Using Standards - Develop Programs

An academic program is asked to develop a variety of learning outcomes for its students that will include information literacy. The program reviews their entire curriculum and identifies those courses that are vehicles for teaching these outcomes. The program should guarantee that the outcomes are taught in one course and further developed or reinforced in the following courses; a class in which the skills are reinforced or refined has a prerequisite course that teaches these skills.

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Example - Psychology Department

Example of Partial Program Matrix For Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome Areas
Basic Skills Learning Outcomes
Critical Thinking
Computer Requirements
Information Literacy (see additional chart below)
Interpersonal Skills
Knowledge / Content Learning Outcomes
Understanding of psychological tests and measures
History of Psychology
Attitudes / Values Learning Outcomes
Multicultural Sensitivity

Matrix of Information Literacy Learning Outcomes


Intro Psych

Research Methods



Computer Apps.
Standard One: KNOW

Students in psychology must be able to identify the key issues in the discipline and place research questions in an appropriate theoretical context.
Taught Developed Reinforced Reinforced
Standard Two: ACCESS

Students must be proficient6 at finding information in library databases, the internet and locating information from community resources.
Basic Intro Taught Reinforced Developed
Standard Three: EVALUATE

Students in psychology must be able to critically evaluate information and discern credible from non-credible material. This is especially true for pop psychology from the many talk shows and magazines that claim expertise in these topics.
Taught Developed Reinforced Reinforced
Standard Four: USE

Students must be able to collect, organize, and present information to others in clear and coherent forms – whether written or orally.
Basic Basic Taught Developed
Standard Five: ETHICAL/LEGAL

Students must have a thorough understanding of APA ethical guidelines in the design, data collection, analysis, interpretation and reporting of research.
Taught Taught Reinforced Reinforced

Using Standard Five as an example

Each course focuses on specific learning outcomes from this standard.

The Intro course stresses plagiarism (Outcome 2F) and APA Style Manual (Outcome 3A) when student write their term paper.

The research methods course teaches them issues surrounding research with human subject (Outcome 2G).This is reinforced in the other two courses in various assignments and discussions.