philip Pullman (England)   Flushing, New York
 2003 Maurice Sendak (U.S.A.)   Cambridge, Massachusetts
 2004 Ursula K. LeGuin (U.S.A.)   Tempe, Arizona
 2005 Richard Jackson (U.S.A.)   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 2006 Russell Freedman (U.S.A.)   Williamsburg, Virginia
 2007 Kevin Henkes (U.S.A.)   Lexington, Kentucky
 2008 David Macaulay (U.S.A.)   Madison, Wisconsin
 2009 Walter Dean Myers (U.S.A.)   To be determined





 A. ______________________________________________________________
 Name of institution - library school; university; college; library system; department of education; etc.

 B. ______________________________________________________________
  Contact - name of person responsible for submitting this application.

 C. ______________________________________________________________
  Street address

 D. ______________________________________________________________
  City, State, Zip Code

 E. ______________________________________________________________
     Telephone (area code)/Fax number

F. ______________________________________________________________
  Email Address


 In completing the sections below, additional pages may be added as necessary.

 A. Reasons for application:

 B. Site:

 C. Facilities:

 1. Lecture facilities can be provided for an audience of   _______________.

 2. Other considerations (live transmission or teleconferencing capabilities, etc.):

D. Administrative support (include evidence of financial support):

E. Cooperation with other agencies (indicate agencies that have agreed to cooperate and the nature of their cooperation):

F. Would the Arbuthnot Lecture be scheduled in conjunction with another event, i.e., conference, regional meeting, annual workshop?  ___yes  ___no

If yes, would individuals attending the lecture be expected to register for the conference, regional meeting, annual workshop, etc.?  ___yes  ___no

If applicable, please describe plans for the event planned in conjunction with the lecture.

G. How would the lecture be publicized?

H. Name and title of individual who would be directly responsible for coordinating all local arrangements.
I. Please list the name and telephone number of the person to contact if questions should arise during our committee deliberations at the 2008 Annual Conference in Anaheim, California from June 26- July 2, 2008.

Person To Contact:    _______________________

Daytime Telephone #: _______________________

Evening Telephone #: _______________________ 

Cell Phone (if different) #:   _______________________ 

If this person will be attending the 2008 Annual Conference, please let us know his/her local accommodations.

III. Responsibility:  We accept the responsibilities outlined above.




NOTE:  Supporting letters from administrators and cosponsors and other relevant documents may also be submitted.  All such materials should clearly indicate the name of the primary applicant or site, and must reach the committee by the deadline listed below.  APPLICATIONS AND DOCUMENTS RECEIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE CANNOT BE CONSIDERED.

For more information or clarification, contact Diane Foote at 800-545-2433, ext. 2162.

Please send 5 copies of this application and all supporting documents by MAY 1, 2008*, to:

Amy Kellman, Chair
2009 Arbuthnot Honor Lecture Committee
307 S. Dithridge St., #806
Pittsburgh, PA  15213-3519

*Application and documents must be RECEIVED by May 1.