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AASL Resource Guides for School Library Media Program Development

Topics beginning with:
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These web-based guides comprise a working bibliography of resources gathered by AASL staff and members to assist us in answering the many requests for information about school libraries that we receive throughout the year. The requests for information come not only from school librarians, but also from principals, parents, charter school organizers, library paraprofessionals, government officials, and college instructors.

Books, journal articles, Web sites, and other media are included. See our "Selection Policy and Review Process" for details. The print publications are from several publishers and their appearance on this bibliography should not be taken as a recommendation to purchase. We suggest local collection development policies and procedures be followed before making decisions for purchase.

The items are arranged alphabetically by frequently used topics in the professional literature. The bibliography is a work-in-progress and will be continually revised and updated. Suggestions for additions from members and especially from AASL committees and sections are welcome.


Access (see Intellectual Freedom)

Achievement (see Student Achievement)

Acquisitions (see Collection Development)

Advocacy (see Public Relations)

Assessment (see Planning & Assessment)

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Becoming a School Library Media Specialist (see School Librarianship as a Career)

Big6™ (see Curriculum & Instruction)

Book & Material Challenges (see Intellectual Freedom)


Buildings (see Facilities)

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Career Development (See School Librarianship as a Career)

Cataloging & Classification

Censorship (see Intellectual Freedom)


Collection Development


Curriculum & Instruction

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Evaluation of School Library Media Specialists (see School Library Media Specialist Evaluation)

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Facts & Figures

Fair Use (see Copyright)

Federal Funding (see Library Funding)

Flexible Scheduling

Filtering (see Intellectual Freedom)

Funding Opportunities (see Library Funding)

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Intellectual Freedom

Information Literacy

Information Power (see Standards & Guidelines)

Internet (see Technology)

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Library Funding


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Marketing (see Public Relations)

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National Standards (see Standards & Guidelines)

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Performance Evaluation (see School Library Media Specialist Evaluation)

Planning & Assessment

Professional Periodicals

Public Relations

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Reading (see Literacy)

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School Librarianship as a Career

School Library Media Month (see Public Relations)

School Library Media Specialist Evaluation

School Reform

Selection Policy (see "Book and Material Challenges" under Intellectual Freedom)

Standardized Testing (see Student Achievement)

Standards & Guidelines

Starting a School Library Media Program from Scratch

Statistics (see Facts & Figures)

Student Achievement

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Testing (see Student Achievement)

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Weeding (see Collection Development)

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Last Revised: July 20, 2009
Web-based guides comprising a working bibliography of resources arranged alphabetically by frequently used topics in the professional literature.