Western Association of Schools and Colleges Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities (WASC-SCUC)

CHEA Recognized Scope of Accreditation:

Baccalaureate degree or higher institutions in California, Hawaii, and the Pacific Basin; institutions that offer programs outside the U.S. when such institutions are capable of being reviewed effectively by WASC processes.

Website: http://www.wascsenior.org/

WASC SCUC released a new Handbook on Accreditation in 2013 (http://www.wascsenior.org/resources/handbook-accreditation-2013). The word "library" is integrated into the accreditation standards in just one place:

Teaching and Learning 2.3 "The institution's student learning outcomes and standards of performance are clearly stated at the course program, and as appropriate, institutional level. These outcomes and standards are reflected in academic programs, policies, and curricula, and are aligned with advisement, library, and information and technology resources, and the wider learning environment." (p. 15)

However "information literacy" has become a core competency expected of students in this outcomes-based model:

In the 2013 Handbook, CFR 2.2a states that baccalaureate programs must "ensure the development of core competencies including, but not limited to, written and oral communication, quantitative reasoning, information literacy, and critical thinking." (p. 30)

*piloting institutions