How Can Media Attention/Publicity Help @ Your Library?

Publicity is everything when you are trying to gain visibility and support for your library. It may seem daunting, but with some planning and dedicated effort you can shape and organize effective communications outreach. Media attention has its limits, however. What are its limitations?

Media Attention/Publicity Can:

● Increase public awareness of your programs, personnel, and services;

● Attract and increase involvement of public and private partners;

● Create, change, build, or enhance your public image;

● Encourage contributions of money, materials, services, and time;

● Win support for city, state, federal, foundation, or individual donor funding;

● Help you reach new or never before approached audiences, such as non-English speakers;

● Clarify misunderstandings about what libraries do and how they’re financed;

● Mobilize opinion leaders in your community to become active supporters and advocates;

● Help knit together a vital network of libraries throughout the region, state, and nationwide; and

● Help build public and private support for libraries.