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Information Power Books & Products

These publications can also be ordered by mail, fax or phone from ALA Order Fulfillment, P.O. Box 932501, Atlanta, GA 31193-2501; 1-866-SHOP ALA (1-866-746-7252) or 1-312-944-6780; fax 1-770-442-9742. Prices listed do not include shipping and handling.

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Image Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning

Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning includes the Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning that will help students become skillful producers and consumers of information along with the guidelines and principles that will help you create a dynamic, student-centered program. The books' underlying concepts will guide you in:

  • Helping students flourish in a learning community not limited by time, place, age, occupation or disciplinary borders
  • Joining teachers and others to identify links in student information needs, curricular content, learning outcomes, and a variety of print and non-print recourses
  • Designing authentic learning tasks and assessments
  • Defining your role in student learning.

1998. 224p. 6" x 9" softcover. ISBN 0-8389-3470-6. ALA Order #3470-6-2094. $35.00 / ALA members, $31.50.

Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning

To assist you in collaboration and to bolster advocacy for your program, the new standards are also be published separately in a companion publication, Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning. This inexpensive publication is designed for distribution to your partners in information power--teachers, principals, parents, boards, and administrators. 1998. 64p. ISBN 0-8389-3471-4. ALA Order #3471-4-2094. $20.00 / ALA members, $18.00.

Information Power Brochure coverInformation Power Brochure
The Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning brochure lists the Nine Information Literacy Standards and suggests ways that Information Power can benefit students, teachers, library media specialists and administrators. A great tool to use with your educational partners when advocating for Information Power in your school or district.

2001. ISBN 0-8389-8169-0. Sold in packs of 25 brochures. $8.00. Preview the brochure online (PDF File).

Information-Powered School cover The Information-Powered School
Public Education Network (PEN) and AASL
Sandra Hughes-Hassell and Anne Wheelock, editors

The Information-Powered School outlines a specific plan for school library media specialists and teachers to share the responsibilities of planning, teaching, and assessing student learning and offering a truly cohesive curriculum. Included in this groundbreaking work are tips from experienced practitioners on gather the support of teachers and principals, on managing new roles and responsibilities, and on leading the charge to integrate information literacy and technology into the curricula. With this hands-on guide of proven practices from the Library Power initiative, you will start to see students engaging in inquiry-based learning and using library media resources and services in new and productive ways.

For every school librarian, media center specialist, educator, and principal who wants to activate Information Power in their schools, here are proven and flexible strategies for creating dramatic and collaborative change.

2001. 144p. ISBN 0-8389-3514-1. ALA Order #3514-1-2400. $35.00 / ALA members, $31.50.

Planning Guide for Information Power cover A Planning Guide for Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning with School Library Media Program Assessment Rubric for the 21st Century

This guide provides practical, step-by-step directions in workbook format for implementing the planning process described in Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning. Also included in the booklet is the School Library Media Program Assessment Rubric for the 21st Century, designed by AASL's Teaching for Learning Task Force to be used by administrators and school library media specialists as a self-assessment tool and action plan in each school. Working through the sequential steps presented in the planning guide and rubric can help you bring about desired improvements to the library media program in your school or district.

Donald C. Adcock, former National Library Power Program coordinator (Chicago, Ill.), edited the booklet. Members of the Teaching for Learning Task Force who developed the rubric were: Carol Kroll, supervisor, Nassau School Library System (Massapequa Park, N.Y.); Vi Harada, associate professor, University of Hawaii Graduate School of Library and Information Studies (Honolulu); Dorna Persson, library media specialist, Fairfield (Ct.) Public Schools; and Sheila Salmon, senior vice president (retired), New Visions for Public Schools (New York).

1999. 56p. ISBN 0-8389-8073-2. $12.00 / ALA members, $10.80.

Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning Video

Use this engaging, 15-minute video in your presentations to teachers, parents, and other school library stakeholders. Student-activity scenarios bring to life each of the nine information literacy standards. Produced by Great Plains Network as part of its "Know It All" series.

1998. ISBN 0-8389-3492-7. ALA Order #3492-7-2094. $39.95.

You can order other "Know It All" series videos direct from Great Plains Network, P.O. Box 80669, Lincoln, NE 68501-0669; toll free 800-228-4630; online at AASL receives a royalty of 5% on each sale.


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