ACRL PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE Five Year Editorial Board Review

1. Name of the publication.

2. Does the publication have a statement of purpose? If so, please state.

3. What have been the major items discussed at editorial board meetings since the last review? Discuss any major action items (i.e. whether they were implemented, how and when).

4. ACRL’s Strategic Plan

  • In what ways do the editorial board’s activities complement or further ACRL’s strategic plan?

  • Does the publication’s editorial content complement and further ACRL’s strategic plan? If so, in what ways? If not, how could the publication be redirected?

5. What is the editorial board’s assessment of the publication over the period since the last review? Has the publication served its purpose?

6. Comment on the quality of the recent submissions. Please supply data on submission and acceptance percentages where appropriate

7. Does the editorial board have a formal review or evaluation process to examine the structure, goals, or editorial focus of the publication they are responsible for? If so, please explain.

8. Have any reader studies been conducted over the period since the last review to ascertain the perception or importance of the publication in the marketplace? If so, please describe. Please supply any other available evidence of the publication’s position such as review, statistics on sales or other forms of recognition.

9. What plans, if any, are there for future development of the publication? (e.g. format, content, style).

10. Additional Comments

Include the date, name, address, fax and phone numbers, and email address of the person(s) submitting the review.