CIPA and Libraries

Questions & Answers

  • CIPA Questions and Answers: A general FAQ - last updated July 2003. (PDF - 7 pages)
  • CIPA Legal FAQ: Additional legal questions and answers. (last updated 2009)
  • Legal Interpretation: A memorandum prepared by Thomas Susman and Jeanne Cavanaugh of Ropes & Gray LLP on behalf of ALA to explore questions regarding the implementation of CIPA. August 28, 2003.(PDF - 6 pages)
  • Scenarios: Some sample scenarios, and analysis of their effectiveness in dealing with CIPA. Prepared by Thomas Susman, Ropes & Gray LLP, December 2003.
  • LSTA: Questions dealing with CIPA and the Library Services & Technology Act. Prepared by Thomas Susman, Ropes & Gray LLP, 9 October 2003.