Restructuring Academic Libraries: Organizational Development in the Wake of Technological Change, Publications in Librarianship No. 49

A collection of nineteen essays and case studies about the challenges academic libraries face today. This volume assesses a broad range of opportunities and achievements and emphasizes both the theory and practice of boundary spanning to integrate previously independent library units, ally the library and the computing center, develop state and regional consortia, and enhance the academy's contribution to society at large. (© 1997, ACRL)

Table of Contents

Restructuring Academic Libraries: Adjusting to Technological Change
Charles A. Schwartz

Change and Transition in Public Services
David W. Lewis

Dangerous Misconceptions about Organizational Development of Virtual Libraries
Herbert S. White

Repositioning Campus Information Units for the Era of Digital Libraries
Richard M. Dougherty and Lisa McClure

Planning Information Systems at the University at Albany: False Starts, Promising Collaborations, Evolving Opportunities
Meredith A. Butler and Stephen E. DeLong

Two Cultures: A Social History of the Distributed Library Initiative at MIT
Nina Davis-Millis and Thomas Owens

Farewell to All That . . . Transforming Collection Development to Fit the Virtual Library Context: The OhioLINK Experience
David F. Kohl

Facing Change and Challenge through Collaborative Action: The CIC Libraries’ Experience
Barbara McFadden Allen and William A. Gosling

Shaping Consensus: Structured Cooperation in the Network of Alabama Academic Libraries
Sue O. Medina and William C. Highfill

Directed Technological Change in the Florida Community College System
Derrie B. Roark

Restructuring the University of Vermont Libraries: Challenges, Opportunities, and Change
Rebecca R. Martin

Rethinking Public Services at Harvard College Library: A Case Study of Coordinated Decentralization
Caroline M. Kent

Adapting Organizational Structures in Technical Services to New Technologies: A Case Study of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries
Joan Giesecke and Katherine Walter

Benchmarking and Restructuring
Gloriana St. Clair

Restructuring Liberal Arts College Libraries: Seven Organizational Strategies
Peggy Seiden

Caught in the Crossfire: Organizational Change and Career Displacement in the University of California Libraries
Rita A. Scherrei

One Purpose: The Research University and Its Library
Charles B. Osburn

Strategic Planning in Academic Libraries: A Political Perspective
Douglas G. Birdsall

Epilogue: Balancing Restructuring Efforts
Charles A. Schwartz