IF Imagination Station for Kids

Poster for the movie "IF." A story you have to see to believe. Ryan Reynolds walks with a group of imaginary friends.

IF, a new movie from writer and director John Krasinski, is about a girl who discovers that she can see everyone’s imaginary friends — and what she does with that superpower — as she embarks on a magical adventure to reconnect forgotten IFs with their kids. IF stars Ryan Reynolds, John Krasinski, Cailey Fleming, Fiona Shaw, and the voices of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Louis Gossett Jr. and Steve Carell alongside many more as the wonderfully unique characters that reflect the incredible power of a child’s imagination.

To celebrate IF hitting theaters this month, we've partnered with Paramount Pictures to provide materials for IF Imagination Stations to encourage kids to let their imaginations run wild. Free downloadable IF Coloring Sheets and Create Your Own IF writing/drawing sheets are available below.

See IF in theaters starting May 17!

The Big Book of IFs Activity Book

Activity Sheet: Create Your Own Imaginary IF (imaginary Friend)!

Kids will enjoy creating, describing, and drawing their own imaginary friends with this set of IF activity pages.

Download the Big Book of IFs Activity Book (PDF)

IF Coloring Sheets

Coloring sheet featuring the character Blossom from the film "IF"

Coloring sheets featuring the imaginary friends Blue and Blossom from IF have a QR code allowing kids to to upload a photo the their coloring sheet to see it come to life!

Download the Blue Coloring Sheet (PDF)

Download the Blossom Coloring Sheet (PDF)

See IF in movie theaters starting May 17th!