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Voting is one of the greatest privileges and responsibilities of citizenship in the United States. Yet, turnout in national elections is consistently lower than two-thirds of eligible voters. Participation rates among certain demographic groups and in state or local elections are often lower still. There is frequent talk about the critical role of libraries in our democracy. What does that look like in practice? Between the pandemic and recently enacted voting laws in states across the country, we are seeing changes to the ways voters exercise their right to full participation in our democracy.  

Libraries are nonpartisan, but they are not indifferent. As institutions that provide access to information, resources, programs, and public spaces for all members of a community, libraries are a cornerstone for civic engagement and more important than ever.

Voter Engagement Resources

Voter Engagement Guide  

ALA supports the work of all types of libraries and partner organizations to increase voter engagement in all communities. Read more and find resources and ideas in ALA's Voter Engagement Guide.

Libraries Engage Voters: A Tip Sheet for Community Leaders & Partners

Use this one-page handout with your local election commission, elected officials, community leaders, and organizational partners to highlight the ways libraries support voter participation and education.

State Voting & Election Tooklkits-ALA's Government Documents Round Table

Developed by a team of librarians from across the country, the toolkits provide state-by-state voting and election information, including registration forms, polling places, deadlines, and more. General resources such as lesson plans and voting hotlines are included as well. GODORT created these resources so that librarians can use as-is or adapt to meet the information needs of their libraries. 

Downloadable Graphic-Libraries Transform: Because Informed Citizens Are Engaged Voters (Instagram version, Twitter version)

A graphic formatted for Instagram consisting of text on a green background that reads: "Because informed citizens are engaged voters."  A graphic formatted for Twitter consisting of text on a green background that reads: "Because informed citizens are engaged voters."        

Voter Engagement Events 

September 19, 2023 – National Voter Registration Day

ALA is pleased to again join National Voter Registration Day as a premier partner. Since 2012, this nonpartisan civic holiday celebrates democracy and supports increased participation in elections at all levels of government. Register your library to participate, receive information and resources about hosting voter registration, and join libraries across the country in celebrating NVRD on September 19.

Legacy Webinars

July 2020 – Webinar: Ready to Vote: Hosting National Voter Registration Day at Your Library  

ALA, National Voter Registration Day staff, and librarian colleagues discuss past participation in the event and how the current moment will inform activities, resources, and plans for participation in this year's National Voter Registration Day. The webinar can be viewed here. Slides can be viewed here

January 2020, ALA MidWinter Meeting – From Non-Voters to New Voters: How Librarians Can Engage Their Communities in the 2020 Elections and Beyond

Millions of Americans go unheard in our elections because they don’t vote. Young people, people of color, and people with lower incomes and education levels have particularly lower rates of voter participation. However, innovative programs have found successful ways to promote engagement among these potential voters. Hear from voting experts and libraries about how your library can deliver nonpartisan information and programs that advance equitable participation in the upcoming 2020 elections and beyond—and why now is a great time to start! See the presentation slides and coverage from Library Journal

June 2019 – Public Library Association – The Public Library’s Role During Elections: Voter Education in the Age of Misinformation  

In a time marked by uncertainty, the public library is in an extraordinary position as one of society’s most trusted institutions. Public libraries can leverage that trust to be at the forefront of voter education as we head into what will be one of the most watched presidential elections of our lifetimes. Voter education reflects the needs of an often divided and overwhelmed citizenry. It also addresses the changing landscape of information gathering and dissemination, while encouraging people to engage directly with community, state, and national issues of concern. 

Libraries & Voter Engagement in the News

ALA Voter Engagement Partners 

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