C&RL News Classified Job Ad Information

When you've got a difficult position to fill and your notices just seem to be getting lost in the crowd online, adding a print ad to your recruitment campaign can help it stand out!

Contact: Recruitment Ad Sales Manager, C&RL News Classified Advertising Department, ACRL, American Library Association, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611-2795; (312) 280-2513; fax: (312) 280-2520; e-mail: crlnewsads@ala.org.

Ad orders must be placed online at joblist.ala.org. Please contact the Recruitment Ad Sales Manager for assistance setting up orders including a print ad.

Deadlines: Orders for regular classified advertisements must reach the ACRL office on or before the fifth of the month preceding publication of the issue (e.g., September 5 for the October issue) to assure placement. Should this date fall on a weekend or holiday, ads will be accepted on the next business day. Late job listings will be accepted on a space-available basis after the fifth of the month.

Rates: Classified advertisements are $12.50 per line for institutions that are ACRL organizational members, $15.00 for others. One line in C&RL News equals approximately 68 characters.

Display ads are formatted ads, laid out by C&RL News staff or supplied as a camera-ready PDF. Please note that C&RL News sizes differ from American Libraries and are smaller than a standard Word document, with a full-page ad size of 5"w x 8"h. If you elect to submit a PDF, please verify your size is correct to avoid revisions. Ads laid out by C&RL News staff are limited to our house style; ask for a size estimate before placing an order by contacting staff at crlnewsads@ala.org. Display ad rates range from $625 to $1,275 based upon ad size, and include a 30 day basic online ad on ALA JobLIST. A list of available ad sizes and current rates can be found in the ALA JobLIST Media Kit. For a specific estimate and production guidelines, including upcoming deadlines, contact the Recruitment Ad Sales Manager at crlnewsads@ala.org.

Internet: Online classified ads are accessible on the web at joblist.ala.org. Ads appearing both online and in the print edition of C&RL News or American Libraries will typically be available on JobLIST approximately four weeks before the printed edition is published.

Guidelines: For ads that list an application deadline, we recommend that date be no sooner than the 20th day of the month in which the notice appears (e.g., October 20 for the October issue).

Policies: A salary range is requested for all job announcements per ALA Policy B.9.17. ALA Policy B.9.20 encourages employers to specify explicitly in their job announcements whether or not they provide domestic partner benefits by means of appending one of the following two phrases: "Domestic-partner benefits are not offered by this institution" or "Domestic-partner benefits are offered by this institution." Job announcements will be edited to exclude discriminatory references. Applicants should be aware that the terms faculty rank and status vary in meaning among institutions. ALA policy requires that organizations recruiting through ALA publications or placement services comply with ALA anti-discrimination policies. Policy B.9.3 states that ALA “is committed to equality of opportunity for all library employees or applicants for employment, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, individual life-style, or national origin: and believes that hiring individuals with disabilities in all types of libraries is consistent with good personnel and management practices.” By advertising through ALA services, the organization agrees to comply with this policy.