Training Programs and Resources

Note: As of July 2016, the E-Government Toolkit is no longer updated.

Training Programs and Resources

Teaching the public how to find, evaluate and use information effectively in order to obtain essential 21st century skills is a responsibility embraced by today’s libraries.  These skills are essential if people are to use government information, programs and services successfully. One of the challenges associated with supporting E-Government services in libraries is developing the staff's skills to support citizens as they access the services. The socioeconomic and educational background of citizens in need of government services varies widely; thus the level of support library staff needs to provide also varies. In some situations, the primary need of citizens is learning how to use the computer to access services. In other situations, citizens need assistance in navigating to the correct website and interpreting the requirements of the service.

In order to support citizen access to E-Government services fully, libraries must consider the challenges associated with providing support for basic computer literacy instruction and locating government information and services. Below are some resources that can assist with both staff and user training.

Links to Computer Literacy Resources

Digital Literacy – Aspects of digital literacy from Wikipedia.

Online tutorials – Examples of freely available tutorials providing instructions on basic computer skills:

  • Computer Basics Tutorials
    • GCF Learnfree – Free online learning including multiples courses in computer skills. Created by the Goodwill Community Foundation Inc. (also in Spanish).
    • Digital Learn – A collection of self-directed tutorials for end-users to increase their digital literacy. Created by the Public Library Association.
    • Microsoft Digital Literacy – More intensive tutorial series covering computer basics, the Internet, and other computer fundamentals.
    • – Includes categories for building basic digital literacy skills and other resources.
    • Mouse Aerobics – Tutorial for learning basic mouse skills. (also in Spanish)
    • Mousing Around – Resource to help beginning computer users become familiar with using a mouse. (also in Spanish)
    • Typing Club – Free touch typing tutorial with no ads.
    • Keyboard Tutorial and Typing Test – Free typing lessons.
    • Internet 101: Introduction to the internet for beginners from
    • Email 101– Basic instruction on the anatomy and etiquette of using email by GCF
    • Review of free email services – Reviews and tips for using over 15 free email services.
    • Microsoft Office Training – Tutorials and training materials from Microsoft for Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and Mac 2011.
    • Everyone On – Search tool to find free local computer training and related resources.
  • Educator Resources

Examples of Public Library Computer Literacy Programs

Government Information Training Opportunities and Resources: