Student Member Resources


From special events to student-focused webcasts and learning opportunities, ACRL provides resources to help you network and make the most of your student membership.

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ACRL student membership is still only $5 after joining ALA. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to grow your network and your professional development at an unbeatable price.

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Books for the New Academic Librarian

Prepare yourself to navigate librarianship in higher education and the hiring process with these thorough and accessible handbooks from ACRL.


Get the Job

Academic is a strange and wonderful beast, governed by rules and traditions that can be opaque to those that have never worked professionally within its unique corridors. The academic job search is a very specific process that only superficially resembles a job search in other fields. Get the Job: Academic Library Hiring for the New Librarian is an accessible, constructive handbook that can help you navigate the academic library job search and hiring process. Become empowered as a new job seeker and get help focusing your energy in a positive direction.

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The Future Academic Librarian's Toolkit

The Future Academic Librarian's Toolkit is a thorough handbook designed to guide you from library school through your first several years as an academic librarian. It can help you apply for your first position, find your bearings in your new job, establish yourself in the profession through scholarship and service, and transition to your next position. In addition, you will add important skills to your professional toolkit: advocating for yourself and your ideas, writing for publication, teaching effectively, connecting with faculty and students, and building your professional brand.

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ACRL LibGuide: Resources for Library School Students


Created by a team of ALA Emerging Leaders and maintained by the ACRL Membership Committee, this guide features resources specifically for students to help you land your first library job, thrive in your career, and more.

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Free Webcasts, Just for Students

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an academic librarian? This free webcast recording provides an overview of academic librarianship, a discussion of various academic library environments (tenure-track versus non-tenure track; community college versus liberal arts school versus research university; etc.), and identifies skills, credentials, and areas of knowledge commonly required of academic librarians so you can find appropriate educational and experiential opportunities.

When you're working on your MLS degree, you have countless opportunities for courses and internships. Which ones increase your future marketability the most, and how can you communicate the experience that you've gained through courses and work in order to give yourself the most options possible? Topics covered in this free webcast recording include selecting educational and work opportunities, building professional relationships, communicating your experience and strengths, and beginning to build a scholarly record.

In this free webcast recording, Robin O’Hanlon, author of "Ace the Interview: Land a Librarian Job," provides a comprehensive overview of the librarian interview process, including what makes interviewing for librarian positions unique, how you can stay organized during the interview process, tactics for conducting thorough pre-interview research, plus best practices for the interview itself and the post-interview period. Classic bad answers to specific librarian position interview questions are also discussed.

Advancement Opportunities


Whether you're starting your search for your first librarian role, looking for guidance and mentorship, or seeking opportunities to publish or present, we've got you covered.

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