ACRL Socials, Professional Development Events, and Workshops


Fundraising Plan

ACRL sections are welcome to host socials, professional development events, and workshops at ALA Annual Conferences. Professional development events may be funded with Section Basic Services funds and/or with donations solicited from approved vendors. (See more at Chapter 4.9 of the Guide to Policies and Procedures.)


ALA Annual Conference

Option to book combined social with a professional development event, which must be booked/hosted through an ALA Annual Conference meeting room. Meeting room requests are sent to ACRL leaders via the Communities of Practice Connect space typically in November. Sections are offered the option to book a room at Annual Conference for 60-90 minutes where a professional development event would take place with socializing before/after. Section funds may be used to purchase catering through ALA Conference Services for these events. Sections will not be permitted to use funds to host social events, with or without professional development, booked outside of the ALA/ACRL Annual Conference meeting room requests.

If you are planning to solicit donations for your event, you must complete the fundraising plan. The ACRL Executive Director will need to review and approve the plan before any donors may be approached and funds can be received. This ensures that donors are not receiving competing asks across ALA/ACRL and to identify if there are current unused donated funds while recognizing the importance of maintaining donor relations. Please submit the plan to ACRL Program Officer, Lauren Carlton


ACRL Conference

Looking to mingle at ACRL Conference? ACRL offers the option to host a Dinner With Colleagues or Birds of a feather” event.

How does Dinner with Colleagues work? 

There are several restaurants with a range of prices and types of cuisines to choose from. Everyone will be responsible for the cost of their own meal. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up at the local arrangements desk in the ACRL Conference registration area and be sure to note the time of your reservation and meeting location. Dinners are typically hosted on Thursday night. Because these types of events are no-host and Dutch treat, this is the easiest type of event to host.

Birds of a feather

Sections are also welcome to sponsor a “birds of a feather” meet-up. These events are no-host and Dutch treat.  This is the easiest type of event to host.  It could take the form or an unofficial meal or happy hour at the venue of your choice. This option is particularly well suited to ALA Annual Conferences. Sections can invite members to meet at the designated venue, such as a restaurant. You may not use ACRL’s name in connection with promoting the event, but you can let members know there’s an optional meet up happening and provide information on the time, date, and location. The advantage of this type of event is that it allows members to attend as time permits and to order from the food and beverage menu as they wish.