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Acquisitions Publications

Guide to Out-of-Print Materials
ALCTS Acquisitions Guides Series #12
By Narda Tafuri, Anna Seaberg, and Gary Handman

Guide to Out-of-Print Materials presents an overview of both traditional and online resources available to the acquisitions librarian locating and acquiring out-of-print material. Organized by type of material acquired, this guide includes valuable listings for books, serials, and audio-visual materials, a glossary of terms, and Web site listings for quick reference.

Price: $18.50
Softcover - 50 pages, 1 edition (2003). Scarecrow Press, Inc;
ISBN: 0-8108-4974-7

Guide to Managing Approval Plans, No. 11
By Susan Flood

As acquisitions and collection management tools, approval plans provide an excellent framework for implementing library collection development policies. But to be truly successful, the approval plan process requires careful management, regular evaluation, and refinement.

The Guide to Managing Approval Plans describes the different types of approval plans, explains how and when they may be used, and clearly outlines the key factors that make them work. All essential information on managing approval plans is included, such as key elements in vendor selection; how to construct the approval plan profile; specialized approval plans; and acquisitions processing and financial management.

Price: $18.00 ALA Members: $16.20
Softcover - 72 pages, 1 edition, (1998). ALA Editions;
ISBN: 0-8389-3481-1; ALA Order No: 3481-1-2270

Guide to Performance Evaluation of Serials Vendors, No. 10
By Serials Section, Acquisitions Committee

Evaluating serials vendors is the best way to ensure quality service at an affordable cost. This guide provides the tools for measuring vendor systems and services including subscription agents and standing order vendors, and explains how to collect and analyze vendor performance data for comparison. It also covers how to incorporate vendor evaluation into regular work activity so that crisis situations do not force the issue.

Price: $15.00 ALA Members: $13.50
Softcover - 48 pages, 1 edition, (1997). ALA Editions;
ISBN: 0-8389-3469-2; ALA Order No: 3469-2-2270

Guide to Preservation in Acquisition Processing, No. 8
By Marsha J. Hamilton

Small but mighty, this guide provides basic preservation terminology; discusses the role the acquisition librarian plays in the preservation of library collections; encourages acquisitions librarians to integrate preservation activities into the acquisition process and discusses the coordination of acquisition, collection development, and preservation functions; and offers scenarios for handling items in poor condition in the acquisition process.

Price: $10.00 ALA Members: $9.00
Softcover - 20 pages, 1 Edition, (1993) ALA Editions;
ISBN: 0-8389-0611-7; 6"X9"; ALA Order No: 0611-7-2270


Other ALCTS Publications of Interest:

Virtually Yours: Models for Managing Electronic Resources and Services
ALCTS Papers on Library Technical Services and Collections, No. 7
Peggy Johnson and Bonnie MacEwan, Editors

Key experts in collection development and acquisitions from academic and public libraries describe the best practices and current strategies for selecting, acquiring, and circulating electronic resources and information.

Price: $25.00 ALA Members: $22.00
Softcover - 176 pages, 1 Edition, (1999); ALA Editions;
ISBN: 0-8389-0753-9; ALA Order No.: 0753-9-2270

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Guide to Out-of-Print Materials

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