Libraries Respond: White Allyship



Traditionally, the library and information science profession has been predominately white. Even in diverse communities, library professionals do not always reflect the populations they serve. Therefore it is essential that library and information science professionals serve their communities as allies.   So, what exactly is an ally?

The word ally comes from Middle French and means ‘to bind together.’  An ally is one who recognizes their unearned systemic privilege from societal injustice and works to change these patterns of injustice. Consciously and actively, allies bind themselves to those who society has marginalized and disenfranchised to work towards battling oppression in a fight towards equality and equity. In the library and information science field, white allyship means working to combat racism through the elimination of micro- aggressions, de-centering power and privilege, and facilitating inclusive conversations with the profession and to those we serve.Education is a key part of becoming a stronger ally. Below are some resources guides for becoming an ally.


Resources for Allies


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