Camille Callison and Carla Davis-Castro appointed to IFLA Indigenous Matters Section

Camille Callison (2004-2005 Scholar) and Carla Davis-Castro (2011-2012 Scholar) were both recently appointed to the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) Indigenous Matters Section, and will serve from 2017-2021. The purpose of the section is to "support the provision of culturally responsive and effective services to indigenous communities throughout the world." Camille and Carla briefly shared with us how they came to be involved in this group.

headshot of Callison wearing grey shirt and black cardigan

Camille Callison: In 2009, I attended the International Indigenous Librarians Forum in Otaki, NZ where a consensus was reached to pursue creating an Indigenous Matters Special Interest group under the IFLA Library Services for Multi-cultural Populations Sections. At the International Indigenous Librarians Forum (IILF) in Winnipeg, MB 2015, there was a recommendation advanced to make Indigenous Matters an IFLA section and there was a call that went out globally that 40 members were needed. I advocated for the Board I sat on and other organizations and ILFA members in Canada to support its creation. Upon Indigenous Matters becoming a section, the Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA-FCAB) nominated my appointment to the Standing Committee. During the past year, I have been the IFLA Indigenous Matters representative for the new project on Ithaka S+R Indigenous Studies Scholars being led by their Senior Researcher, Danielle Cooper.

headshot of Carla Davis-Castro in blue collared shirt and black blazer

Carla Davis-Castro: I joined IFLA when I received an email via the Spectrum listserv that an Indigenous Matters section could be formed only if they got a minimum of 40 members. I joined the association and the section that week and am now keeping busy as the liaison for our first satellite meeting at the Sarawak State Library following the annual conference in Kuala Lumpur this August. As a young section, we are looking for members to represent indigenous information interests from around the globe!

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