ACRL Board Candidate Letter of Consent

I, (insert name), accept the nomination to run for (Councilor/Director-at-Large/President-Elect) of ACRL in the 20 (XX) ACRL election. I understand that, if elected, I will serve a (3/4/3)-year term of office. I recognize that I must be a current member of ALA/ACRL when standing for office and while serving on the Board, if elected. I agree to have my contact information published in conjunction with the election.

I also acknowledge that, if elected, I am expected to attend all Board functions at ALA Annual Conferences and Midwinter Meetings. I am also expected to attend the annual fall Board Strategic Plan and Orientation Session, usually held from a Friday morning through Saturday afternoon in September or October.

I am also obligated to participate fully in the work of the Board year-round since much Board work is now conducted virtually.

Note: Expenses associated with attendance at the ALA Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting are the Board member’s responsibility. ACRL will cover travel costs associated with other Board-related travel in accordance with current reimbursement policies.


Candidate Signature Date

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