I don't understand some of the terms used on this site.

Take a look at our Glossary page.

How can I find out what ACRL is doing in the field of Information Literacy?

Go to the ACRL Initiatives page. There you will find brief descriptions of the initiative and programs that ACRL is working on, and links to the ACRL web pages for each one. Also, be sure and take a look at the News page for the latest events.

Where can I find examples of tutorials, assessment plans, and other Information Literacy ideas to help me develop more programming in my own library?

Go to Information Literacy in Action, where you can look them up by topic. Also browse our site by topic areas so that you can better prepare yourself.

I have examples of work I'd like to share, how do I do that?

We are happy to provide links to your work through our Information Literacy in Action page. Contact us via email with information on what you'd like to share. Examples need to be available on the web for us to list them here.

I'm a librarian who's new to Information Literacy. Where do I start?

A natural place to start is the Overview section of the site, which will provide you with an introduction to what information literacy is and why it is important. After perusing the Overview, delve into the Resources & Ideas area of the site, where you will find resources and topic areas you should become familiar with in order to start implementing Information Literacy ideas.

I'm just beginning to use the Standards, and sometimes find them confusing. Do you have a section that explains them more?

Go to our Standards Toolkit. There you can find a Step-by-Step Tutorial, and a section called Using the Standards that has ideas and examples on how to use the Standards in many different settings.