One of the most prestigious awards given by the American Library Association (ALA) is the John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award, honoring outstanding library public relations, which is co-sponsored by the Library Administration and Management Association (LAMA), a division of the American Library Association, and the H.W. Wilson Company.

The winning entries are housed in the ALA Library for two years, available during that time to other libraries via interlibrary loan. There are two years of entries available, both the previous year's and the current year's winners.

The names of the currently available winning entries, along with brief descriptions of them, can be found on the 2005 Winners and the 2006 Winners pages.

To request an entry, libraries can mail a completed interlibrary loan form (sometimes called the "ALA Form") to the following address:

American Library Association
50 E. Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611

Or fax a completed interlibrary loan form to the ALA Library, to 1-312-280-3255.

There is a shipping and handling fee of $10.00 per entry. An invoice will be included with the mailing.

No more than two winning entries can be requested at a time.

Entries are available for a three week loan period. If an extension is desired, please contact the ALA Library as soon as possible with this request, calling (800) 545-2433, extension 2153, or (312) 280-2153. If and only if there are no pending requests for the entry in question, can arrangements be made to extend the loan period, up to one week.

All entries will be sent to the borrower library via UPS delivery and should be returned to the ALA Library by the same delivery method. Send the entry to the mailing address listed above, along with the appropriate remittance in the form of a check or money order only, made out to the "American Library Association."

Contact the ALA Library directly at (800) 545-2433, extension 2153, or (312) 280-2153 with any further questions.

August 2006

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Information for libraries on how to request winning entries of the John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award via interlibrary loan from the ALA Library; current winners and previous year's winners available only.