Digital Resources and Librarians: Harvesting, Evaluating, and Preparing Core Collections on the World Wide Web

(from Digital Resources and Librarians: Case Studies in Innovation, Invention, and Implementation, by Patricia O'Brien Libutti)

Appendix 4: Resources: Links to Sites in Printed Chapters One through Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen: Education on the World Wide Web: A Core Collection of Digital Resources
Soraya Magalhaes-Willson

Chapter Nineteen: Digital Resources and the Law: Web Sites for Librarians and Educators
Stephanie Tama-Bartels and Patricia O'Brien Libutti

Chapter Twenty: A Webliography of Web-based Lesson Plan Resources
Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen

Chapter Twenty-one: Web Sites on Education from around the World
Patricia O'Brien Libutti, Sheila Kirven, and The WorldED Librarian Cohort

Chapter Twenty-two: Education Statistics on the World Wide Web: A Core Collection of Resources
Scott Walter, Doug Cook, and Instruction for Educators Committee, Education and Behavioral Sciences Section, ACRL

Chapter Twenty-three: Electronic Journals for the Education Library: A Classified List of Resources Related to K-12 Education
Linda G. Geller

Chapter Twenty-four: Web-based Tools for Teachers
Judi Repman, Randy Carlson, and Elizabeth Downs

Chapter Twenty-five: Federal and State Government Web Sites for Children and Adolescents
Janet Stoeger Wilke and Diana J. Keith

Chapter Twenty-six: Networking with NASA
Judith A. Walker